Jungle Dominance

"You wouldn't last one day."

Mowgli's guardian, the panther warrior Bagheera, contentedly stretched his lithe form before settling down on the branch he had decided to spend the night on. He lay on his back, muscled torso giving way to powerful feline legs just below his navel.

Slightly less pleased was his charge, currently sitting in the crook of the branch, fiddling with a twig. Irked at his mentor's lack of faith in him, Mowgli replied insistently, "I'm not afraid. I can look after myself." In a sense, it was almost true. The man cub certainly had the necessary survival skills, and all his years in the jungle meant that he could fight off most predators using his wits and physical prowess. He had reached adulthood some time ago, yet not all creatures of the jungles were quite aware of that, mostly due to his temperament.

What the young adult didn't know was that some jungle predators simply couldn't be fought... They didn't like to, and didn't need to...

One of these predators was Kaa, a snake woman that knew many ways to get what she wanted. Satisfied in the last few days due to a particularly filling meal, the humanoid female snake was beginning to hear her stomach growl as an urgent need for a meal made itself known. Stretching her body, consisting of slender legs, smooth scales, curves to die for and a very long tail, the python lady began to wonder just where she could find what she sought.

However, hearing a few mumbling retorts near her position, her curiosity was piqued as she then looked down to see what the cause of all of this was...

Mowgli continued to take his frustration out on the twig, griping to himself about overzealous guardian panthers, blissfully unaware of the very real danger that was right above him. Sulking slightly and unready to fall asleep, the man turned to face Bagheera to utter another complaint when he noticed that his guardian had dozed off, apparently as ignorant of Kaa's presence as the mancub himself, despite Bagheera's superior hearing.

Sighing unhappily, unwilling to risk a truly angry Bagheera by waking him up, Mowgli simply leaned back against the cool tree trunk and flicked the twig to the jungle ground, wishing that somebody would just take him away...

Unaware that his wish was about to come true in a most peculiar way, he was soon seen by Kaa above him. Licking her lips at the sight of this small, yet tasty looking prey, the snake woman began to get excited at the prospect of getting near another unaware victim that would eventually give her exactly what she needed.

With the help of her tail, she began to get down from the treetop as she approached the unsuspecting man cub. Lightly stepping on the branch, she then walked toward Mowgli as she swayed her hips in a seductive manner. ''What have we here...a delicious man cub?'' she asked playfully, already aware of the answer as she knew somehow that this would be another easy hunt.

Alerted by the soft sound of Kaa's landing on the branch, Mowgli looked up to see who was intruding upon his campsite for the night. Upon truly seeing the newcomer, however, all thoughts of sending her away vanished in an instant. An alluring blend of snake and woman, the creature seemed to draw Mowgli's gaze like a moth to a candle. The mesmerized young one couldn't help but let his eyes linger on the snake woman's pretty face and voluptuous human-looking body. He almost didn't see the thick, shimmering tail that led back up to higher branches of the tree, beautiful as the rest of her.

More than a little distracted by the gorgeous stranger, Mowgli temporarily forgot that he was in a bad mood. Upon shaking his head slightly and looking away, however, he found that his frustration came rushing back. "Oh, go away and leave me alone." He held up an arm as if toward the jungle beauty away, though he couldn't help but peer around it as he continued to ogle Kaa.

This Bagheera did hear, and after a quick yawn he replied grouchily, "Now, there's no use arguing anymore. Please go to sleep, man cub!" And with that, he fell asleep, utterly unaware of the intruder and the threat she posed to his charge.

Initially pleased about the first reaction of Mowgli, she was unfortunately surprised at the turn of events as the soon-to-be meal began to pout and send her away. It seemed that, while seduction was effective with him, a more direct and powerful method would get much better results as she smiled confidently before the near-naked prey. ''Why would you even want to go to sleep, hmmm?'' she asked, getting nearer as she stood before him, towering over him as a glimmer of superiority sparkled in her eyes.

''With me around, it would be foolish to simply sleep and reject me, yes?'' she continued, her tone faking friendliness as she then looked at him right in the eyes, letting the moment linger on before she would eventually strike...

Mowgli had to tilt his head up to look into Kaa's eyes, feeling oddly compelled to maintain eye contact with the snake woman. That isn't to say he didn't appreciate her closeness, far from it- out of the corner of his eyes, her curvaceous form and rippling tail was even more noticeable. Even as the latter began to circle around behind the trunk of the tree, out of Mowgli's sight, he couldn't bring himself to look away. It simply didn't occur to him.

Of course, the foolish man cub noticed none of this, focused as he was on Kaa's honeyed voice and deep golden eyes. "W-wait, what do you mean?"

''Now now...'' she began to say, letting her forked tongue slip between her lips as she finally unleashed her weapon of persuasion. Her yellow pupils getting smaller very quickly, they were then replaced by a variety of colors as a kaleidoscope of amazement was appearing in her eyes. Her gaze set on his, she smiled subtly as she would eventually enjoy seeing his eventual downfall while her powers activated.

''What I meant is that I'm quite beautiful and I'm very interesting to you. It would be a shame if you were to send me away when we could be more...intimate with each other, yes?'' she suggested, licking her lips suggestively as her eyes continued their cavalcade of colors.

Mowgli's confusion at those shrinking pupils was brief, replaced by a sense of awe as an explosion of color filled Kaa's eyes. Each ring drew the boy's eyes, slowly at first as they lazily drifted outwards, only to be replaced by a new ring, and another. Unable to help himself, Mowgli leaned closer, wishing he could fill his gaze with the beautiful display. And his wish slowly came true- his eyes beginning to shrink down ever so slightly, just like Kaa's had...

Mowgli, however, knew none of this. He could only enjoy the soothing sensation that swept over his body, the beginnings of a pleasant weakness building in his limbs. "Yes, it would... it would be a shame..." The stutter belied Mowgli's somewhat foggy mind, no doubt simply because it was late and he was tired, Mowgli rationalized.

''Yessss...'' she playfully hissed, letting her serpentine nature take over in an exaggerated manner if only to maintain this strange situation for the man cub. ''It would be disappointing if I just went away. You'd like it if I were to stay and...have my ways with you, no?'' she continued, allowing her tongue to flicker on his cheek to get a taste, passing it as a moment of playfulness as a more sinister purpose was behind those wonderful eyes and this tiny gesture.

Ready to go further, she felt that there was no such thing as overkill as she then approached her scaly hand toward his crotch, gently touching it until she squeezed it firmly for a brief moment, if only to let him have a taste of what would be his eventual downfall.

"Y-yes, please stay and have your way... with me..." Mowgli answered as quickly as he could, not wanting to disappoint the stranger. After all, he didn't want her to leave, not after she had been so kind; he wanted to look into her eyes a little bit more and watch the spirals. They were so pretty, he could look forever... A quick, electric flickering of Kaa's tongue on his cheek had Mowgli more than eager to have the beautiful creature stay, realizing that he loved being near the snake woman.

And suddenly Mowgli felt a gentle pressure on his crotch, which he dimly noted had at some point began stiffening. Pressing his waist weakly upwards into her touch, he distantly recognized his unnerving lack of strength but immediately had his focus stolen by Kaa's grip on his member through the fabric of his briefs. His eyes opened even wider at the touch, allowing in more mind-numbing spirals and sinking the boy deeper under the snake lady's insidious spell.

''So cooperative...I like you.''

Letting her hand go away, she began to maneuver her tail so as to immobilize him. Never moving her gaze away from his, she began to sway from right to left in order to lull him into a false security within her presence. Keeping Mowgli tightly restrained within her growing cocoon of coils, she nonetheless left his crotch untouched by her tail so as to allow it to be played with soon afterward.

''Yes, you like this...You love how I am in control and how you know how easy and pleasant it is to simply let go, to be weak for me. It feels right, doesn't it?'' she asked, removing his loincloth with a movement of her foot as she desired to see just how compliant he truly was at this moment.

Mowgli's head jerked back and forth, almost like it was pulled by Kaa's gaze rather than moved by Mowgli. Even the small movement felt exhausting to the man cub, but staring into the spirals was the most important thing in Mowgli's world right now, and he would do whatever necessary to keep watching those spirals flit across the snake woman's eyes, would do whatever needed to stay with Kaa... He felt so relaxed in her presence, like lying in a comforting ray of sunlight or resting his head on comfy fur...

The growing mass of heavy reptilian coils around the young man only soothed him, made him yearn for even more of Kaa. He squirmed slightly, enjoying the feel of Kaa's scales on his skin and the helplessness that came with being unable to move, unable to do anything but stare into the beautiful eyes and listen to her oozing voice... It felt so right, letting Kaa be in control, it felt so good, all he wanted was more of the serpent seductress, more of her touch, especially on his erection, stiffening in the cool air... It didn't even register to Mowgli that he had lost his briefs, he was too far under Kaa's spell. "Yes... mistress." The word forced itself from Mowgli's lips as Mowgli strained to be even closer to his captor.

Seeing him squirm within her coils and already call him mistress was wonderful to hear, as the python beauty knew that this meant that he was especially receptive to her charms. However, she knew well enough that it was better to be safe than sorry, as many preys found renewed strength when it came to her having a good meal. She would need to drain him of his strength and she knew exactly how she could achieve this. Coiling him up, yet leaving his crotch untouched for the moment, she had him pinned down as she then brought her tail tip close to his grand erection. Letting her tip trickle along his own, she teased and played with his penis so as to let him have a taste of his downfall, enjoying the poetry of this predation and how his needs would lead to his demise as she licked her lips in anticipation.

''Are you ready for me to have my ways, man cub? For me to play with you until I'm satisfied enough, until I tire of you?'' she asked, enjoying how she could tease him physically and mentally already.

Completely unaware of the danger he was in, Mowgli simply moaned softly and attempted to press his waist into Kaa's teasing tail tip. He did not know that this sampling of pleasure would be the root of his eventual ensnarement. He did not know how quickly she could bring him to complete immobility through exhaustion. He did not know how addictive this ruinous arousal would prove to be. All he knew was that letting the snake woman have control, giving up his mind and body felt so good, was so easy, he could not think of anything else he would rather do... He simply couldn't think...

"Yes, yes mistress please!" Mowgli replied, the sheer arousal he felt not allowing him to perceive Kaa's words as anything other than soothing and arousing. He would do anything Kaa asked of him, desperate to feel more of her touch, to fall deeper under her charms.

Satisfied with such an earnest answer, the tail tip then began to rub his shaft in circles as it continuously returned to his tip and his urethra, allowing the pleasure to be gradual. The coils squeezing him, she wanted to let his emotions become an eventual mix of confusion and arousal as she decided to play with him on many levels all at the same time.

''How does it feel to be so helpless before me, to be so weak in front of me? Are you ready to admit that you're mine and mine alone, my young slave?'' she playfully teased, now toying with his penis with her finger as her other hand fondled his balls so as to encourage him to let go of it all in a very explicit and messy way.

At last Mowgli felt Kaa's dexterous tail tip on his shaft, the slow light touch bringing him a trembling pleasure that only inflamed his desire more. He attempted to respond as he snuggled deeper into her comfortable coil blanket, but the stimulation wreaked havoc with his ability to voice what little thought he had remaining: "Aah, it feels, it feels good... To be helpless... I-I am yours, mistress..."

By now, his shrinking pupils had long given way to quickly spiraling colors mimicking those mesmerizing eyes, signifying his near complete submission. They sped up even further as Kaa's slender finger stroked slowly up his length, making Mowgli's penis twitch with pleasure as he was fondled by the serpent's other hand, almost like she was rhythmically squeezing out the burning, hot pressure building within his waist.

Playing with his sack, she was eager to see a different type of surrender as the tail began to twirl around his penis, pumping it in a teasing manner as it began to dart the tip in a progressively invasive manner. This was a careful method, one that used a crescendo of pleasure to weaken the prey into blissful and ecstatic surrender. She loved to take her time, to truly have an unbreakable hold on her victims, if only to see how utterly helpless they were before her.

''I want you to surrender completely, my slave. Surrender to those feelings and to me. You will feel very good once you do, I guarantee it,'' she promised, giving a good squeeze on his penis with her tail, if only to accentuate her offer even more through action.

Mowgli began quivering within this tight mound of coils, his desire proving insatiable and only growing as Kaa's slick tail began pumping his erection, feeling her tail tip flick in and out of his own tip, growing bolder with every passing second. As his mind began dissolving away in the sea of tingling, burning stimulation that flooded his entire being, Mowgli had just enough presence of mind to reply to Kaa's seductive promise. "Yes... I surrender..."

As he uttered those words, he felt the coils on his penis tighten briefly, ingraining in his mind the pleasure of surrender to his mistress. Member twitching madly, eyes filled with pleasure, Mowgli's last thought was of how desperate he was to give in to Kaa, to let her have even more control, to go deeper and deeper under her hypnosis, deeper and deeper... Because giving in was bliss.

''I want you to give in and release your seed, slave. Whenever I ask you to, you will allow your pleasure to burst and you will give in to the sweetness of obedience by giving in to these urges. Cum for me, my slave,'' she asked, letting him have one final and sharp tug of her tail on his penis in order to encourage him to do so.

As soon as Kaa finished speaking, Mowgli's body reacted, a sharp pull on his erection followed by a stream of cum, his fluids spattering uselessly on the branch below. His body wracked by pleasure, nerves on fire with pleasure, he writhed as best he could within Kaa's cocoon as the orgasm continued, drawing out more and more of his cum as it drew out more and more of his energy.

Afterward, she gave him a small slap on his manhood, as if to humiliate him a bit through his filthy release as she looked at him in the eyes, uttering ''cum again''.

Mowgli moaned loudly in pleasure, until finally the orgasm ended, mercifully allowing the man cub a brief rest. He hardly even noticed the slap, sinking into the afterglow as though there was nothing else in the world but him and Kaa and the incredible warm ecstasy-

And he came again, the sudden pleasure catching him completely off guard, his slightly softened member stiffening immediately as the command forced bliss through his body, his penis letting out another spurt of release and Mowgli reveling in how good it felt to give in for Kaa-

One more time, she simply rose him and got him close to her face as she stopped touching his penis altogether, confident in the hold that she had on his lustful body.


And yet another climax, Mowgli's extreme sensitivity making the sensation even more intense as more cum oozed out of his penis onto the branch, this time drawing a small scream of pleasure from the man cub as the last of his energy was spent following Kaa's commands, his mind bent and twisted by the incredible burning ecstasy that Kaa and only her could bring him...

Panting slightly and grinning widely, a soft "PING!" could be heard as Mowgli's mind was overcome by the bombardment of stimulation, eroding completely under the waves of pleasure that left the boy limp and tired in the snake woman's comfortable blanket of coils, completely helpless and at the mercy of Kaa...

Seeing him erupt continuously like that, the snake seductress could not refrain herself from laughing ever so slightly. The young man, so weak that he could not even bring himself to resist, could do naught but obey the urges of his body as dictated by her. Seeing his semen spread on the branch and on the jungle floor, she could see how much of a waste this man cub was. However, she could certainly make use of him as her stomach grumbled once more, reminding her that she had a goal that resulted in him disappearing for a long while.

''Good slave. Now, stand still for me while I give you the bliss of being my meal...'' she said sadistically, enjoying every moment of utter dominance that she had over him as she brought him closer to her open maw.

Mowgli only continued to grin stupidly as his eyes struggled and strained to remain open, staring hungrily into Kaa's eyes the entire time. They were all he could see, just as she was all he could feel, and hear... Kaa was his mistress, and serving her felt so good... and even when she revealed her true intentions to the man cub, he could only feel his softened member stiffen ever so slightly as she praised him. He would do anything for his mistress, anything at all...

Unfortunately for Kaa, however, Mowgli's moans of ecstasy had been loud- loud enough to finally wake Bagheera from his uncharacteristically deep sleep. Startled awake, the panther warrior looked over to the man cub, down at the pool of semen on the branch and up to the serpentine beauty, whose ordinarily pretty face was currently marred by a gaping maw... Adrenaline woke him up quickly, as he leaped across the branch in the blink of an eye and struck Kaa's jaw, slamming her mouth closed and saving Mowgli from the immediate danger. "Hold it Kaa!" He shouted, hoping that the fearsome predator would back down now that he was awake... for he knew she was one of the jungle's most dangerous denizens, one he had no desire to face...

As she was struck, Kaa felt the shock of Bagheera's paw as a rather great disappointment, yet also as an unpleasant surprise as this prompted her to drop her newest catch in the shock of all this. The carefully coiled and prepared meal had unfortunately slipped from within her grasp as she looked at the old panther with annoyance and anger. While she had a pretty face when her maw wasn't wide open, her current expression did not quite make justice to her allure as she was furious.

''How dare you, you old bumbling panther?!'' she shouted, approaching toward him as she had all but forgotten about Mowgli in this tantrum of hers.

Bagheera backed away quickly, knowing that to be at close range with such a powerful foe would be a horrible mistake. And Kaa was indeed a foe, one that he had faced many times over the years. The times he had won had given him a healthy respect for her strength, wit, and cunning. The times he had lost... well, he didn't remember much of those besides a dreamy sensation of bliss and color. Perhaps she hadn't been hungry... But now it looked like Kaa was indeed ravenous, not to mention furious... perhaps he could dissuade her, hoping beyond hope that she would attempt to find easier prey. "Now Kaa, let's not do anything rash, he's my ward and I have to protect him." He held up his hands in a placating manner, yet subtly tensed his legs, ready to move at a moment's notice.

Meanwhile, Mowgli lay exhausted, the spirals in his eyes gradually slowing as the powerful trance began to break. For the time being, though, he sat limp in a mound of Kaa's squishy coils, feeling their weight press down against him as he grinned blankly into the night.

''Wrong. He's not your ward. He's my prey and you've interrupted what was supposed to be a nice meal. Now, I'll have to make you pay,'' she said, crossing her arms under her naked torso as she activated her colorful kaleidoscopic eyes, looking intensively in his direction, at his own eyes. Her frown no less terrible, she tried to slowly close in on the panther, letting her powerful and persuasive powers do the trick for her.

Bagheera, however, knew Kaa could charm and mesmerize her preys. He just didn't know how- nobody did, and those who lived to tell about it could remember nothing but bliss and colors. And that's only if you could ask them before they eventually disappeared down Kaa's gullet for good- nobody could ever resist the ruinous pleasure that Kaa promised for long after a taste of it. Only Bagheera's iron willpower had allowed him to stay away from the seductress.

That iron willpower, however, was not enough to hold off her powerful hypnosis for long, as his body filled with a pleasant weakness the minute Bagheera saw the first spirals in Kaa's eyes. He attempted to take a step backward, but faltered after nearly losing his balance- it quickly became apparent that the only thing holding the panther man upright was the lure of this powerful gaze. As his member lengthened, his body remembering his previous run-ins with Kaa even if his mind didn't, Bagheera began pleading. "Please, Kaa, you don't need to d-do this."

''It seems to me that I do,'' she promptly retorted, advancing even closer toward him as she held her gaze in a constant intensity, her eyes acting like beacons in the darkness. Her tail ready to strike at any moment, she nonetheless much preferred to do things this way so as to not use brutal methods, which would preserve the meat she would eventually eat.

''And in some ways, it seems that this is what you want, isn't it?'' she suggested, not missing his growing erection as she remembered past encounters with the pesky panther. She had always liked to toy with him, if only to show him subconsciously that she was superior in every way, but now he had crossed a particular line and he would have to pay...

Kaa's previous words, from years back, suddenly came rushing back to the guardian, promises of pleasure and degrading commands and sultry whispers, all met by eager subservience because obeying Kaa felt good-

Bagheera caught himself, blinking but not able to turn his head to break the spell that Kaa's eyes had cast on him. In the darkness, they were all the more alluring, each color a new danger, each one pulling him deeper and deeper into her eyes, where he could look and look to his heart's content...

Dimly aware that he was falling prey to Kaa's spell, Bagheera mustered what willpower he had left and managed to take a single, trembling step backwards as he replied weakly, foolishly wasting effort on answering when he should be escaping but compelled to nonetheless by Kaa's rapidly strengthening hold on him. "This is... this is what I want..?" His erection lengthened further, as though beckoning to the beautiful predator even as Bagheera made another faltering step back.

''This isn't just what you want, but also what you need to do,'' she corrected him, getting closer as she took slow steps toward him, gaining ground as she could see that all those times where she had her own fun with him had rendered him weak and compliant. Hissing so as to add another layer of her presence within his mind, she made rapid progress toward him as she made an effort to tower over him, to let him know that she was not only alluring, but also inevitable.

''More importantly, though...'' she began to say, lifting her foot on his chest so as to push him down gently on his back, letting him know that she was in charge as of this moment. ''This is what I want...''

For all his strength and agility, all his split-second reflexes, Bagheera was utterly helpless as Kaa's deceptively delicate foot planted itself on his chest and easily pushed him onto his knees, then back. His excitement at once again being Kaa's plaything was sapping his will to resist, and though he tried to hold on to his sense of self it slipped from his grasp like sand running between his fingers. Maintaining eye contact with Kaa throughout the process, unwillingly but unable to look anywhere else, Bagheera was awash with a numb, tingling pleasure and anticipation. "What... are you going to do..?" Bagheera felt a faint sense of shame in being so eager to learn of his fate under Kaa's hypnosis... but it was distant, because it wasn't wrong to let her be the dominant one. It was so... right.

In a nice bit of dramatic irony, Mowgli was now sleeping through his protector's time of need, a quick catnap born of both mental and physical exhaustion. Though the hypnosis was slowly weakening without input from Kaa, he was still deep under her sensual spell, as he could do naught but dream of Kaa. It was then no surprise when his erection began to weakly poke into Kaa's coils once more.

Kaa, still angry, felt also some sort of impossible satisfaction in seeing the old panther already on the verge of surrender, her past sessions anchored in his mind, making him weak when facing her. With her foot on his chest and her eyes dominating him, she began to move her sole toward his groin as she lifted it above his crotch. ''What am I going to do?'' she asked, her tone dangerously calm as she began to brush against the tip of his symbol of submission. ''I'm going to punish you, of course...'' she then promptly concluded as she began to stamp down on his penis, bringing a mix of pain and pleasure as she pressed in a mix of soft and hard steps on his aching manhood, manipulating it as best she could.

Even though she knew the panther was her prime target, she had not quite forgotten about her man cub. Preoccupied with his guardian, she wasn't as attentive as she could be as her tail began to tease the young man a little in a mostly nonchalant way, as if it couldn't really be bothered to even care about this little weakling for the moment.

Bagheera arched his back weakly, moaning with what could be pain, pleasure, or both. The soft sole of Kaa's foot was all she would use to gratify him, and it was humiliating in both how obviously demeaning it was and in how amazing it felt to the entranced panther warrior. And when the snake woman stepped down harder... well, then his erection ached all the fiercer with a potent combination of agony and ecstasy. It was the ultimate form of submission for Bagheera; he was physically unable to resist, being utterly toyed with by Kaa's mere foot, and mentally...

Bagheera was rapidly approaching the final stage of his trance, having been severely weakened to its influences before by previous inductions. It was like long-lost memories gently washing away his mind, remembering how good it felt to be submissive to Kaa, remembering how much he loved being her slave, wrapped in bands of heavy serpentine muscle... Slow spirals began to radiate outward from the so-called guardian's eyes as Kaa's punishment accelerated Bagheera's trance even further.

For all his lack of sexual stamina, let it not be said that Mowgli was in anything less than incredible shape. Living in the jungle for years and years demanded nothing less, and the man cub was usually quick to regain his strength. Though slowed by Kaa's trance, it was only a matter of time before he was at least mobile again. For now, his movement was limited to snuggling deeper within the limp mountain of coils around him and almost unnoticeably pressing his waist into the coil grinding slowly across his manhood.

Bagheera's own acceptance of his punishment and what it entailed made it all the sweeter for Kaa who continued to step on his penis with unrelenting vigor. His large feline member, now violently treated, was simply being squished and handled without much care for a gentler approach by her scaly and rough foot, her soft sole being close to being the only upside of this whole situation as well as her eyes.

Pushing one more time, she then stopped to trample his erection as she then began to get a bit softer in her approach, if only to let a certain buildup begin within his loins. ''Yes, you know that this is what you were seeking the moment you were approaching me, yes? This strike against me was just your jealousy, the fact that I was doing naughty things to the man cub and not to you, right? You wanted me to dominate you...'' she said, already twisting his perceptions as she then rubbed his shaft while playing with his tip by using her big toe.

Unfortunately, she was too focused on the panther to properly care about her previous victim. Never minding what her previous meal plan was doing, she concentrated far more on her foot punishment than on his meager pleasure and his expectations as he was left alone with his twisted mind and his lust of her own fabrication.

As Kaa became more violent in approach, Bagheera could only sharply inhale, instinctively tightening all his muscles against the pain. Unfortunately, this only thrust his erection harder into Kaa's foot, increasing the discomfort. Writhing weakly, his body attempted to escape Kaa's foot while his subjugated mind held him largely in place, knowing that Kaa's wish was his own and that he had to stay with Kaa to feel good. The panther warrior's only solace was found in Kaa's eyes, the whirling kaleidoscope of bright, beautiful colors that washed away the pain.

By the time the violent pressure subsided, Bagheera found himself floating on a sea of colorful clouds, the sudden absence of physical stimulation enough to reveal to both how far under the guardian actually was. Deep enough that Kaa's words had absolutely no trouble sinking into his mind, caressing and subtly molding it. Sighing in pleasure as the scaly and dexterous foot toyed with his member, the soft scales rubbing all over his shaft, Bagheera could only be glad that Kaa had finally chosen him over his ward. All this time... All this time he had been searching for Kaa, he came to realize under the pressure of Kaa's foot and hypnosis, ever since their first encounter what he had really wanted was simply to be dominated by her. Perhaps that was why he had agreed to watch over Mowgli- perhaps he had known deep down that Kaa was sure to take an interest in easy prey... Bagheera's mind warped under Kaa's influence, and his member began to twitch with the slow buildup of pressure in his nether regions... it wouldn't be long now.

The snake woman, however, knew very well that Bagheera would soon explode into obvious submission. She had toyed with him enough for her to estimate his resistance to pleasure as well as his endurance. Under normal circumstances, she might have let him blow it all up in the ecstasy of his lack of control, but this wasn't as usual. Sadly for the panther man, she was not just here for her own contentment, but also for revenge.

''I forbid you from releasing your tension just yet, you decadent fool. I'm very cross and I feel that you should take more of this. You wouldn't want to disappoint me further, yes?'' she asked, her tone being half-cold and half-playful as she knew that it would mean that the torture would eventually continue. Clinching his tip in her toes, she then began to harshly pump him up and down as she wriggled her toes all along. With her eyes still draining his will and putting him under her spell, the python lady would enjoy this for all it was worth as she knew this was only the beginning of something thoroughly enjoyable for her and her alone.

Now openly moaning in pleasure, Bagheera could only roll weakly on the branch, movements that grew weaker and weaker as Kaa's hypnosis and the slowly growing pleasure overrode his control of his muscles. Soon, they were merely weak spasms, the only reaction he could muster as his member was stroked up and down by the painful and ecstatic foot, the need to release growing to unbearable levels. The fierce, burning pleasure was crossing the threshold into pain, such that it was all he could do not to release all over Kaa's slender foot. In Kaa's command, however, he found the strength to hold back his climax so as not to displease her... his mistress. The humiliation of the situation, of such a powerful warrior brought quite literally to heel by nothing but Kaa's foot, was lost on the panther guardian, lost amidst the fog of the dominating spell.

Kaa, however, was not quite done with the humiliation and subjugation of her newest prey as she brought her tail tip close to him. Unwittingly freeing the man cub in the process, she was too lost in the moment to actually care as she then presented the tip of her tail to the lustful and captive panther.

''I'm not quite finished with you, little slave. Your punishment has just begun...'' she said, licking the tip of her tail with her forked tongue in a teasing manner. With the tip now wet and slick, she lost no time as she prodded his anus, penetrating it as she wriggled intensely inside the erogenous zone, stimulating it to add another height of pleasure and depravity to this already lecherous scene. Her foot rubbing intensifying as well, she went from slow to fast as the nature of this activity went from teasing to downright tortuous as she could feel the penis twitching madly below her sole.

''How does it feel to be at my mercy? To finally have what you sought? Are you not blissful and thankful that I'm deigning to give you so much attention?'' she asked, her beacons of mesmerism still going on strongly, unwilling to let go of her hold on his perceptions even for an instant.

Bagheera did his best to moan a reply upon being asked a question, but the response was completely unintelligible. Pushed deeper within Kaa's hypnotic hold, the panther man was now fully immobile, meaning that he had no choice but to endure this torture. The agonizing pleasure came at him from all sides now, the pressure growing white-hot and aching like nothing he'd felt before. Cuts, burns, broken bones... nothing was quite like this hurricane of ecstasy and pain. Mentally, however, what remained of his mind that could be forced into action reflected that he was so glad to finally have Kaa's full attention, to be the subject of her ministrations.

Mowgli, unnoticed by the other occupants of the branch, had finally been released from his coil prison, freeing him but leaving him still stuck in his trance- and just a touch chilly in the cool night air. This and the disappointing absence of Kaa's lazy pressure on his crotch were what finally brought the young man out of his light slumber, his eyes spiraling slower by the second...

''You're aching for release, aren't you? You'd probably do anything just to finally climax and feel the sweetness of utter submission, yes? Then let me tell you how this will work, you perverted pet...'' she said, a smirk appearing on her face, her satisfaction being openly showcased to the dominated prey as her foot massage kept on going as she began to step on his penis once more. All the while, she went with a back and forth motion with her tail as she penetrated him completely, shaking her tail tip against his prostate to reach the maximum amount of pleasure he could take.

''I will make you release vocally. Each time I'm giving you permission, you will finally ejaculate and feel the bliss you were looking for. However, with every release, you will lose amounts of yourself as you will become nothing more than an obedient pet, one that seeks nothing more than please me above anything else. This is what I want, so it is what you want too, yes?'' she carefully suggested, continuously toying with him.

''Cum,'' she began, doing circling motion with her tail so as to enlarge his anus, allowing her tail to go further inside him.

''Cum,'' she said, playing with his balls by using the lower part of her feet while she teased his base by using her toes.

''Cum,'' she continued, kicking his penis to add another layer of humiliation to the whole deal as it jerked around, twitching all the same.


Against all odds, Bagheera managed a strangled "Yes" before subsiding back into agonized moans. He longed for release, needed it, needed his mistress to let him release... and she did.

The pressure released explosively, feeling as though Bagheera's insides had been sucked out through his penis. His cum shot got past Kaa's foot, onto the already dirtied branch, taking with it some of his warrior's mind. No difference in his mental state was seen at first, as he was already the sexy snake woman's plaything under this deep of a trance, but the physical difference was tremendous. No longer contorted in pain, Bagheera's face took on an expression of the utmost ecstasy, eyes almost closed but open enough to remain locked on Kaa's still spiraling eyes.

Climax after climax, and the changes to Bagheera's mind became more and more noticeable. All subconscious inhibitions were released, and after the final orgasm a dopey grin appeared on the panther warrior's face as all of his muscles relaxed at once. Bagheera sank into the glorious afterglow, exhaustion and a submission more complete than any of his trances before this took hold of him, binding him as tight as Kaa's coils in a mental prison that was equally dangerous. For now, with his instincts suppressed and owned by the seductress before him, there was nothing stopping her from doing whatever she wished with him... just as she had attempted with Mowgli...

The man cub in question had actually finally woken from trance, the spell on his mind substantially weakened without Kaa's touch and voice close by. Awake and alert, if still utterly sore and tired, his first thought was that he missed the trance, and the coils, and Kaa's soothing voice. His second was that the serpent woman was on the other side of the branch, holding his captor down. A blink and a shake of his head later, Mowgli decided that he could leave Bagheera to Kaa, and that this was a perfect opportunity to escape. As much as he missed Kaa's slick tail and soft, delicate touch on his groin already... Mowgli's erection began to stiffen again, and though he began to slide down the trunk, where he really wanted to be was back in her coils...

His expression on his face pleased her more than she could actually express, as Kaa simply stopped being in contact with Bagheera's erogenous zones. Her foot left his penis and her tail went out of his anus as she then began to coil him up from the tip of his tail to his neck, effectively sealing him in a helpless position. Lifting him up, she chuckled mockingly at the sight of the spent and obedient panther, victorious in the end over this meddlesome fool.

''Aren't you glad you submitted to me, a superior being in every way?'' she asked, squeezing him a little in this cocoon of her own design. ''I'm sure you are, but your punishment is not yet over, my little spent slave. I was about to eat before you interrupted me, you see, and I'm still hungry. You will do nicely, I believe, as a replacement meal...'' she said with a grin on her face, until she opened her large mouth, effectively beginning his descent into her stomach.

Beginning with his face, she licked it all over to allow for it to descent more easily inside her throat as his cheeks and his frown was now wet due to her long forked tongue. Gradually swallowing him, a bulge began to form in her neck and throat as the large panther was being eaten by the alluring snake woman, who was clearly delighted by this vengeful meal of hers. Down to his own stomach, she could see that he was still erect despite how much he had released, a side-effect from his submissive state of mind as it made her smile. Trying as hard as she could to render this as tragically humiliating as possible, she muffled a single word to the panther before finally swallowing him completely.


Maintaining his expression the whole way down, Bagheera's spent body failed him utterly as it was limply manipulated by those strong coils, pressed into Kaa's elongated mouth and sliding down her warm, wet throat. His mind completely gone, the panther warrior could only feel adoration towards his mistress, who allowed him the honor and pleasure of serving as her meal. The tight constriction and difficulty breathing only highlighted how nicely helpless he was, and his fate was sealed by the snake mistress last word to him. The orgasm was weak, Bagheera's body struggling to produce anything more than what it already had shot out on the branch, but the pleasure that tore through the guardian's sensitive body was too much to handle. The combined stimulation wrecked the guardian's mind, and the panther let the comfortable darkness envelope him.

Mowgli could only watch as his guardian was swallowed whole by Kaa, his arousal quickly replaced by horror at his guardian's fate, the one he unknowingly avoided and had assumed would simply be a night of utmost pleasure. Sliding down the tree trunk, Mowgli couldn't summon the strength to climb, weak as he still was. And without the ability to reach the branch and somehow strike out at the predator waiting there, Mowgli swallowed his shame and suppressed any shout he may have made. He hadn't really liked the stuck up panther, and the law of the jungle was absolute, but it still pained him to see his guardian go. Mowgli walked off into the night, confusion leading to fear with each and every step he took...