Bedroom encounter

A/N okay...where do I begin? I apologise for not updating for so long, it's very clear I can't stick to any kind of schedule and will simply write when I feel like it. I should note this chapter does contain smut and so anyone wishing to avoid will have to skip, don't worry there's literally zero plot. This is pure porn guys, 100% jerk off material. I hope you enjoy but this is my first time writing smut and I literally did this in like 20 mins so you know, expectations and all.

As Hiccup's hands moved up to rest on Toothless' inner thigh, the former dragons panic prevented him from realising that Hiccup had noticed his 'growing problem' and had long since abandoned the attempt at dressing Toothless. Hiccup was currently working through his own inner turmoil as he contemplated what to do next. On the one hand, this is his dragon, his best friend. On the other...Toothless' new body is damned hot and combined with the boys feelings for his best friend, Toothless was almost impossible to resist.

With this justification in mind, Hiccup let his hand roam over the other boys large erection. Just the feeling of having this warm, heavy cock in his hand was enough to make them both moan out. Hiccup at the feeling of another man's private parts in his hands and Toothless at the feeling of his riders soft, smooth hands wrapping around his throbbing member.

Looking down at Hiccup, Toothless suddenly noticed a certain gleam in his eye, one that sent a strange mix of fear and arousal shooting through his body. Hiccup was curious. Now this might not mean much to some, but Toothless knew very well by now that if Hiccup is curious about something, he'll do whatever it takes to figure it out. And now Toothless was his new experiment.

Hiccup's hands began wandering along the large length, gently stroking up and down then tugging on Toothless' large balls. By this point, Toothless' breaths were coming out as pants and he could barely stand. He knew that if Hiccup kept up his ministrations on his cock, he was going to explode, violently.

Meanwhile, as one if Hiccup's hands reached the base of Toothless' cock, the other began stroking over the head, collecting the precum which was dripping all over and now covering his hand which he used to spread down the rest of the large organ. The extra lubrication caused more pleasure for Toothless who was practically keening at the intense pleasure.

After several more long strokes along the length of his dick, Toothless came, covering Hiccup's hands and face as well as his own chest as spurt after spurt fired out covering the room in semen. Toothless almost roared, even while still in his human form and groaned as he covered himself in cum. After he was done, cum still dribbling out the head of his now softening cock, his legs gave out. Collapsing onto the ground panting, he curled up to Hiccup and began nuzzling his neck slightly, before giving a slight nip, just hard enough to draw blood in order to mark the boy as his.

Hiccup whimpered at the feeling of his best friend's teeth sink into his neck, he knew what Toothless was doing to him and the thought, along with Toothless' hands roaming along his chest and mouth across his neck, proved to be the final stimulation Hiccup needed to release as well, despite not having touched himself at all. Obviously being 100% human, he didn't cum as much as his dragon-turned-human friend, however his orgasm was still as intense, leaving him seeing stars and gasping for breath as he lay beside Toothless, resting his head on the dragons chest as they curled into one another.

A/N I did say this was pure porn. I hope you enjoyed and if any of you enjoyed it that way, well all I can say is I'm glad to of been of service XD Hopefully future porn will be better, though I am going to stick with keeping any smut separate from the main story for my more innocent readers. Hope to see y'all soon ^_^