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Cradling Phoebe into the crook of my arm, I kept her tight to my chest as I tried to navigate the icy slope that made up our driveway. I exaggerated each step, practically slamming my boots into the snow covered gravel. The darkness enveloping us didn't help with my efforts to remain upright.

Christian was ahead of us, walking with ease as he carried Ted on his hip. They were deep in conversation, Ted's delightful giggles circling the air. They were both wearing dark woollen hats and matching navy jackets.

"Are you okay?" Christian called back, turning around to face me. He stopped and waited for me to catch up. I slowly made my way to them. I stopped alongside him and shifted Phoebe. She's dazed and sleepy.

"Yeah, just can't walk as fast as you," I nodded, moving forward again. "Ice is not good for the uncoordinated."

"Do you want me to take her? I can carry them both." He offered, already positioning Ted further onto his hip. He took a step toward me but I shook my head.

"No, I've got her. Besides, we're almost there." I jerked my head towards the house at the top of the drive.

Christian slowed his pace, walking with me to the door. I exhaled a long, icy breath that fogged in front of me. I really should start working out more.

"I told you we should have taken the car," Christian hummed quietly.

I rolled my head towards him, offering him just my arched brow. Teddy chuckled at my expression, biting down on his bottom lip to conceal his laughter. Christian pursed his lips and looked away from me as he pulled his keys out of his pocket.

We had just spent the evening with our neighbours from across the street, joining them for their New Year's Eve celebrations. They came over yesterday morning with an invitation, telling us we were more than welcome to attend. On the few trips we have made to Aspen over the years, we have never really socialised with our neighbours. If I see them when we arrive or as we're leaving, I always give a polite wave but that's it. I kept telling myself I would go over there one day and introduce myself, but I didn't need to. They came to us.

We flew out here the week before Christmas, stepping straight off the GEH jet and into a waiting SUV. We pulled up on our drive and quickly unloaded the children, taking them inside before dealing with our trunk full of luggage. I was startled by two friendly voices, welcoming me back to the street. Christian heard me and came running out of the house. He was already on edge due to our lack of security - we came with Taylor and Gail but hired them a nearby chalet for the holidays, to allow us all some privacy to enjoy our time here. Christian needn't have been suspicious. Peter and Chloé Bennett were nothing but lovely, offering to help us with our things, knowing how difficult it can be to travel with children. They have two sons – Parker, seven, and Isiah, four. Teddy and Isiah quickly became the best of friends during our time here.

During our vacation, we spent quite a lot of time with the Bennett family, but even I was sceptical of joining them for their New Year's Eve party. I didn't want the kids surrounded by drunks, but Chloé assured me it wasn't going to be that sort of party. It was child friendly. She had invited all of her friends who live nearby, all of whom have children.

The Bennett house was full of screaming kids who were high on sugar. There were toys all over the place, little feet running around, parents in joyous conversation over the bar in the dining room. I sat with the mothers whilst Christian was swarmed with the other dads, all of them wanting a piece of the infamous Mr Grey. He looked out of his depth for a while, until he managed to swerve the conversation away from himself. Towards the end of the evening he was laughing, thoroughly enjoying himself. It was a real treat to see him having fun. We left the party early when Phoebe started displaying the first signs that she was ready for bed. She becomes grumpy when she's tired and she has been known to throw toys in a fit of rage. I scooped her up before she started causing havoc in the children's play area.

Christian opened the door and allowed me and Phoebe to enter first. The warmth of the house felt good against my cheeks.

"I'm going to take madam straight to bed," I told Christian as I kicked off my ankle boots.

"Goodnight, baby girl." Christian leaned down and kissed her cheek. She stirred a little, rolling her head further into my chest.

Teddy mimicked Christian, placing a kiss on her forehead and whispering, "Night, Be-Be."

I carried Phoebe up the stairs. She lay across my arms, her limbs floppy and hanging out of my grip. I saw her eyes flicker, a movement that told me she wasn't quite as asleep as I suspected a minute ago.

I got us into her bedroom and kicked the door to a close – to trap her inside, just in case she tried to make a run for it. She is a mischievous little thing, so much more difficult than her brother ever was. I can't count the times she has wandered off while I was in the middle of changing her. She's an exhibitionist like her father, enjoying the feel of being completely nude. One occasion in particular always makes me smile. I had just finished giving her a bath and was drying her off with a towel when she escaped my grip and ran out of the bathroom. I had remembered to lock the baby gate beforehand, securing her to just the top floor of the house. I chased her but she was slippery and too quick for me. I hadn't heard Christian come home, so was startled to see his arms stretch over the gate and grab our runaway nudist. He heaved her into his chest. She squealed and tried to wiggle away from him. Christian laughed until Phoebe peed all over his suit. No amount of dry cleaning would ever get him to wear that suit again.

Phoebe's bedroom is a wash of bright pink and white, an exact replica of her bedroom at home. It looks like a miniature version of her Aunt Mia's old bedroom at Bellevue. Phoebe is obsessed with pink and her aunt. My daughter loves the glamour and glitz of Mia's wardrobe, and is frequently spoiled with sequins and glitter.

I laid Phoebe out on top of her Princess bed. I pulled the pink mesh canopy back towards the headboard and turned to the dresser. I picked out some pyjamas for her to change into.

"No!" Phoebe shook her head when I approached her. She kicked her legs out but I caught them in my hands. She pouted her lips at me.

"You can't sleep in that," I shook my head. I peered over her and tickled my fingers up her legs. "Mommy will be quick. Real quick."

She put up a struggle before she eventually caved in, allowing me to remove her coat and the velvet dress I chose for her to wear to the party. I changed her into a pair of bunny PJs, the fabric soft and guaranteed to keep her warm. When I finished, I sat down on her bed and pulled her into my arms so I could brush her hair.

She leaned back into my chest, glancing up at me. I kissed the top of her head.

"Do you need the potty before bed?"

She shook her head.

"Daddy potty…"

"Did daddy take you to the potty earlier?" I asked. She nodded. "Okay. But if you need to use the potty, you need to tell me."

I cuddled her for a few minutes before picking her up and placing her back down on her mattress. I drew her comforter up to her chin. She held my gaze the whole time, her eyes appearing more grey than blue in that moment.

"Do you want a story?" I crouched down beside her, tucking her in. She shook her head and yawned, rolling onto her side, facing me. "Night night, Phoebe. Happy New Year."

"Nigh', Mommy," she mumbled, closing her eyes on me.

I switched on her silver music box and her nightlight before I backed out of the room. We don't need baby monitors for either of the children anymore. If they need us, they scream the place down.

I glanced over my shoulder for a second glimpse of my baby girl. She tugged on her comforter, wrapping it around herself properly. She sighed and started breathing deeply.

My angel in her big girl's bed

I made my way back downstairs, shedding my coat and scarf as I descended. I dropped them onto the rack by the door and then moved through to the family room. The television flickered in the darkness, the sound low, an episode of Dinosaur Train playing back at me. It's one of Ted's DVDs. He ordered us to pack them before we left. He refused to come if we didn't.

"You will ruin your eyesight watching TV in the dark," I tutted at Christian and Teddy as they sat in the middle of the couch, totally absorbed by what they're watching. I switched on the big lamp next to the armchair.

They both turned their heads towards me, their eyes wide and expressions blank. I rolled my eyes and stepped forward, approaching Teddy. I ran my fingers through his thick copper curls, smoothing them out before they pinged back into place.

"Will you watch it with us?" he asked, rolling his cheek into my palm. He smiled sweetly, his cheeks flushed from being outside.

"In a minute," I nodded. "I'm going to get a drink first, then I'll come and watch TV with you."

"Okay," he nodded, turning his eyes back to the screen. "Can I have milk?"

"Of course you can," I leaned over and kissed his temple. "And because you've been such a good boy, you can have some cookies as well."

He grinned and shook with excitement, bouncing on the couch.

"Hey, I want in on those cookies!" Christian called, following me into the kitchen. "I'll be back in a second, Teddy Bear. You just stay there and watch your show, okay?"

"Okay," Teddy replied, already distracted.

I began preparing Ted's plastic beaker with his milk before making myself a cup of tea and Christian a coffee. He didn't ask for one but I put his mug out anyway. I pressed my hands onto the counter as I waited for the kettle to boil, my eyes staring mindlessly at the water line starting to wave and bubble. Christian moved behind me, fixing a plate of cookies for him and Ted to share.

"Hey, baby," he whispered. He slipped his hands around my waist and tugged me into his chest. He kissed the side of my neck. "You looked beautiful tonight."

"Thank you," I smiled, leaning my head back against his shoulder. I was wearing a knee length dress in dark blue. It had short, capped sleeves and a slight V-neck. I kept my hair simple, one side pinned back to expose the side of my neck and shoulder.

Christian held me close to him, his palms rolling over my waist, flattening against me. I shivered as he touched me just below my navel.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Huh?" I jerked my head towards him, narrowing my eyes. "Nothing's wrong. Why do you ask?"

"You've been quiet all evening," he pulled away slightly. "You've been preoccupied… Something's playing on your mind, isn't it?"

I paused before speaking out. I twisted in his hold, turning to face him head on. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck.

"When did they stop being babies?" I asked, my voice much quieter than before. "One minute they're these tiny pink things and now look at them… they're so big."

He offered me a small smile.

"That's what they do, Ana. They grow up." He said softly. "They can't stay small forever. We'd have our hands full if they did!"

He tried to rouse a laugh but I couldn't join him in it.

"Hey, what's brought all of this on?" his eyes became heavy.

I shook my head.

"I guess just seeing them with the other kids tonight made me realise how grown up they are… Chloé's sister had her new baby with her. She's a perfect little thing."

Christian nodded and dug his hands into the small of my back, keeping me flush to him. After a minute he pulled one hand up to my face, cupping his fingers around my jaw and cheek. His grey eyes maintained my gaze, refusing to let up. He nodded again and a part of me wondered if could read my mind.

From somewhere deep inside me came the words: "I want another baby."

I said it. Finally.

Christian inhaled a slow breath.

"I know," he nodded. "I know."

My mouth fell open.

"I've known for a while."

"You have?"

"It was pretty obvious," he said. "You've been obsessed with baby shows, that One Born Every Minute programme… Your internet history is full of links to birth stories and baby stuff -"

"You've been on my computer?"

"I borrowed it when my battery died. I was in the middle of closing a deal," he clarified.

I softened my expression, relaxing my shoulders. There is much more on my computer than just birth stories and baby stuff. I have a whole foray of items on pre-order, in case I ever needed them: cribs, toys, newborn clothes.

"How long have you felt like this?" he asked.

"A few months," I shrugged. "Maybe longer."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"After how you reacted when I said I wanted Phoebe?" I arched my brow.

Christian didn't want another baby after Ted. His birth was traumatic and put Christian off the idea of expanding our family. So when I told him I wanted to try for another, he shot me down. It took me several weeks of persuading and research to get him to change his mind.

"I was worried history would repeat itself. Thankfully, it didn't. Phoebe's delivery was a piece of cake compared to Ted's." He reminded me.

Teddy was born by emergency C-section after endless hours of labour. Phoebe, however, was delivered naturally, with just the aid of an epidural – a requirement by Dr Greene if she was going to let me try for a VBAC.

"I know now that no two births are the same," he continued.

I stared at him for a moment, not quite understanding his expression. He smirked and nodded his head.

"I want another one too."

My heart skipped a beat. "You do?"

"I have done since Phoebe started crawling," he grinned. "I miss you being pregnant. I love you with a big bump, being able to feel our children move inside you… and it's the best sex we've ever had when you're pregnant."

"Why do you always have sex on the brain?" I slapped his shoulder and laughed at him. "Seriously, is that all you ever think about?"

"Yes. Yes it is, Mrs Grey." He pulled me forward, bringing my mouth to his. He smothered my lips with loud, wet kisses.

"So what does this mean?" I prompted him, pressing my fingers into the back of his neck. "Are we doing this? Are we trying for another baby?"

"I'm pretty sure we have to be naked first," he teased and then nodded. "Let's make an appointment to see Dr Greene when we're home. We can talk about you coming off contraception."

I felt a wash of relief run over me. I have reluctantly taken my pill every morning.

"But we can start practising tonight," he licked his lips. "Practice makes perfect, after all."

"I like the way you think," I kissed him again. "We can fire up the hot tub… maybe have a glass of Champagne… what do you say?"

"I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year." His hands roamed the curve of my back. "But first, we need to watch Dinosaur Train and get those cookies to our first born."

I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth. I know Christian loves watching Dinosaur Train much more than Teddy ever will.

Christian slipped his hands around my hips and caught my wrists. He linked our fingers together.

"Next year is going to be our year," he assured me, gently squeezing my fingers.

I followed him through to the family room, bringing in our drinks. I sat down on the other side of Teddy. The three of us watched TV for an hour before he asked to be taken to bed. We each took hold of one of his hands and escorted him to his room. We tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. He was asleep within minutes.

Christian and I rang in the New Year together, watching the firework display the Bennett family had prepared for the countdown to midnight. We sat in the window of our bedroom, captivated by the bursts of silver and gold that pierced the inky sky. I sat between Christian's legs, wrapped up in our favourite tartan blanket. Under the covers I held my hand across my stomach, resting my fingers over the place where I am lined with stretch marks. I am proud of those scars. They are evidence of the beautiful thing my body has done twice.

And will hopefully do again someday soon.

April 21st 2017...

I stared at the black and white screen, trying to glimpse a look at the distorted shapes. I sucked in a sharp breath, feeling the pressure on my full bladder. In a strange and sadistic kind of way, I've missed this feeling.

"Okay… here we are," Dr Greene pressed down on my stomach again, finally getting a clear picture. She tapped the machine twice and turned the screen towards me. She pointed to the centre of the screen, to the perfect side profile she had managed to capture. "There's your baby."

I let out a laugh, shaking my head at the beautiful image in front of me. I felt Christian squeeze my hand as he pulled my fingers up to his mouth. He spread kisses over my knuckles. I threw him a look. He was sat beside me, his elbows resting on the bed. His eyes were watery and creased were his proud grin.

"And everything's okay?" he looked to Dr Greene for a final confirmation.

"Everything's perfect. Nice strong heartbeat," she smiled. She distracted herself with my file for a moment, scribbling down a few notes. "Working off your last menstrual cycle and the size of the baby, I'd say you're only just twelve weeks pregnant. Which means you'll be due… the week of October 23rd."

Christian's grinner spread high across his face. He nodded and thanked Dr Greene, returning his mouth to my hand. He was lost for words.

Dr Greene offered me some paper towel to clean my stomach of the lubricant. I wiped slowly, skimming over my slight bump.

"How many pictures do you want this time?"

When we had our twelve-week scan with Ted, we ordered pictures for all of our family members, offering them gifts to celebrate the news. And when we were expecting Phoebe, we needed extra on top in order to accommodate for Deb, Ray's new wife, and Ethan. He had proposed to Mia the week before our sonogram.

"A dozen," Christian said, calculating the numbers already. He stood up from his chair and returned it to the far wall of the office.

"We need fourteen," I corrected. Dr Greene nodded and excused herself from the room, giving us a moment's privacy. Christian looked to me for an explanation. "I want Ted and Phoebe to each have copies of their own."

"Oh…" he nodded.

"I want them to be as involved as possible," I added. "I don't want either of them feeling as if they're going to be left out because of the new baby."

"I'm sure they won't. They both know how much we love them," he came to my side and helped me sit up. I held onto his forearms for support. "We'll go to the toy store on our way home. We can pick up some new dolls for them."

When I fell pregnant with Phoebe, we bought Ted a baby doll to help him get used to the idea of there being a new baby in the house. He loved it, showering it with kisses and carrying it everywhere. When Phoebe eventually arrived, we introduced him to her and he forgot all about the doll, devoting his attention to his sister instead. It made the process easy on all of us. Christian suggested we do the same with this baby, though I suspected Ted would adjust to the idea much easier than Phoebe.

"I want to tell them first, before anyone else." I told Christian. He agreed and drew me in for a warm hug.

I giggled, full of excitement. I felt adrenaline pump through my veins.

"I can't believe we're really pregnant… I didn't think it would happen this fast."

I took seven at-home tests when I first suspected I might be pregnant, but still I didn't believe the news until Dr Greene confirmed it a week later.

"What can I say, my little swimmers are of champion stock," Christian winked. He leaned back and took my jaw between his palms, holding me still in front of his face. His eyes watered again. "Baby number three, huh?"

I nodded. "What are we going to call him or her?"

"Let me think... Ted was Blip," he pursed his lips.

"Phoebe was Blip 2," I reminded him.

The room fell silent as we pondered our thoughts. As grins spread over our lips, we erupted into laughter.

"Blip the Third," we said in perfect harmony, looking down at my stomach.

Blip the Third.