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The Enforcers

Chapter 8


"…Who are you?" he asked, feigning confusion as he technically hadn't met Diabal face to face before.

"I'm the guy who's quest you stole and you damn well know it!" Diabal snorted like an angry bull, stomping over and jabbing a finger into Kirito's chest "That was my quest to lead before you just went and took it."

"What are you, five?" he asked, flabbergasted by the sheer stupidity of the man's childish jealousy "I did the quest because I had the ability to." He explained slowly, as if Diabal actually was the age he was acting "I needed to test someone to see if they would make a good council member for my guild and I knew we could take the boss. My guild was formed with the sole intent of saving as many lives as it can and get out of this madhouse. There's no time or place for people like you wanting to play the hero for shard of glory." Diabal backed up against a wall during the tongue lashing, eyes wide at the unexpected rebuttal. "You seem to have a hard time understanding how things work in the real world Diabal," his eyes narrowed "no matter how many times you rehearse your little speeches in your head you can't control how others react to them, you can't control what others do, and just because you want to be the hero of your own little story doesn't mean you're going to be one." Deciding the blue haired man was'nt worth anymore of his time he stalked past, his council following behind as they left Diabal backed against the wall of an empty tavern.

"Keita, Klein," he turned to the two as they left "I'm going with the girls to get the martial arts skill today along with the rest of the frontline fighters. Are there any members of your factions that want that skill? Or any members of any of yours?" the last question was directed at the other council members who's fields weren't focused on combat or didn't need it as much as the scouts, rare hunters, and frontline.

"We'll check," Klein promised, pulling up the message system from the menu to send a group message to the scouts under his command, the other council members doing the same "what do you want the rest of us to do while you do that?"

"Klein, lead the members of your guild who don't go with me to begin mapping out the floor." He ordered, his ginger friend saluting "Take most of Argo's people with you too."

"Sinon, send your people in groups to go with the front line fighters that don't want the skill to help guard our miners and lumberers." He sent out his own message as he gave the order.

"Keita, your job is to start hunting for quests, you find them then you take them." Kirito ordered "New floor means a lot of new unclaimed quests ripe for the taking."

"You know just how to get my blood pumping boss." Keita grinned in excitement.

"The rest of you stay in the city," he ordered his other council members "we need plans for new buildings written up, the shops of this place explored, and new members will likely want to join us from Diabal's raiding party if they already know who killed the boss. Asuna, before we leave I want you to go meet with the rest of the medics so they at least know who you are." With that the council scattered throughout the starting city of floor two, grabbing supplies or directing their subordinates in the guild.

Waiting outside the city's limits, Kirito pulled out a whetstone and began to sharpen his swords, not even bothering to hide his dual wielding skill. Diabal had found some way to know exactly who had fought the boss, so it stood to reason that he also knew about the way he managed to beat it. As he waited a group of the kids from Sasha's group approached him, their eyes widen in awe at the dual blades as they began to pester him for stories. Chuckling in fond amusement at the antics of the kids he began to make up a story of a daring hero prince rescuing his kidnapped little sister from an evil wizard and his horde of pet monsters. When the kids insisted that he was the hero prince Kirito just accepted it and made Suguha the princess and Kayaba the evil wizard. It was honestly a rather fun story and seeing the kids listen with rapt attention was heartwarming.


Leaning on a rampart, the creator of Sword Art Online gazed out a the horde of children waving goodbye to several hundred players who were departing on some sort of mission, likely to get the marital arts skill judging by the fact they were heading to the southern mountains. "Kirito huh," he said to himself, the leader of 'the enforcers' having caught his attention at how well he had rallied the panicked rabble of this world "how intriguing." Kayaba had expected to loose a great deal of life in the early stages of the game, to suicide and people not fully processing that this was life and death causing them to take unnecessary risks.

Instead one boy had gathered a group of players and practically formed an overnight government for this world with how many members the enforcers had and how many seemed to be joining them each day. "I'll have to keep an eye on you Kirito. Nobody was meant to beat the tower, nobody was meant to unite Aincrad so soon, I won't let you surprise me a third time." Pushing himself up from the ramparts he walked through the city, deciding to see how good the enforcer's blacksmith was.