The Power of the Nile a story written by Atlantis ( 2002

Alright, this would be my second attempt at Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction and the setting is ancient Egypt. This in no way follows what the show says about the beginnings of Duel Monsters and stuff, so don't read this with that expectation. I really hope that all of you reading this enjoy it because I am having a blast writing it so far. You'll figure out who the romance is between by the time you finish reading this prologue, so don't ask. I changed the names to sound more Egyptian, but they are not authentic Egyptian names, so please don't think they are.

Just as a side note for those of you who are not familiar with anything having to do with Ancient Egypt, there were two kingdoms that split the country in half: the Upper Kingdom and the Lower Kingdom. The Lower Kingdome was actually in the northern part of Egypt but was called the Lower Kingdom because it was near the lower end of the Nile River where it emptied into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile is the only river in the world that flows from South to North, and so the kingdoms based their names on where they stood according to their placement to the Nile. So, just to cover the bases, the Lower Kingdom is in the North and the Upper Kingdom in the South.

I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of its characters, but this story is mine.

Rating: PG-13


For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:12



Once, a long time ago, the land of Egypt was the most powerful empire on the earth. There was a reason for this that not many were, or are aware of to this day. Magic covered the land like a thick blanket, its threads weaving through every detail of life. The power resided in only the most capable hands: with the Pharaohs.

Always, since the beginning of Egyptian history, the Pharaohs passed their power down the line through their sons. At certain times, when a great need rose in Egypt, the child would be born with unbelievable powers that even the great Ancestors dared not touch; powers that could destroy the universe. It was at these times when the magic was incredibly fragile and the simple inherited magic of the Pharaohs could be broken and dispersed throughout the land, while the Great Power would remain with the Chosen One. However, no need had ever risen where the Great power was completely given to the child meant to use it, to insure the fate of the universe. Instead, only pieces were given, laying dormant until needed, then disappearing again after the need was gone, leaving the new Pharaoh with only his inherited magic.

But there was one fateful time when the Great Power had to pour its entirety into the Chosen child, which led to the end of Egypt's era of magic and eventually to the downfall of the Egyptian Empire. This is the story of that child.

"What in Ra's glorious name is taking so long?" Pharaoh Kakoran roared, sending servants scurrying into the darkness. All was quiet except for the sharp crackling of the torches that hung on the stone walls, their light sending strange shadows all over the hall at the late, mid-night hour.

A loud scream erupted from behind the doors where the Pharaoh was pacing and he looked up, brown eyes wide with fear. Wringing his hands together; he sought to muffle the sounds by clamping them over his ears, but to no avail. Ripping the black braided wig from his head he threw it away from him, running his hands nervously through his hair as he watched the wig slide across the floor and into the darkness where the servants hid. He could have sworn he heard one of them more to pick it up, but the sound was drowned out by another scream. This time it lasted longer, and it felt like his soul was being ripped out with one of his priests mummifying tools. He shivered though the evening was warm and turned to look at the doors as the screaming got louder, deeper, and more pained.

There was a sudden smack and a terrible groan before silence again. Pharaoh bit his lip and took a small step forward, almost afraid. But as one of the doors creaked open, he rushed without hesitation and pushed them open to gain access, knocking over a young serving girl in the process. His eyes showed their apparent worry to his wife as he noticed all of the blood around her on the bed. She looked up at him, a small smile on her lips that destroyed any seeds of doubt in him as he approached cautiously, noticing the bundle in her arms. The queen's smile seemed to be infectious for al of the attendants were smiling shyly and the Pharaoh did as well, reaching the side of his beloved wife and placing a small kiss on her forehead.

"Wife," he whispered, "today I am the happiest man on earth. What are we to call my new son?" The queen laughed a little, wincing at the pain it brought her and looked up at her husband.

"Téatani," she replied. Pharaoh became puzzled.

"But is that not a strange name for my new son?" he asked.

"No," she answered quietly. "Because your boy is a girl. You have a daughter, husband."

Pharaoh blinked his eyes in surprise and then stepped back, shielding his eyes as the newborn began to glow, her light seeming to seek out every dark place in the room. As the Pharaoh turned his head, he realized that his daughter was the Chosen One, meant to be Pharaoh when she grew up despite the fact she was a girl, and to save the world. One would have to be beyond the grave to not know that she radiated the complete authority over the whole of the Great Power. He could feel the small babe's strength radiating through the room, feel her looking at him and studying him though her new eyes were still closed. Over his shoulder, he saw a figure move in a patch of darkness that hadn't disappeared and squinted to see who it was. He watched as the figure raised his arms, holding something that glinted in the darkness before pointing to the child. Pharaoh was shaken from his observation by a sudden cry from his baby.

It was an incredibly sad sound, almost mixed with fear. The room seemed to shake and suddenly, seven bright flashes of color came from her body, bolting through the room and over the land of Egypt. One of the colors came back and buried itself into the soul of the child. She continued to cry and Pharaoh felt the earth move beneath him and heard his daughter give a sharp scream. An object appeared above her, hovering for a split-second before it broke in half, making the baby cry even harder before one of the pieces disappeared.

The light dimmed in the room to where on ly the torches were glowing once again and Téatani stopped crying. The air was full of magic and all breathing was hushed, no one daring to move a muscle. A soft crying broke the silence and Pharaoh looked to his wife who held her daughter close to her, rocking even as it pained her. He approached and sat on the side of their bed, wrapping his arm around her and resting his head on top of hers. A lone tear slipped down his cheek as he motioned for the servants to leave. The bowed and hurried out, feeling uneasy with the unfamiliar feeling of magic still lingering in the air.

Kakoran looked to the shadowed doorway where he had seen the figure but found nothing there. He sighed sadly.

"Only minutes into the world and the fragile magic of the Great Power has already been broken and her birth powers have been dispersed over the land of Egypt. There is a dark spirit seeking her soul and power already. She will have many obstacles in her path, as she grows," he whispered to his wife, eyes watching the flickering shadows blankly.

"Perhaps," the queen replied, "but her strength and the strength of her partner shall pull her through." Pharaoh looked at his wife closely, puzzled.

"What partner?" he asked. His wife slowly stopped crying and she hugged her child tightly.

"That object that appeared. I believe that it was a part of her soul, the Great Power as an item. When it broke, one of the pieces disappeared, and I believe that it went to find another host. Whoever that piece goes to is going to be the other half to our daughter's soul, and only when she is with that person will she be able to release her full powers for the good of the world." She paused and Pharaoh looked at her.

"Why do you stop? I know there is more," he asked.

"I am afraid of what you will do," she told him honestly. "I saw a vision and I do not think that you will take what I saw with very much joy."

"Galana, if you were blessed with a vision, you must share it whether or not you think it will please me," he told her.

"Very well," she sighed. "I saw our daughter's heart joined with that of our enemy. It was a boy who I saw with the other half of her soul. I also had the realization that while he will be the other half of her, she will be the other half of him as well. It will be the strongest bond of souls that the universe has ever seen.

"Our enemy? From where?" Pharaoh asked, afraid of the answer.

"The Upper Kingdom," Galana replied quietly.

Hundreds of miles away, a young boy woke with a start from his deep sleep. His five-year-old mind did not understand the pain that he had just experienced. He looked down at his chest and found no wound, growing even more confused. His nurse came into the room, kneeling by his bed with concern in her eyes.

"Child, are you alright? I heard you cry out," she asked, running a gentle hand over the top of his head. He shook his head.

"I think I was just having a nightmare. But I am alright now," he answered quietly. His nurse smiled and gently pushed him back to his bed, covering him with a sheet as he laid his head on the pillow. She brushed his unruly hair away from his eyes and placed a quick kiss on his forehead. The little boy sighed and turned on his side, face innocent and serene as he fell back asleep. His nurse rose from her place and walked to the door, turning back to look at him.

"You will make a perfect Pharaoh someday," she whispered. "Dream will little Seto-ra. Dream well."


End of Prologue. I'd like to get some feedback on the general feeling about this fic before I post anymore. It's not required, but it would be nice. Thanks for reading!

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