A/N Yes, I know this is a little late but I had to make a contribution to Snoggletog (plus a friend asked me to write this.) This story is rated M for possible future scenes. Don't worry, if they happen I'll make them side chapters with a disclaimer so nobody misses anything. This will be M/M, Toothcup!

"This is Berk. As the constant snowfall turns to even more constant snowstorms, we Vikings tend to find whatever comforts against the cold we can. So, as the dragons prepare to leave Berk to lay their eggs, everyone starts their own tradition during Snoggletog by decorating the village in a haphazard way that only stubborn Vikings can achieve"

Hiccup, as he had become used to over the years, was awoken sharply just as first light started to creep over the village. The loud banging in the roof was quickly accompanied by a soft roar and annoyed grumbling. Hiccup just turned over in his bed, shoving his head against the pillow and trying his best to ignore his friend's constant whines. What Hiccup was not expecting, however, was for the noises to simply stop suddenly, and, despite his curiosity over what Toothless was now doing, exhaustion won out and he drifted back to sleep…

Which lasted about ten seconds as he was awoken again, but this time by the feeling of falling and then impacting a cold, wooden surface. To add to his current state of pain and confusion, he could also feel a large weight pressing into his chest, along with something soft and wet dragging up his cheek. "Ew no, Toothless, stop" Hiccup laughed.

Try as Hiccup might to push the large Night Fury away, he quickly realized he was trapped beneath the currently not-so-much 'unholy offspring of lightning and death itself' but more of an overgrown cat that was currently covering his face in dragon slobber. There's only one way out of this, Hiccup thought. "Sorry bud" Hiccup said, not quite as apologetic as he perhaps should have been as he reached his left hand up to the dragons head, and quickly pressed against the dragon's weakness, a spot right below his chin.

Said dragon instantly widened his eyes with a mixed look of surprise, betrayal and pleasure, as he all but collapsed on the ground in front of Hiccup. What Hiccup did not expect, however, was that Toothless had fallen as he was leaning over Hiccup so, naturally, some of Toothless ended up collapsing on top of Hiccup causing him to be trapped beneath a tonne of currently unconscious dragon. Well, Hiccup thought dryly, this is just great...

Despitebeing trapped, Hiccup actually felt remarkably comfortable underneath Toothless, the large dragon was giving off plenty of heat which, since his blanket was underneath him now, was starting to warm him enough to lull him back to sleep as well...

A few hours later and Hiccup began stirring again as he heard annoyed grumbling above him. "Huh? Wha-" Hiccup mumbled drowsily. After a few seconds Hiccup would swear he could hear a voice somewhere near him, it was strange though, he could understand the words being spoken (something like, "I can't believe you, how would you like it if I stole your weird new leg thing?) But the voice saying this things sounded familiar in some way. It couldn't be his dad, despite being similarly deep, this voice had a rich baritone to it and lacked his dad's rough Scottish brogue. So, in order to identify the owner of this strange, yet still so familiar voice (which was still going on about him taking advantage of someone or something), Hiccup began to sit up and open his eyes only to come face-to-face with a very large and apparently livid dragon.

The morning's events suddenly came rushing back to Hiccup as he wearily watched Toothless stare at him evenly, not blinking at all and still with a look of anger and incredulity. Hiccup, despite having known Toothless for two years now, was suddenly very scared and began stammering out excuses, "Bud! Ah, I-I'm sorry, like really, really sorry, you-you know I-I wouldn't normally do something like that" Hiccup laughed nervously trying to defuse the tension that was so palpable he doubted his dad could cut it with his axe.

Toothless, on the other hand, made no move, noise or any sort of indicator to show that he heard what Hiccup has said, still staring at Hiccup with a rage only a Night Fury could muster, and suddenly, almost like he knew exactly what Toothless was thinking, Hiccup knew why Toothless was so mad. Their morning flight. Hiccups eyes widened with shock as he stared open mouthed at the dragon in front of him.

"To-Toothless, I-I-I" Hiccup couldn't stop stammering and stuttering, he'd never been so nervous in his life, not even when he faced the Red Death. He and Toothless had never missed a morning flight, not a single one, since they restored peace to the Isle of Berk. The ritual was incredibly important to the both of them, a way of relaxing and preparing for the day ahead, spending time together in a place they considered to be theirs. And now, Hiccup had just ruined that.

Despite all this shock running through his system, nothing could prepare him for what came next. "You know, I could accept this if you were tired or stressed after dealing with your father. But to skip out on something that is practically sacred to the both of us by using my weakness against me so you could get a few hours' more sleep! Toothless roared this last part so loud it could be heard across the entire village, making every Viking look towards the Haddock house. "That, Toothless spoke deathly quiet this time, "that, is unforgivable"

Now you have to understand, normally, Hiccup would observe Toothless body language and listen to the tones of his warbles to guess what he said, but this time he didn't have to. This time, Hiccup could hear and understand perfectly everything Toothless just said, and despite his friend's anger, Hiccup was in a mixture of shock, joy and confusion. "To-Toothless?" Hiccup asked quietly, afraid that it wasn't real, perhaps part of a dream or his imagination getting away from him, anything to explain how he heard his best friend speak to him.

Said best friend had now dropped his anger in favour of caution and worry, as Hiccup seemed to stare right into him, almost questioning his very being. "Hiccup?" Toothless asked back just as quietly, afraid for his rider's mental state. However he had no time to react as right after Toothless replied, Hiccups eyes widened even more (if that was possible under the current situation) and promptly fainted with the utter grace of a Hiccup, by falling head first into Toothless and falling onto the floor.

The timing of this just so happened to coincide with Stoick the Vast charging into his son's room, ready to defend both Hiccup and Toothless from whatever caused such a commotion, just in time to see Hiccup grow deathly pale and collapse.

"Hiccup!" Stoick shouted for his son in vain as Hiccup fell into unconsciousness. "Toothless, what happened here?" Stoick asked worried about his son and cautious over how it appeared that Toothless was the cause of his sudden collapse, however he knew how much they cared for one another so he was holding back grabbing his axe. For now.

What the large man did absolutely not expect was for Toothless to actually voice the situation.

"Well you see I woke him up so he paralyzed me then Hiccup fell asleep and I got angry and shouted but then he got all pale and cross eyed and I just thought he was nervous over missing our flight but then he just collapsed here" Toothless rushed all this out in quick succession not even pausing for breath as the large Viking stared at him in the same way Hiccup had, before promptly sitting down in Hiccups small chair and rubbing his forehead while heaving out a sigh.

"One day, can I not go one day without something happening in my village?" Stoick sighed again, just wishing he could understand all that was happening right now, or at the very least that they would go back to normal when Toothless only spoke in grumbles and warbles.

Toothless, meanwhile was looking rather awkward as he had no idea why everyone was acting so strangely towards him, in fact if he wasn't so confident in his appearance (he always bathed himself when Hiccup was asleep at night) then he would presume something was wrong with the way he looked. But, alas, knowing that he looked as graceful and elegant as ever (perhaps even more so this Snoggletog, Astrid gave him a piece of blue fabric that tied around his neck and, while he usually found human clothes distasteful, even he had to admit he looked good with this)

So, with no other alternative way to find answers, Toothless decided to start jabbing, poking and every other form of uncomfortable (and painful, said victim would later voice) touch Toothless could think of in order to wake the boy. Several squeaks later as Toothless jabbed his particularly sensitive sides and said boy was now up, alert and trying to defend himself from the onslaught. "Toothless, gah, nooooo!" Toothless, appeased now that his human was awake decided to show the poor boy mercy and sat back on all fours, examining the scene before him with wide eyed innocence. "Oh good. You're awake again" Toothless muttered (not quite as innocent as some believe) and again watched as Hiccups eyes grew wide. "Toothless?" Hiccup asked quietly. The dragon, annoyed with the way people were acting, quickly bit out a "yes!?" as a retort, deciding to say little out of worry that his anger would cause him to set the house on fire.

Hiccup spoke tentatively, confused and nervous about the current happenings, "Erm, Toothless, bud, you do realise you're talking, right?" Said dragon, not fully understanding at first spoke impatiently, "Well of course I'm talking! What do you-" Toothless suddenly stopped mid rant, as his eyes widened even more with realisation, causing him to speak in a tone similar to Hiccups, "You-you mean? You mean you can understand me now? Both of you?" Toothless asked, barely daring to hope that this was possible. "Aye, I can hear you just fine." Stoick reminded everyone of his presence with his gruff and abrupt tone, "an' I think I'll be leaving you two alone before I get a headache Odin himself would be proud of" Stoick left quickly after that, leaving the room in a deathly silence.

Which lasted about five seconds before being broken by Toothless and Hiccup at the same time, both speaking in excited voices as they ran up to each other, "Toothless, this is incredible! How long have you been able to do this, why did you never tell me, can the other dragons do this too?" Hiccup rushed out in one great sentence as he embraced his friend, while Toothless replied in an equally rushed and excited voice, "Hiccup, I know this amazing, there's so much I've wanted to tell you! I have no idea I've spoken before but no human has ever understood me, and of course I'd tell you if I knew you stupid human, but I don't know if the dragons can be understood as well, we should find out!"

They both kept up this excited chatter for several minutes, both still refusing to move away from each other's side. That is, until, Hiccup suddenly pulled away with a gasp of excitement as Toothless looked down on him with concern. "I've got an idea, bud, why don't we head down to our Cove for a few days for a sort of…vacation?" Toothless quickly showed his enthusiasm by coating Hiccup's face with a new layer of dragon saliva, which, surprisingly for Toothless, for the first time Hiccup didn't pull away in disgust but merely leaned in closer to the dragon with an affectionate smile.

A few hours later, and one loooooong conversation with his father about why it was ok for Hiccup to spend the four days leading up to Snoggletog at the cove and that, no, Toothless was not some hell demon come to destroy them all (Hiccup isn't too sure his dad meant that one, but he still finds it impossible to tell when the intimidating man is joking or being deadly serious) However, eventually the man surrendered to Hiccup's determination. The boy's more stubborn than me, Stoick thought wryly. The three of them then spent the next hour packing bags on Toothless so they would have enough provisions to last the next four days, as well as Stoick threatening Toothless to promise to keep Hiccup safe and warm (which Toothless could actually make, now that he could speak) Despite Hiccup's, and now Toothless', assurances they would be fine, Stoick still worried, Hiccup had never been a particularly strong Viking, and he had a strange knack of attracting trouble, or making it when none was around. But mostly Stoick was worried over the cold. There's a reason Vikings call this season Devastating Winter, the temperature would drop so low that you could barely take a step outside without getting frostbite on places you really don't want to show the village elder (who also doubled as the village healer)

Two hours later however, as the sun was just beginning to set, Hiccup and Toothless were both ready to depart for the cove and spend the next few days together…

A/N I hope I kept everyone in canon, I know Stoick is usually the tough Viking but he does care about Hiccup's wellbeing. Plus I always imagined Toothless' personality to be like Hiccup's, except perhaps more cautious, but still playful, and with a healthy dose of vanity and pride kicked in.