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It was lovely a night out tonight and our monster slaying gang in Whitechapel had just finished taking down the lastest baddie that threatened their beloved town. They were walking back to either Benny's or Ethan's house.

"Did you guys just see me! I was all like 'Take that you hideous looking monster!' and then I was like 'Pee-chow! Pee-chow!' and then it was like 'Roarrr!' before it finally bit the dust!" said Rory, who was overly exaggerating.

"Um...Rory. I don't it quite happened that way." said Ethan.

"Whatever dorks! As long it's dead and gone. And I can stop wasting my time with you nerds." Erica said.

"Aw! Come on Erica! You know you enjoy hangout with us!" said Benny, teasingly.

Erica than let out a hiss and showed her fangs at him, which after that caused Benny to shut up and walk a little faster away from her. After few mintues of walking they all stopped as they heard some bushes rustling. "What was that?" asked Sarah. Just then a black and white dog comes running out of the bushes towards them and then stopped. It's body was black and the white was on it's muzzle, running from between the eyes covering the entire muzzle in white plus it's cheeks were white as well as it all connected to a white chest and stomache. All four legs had white going up to about mid leg and the tip of it's tail was white too. And it's ears didn't flop down at the tips, but instead pointed upright. In all, it looked almost like a border collie, but it wasn't. The poor thing looked exhuasted and scared, but what really surprised the gang more was what happened next.

"Please! Help me!"

It spoke! The dog just talked in english human words! Right after it said that the poor thing collasped from exhuastion. "Did you guys just hear what I heard?" asked Ethan. "Yeah! That dog just freakin talked!" responded Benny, who was in shock just like everyone else. "Well...what do we do now?" asked Rory. "I don't know. I guess we should help the poor thing out." replied Sarah. "Yeah! I agree! I'm mean we just can't leave her here. No telling what might come along here at night plus it just talked. I'm a little curious as to how that's even possible. It's clearly not normal for a dog to talk, which means it must have something to do with the supernatural, but what exactly?" said Ethan. "Let's take her back to my place. Maybe Grandma might know something about this?!" replied Benny. They all agreed and Sarah picked up the fainted dog and carried it back to Benny's house to help the poor dog and maybe even get some answers as to way it can talk.

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