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Korra winced as the needle dove back into the delicate skin of her feet. She focused on breathing in and out to try and distract from the intense pain radiating from her right foot where Mako was steadily tattooing. He was one of the few people Korra trusted with her sacred tribal tattoos mostly because Mako knew how important they were to her. It also didn't hurt that he was extremely steady with straight lines. She had decided to start on her traditional inuit wolves which were proving to be more painful than she bargained for since the feet are very sensitive.

"Mako you're killing me," Korra groaned, rubbing her eyes with the heel of her palms.

"I haven't even finished the outline of the fur." Mako said apologetically, pausing his tattooing to allow Korra a moment to breathe. She signaled him to keep going after psyching herself back up but sweared loudly as the needle made contact once again. She gripped the sides of the chair as Mako filled in the small outline of the wolf's teeth. The front door bell jingled, announcing that someone had entered the building, gracing Korra with another break as Mako looked up.

"Oh hey Asami!" Mako called to the front of the shop.

"Hey guys." Asami said back, putting a vase full of flowers on Korra's desk as she usually did once a week. She walked into the cubicle, gave Korra a quick kiss, and leaned over to inspect Mako's work.

"How's it looking?" Mako asked, wiping off some excess ink so Asami could see the outline in its entirety.

"Wow that's looking fantastic!" Asami said enthusiastically, "How are you handling the pain?" Korra grimaced in response, letting out a another grunt of discomfort as Mako began again. Asami pulled up a chair next to Korra and took her hand which Korra squeezed tightly in response.

"I can handle cracked ribs but apparently not this," Korra said through her teeth, hands twitching as the needle moved back and forth.

"You don't have hospital strength painkillers this time," Asami reminded her sweetly, reaching up to adjust Korra's beanie which had become lopsided when she last jumped in pain.

"I'm so lucky to have such a caring and supportive girlfriend," Korra said in a joking voice, sighing in relief as Mako finally finished the detailed linework.

"Whew finally done," he said, putting down his tattoo machine and slapping on some antibacterial gel.

"Mako this looks great," Korra raved, pulling her leg up to get a better look. The wolf was snarling and holding a jeweled dagger in its mouth (identical to the ones stabbing the dragon on her back) and had the symbol of her tribe, a circle with three spiral waves, carved into a necklace wrapped around its throat.

"I'm sorry I can't do the color today, Bolin is in town for the week." Mako said, pulling off his black rubber gloves.

"Trust me I'm not upset," Korra assured him, wincing as her foot gave a terrible throb, "Thanks for this."

"My pleasure," Mako saluted, "Now do me a favor and clean this up. I gotta go meet Bo at the airport."

"What no way!" Korra whined, "I'm paying you!" But Mako had already grabbed his keys and made a mad dash out the back door. Korra yelled an offensive name after him to which he laughed and called out a thank you. She grumbled under her breath and hobbled over to grab the trashcan from the back room.

"Want some help?" Asami offered, rolling her chair back under Mako's desk.

"That would be great thanks," Korra grinned. She still couldn't believe how lucky she was to have someone like Asami as her actual girlfriend. Sometimes the realization that this was actually happening would come out of nowhere and whack Korra in the face with all these mushy feelings. Though occasionally she thought about what would've happened if she hadn't been closely watching that awful customer from a couple months ago. Korra shuddered, not wanting to dwell on the possibility of Asami getting hurt.

"That reminds me," Korra said, breaking out of her thoughts, "I never asked you what you said to that customer a couple months ago to make him so angry."

"Oh yeah," Asami said, smiling fondly, "Well he came in bragging about his masculinity or something like that and then he told me to go out for a drink with him." She paused and made a disgusted face as if imagining the scenario in her head.

"Then what?"

"I told him I don't hang out with guys that don't have tattoos and piercings. The sarcasm went right over his head."

"But he does-"

"Yeah that's what he said to me as well; and he pointed out the one on his leg."

"Aaaand?" Korra prodded.

"I said 'I've seen birthmarks that look better than that thing' and that's when he lost his mind." Asami finished with a shrug.

Korra burst into a fit of laughter, definitely admiring Asami's clever rejection methods.

"Hey wait," Korra said suddenly, pointing to herself, "I drew that tattoo."

"I know," Asami said, pulling Korra into an embrace and kissing her cheek, "I lied, it actually looked amazing but I didn't want him to know that."

"Ahh you didn't want him to know that you were totally blown away by my fantastic art skills." Korra said.

"I took one look at it and my pants immediately flew off," Asami poked Korra playfully in the side.

"I know I say this a lot but I'm glad you weren't hurt." Korra mumbled into Asami's shoulder.

"I'm glad you were there for me," Asami said back, wrapping her arms around Korra's waist, "And we can both thank your impulsive nature for that." Korra gave a "har har" before she was interrupted by Asami's lips, which was completely fine with her. They stayed like that for a few minutes before Asami finally broke off, much to Korra's annoyance.

"Don't we have a mess to clean up?" Asami said quietly against Korra's cheek.

"Mako can get it tomorrow," Korra said distractedly, reaching back up for Asami's lips. Asami sauntered away, thrusting a trashcan into Korra's hands with a smile. Korra rolled her eyes, trying to hide her grin as she began to throw away used paper towels and gloves. She looked up and noticed the vase of flowers sitting on her desk.

"What flowers did you bring this week?" Korra asked, limping over to the vase and inspecting the petals carefully, "They're crazy beautiful."

"They're chrysanthemums," Asami said, "Which is interesting because they're usually only native to Asian and East European countries." Korra knew Asami was about to launch into an entire lesson about this particular flower family along with several others and she was all too happy to listen. Korra knew now that gardening wasn't just a pastime for withered old ladies with nothing else better to do. People with tattoos who think they're badass can enjoy it as well; and Korra thought just maybe that she might have found a new favorite hobby.