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It had been two weeks since the Queen was defeated and order was restored to the Fourth Kingdom, and one week since Virginia and Wolf left for Manhattan. In those two weeks, Tony Lewis had pushed thoughts of his dead wife out of his head. He had thrown himself into parties and preparations, drinking and laughing and trying to forget. Now, celebrations were fading away and there was less to take his mind off of her. He knew he had to see her one last time.....somehow, he had to say goodbye.

As he sat beside her still form, he marveled over how beautiful she still was. Yes, the years had aged her, but her hair was still the same deep shade of auburn and her complexion was still as cream-colored as her daughter's. Hesitating slightly, Tony reached out to touch her cold cheek, then up to smooth back a wisp of her hair. Had it really been fourteen years since he last touched her?

He had known there was something wrong with her, even when he married her, but he brushed it aside. He had put her moods down to the fact that she had been raised a spoiled, pampered child, and he forgave her for them. All that mattered was that she loved him. One of the most beautiful, charismatic women in New York society loved him! He never quite understood that. She could have had anyone, and yet she wanted him. So they had been married, much to the dismay of her mother, and before long had a beautiful baby girl.

However, things got worse; slowly at first, then spiraling downward. He had known she was sleeping around. He had known, but he hadn't confronted her at first. Somehow, he hadn't believed that it was her fault. Finally, one night, she had come home drunk at one in the morning, half dressed, with a man's shirt thrown on over her. Tony had yelled at first, then pleaded for answers. It was then that, sobbing, she had told him about the voices. They commanded her to do things and praised her when she obeyed. When she didn't, they called her vulgar names and told her she was worthless. To Christine, praise was everything. Praise and admiration were the things that her glittery world was made up with. She didn't know how to deal with failure.

He never knew what the voices told her about Virginia, but he knew that she fought them. He knew that, even if she wasn't strong enough to defy them about some things, she still loved her little girl....and then one night that was shattered. One night, she lost control, and he wasn't even there to stop her.

"I'm sorry, Christine." Tony whispered aloud to his wife's corpse, tears spilling from his eyes. "I'm sorry I never got you any help. I...I just didn't know what to do. I thought maybe if I just was patient with you, it would all go away and we could be happy again. I didn't know what to do." he choked out, stroking her hair with one hand and holding onto her gloved fingers with the other. "I'm sorry....I'm sorry." Falling silent, he gazed at her still face, longing to see her green eyes sparkle with laughter once again. "I love you." he whispered, leaning down to softly kiss her lips.

Tony pulled away, looking once more upon her face before turning to leave. The thought of the poison that had killed his wife being the same as the poison that had put Snow White to sleep never crossed his mind. But as he reached the door, he heard a familiar voice behind him.


Slowly, he turned around, not really believing what he saw before him. On the slab where Christine had been lying a moment ago, she was now sitting, one hand touching the scratched flesh on her neck. The Queen had awakened.