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Chapter 1

I told everyone I was moving to give my mom and stepdad some space as they just got married but if I'm being honest I feel a pull. The thought of moving to the rainiest town in the continental U.S. made me shiver. It was a spur of the moment decision. I had been feeling the pull for awhile but didn't decide to follow the pull until right after my senior year started. My mom's new marriage was the perfect excuse to move in with my dad.

This is the real reason why I , Isabella Swan but please call me Bella, ended up in Forks, WA. The day I landed my dad, Chief of Police Charlie Swan, picked me up in his squad car. While I found that immensely embarrassing, I realized the pull I felt was stronger and different. Instead of feeling one pull I felt two and they each became stronger the closer we got to Forks.

The car ride was mostly silent as neither my father nor I were big talkers. It was different from time spent with my mom, Renee. Renee felt the need for constant chatter.

I was able to take a small plane from Seattle to Port Angeles so the car ride was only about an hour. Charlie's house hadn't changed much from when I would visit in the summer. The kitchen still had the yellow walls. The only real difference I could see was the upgrades to my bedroom. While I still had a full sized bed, I now had a little desk with a laptop. As I could see the line running from the laptop I assumed Charlie only had dial-up internet. That is going to suck!

Since I flew in on Sunday, my dad was nice enough to already have gone school shopping for me. I took my evening to unpack and gather my things for my first day at Forks High.

I had a little difficulty falling asleep as I was wondering about this pull I felt. I didn't actually expect for the pull to lead me to Forks, WA, but I thought it would be a good place to start and then I could travel more after I graduated high school. It would be easier this way since my mom would have put up even more of a fuss if I still lived with her when I was done with school. This way I'm already getting some distance between us so she'll be used to it by this Spring.

The next day dawned cold and grey. As much as I hated the rain and cold, I couldn't help but feel this was a good thing. I had an odd mixture of nervousness and excitement as I was getting ready. I managed to choke down a piece of toast and some orange juice.

"Bell's come with me," Charlie said as I finished putting my breakfast items away.

"What's up?" I asked following him outside. I figured he wanted to head out. I was not looking forward to being dropped off and picked up in the squad car everyday.

"I bought this from Billy," Charlie said while pointing to an old orange truck. It was wonderful!

"Thank you Ch-dad," I smiled and gave him a hug. I was beyond thrilled. Not only wouldn't I have to ride in the squad car, but the truck had a certain charm. "I love it."

"Good," Charlie hesitated before continuing. "Well I need to get to work. See you tonight."

"Bye dad," neither of us knew how to really express our emotions to each other so things always seemed a little tense and awkward.

I took it slow as the roads were wet and it was cold enough to make it slippery, more so than I was used to. Even going slow it didn't me long to get to the school. The parking lot was already filling up and lots of kids were standing around talking.

Right before I left the safety of my truck I realized two things. The first being I was very nervous and the fact that this school had only about a quarter of the number of students as my last didn't help. I knew I wouldn't be just another face in the crowd here.

The second thing I realized is the two pulls were very strong, the strongest I've ever felt it, but it didn't feel as insistent. I could only wonder if the pull, or I should say pulls, led to people at my school.

After a quick mental pep talk, I got out of my truck and headed to the office. The secretary, Ms. Cope, was nice. She gave me my schedule and a map of the school with instructions to have my teachers sign the slip of paper and return it at the end of the day.

I stepped out of the office and took a deep breath. As I centered myself, I could feel the pulls. They seemed to be separating even more. Before I had the chance to think about it further I was interrupted by one of my new classmates.

"Hi, I'm Eric," the black haired boy smiled at me. "You're Isabella right?"

"Bella," I immediately corrected out of habit.

"Well Bella, welcome to Forks High," Eric still had a smile on his face. "Let's take a look at your schedule."

I wordlessly handed him my schedule that even I hadn't looked at. He chattered an about my classes. I did hear him mention that we shared first period so I just followed him to class.

I tried to focus in each class but the two pulls I felt made it incredibly difficult. I had four classes before lunch and in two of them both pulls seemed to want me to leave the classroom while in the other two only one of the pulls tugged at me to leave.

I was still lost in thought as Jessica, another classmate of mine dragged me to the cafeteria. I didn't really pay attention to the food I grabbed. Both of the pulls seemed to be together now but not in the cafeteria with me.

It was while Jessica was chatting away that both the pulls intensity diminished. My head snapped up and I started to look around to see who had just walked in. I saw five people walk towards the lunch line. They all looked like they could be models.

"Those are the Cullens," Jessica explained when she saw who I was looking at. "They were adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. The two blondes are twins, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The other girl is Alice Cullen. The who looks like a body builder is Emmett Cullen and the last is Edward Cullen. Alice and Jasper are together as are Rosalie and Emmett. The only normal one of the bunch is Edward but he won't look at any of the girls here."

"Excuse me?" I demanded. As Jess had been telling me about the Cullens, I realized both pulls were coming from them and when she implied Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice weren't normal I knew which two the pulls were coming from and I snapped. "Just because they found people they love within their adopted family doesn't mean they aren't normal. I say good for them on finding love when given a difficult situation."

Once I finished my rant, I realized the cafeteria was dead silent and everyone was staring at me. I fought my natural urge to let my embarrassment take over and just stared back. After a few minutes people went back to eating. I decided to dump my tray and get out of there.

I ended up starring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I was trying to figure out what the pull meant. Now that I knew who the pulls were connected to, I could almost tell which pull was to which person. I didn't have a chance to analyze the pulls much more as the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

I quickly made my way to my next class. After speaking with the teacher I sat in the only open spot, right next to Edward Cullen. I couldn't help but think it odd how I felt connected to two of his siblings but not him or the others.

I was glad when Biology was finally over. Edward had sat as far from me as possible and glared anytime he looked at me. I had no idea what I did to him but was glad to be away from him.

One of the guys I met earlier, Mike, said he had gym next which was the same as me so I walked with him. He kept up the chatter but I tuned him out for the most part. I could again feel how one pull was content as I walked into the gym and assumed one of the people were in class with me.

I quickly got changed with the other girls and we all stood around waiting. The boys were standing in groups talking. I was standing with Jessica and Lauren. Mike and Tyler decided to join us. I was trying to politely show my disinterest in the boys, but they really couldn't take a hint.

"Hi," Jessica was beaming at someone behind me instead of scowling at me.

"Hey," a male voice said from directly behind me. I turned to see Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen. It was Emmett who answered Jessica.

"Hello," I smiled at both boys. Standing next to them I could feel the pull to Jasper but I could also feel a connection forming with Emmett. That was something I didn't expect.

"Everything ok?" Jasper asked me while glaring at the boys.

"Of course, we were just making plans for this weekend," Tyler said nonchalantly. "We are planning to go to La Push on Saturday."

"Really?" Emmett's tone showed how much he believed them, which is to say not at all, after he saw the shock on my face.

"Well I know the girls would like to get to know you, if you would like to join us this weekend," Jasper offered as an alternative for me.

I smiled at both Jasper and Emmett but before I could answer the Coach called out for us to warm up before starting the mile. It seemed over the next few weeks we would be getting ready for a fitness test. Oh joy! Please note the sarcasm.

"So Bella," Jessica sidled up to me in the locker room after class. "I didn't know you had met any of the Cullens."

"I haven't really," I answered while changing. "That was the first time I had talked to any of them."

"Oh well you should have them join us this weekend," Lauren added.

"I can ask, but it sounded like they may already have plans," I reluctantly agreed.

"Make sure you ask Edward as well," Jessica practically swooned.

I just quickly finished changing while giving a non-committal shrug. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Before I could leave for the day, I had to stop by the office and turn in the signed slip showing I had found all my classes.

Even though I had stopped in the office many of the students were still milling around the parking lot. My eyes were drawn to the Cullens. I could feel both the pulls leading to Jasper and Rosalie Hale while the connection to Emmett was becoming stronger, almost bleeding into the pull I felt to Rosalie.

To most it would seem odd to feel a pull so strong to people they had never met, but it seemed normal to me. Deep down I knew the two would mean more to me than any other person ever could.

"Hey, Jess and Lauren said you were inviting the Cullens to La Push," Mike approached me drawing me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah I told them I would pass along the invite," I nodded.

"So does that mean you are joining us?" Mike pressed. Both Mike and Tyler had been pressing me to go all day.

"I'm not sure," I sighed.

"So are you planning on joining the Cullens with whatever their choice is?" I could hear the jealousy coloring his tone.

"Don't know," was my short reply. "I really have not made a choice about my weekend plans."

After that I quickly said goodbye and headed home. I kept thinking about the pulls and what part the people connected to the pulls would play in my life. All I knew at the moment was I felt very protective over Rosalie and Jasper Hale. I also contemplated the new connection I felt forming with Emmett.

I worked on my homework for a bit before starting dinner. I was so used to having to cook when I lived with Renee that I didn't even think about what I was doing. When Charlie got home he seemed confused but didn't say anything about my cooking.

We ate together in silence. When we were done I cleaned up the kitchen while Charlie went to watch the game. From my childhood memories, I knew he would watch whatever game was on, regardless of the sport, and if there was no game on he would just watch ESPN recaps.

While Charlie settled in for the night with whatever game, I went upstairs to finish my nightly routine and get ready for bed. If today was any indication, Charlie and I would only be spending time in the same room when needed.

A few hours later I packed up my bag for tomorrow and decided to go to sleep. I knew things would only get more interesting as time went on and I figured getting as much rest as I could would only help in the long run.

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