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Chapter 10

"Brady!" I screamed out. I was so shocked. I had never seen either of the pups act out in anger. Rose, Jasper, and Emmett just stared at him as well. Paul moved to stand closer to Jasmine while Collin looked as if he wanted to take the next swing.

"He has no right to walk in and talk about being our Uncle," Brady was shaking. "Mom has never once mentioned anyone from Faery after telling us about her parents. Besides we have Paul to be our role model and help teach us."

"Are you sure you want me as a role model?" Paul sounded stunned.

"Well yeah," Collin spoke up. "You're basically our dad. Who else would we want?"

I was very proud of my nephews for standing up on behalf of their parents. I knew Rose and Jasper would do exactly the same thing for me but they had had so many more years to understand the concept of having, or not having, a parent around.

"That hurt," Puck started whining.

"Oh suck it up," Jasmine rolled her eyes. "This is my sister Bella and her bonded children Jasper and Rose and her bonded son-in-law Emmett."

"Wait a minute," I was stunned. I knew I had been feeling a connection to Emmett but couldn't place what it was. "Bonded son-in-law? Does that mean I'll be bonded to Alice as well?"

"No," my sister was so calm but smiling slightly at me. "You bonded to Emmett through Rose since he is Rose's True Mate. Haven't you felt the bond?"

"Well yeah, but I didn't know what it was," I could feel my face heating up in embarrassment. "It felt similar to the connection with Rose and assumed it had something to do with her but when I didn't feel it with Alice I wasn't sure what to make of it."

"There's a lot of things that you'll realize you won't understand," Jasmine said gently. "When you find that you are questioning something come and ask me. I know Jasper, Rose, and Emmett will do their best to help as well, but sometimes they just won't be able to answer as it's something directly related to being a Fairy."

"Wow, ok," I took a deep breath. I realized how much I was probably going to have to learn and was really grateful that my sister wanted to help me and wasn't like the other Fairy's she described.

"Now that I've stunned my sister, I also want to point out that we have no furniture," Jasmine moved on. "I'm guessing we won't be able to get anything from Collin and Brady's place due to the situation with their parents." Jasmine paused briefly but continued after Brady indicated she was correct. "I'm thinking Bella will need new stuff since she was having a disagreement with Charlie on the living arrangements." Again she paused and I nodded that she was right."I'm also thinking Rose, Jasper, and Emmett will want to get new things for here since this is the temporary place of living and they'll be back and forth between here and the Cullen's place." After a nod from all three of my vampires she continued, "And I just want to have the chance to buy something new with my Mate."

"What about me?" Puck asked. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the character from a Shakespearean novel is real.

"You aren't living here," I sighed. "You have your own place in Fae."

"But I don't want to be anywhere near Mommy Dearest right now," my brother whined. I have trouble believing that he's actually older than me. I sometimes wonder if my mother forgot who was born when.

"Then find somewhere else to live," I glared. "This place is already going to be full, two Fairy's, three shapeshifters, and three vampires. I love you but I really don't want to put up with your pranks right now. I'm going to have enough to deal with regarding idiotic Shapeshifters and delusional Vampires. Not to mention my sister just found out about our heritage and technically she can't go to Fae because she's only a half Fairy. Now if you want to help and not cause me more problems then I'll talk with everyone else and we'll consider letting you stay."

"I love you too little sis," Puck smirked. "I'll behave and even help for now. I just really need to be out of Fae. Oberon is on a rampage after you refused to come back to Court or to let him manipulate Bella into going to court. You know he would take her there if he wanted regardless of the law. He would just hide the fact she's half from Titania."

I just nodded resigned to the fact he was right. Bella still looked a bit stunned while my Wolves finally stopped growling a bit ago and Bella's Vampires just looked bored.

"So shopping?" I smiled at everyone.

We all went shopping but split up at the mall. Puck stayed with our group, unfortunately, at least he seemed a bit more helpful and not as spastic as when he first showed up. Brady, Collin, and I were a little concerned about how much we could spend. I know Jasmine has money, but I don't have much and between school and patrolling I'm not able to work. The council has provided a stipend to all the wolves but it doesn't really cover the food bill not to mention other basic necessities.

"What about this one?" Jasmine was pointing to a bedroom set for one the boys.

"We don't need anything that fancy," Collin said while looking at the price tag.

"Nonsense," Jasmine chuckled. "My boys only get the best. Now you'll have to get used to it, but I'll tell you what I've told Bella for years, I have more than enough money in one of my trust funds to last me a lifetime, not to mention the two others that I have." She looked at both the boys and me for a minute letting her words sink in. "Alright, so what bed set do you like? Remember you each get your own so you don't have to get the same thing."

"Thanks," I murmured to her as the boys were finally looking around. Puck had wandered off which was fine with me. "The pups need some loving guidance and you seem to know exactly what to say to let them know they are important and cared for."

"Well they are important and I love them very much," Jasmine angled her head to look in my eyes and I saw the love she felt for me and the pups reflected in the depths of her eyes. As normal for us, I was standing behind her with my arms around her waist. "So what are you thinking for our bedroom set?"

"As long as it's a bed that fits us both I don't care," I smiled. I knew I'd be happy as long as my Mate was in my arms.

"Such a romantic," my Mate's laughter filled my ears and all I could do was grin.

"Mom what about this one?" Brady was so excited about the set he found that I don't think he realized he called Jasmine Mom. She caught it and I saw her face light up. The bed Brady found looked like a bunk bed but instead of a bed on the bottom it was an open space that fit a dresser under and had a desk that connected to the side.

"If that's the one you like then we'll take it," Jasmine grinned and looked around to see how Collin was doing. The sales guy who was following us around made a note about the set that Brady wanted. I had to keep myself from growling as the guy kept checking out my Mate. My wolf was not happy about that and wanted to show this puny human just who was top dog.

"I like that one," Collin had found his way back to us and was pointing to a set. The head and foot boards both had a nature design. The coolest part, and what I think Collin really liked, was the Wolf engraved on the headboard.

"That looks like you," I teased him.

"I wish I would have seen that first," Brady whined, but we could tell he was teasing Collin as well.

"I think it's perfect," Jasmine smiled at Collin giving him a side hug. I knew she was afraid to push the boys and didn't want to make them uncomfortable, but she also wanted to show her love and affection for them. I knew it was difficult for her.

"I think we should get that one for us," I pointed to a California King that came with a night stand for each side, two tall dressers, and a mirrored dresser. The color was the same as the boys had picked out so that connected all three of them, but the design was more swirls that made me think of being free which is something both Jasmine and I had managed to accomplish through each other.

"Yes," was all my Mate said before the sales guy marked all the information down. We followed him up to make arrangements to have everything dropped off later this evening. We paid a ridiculous amount of extra money just to have it all delivered tonight but Jasmine pointed out that we needed something to sleep on and the floor was not an option.

When we got up to pay, Bella and the vampires were heading up as well. It worked out so Jasmine paid for it all after much arguing with the Cullen's because both Jasper and Rose wanted to help pay for their mother's things but my Jasmine steam rolled right over them.

While we were shopping, I had also pointed out a large sectional couch I knew would fit in the living room and a large dining room table. I knew the wolves, Bella, and myself would feel more comfortable sitting while we ate so that was my main reason for picking out a reasonable sized, large, table.

On our way home, we stopped to pick up pizzas. I knew we'd have to go shopping again to get kitchen stuff, but for now grabbing enough plates and napkins from the pizza place would work.

"Can I get a Hawaiian please?" Collin asked on the ride to the pizza place.

"Sure," I said. "I figured each of the wolves would want to pick out their own pizza, and Bella and I would be able to share a pizza."

"Thanks!" Collin seemed extremely excited about that, more so than I would expect for someone getting a pizza.

"You can always pick whatever you want to eat," I turned to both boys. Paul had insisted on driving, saying that his wolf reflexes were better than my fairy reflexes. I let him as I hated driving anyways. I kept my eyes on the pups until they both nodded their understanding.

"Hey B," I called my sister. "What kind of pizza do you want? We are going to stop and get some to bring home."

"No meat, but other than that anything," Bella answered.

"Sounds good. We'll meet you back at the house shortly," I said before disconnecting the call. I knew Jasper, Rose, and Emmett would be there and would keep her safe.