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Digi Destiny Will Always Be There - Epilogue

What Happened After It All Ended

Normally Casey would tease Izzy whenever he was about to step on to a plane to Japan. They still lived in Canada, only had moved to Vancouver on the west coast. The moment Izzy returned from the Digi World, he proposed to Casey, which she accepted. They quite their jobs at the project less than an hour later. On the day that they married, Izzy became a Canadian citizen.

Sometimes Casey would joke that they should have moved to Japan, since they visited so often. But there were no jokes today. The digidestined only got together for special occasions (weddings, reunions or a new baby) but this would be their first death.

"I wish I was going with you." Casey said.

"I wish so, too." Izzy replied. This would be so much more easier with Casey beside him but, even though they weren't poor, they didn't have money to burn. And, with two young children, it was nearly impossible to travel together anymore.

"Give them all my condolences." Casey reminded her husband, giving him a supporting hug. "Especially Matt."

They had all known the day would come. TK had been sick for years but, knowing he'd die soon, had made the best of what was left of his short life. He'd finished high school but never went into college or university. Instead he plunged straight into writing. He became the author of several short stories and a series for young adults, titled DIGI WORLD!!!, a story about eight kids who... well, you know the plot. Everyone considered the book pure science fiction, except the ones who it had happened to. By the time TK got to the final book, he was so sick he could barely finish. And a couple of months after 'Digi Destiny Will Always Be There' hit the shelves, AIDS claimed another victim.

Joe was there to greet Izzy at he airport and drive him to the hospitable Joe's career was going pretty much as expected. He did go to medical school but, much to his father's disapproval, he got a job in an ER instead of one in a private clinic. Now, Joe's father would have more reason to disapprove. Joe had been asked to join an expedition to the rain forest of South America. He'd accepted and would be leaving in less than a week.

Matt, Sora and Tai were already in the waiting room when Izzy and Joe arrived. It was a small, quite room, with plain carpeting and leather easy chairs. Their were a couple of vending and pop machines off to one side. This wasn't a general waiting room, just one set up for the family and friends of someone about to die.

Life had been good for Matt, all things considered. He'd gone to night school, where he had gotten a business degree. He'd bought the shop, where he'd been working, and the above apartment, which he had been renting. By the time TK sold his first book, Matt's business was booming and he had long since traded the crowded apartment for a modest and nice house. Now he was going back to school, yet again, and he was almost finished this latest round of classes and homework. This time it was directed a social work. Matt hoped to work with troubled teens, who were living on the streets, so that what happened to TK wouldn't happen to anyone else.

Sora and Tai had gotten married, just not to each other. Sora had gotten married not long after Izzy and Casey. Sora's husband wasn't here now but her baby daughter was suckling at her breast. She still searched for Nikki, she'd be in her late teens now, but with no avail.

Tai had been married three times and divorced twice, with a strong possibility of another not far behind. He was a successful architect but his true passion still survived in painting. His latest canvas work had been of the digidestined and the digimon how he remembered them in his dreams. They were perfect, in the way only children can be. They weren't too fat or too thin and they certainly didn't lie withering away in hospital beds with IV's in their arms and tubes up their noses. Just happy, smiling children. Remembering made Tai's heart ache but he could not control his hand from moving the brush across the easel.

Kari arrived last and was lucky to have arrived at all. She was part of Japan's earthquake rescue team and had been out of the country when she received a call that her best friend was dying.

They sat around in silence, eating the pizza they had ordered, waiting. TK was in a coma and the doctors didn't think he'd make it through the night. There was sadness in their hearts but also a sense of closer. It would be over soon and the people know as the digidestined would no longer exist. No one, not even Genni, would dream of calling only seven digidestined to save the World. Even when Mimi hadn't returned, there hadn't been this kind of closer. After all, she was still alive, presumably, in the Digi World and that was where they usually ended up fighting. It was past midnight when a doctor, in a white jacket, came into the waiting room. Matt stood and the others followed suit. They could, from his face tell the news wasn't good. He was gone. They were already accepting that, even before the doctor began to speak. "I'm sorry. TK's just passed away."

It was light. He loved the light but what he loved more than that was that the light didn't hurt his eyes. In fact, he didn't hurt at all. He was breathing through clear air passages and not a hint of a cough. His joints didn't ache and when he flexed his fingers, he felt muscle. His lips were moist and there was no hint of dryness on his skin. He was in eternal bliss. He sat up, no pain, and saw the woman beside him for the first time. She was beautiful.

"Are you an angel?"

She laughed, her voice was filled with gold, and for a brief instant he saw her as he had last seen her. Dirty, wet, cold, exhausted and a bit ragged.


Finally, she spoke. "Congratulations, TK. You've digivolved."


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