Author's note: This is my first attempt at fanfiction writing, treat this as some sort of experiment.

After solving a murder case that happened at the construction site near to the hotel Sera Masumi was staying at, she returned to the hotel's elevator to get back to her room, and during the time she was in the elevator she could feel that he was staring at her. He was a young man in his late teens or early twenties, tall and lean. His blue-black bucket hat obscured his face, and he wore similarly coloured long-sleeve polo shirt and trousers. The young man was gripping a wet umbrella with his right hand, just like her.

"So this right handed guy was outside for over an hour and he is returning to his hotel room just like me or he is visiting someone's room, since it had stopped raining for an hour and he uses his right hand to hold a wet umbrella", Masumi thought to herself. For the record, she was wearing her brown jacket and light blue jeans complete with the fedora she inherited from her eldest brother Akai Shuichi (the same attire she wore when she first appeared in Detective Conan).

To her mild surprise, the man left the elevator together with her. However as she walked to her room she quickly realised the man not only stayed at the same floor as her but was her new neighbour, previously the room next to hers was empty.

"Long timer?" the man tried to strike a conversation right after Masumi took out the card of her room. She simply looked at him, wondering how come he knew, before suddenly realising it was the scratches on her card.

"You are sharp, you deduced it from the scratches of my card?" she held out the card for him to see.

"These cards are regularly discarded and replaced, especially if they are scratched. Hence in order for you to be holding onto a scratched card, you must have been the one who made the scratches, in other words a long timer at the hotel. Anyway nice to meet you, high school sleuth", the man elaborated before reaching his hand out to offer.

Masumi did not reciprocate the offer of a handshake, instead her body tensed and she thought, "If you are some creepy guy who has been stalking me, prepare to get a beating. No way in hell can he deduce so much about me, at least not in with the short amount of time he has spent with me, he does not have enough information to start with. The only people capable of such deduction are her middle brother and Sherlock Holmes, but her middle brother is generally lazy and rarely tries to do so while Sherlock Holmes is a literary character from the nineteenth century."

"I can sense your vexation, allow me to explain. You have slightly uneven shoulders which are probably caused by the fact that you carry your bag one handed or may even balance the bag over and behind your lower shoulder, there are many kinds of occupation that require you to carry your bag around however there is a small callous on your right hand's middle finger. Such callouses are generally formed due to prolonged hours of writing, nowadays most author and journalist relies on computer to do most of their heavy work, the only kind of people I can think of that still writes a lot these days are students and students also carry a bag around them especially when travelling between home and school. Hence I infer that you are a high school student, the 'high school' part is simply my estimation of your age."

Masumi was out of words, suddenly he reached for her hand and grabbed it. "Pardon me. You cut your fingernails really short. Longer fingernails will press into the skin when you write fast…and looking at your palmar marks I can see you clench your fist a lot as there is a clear horizontal line across your palm. Clench your fist a lot is another reason to cut your fingernails really short, you practices martial arts, is it Jeet Kune Do?"

Masumi simply nodded as the man continued, "well the reason why I think particular martial arts you are practicing is Jeet Kune Do is because the way your body tensed ever so slightly when I tried to offer a handshake at the awkward time, I just realised at that moment you must be thinking I am some kind of a creepy stalker and was prepared to beat me up. One of Jeet Kune Do's philosophies is explosive and fluid attacks without telegraphing, if the martial art that you are practicing is something else, you would most likely be standing in some kind of a combat stance ready to kick my ass. Anyway I am glad you didn't because the only tool I can defend myself is this umbrella that I am holding."

He chuckled a little before Sera asked him how he knew that she was a detective. "You had the stench of blood and dead body on your clothes, that was how you got my attention in the elevator. There's some mud on your shoes but notably traces of mud on your knees as well, despite your best efforts to wipe it off. Notably your shirt and hat are wet even though you are also carrying an umbrella which is wet as well, in other words you were using the umbrella but for some reason forego it when the situation demands and hence get yourself wet out in the open. So during the time you left your hotel room not only were you walking and kneeling on a muddy area, you also chose not to use the umbrella you brought along with you at some point of your journey. The nearest muddy area is the construction site, in which a person had been discovered to be bludgeoned to death there only a few hours ago, although the muddy area can be anywhere such as a park considering the stench you must have been near the dead body at the construction site for prolonged period. This would also explain why you forego your umbrella and expose yourself to the rain as well as the mud on your knees, as you had to kneel down next to the dead body and use your two hands to check on the body. It would make perfect sense if you are a cop, however you are way too young to be one and according to my deduction you should be a student so I conclude you are some sleuth who stumbled upon the body."

"Impressive." It was all Masumi could manage, she was taken aback. Nevertheless she quickly recovered and now with a sudden interest in this man. "Well then, what else can you deduce about me?

"The small bags under yours eyes, some people will think you are sleep deprived however due to the lack of dark circles you are most likely born with them. Your fedora is slightly oversized and really worn, so you probably inherited it from an older sibling, parent, or someone who is like an older sibling to you. Alternatively, you bought it second-hand somehow. Anyway I presume the original owner of this fedora is male."

Without warning, the man's hand reached out again with his fingers briefly touching her jacket. "There is a single strand of light blond hair stuck on your clothes at waist level, probably due to static electricity considering the dry weather recently. It is clearly not your hair since your hair is black, it belongs to a light blond haired child whose height is around your waist level. To get the blond hair there the child must be close to you, literally and or otherwise. Since this child's height is around your waist, considering the length of this particular stand of hair I would estimate that the child has at least neck length hair."

"Bull's eye…but now is my big question, do you know my gender? Not many people can get it right when I dressed up like this"

"You are a tomboy who frequently gets mistaken for an actual boy. You hair is incredibly short, you wear rather masculine clothes and you used the pronoun 'boku' to refer to yourself, plus you are rather flat-chested and most people identify the gender of a non-child through the chest area because it is generally difficult not to make a mistake. However if they actually used their brains and look a bit lower they will realize you do have barely noticeable hips. Anyway if I want a more detailed analysis of you I can measure the ratio of your index finger to your ring finger, this is known as the digit ratio, and it is basically influenced by the ratio of testosterone and estrogen in you. Digit ratio does have some correlation to physical and behavioural traits. On an unrelated note, usually I don't flaunt my deduction to others as most people get freaked out by my deductions but since I deduced that you are a detective I inferred that you may be interested in what I can deduce about yourself."

Masumi smiled, revealing her cute crooked tooth. This time round she is the one offering the handshake, "Nice to meet you, my name is Sera Masumi, high school detective."

Author's note: So this original character of mine is bright...right? I chose not to reveal his name because at this moment it is unnecessary, treat it as some sort of cliffhanger. Do not expect me to continue it any time soon if at all, as I will need time to cook up plots and his deductions aka Sherlock Scan. Real Life may not permit me the luxuries of such time. However even if I may not continue this story any time soon please review deductions in this story, like if they make sense or not, it will help me greatly. I really hope I did not mess up the digit ratio thing. Also, English is not my first language so my work may have some grammatical errors that I did not notice