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A little girl wearing a yellow scout uniform of some kind was out walking in the middle of a field somewhere at night. She casually strolled up to a group of other kids who were the same age as her and were also wearing the same yellow uniform as hers. They were all standing in the foggy dark field, just a ways from what looked to be some old ruins of a stone house or something that once stood on the property long ago.

The other kids parted to the side as the little girl walked through them and up to an older (teenage looking) girl, also wearing a yellow uniform. The little girl then came to a complete stop in front of the older girl, as the other kids behind her then merged back together, again. They all stood facing forward with blank expressions on their faces, looking at the older girl who then turned around to face them. The older girl's eyes then turned completely all black, as a small smirk appeared on her face.

"We've been waiting for you." said the older girl to the younger one.

Then the little girl's eyes turned all black the same way the teenage girl's did. But only for a brief moment, though, before turning back to normal, again. She then smiled a little, too, the same way the teenage girl did to her.

48 hours earlier...

"Watch our numbers grow! Mole leaders make it so!" chanted Jane while marching through the living room all dressed up in her yellow Mole Scouts uniform.

"Could you please, stop screaming. I'm trying to watch, 'So You Think You Can Scream'." complained Ethan, annoyed.

Jane rolled her eyes and then picked up a doughnut.

"Nah-ah-ah! Put the doughnut down." warned Mrs. Morgan to her daughter. Jane did as she was told. "And step away from the box."

"What? I was only going to just eat one...or two." she replied innocently.

"One or two dozen." piped in Ethan, sarcastically. "I stopped eating Moleos when I was like twelve and...my teeth still hurt from when I look at them." quipped Ethan with a slightly disgusted look on his face.

"And you're supposed to sell the boxes of doughnuts before you can even get your Business Mole badge. Remember? Sell. Not eat." reminded/stressed Mrs. Morgan to her daughter, as she picked up a maroon sweater with white stripes on it.

Just then a car horn could be heard coming from the driveway.

"Sounds like your ride's here. Come on. Let's get your sweater on." urged Mrs. Morgan to Jane, as she helped Jane with getting her sweater on.

"I know." replied Jane in slight disappointment. "But I do I have to go to the mini-mall with the Tornado Twins? They're crazy!" she then asked in dread, as sounds of yelling and arguing could be heard from out on the porch in the background.

"Oh, come on, sweetie! They're not that bad." said Mrs. Morgan, trying to reassure her. Just then there was a knock on the door. "See! They're even knocking first."

As soon as she opened the door, two rowdy little boys, dressed in their Mole Scouts uniform, like Jane was, came charging in and sprayed Mrs. Morgan with silly string. The two boys laughed about it, while Samantha had an annoyed looked on her face, but was trying to be nice about it. Ethan said something about them spraying his mom, but the two rude boys only mocked him instead before running off. Just then their mom came walking in. They briefly chatted about how it was that time of the year again for selling Moleo doughnuts and how every year they have to either hide the boxes or lock them away just to keep them out of Ross's or the twins' way.

Then somehow Ethan had wound up getting roped into having to babysit the Tornado Twins tomorrow night, while their mom and his mom attended some event called The Waltzing Wives Of Whitechapel, right before they all left in a hurry. Thankfully, though, his mom said she would call in Sarah for some backup, to help him out with babysitting the two (very) rambunctious youths. She then walked off towards the kitchen to clean off the pink silly string that the two boys had sprayed on her upon their arrival, earlier.

While his mom was busy trying to remove the pink silly string from her clothes and hair, Ethan decided to go upstairs to his room for a minute to check in on how Cammie how was doing. Who had been feeling sick lately.

"Hey, there Cammie! How ya feeling?" he asked softly, as he entered the room.

Cammie was curled up in her doggie bed, but when she heard Ethan's voice she lifted up her head, smiling.

"Ugh! Ok, I guess." she responded, but then started to sneeze. "It really sucks being sick." she stated unhappily with a sniffle after her sneezing fit.

"Yeah! I guess you're right!" chuckled Ethan.

Ethan walked over to his dresser and then grabbed a bottle of something that was labeled 'Medicine for Cammie'. He also grabbed a spoon that he had gotten earlier on from the kitchen when he originally brought the medicine home.

"Here. Take this. It should help." said Ethan, as he poured some of it onto the spoon.

"What is it?" asked Cammie, with a disgusted face.

"It's a special kind of medicine that Benny's grandma made and gave me that's suppose to help sick caynics get better soon." he answered, walking towards the sick dog.

Not wanting to argue on it or anything, Cammie took the medicine thinking that if it helps then who cares what it tastes like. Surprisingly it didn't taste all that bad to her. Cammie gave a weak smile to show her thanks.

"So, what was up with all that ruckus down there that I heard earlier?" asked Cammie.

"Oh. That. Well, once every year Jane's Mole Scouts troop has to go out and sell Moleo doughnuts. The noise you heard was probably our neighbor's twin boys or what we like to call them...the Tornado Twins. Mom got Jane to hitch a ride with them to go sell some doughnuts at the mini-mall." explained Ethan. "And somehow in the process, I got roped into having to babysit the little nightmares tomorrow night, too. Oh, joy." he then added unenthusiastically with an eye roll."

"Yikes!" was all Cammie said to him, feeling sorry for him.

"Yeah, well...it won't be all bad because Mom said she'd call Sarah over to help me out with keeping an eye on the little hooligans. So, there's that." replied Ethan, more cheerily this time, though. As he smiled happily at the thought.

Cammie smirked after hearing that. "Yeah! I bet you're pleased about that, huh? Another reason just to see Sarah, again, so soon." teased Cammie playfully to the teen.

Ethan just blushed at Cammie's words. "Shut up!" he said bashfully to her, before then shaking the feeling off. "Anyway, sometimes I think that those two boys must be part demon or something because they create nothing but trouble while leaving a path of destruction and chaos in their wake, wherever they go." quipped Ethan, as he changed the subject.

Cammie laughed at not only Ethan's desire to change the topic but also at his joke, too. But then soon after, she broke out into a slight coughing fit. "They sure sound like trouble. Maybe being sick isn't all that bad after all, if it meant that I got to avoid a visit from the Tornado Twins." joked Cammie, after recovering from her coughing fit.

"Yeah! No telling what they would do to you?" commented Ethan sarcastically/lightheartedly while agreeing with her, also.

"Well, I know what I'd probably do to them if I wasn't sick. I would probably either bite them or freeze them in time until their mom comes for them. If we were alone with them, that is." she added, with a shrug and a mischief grin.

Ethan's eyes went wide. "No way! You know how to freeze time?!" he said astounded.

Cammie giggled. "No! But if I did then I'd probably do it on those two, though."

Ethan laughed with her. After that, he decided to go back downstairs to finish watching his show while Cammie stayed upstairs to get some rest.

It was the next night, which Ethan wasn't looking forward to all that much. Because it meant having to babysit the Tornado Twins for the night while their moms went out. In Ethan's mind, it was going to be a night of terror for him, but thankfully he wouldn't be babysitting them alone, though. As Sarah had come over after Mrs. Morgan had called her over to babysit for the night.

"Thanks so much for coming, Sarah." thanked Mrs. Morgan gratefully, as she emptied a bag of pretzels into a large bowl on the kitchen island counter. "Ok. This will be great. It'll be fun." she then said calmly and optimistically, as she tried to reassure the teens at the kitchen counter that tonight won't be so bad for them. Although, you could still hear the slight nervousness and worry in her voice, though. "Just call me if you smell smoke." she then said/warned to Sarah seriously in a worried tone, as she then stopped pretending that she wasn't all that worried about tonight.

That's when the doorbell rang and Mrs. Morgan left the kitchen to go answer it. Leaving the teens to themselves in the kitchen.

"So, I have to babysit you, while you babysit two 9-year-olds?" questioned Sarah in confusion, as she wanted to be sure she got things straight. To which, Ethan (who was sitting across from her at the counter and loading his Nerf gun with the regular foam darts with suction cups on the end) only slightly nodded to, with a look that said 'you got it'.

"Seriously? How bad can they be?" asked Sarah skeptically in an amused and joking like manner, not believing him.

"Imagine a giant piranha that walks around on land. And then...give it rabies and a brother." explained Ethan seriously, as he stopped messing with his blaster to look at her in the same way. "I'd rather babysit the piranhas." he then concluded earnestly, after giving Sarah the scenario.

Sarah just sat there looking at him with a mix of confusion and disbelief, as if he was crazy or something.

Just then, in came Mrs. Morgan and their guests. The little boys in question were all dressed up in their Mole Scouts uniform, as their mother simply smiled at Ethan and Sarah as she introduced them to the teens. Commenting on how quiet and well behaved they've been so far tonight. Then she quickly expressed her fear that they're probably plotting something devious to do, which is why they're acting so good right now. The poor woman sounded so positive (and scared and nervous) about it, too, when she said it. She then slowly began to back up away from them, as the boys walked off somewhere. As she backed up she then grabbed Mrs. Morgan's arm and began to pull her back, too. Hastily making her way towards the front door with a confused Mrs. Morgan closely in tow behind her. Then the two mothers were gone.

Sarah then looked back towards the dining room table to see the boys sitting with Jane (also wearing her Mole Scouts uniform, just without the hat on, that is) quietly, as they drew pictures with her. "Ooo! Kids drawing! That's real scary! Where should we hide?" she said sarcastically, teasing Ethan with a playful smile as she turned to face him again.

Ethan sat there and cocked his gun. "I'm keeping this at the ready." he then said seriously, as he held up the gun with a serious expression on his face. He wasn't taking any chances tonight with those two little terrors around, as he kept his eyes cautiously on them.

Just then Cammie came into the room still looking a bit under the weather, though. "Hey, guys! How's the babysitting thing coming along?" asked Cammie, sounding a little sick when she said it.

Seeing her downstairs caused Ethan to jump up from his seat with concern rush over toward her. "Cammie! What are you doing downstairs?! You're supposed to be upstairs resting!" scolded Ethan in concern for his canine friend.

Cammie sneezed first before answering. "I know, Ethan. I was just curious about the terrible Tornado Twins and wanted to see for myself if they were as bad as you claim them to be, was all. So, I came down here to check things out for myself. There's no harm in that, is there?" explained Cammie. "Besides, being cooped up in bed for most of the day makes you stiff. I really needed to get out of that bed for a while and walk around a bit to keep the old joints and muscles all loose and limber. You know?" she added lightheartedly in a half-joking manner, as she gave him a small smile.

"She does have a point, you know." commented Sarah, agreeing with the sick magical dog in the room.

Ethan sighed, knowing they were right. All the times he's had to be bedridden due to being sick, he remembers how stiff he would get after a while of being in bed for so long. Every time he got up to go use the bathroom, he could feel the relief and slight pain he got just from finally being able to move around a bit. Being stationary in bed for too long was NOT a good thing to feel. Now he knew why nurses always made the patients go on little walks around the floor if they were able to walk, that is. It was to keep them from going stiff.

"Ok. You're right. Getting up and moving around a bit is good for you, too." said Ethan defeatedly. "But that still didn't mean you had to come down a flight of stairs, though! What if you fell?!" exclaimed Ethan rationally in a stern way. "Next time, just get up and walk around the room or the upstairs level even, for a while if you need to get up stretch for a bit! Not...go downstairs!" he suggested worriedly in an overreacting sorta manner.

Cammie simply rolled her eyes. "Will do, Captain Worries-A-Lot." she said to him sarcastically with an unamused/annoyed look on her face. Earning a glare from Ethan and a small chuckle from Sarah.

"Anyway, so far things seem to be quiet. But to be fair, they did only just get here, though." stated Sarah politely with a little shrug at the end. "So, how are you feeling, Cam? I heard that you haven't been feeling too well lately from Ethan at school. Better I hope?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah, it's sucks being sick and not being able to hang out with guys. But after taking Mrs. Weir's medicine tonight, I do feel a little bit better, though. So, hopefully, I can beat this thing soon with the help of her homemade remedy and get back to my old self again, too." replied Cammie hopefully to the vampire. "You know, I think fighting the evil forces of the supernatural world is a lot more easier to deal with than fighting the evil forces of the common cold." she then added jokingly with a smile.

Sarah laughed at that.

"Alright, Cam. I think it's time for you to head back upstairs, now. That's enough walking around and stretching those doggy muscles and bones of yours, for now, young lady." suggested Ethan kindly to the sick caynic with a smile.

Cammie then let out a small yawn, feeling that he was right. It was time for bed, again. She then smiled and nodded at him.

"Come on! I'll help you upstairs." he offered sweetly to her, as the two then left the room. Leaving Sarah downstairs for a bit to keep an eye on the three 9-year-olds, coloring in the dining room at the table together.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Whitechapel.

A man was standing outside on his porch in the doorway with a mini chocolate doughnut in his hand.

"Kinda looks like a mole already ate a hole in this. Only one thing to do now." joked the man to the teenage girl dressed in a Mole Scout uniform, giving a small laugh at the end. The girl just said nothing and smiled at the man as she patiently watched him take a bite of the doughnut.

The moment he took a bite it was like he was put in a trance, as his smiling face then fell flat. "Time to go." the man then said in a dull tone, as he then turned around and went back inside his house to grab his jacket. After that, he then walked off leaving his front door wide open and not even caring. The teenage girl just stood there silently and watched him as he left, while still holding the box of mini chocolate doughnuts she was using to hand out samples with.

The two little boys continued working on their pictures at the Morgan's dining table with Jane. Never making a peep. It was almost eerie and creepy feeling for those two to usually be so well behaved that like. It was starting to freak the two teens there out a little, as they watched them draw and color.

"They're so quiet." commented Sarah incredulously in a curious tone.

"Yeah! Too, quiet." replied Ethan back to her warily. "I bet they're drawing up a plan to destroy us. Devising a sinister trap that at any moment or second that'll...suddenly get us. Just wait for it." he then theorized suspiciously about why the two normally evil little boys were acting so good. Obviously, not trusting the too little boys.

Sarah and Ethan both stood there watching them with anticipation as the tension in the room grew. Waiting to see if Ethan's conspiracy theory about them was correct or not, as they both were guard and on edge.

That's when suddenly from behind them out of nowhere, Benny appeared.

"Benny!" shouted Benny cheerfully, as he jumped out enthusiastically with his arms spread wide. Scaring the living daylights out of the seer and the vampire, which caused the said female vampire to elbow him in the gut on reflex out of defense. Thankfully, she didn't hit him that hard, though, as he held his stomach with his hand and made a funny face that said "well, that hurt." Sarah apologized profusely to the spellmaster for elbowing him, afterward. Then suddenly, out of from behind the kitchen island table, Rory popped up.

"Boo-yah!" shouted Rory energetically, trying to scare them like he usually does.

But that's when Ethan immediately turned around and fired his Nerf gun at him on an instinctive reflex. Causing one of the little foam darts to hit and stick to Rory's forehead with deadly accuracy.

Rory just stood there with his mouth gaped open in shock, at what the seer did. Then he let out a long and offensive 'hey' before then asking Ethan if that was payback for him accidentally barfing down his chimney. At first, Ethan didn't catch it as he replied back that it wasn't that. But then he quickly backtracked and realized what the blonde had just said to him. When Ethan asked him about it, Rory quickly denied that he said anything with a hurried 'nothing' in response. That's when Rory told Ethan his reason for being there in the first place, which was to help him "battle" the Tornado Twins. Benny also said the same thing, as he looked around in confusion wondering where they were at due to how calm things seem to be in the house.

Ethan then turned around to show them their answer to Benny's question. He then walked over to the table where the two little boys in question where sitting at. "Hey, boys. This is Benny and Rory." he said politely but a bit uneasily, as he pointed to his friends as he introduced them.

The Tornado Twins then both looked up at them at the same time. "Hello, Benny and Rory." they said in unison monotonously, before going right back to their drawing.

All four teenagers just stood there with weirded out and confused expressions on their faces at the boys' response.

"Whoa! That is a tornado of weird." commented Rory bafflingly/astonishingly, as he looked at the little boys with a weird look.

"Ok...kids speaking in unison. That's never good." replied Benny a bit weirded out at first, but then looked at the others with an unsettling/calm expression on his face.

They all stood there still staring at the boys unsettlingly, as they had no clue what was up with them. Suddenly, everyone then jumped a little as the backdoor behind them suddenly squeaked opened and in came an annoyed-looking Erica.

"Are we going or what? I'm starving." asked Erica irritatingly.

Sarah let out a breath of relief that it was just her. "Coming, Erica." she then said, afterward. She then walked over towards the door where her friend was waiting patiently, leaving the guys with confused expressions on their faces as to what's going on.

"Wait! Going?! Going where?!" asked Ethan a bit dazedly in confusion.

That's when Sarah explained to him how the Vampire Council ordered that all vampires in Whitechapel to start hunting in pairs from now on. Then Erica added in/complained how now she has to go with Sarah every time just to pick up her source of "food" from a delivery truck. Calling her a vegetarian when she said it, too. To which, Sarah only argued back that it beat watching her pick her meal. Then she started to mock Erica while listing off a bunch of dumb reasons why she doesn't want their blood, that she's heard Erica complain about numerous times before while out hunting with her.

"People with bad tastes, taste bad. What?" stated Erica in defense, as if it was obvious. "Now, more stalk, less talk." she then said impatiently, ready to go now.

"You're supposed to be my backup!" stated Ethan worryingly to Sarah, as he didn't like the idea of having to keep an eye on the Tornado Twins all by himself. "You can't leave me alone with them!" he declared anxiously in fear.

"What? You're afraid that they'll...color outside the lines?" replied Erica sarcastically/blatantly, not seeing what the problem was.

"I won't be long. And if you need backup I'm sure Jane can handle it." reassured Sarah calmly to Ethan. "Right, Jane?" she then asked the little girl at the table coloring with the Tornado Twins.

Jane looked up at her with a smile. "You betcha!" she confirmed proudly with a salute, before going back to her picture.

After Jane's reply back to her, Sarah then gave Ethan a confident look that told him 'see' before then leaving with Erica. Thus, leaving Ethan and his two other geeky friends left standing there not sure how to proceed from this point on, now.

"What now? Do we...check their crayons for sharp edges?" asked Ethan hesitantly with uncertainty in his voice, as he had no idea what to do next.

But Benny being Benny, knew exactly what to say next to reassure his teenage seer friend. "Relax! Can't you see? They already know what they're up against." he stated nonchalantly, while casually gesturing over to the Tornado Twins. "In their eyes, we're the grown-ups." he then said confidently with a smug smile on his face.

"Yeah! Grown-ups!" exclaimed Rory happily in a daydreaming sorta way, as he agreed with his spellmaster friend's words. He had a big dreamy smile on his face just thinking about it while nodding his head in agreement slightly, too. He fell quiet for a moment before then looking back at his two best buds excitedly. "Let's go play video games!" exclaimed/suggested Rory energetically.

"Yeah! Video games!" shouted Benny excitedly, also. Agreeing with the blonde vampire's overly enthusiastic suggestion.

The two then raced upstairs quickly like a couple of little kids, while Ethan just stood there in confusion at what just happened before warily/reluctantly following his friends out of the room. Not fully sure if leaving the normally rude and rowdy boys alone with his little sister was a good idea or not.

As Rory and Benny came bursting in through Ethan's bedroom door a bit noisily, Ethan came in right behind them, shushing them to be quiet.

"Shh! You guys! Cammie's trying to get some rest! So, keep it down you two! Ok?!" shushed Ethan in a low enough volume not to disturb the sleeping dog in his room, but loud enough for Rory and Benny to hear, though.

"Sorry, E!" apologized Rory.

"Yeah, man! Sorry!" apologized Benny, as well.

Ethan took a glance over in Cammie's direction to see that she was still fast asleep in her doggy bed. He then looked back up at his friends. "It's ok, guys. But let's just keep the volume down some, so we don't wake her, any. She's not feeling totally a hundred percent just yet." replied Ethan.

"Oh, yeah! That's right! Benny mentioned to me earlier that she hasn't been feeling too well, lately. So, how's she been?" exclaimed Rory in realization at first before his expression then turned to a sympathetic one.

"She's been hanging in there. Ready for this cold to be over with, though, that's for sure." answered Ethan.

"How's Grandma's medicine been working out for her?" wondered Benny.

Ethan gave a little shrug. "Good." he said simply. "I think it's really been helping her out a lot, I think. I gave her the first dose of it yesterday and again today before Mom left. She seems to of perked up a bit more, already since taking it." replied Ethan honestly.

"That's good to hear." beamed Benny with a smile, happy to hear that his Grandma's medicine seems to be doing the tick for his sick canine friend. "Be glad that Cammie didn't see what all she put into it, though. Trust me! If she did then no way would she ever want to take it, again! Even if it did make her feel a little bit better." he then said assuredly to the seer, with a grimace as he remembered being present when his Grandma made the medicine. In his mind (that day) some things were better left unknown, in his opinion. Ignorance truly was a blessing sometimes.

"Come on you guys! It's gaming time!" declared Rory enthusiastically, but not too loudly as to wake the sleeping caynic in the room, though.

With that, all three boys then took up positions around the tv and game console, as they prepared to get their gaming on.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Whitechapel.

A blonde woman was outside on the curb as she took a bite out of a Moleo doughnut she had in her hand. Soon after, the lady then just walked off as if in a trance of some kind, going in the same direction as a bunch of other adult citizens in town are.

The creepy teenage Mole Scout girl was out, standing in the middle of the street holding her little box of Moleo doughnuts in her hands. As she watched all the adults on the streets begin walking off and leaving town, it seemed. She stood there with a very pleased smirked on her face, as her eyes briefly changed to all black before then returning back to normal, again. Then she walked off.

Elsewhere in town.

Sarah and Erica were sitting on a bench in town somewhere, waiting.

"Seriously! What's good about prepaying someone for delivery if the guy doesn't even show up?" complained Sarah frustratingly.

"What's the point of having fangs if your friends stop you from biting people?" snarked Erica in response with a bit of annoyance laced in her tone.

"That guy was driving, Erica!" quipped Sarah back at her, incredulously.

"It's called meals-on-wheels, Sarah! And he had his window open." sassed Erica, as if it was obvious.

"He also had a mullet." pointed out Sarah blatantly. "But I thought you were a 'food snob'." she then said in annoyance, placing air quotes around the term 'food snob' when she said it, too. Giving her best friend a sassy/annoyed look, too, before turning her head away from her.

"It's not like we're at a buffet. There's hardly anyone out on the streets, tonight." replied Erica a bit irritably, as she crossed her arms.

"Actually...there's no one on the streets." replied Sarah with concern and confusion in her voice, as she looked around and took notice of the lack of people on the streets that night. Normally, at that hour the streets would still be somewhat busy with people, but instead, the entire street was eerily dead. Void of any people...anywhere, actually! No cars! No pedestrians! No one in the stores or restaurants that are still open this late! Nobody!

This struck the girls both as very odd, as they continued to wait on the blood delivery guy to show up.

Back the Morgan household.

Rory, Ethan, and Benny were busy playing their video game together. All three of them were totally immersed in the game they were playing. Ethan had suggested that they all go after the game's big boss together, first. But Benny had other ideas, as in constantly shooting Rory's character because it was fun. In which case, Rory greatly objected to by mentioning how little fun it was for him, though. Cammie remained fast asleep in her cozy little doggy bed in the room, while they played their game.

"Should we check on the kids?" then asked Ethan curiously, as he very quickly shifted his eyes over in Benny's direction before then quickly focusing them back onto the tv screen again as he kept pressing buttons on this game controller.

"H-hey! Creep brothers! If you're ok, say nothing?!" shouted Benny to the kids downstairs, as he kept playing. He waited to hear something back from the little boys, but when he heard nothing he smiled confidently then. "Yeah! They're fine." he said with certainty, as he kept playing and enjoying the game.

Although, Ethan wasn't quite sure whether to believe him or not. Knowing that he wasn't taking babysitting the Tornado Twins very seriously. That and Ethan still was a bit concerned about how the two young boys downstairs were acting earlier, too.

Unfortunately, though, Benny's yelling had woke up Cammie.

"Sheesh, Benny! Keep it down! Will ya?! I'm tryin' to sleep over here!" complained/groaned Cammie grumpily, as she woke up.

"Sorry, Cam! My bad!" replied Benny apologetically, but also halfheartedly as he was still too enthralled into what he was doing.

Cammie saw this and just simply rolled her eyes at the spellmaster before lowering her head back down to try and get back to sleep, again.

Downstairs in the living room.

Jane was on the couch watching tv, while the Tornado Twins were still busy drawing and coloring quietly on the floor between her and the tv. The news was currently on, as the news anchorman was talking about how everyone in town seems to be all leaving town suddenly. And whether or not if it's a cause of concern or not. Once he was done with that story, he then moved on to his next one. Which was announcing the return of Moleos season, as the camera panned out a little and he held up a box of the said doughnuts with a big smile on his face. As he was busy advertising the delicious doughnuts, the news guy began to open the box up and took a doughnut out of it. He kept talking the entire time until he then took a bite out of the doughnut he had taken out of the box. Then he immediately stopped talking and straightened up as if in a trance as his cheery expression then went flat and serious.

"Goodbye." was all the anchorman said then, with this mouth full before abruptly walking off set.

Jane ignored the strange way the news guy just acted on camera and instead perked up on the couch while asking the boys' who wants a doughnut. The little boys both stopped what they were doing and sat up straight at her question. They then turned around in Jane's direction, as she pulled out a box of Moleos from behind one of the couch pillows.

"My mom hid them, but I saved one." stated Jane happily, as she opened the box with a smile.

The two troublemakers on the floor then smiled eerily as they watched her pull out a doughnut. As if they knew something that she didn't.

Upstairs in Ethan's room.

The boys were still playing their video game. Ethan once again tells them to stick to the plan about killing the boss first and then the minions, but this time a bit aggravatingly, though. He was starting to get tired of having to repeat himself and them constantly losing because of how Rory and Benny kept not listening to him.

Benny incoherently mumbled something back as his reply, as he lazily kept pressing buttons on his controller. Then told Rory to go grab some snacks, which he did. Rory quickly sped off using his vampire speed and was back in an instant with his hands full of junk food. But when he sat down, he had a big red circle drawn around his face as he had a look of horror on his face.

"Guys...those boys aren't right." he said unbelievably, sitting down holding the two open bags of chips in each hand while looking at Ethan and Benny.

That's when they all decided to head downstairs to go check things out. Including, Cammie who had been awake the entire time after Benny's yelling had woke her up, earlier. She wasn't able to get back to sleep after that, so instead just opted to stay up and watch the boys play their video game.

When they got downstairs they saw hand-drawn pictures of what looked to be a red door with a yellow ring on the center of it, scattered around the living room everywhere. Hung up all over the walls, the front door, the windows, the furniture, and even some of the picture frames that were hung on the walls. Everywhere!

Ethan, Cammie, and Benny didn't know what to think after seeing the drawings everywhere. Then Rory suddenly pointed at one of the Tornado Twins who was working on another drawing in the room.

"That one was the one who painted my face!" accused Rory boldly with resentment in his tone, as he pointed at him. But then he looked over at the other brother and pointed at him. "Wait. Wait. It was that one!" he then accused, but this time a bit more uncertain like, as he couldn't really tell them apart very well.

But Ethan could've cared less about which boy had graffitied Rory's face. Instead, what he cared about most was the way the room currently looked and the strange way the kids were behaving, right now. Clearly, none of this was normal. Ethan slowly and cautiously approached the first little boy that Rory had accused, as he gave a small and nervous chuckle.

"Hey, little dude. What's going on?" asked Ethan concernedly, but also a bit warily, as well. As he went and placed a hand on the kid's shoulder, Ethan was then sucked into a vision.

Ethan's Vision

He saw an opened box of Moleos on a table somewhere, as he also heard the Mole Scouts mantra creepily being chanted in the background, repeatedly throughout the vision.


Then he saw a Mole Scout troop walking down the sidewalk together.


Then he saw an older female Mole Scout (possibly the troop leader) standing there looking down at something, as she held a staff that had a mole's head on it with long saber-like upper teeth and glowing red eyes.

End Vision

When Ethan came out of it, he looked at the kid with a shocked and unbelievable expression on his face, at what he just saw in that vision.

The little boy then turned towards Ethan and spoke, along with his brother.

"Val Mudrap is coming." they said in unison.

"They said who now?" questioned Rory in confusion at what the boys just said.

"We've got a problem." declared Ethan very worriedly and bit freaked out.

"Val...Mudrap? I think I've heard of that name before from somewhere?" recalled Cammie in deep thought. But before she could remember anything, the front door suddenly opened up and in walks Samantha and the Tornado Twins' mother. Instantly, taking notice of all the weird kid drawings hung up all over the place.

Benny then discreetly mumbles to Ethan that his mom is home. His voice cracked a little, though, when he said it to more a small high pitched one as he tried to act casual, as well.

Mrs. Morgan couldn't believe what she was looking at right now, as she entered the room. Stepping right between where Rory and Benny were at, barely pushing them to the side (in which case, the two teens simply just stepped aside to let her through once they felt her hands on their shoulders) as she looked up in astonishment and utter shock at what she was seeing. The poor woman was speechless at what happened to her living room.

The next day, Ethan and Benny came walking in through the school doors. Both their minds still on what had happened the previous night.

"Your mom was so busy yelling that she didn't even notice that Sarah was gone." pointed out Benny seriously/lightheartedly. "Or Jane acting weird." he then added/stated but with a questioning/weird look on his face, now that he thinks about it.

"Well, I'll tell you what's weird. My vision had snack food in it." stated Ethan.

"Dude, I have visions of food all the time." replied Benny assuredly, as he then started to list off some of the food items that he's had these so-called 'visions' of. With the last one being really weird sounding. Pizza flavored milkshakes.

Ethan then went on to say that how every time he tried to search for the name Val Mudrap on his computer, it would always freeze up on him for some weird reason. And that every time it froze, it kept showing him the picture of the red door that the kids kept drawing last night. Benny gave the seer a very confused expression then. Then he went on to ask the seer if maybe Cammie had finally remembered where she might have heard the name from. But unfortunately, Ethan's answer to that question was no and that she had fallen back to sleep again on the couch, a little while after he and Rory had left.

Suddenly, the boys noticed a lot of commotion behind them. As they turned around they saw a lot of the students raising their voices in a celebratory way as they walked out the school doors. Ethan and Benny looked around baffled at what's going on.

"Why is everybody leaving?" wondered Ethan out loud to no one in particular.

That's when their school's principal came up behind them with his coffee cup in one hand and a mini chocolate doughnut in the other. "Oh, hello boys! Classes are canceled. All of the teaching staff have appeared to of left." greeted Principal Hicks, as he answered Ethan's question.

"Left? Left where?" asked Ethan.

"I have no idea. They just...got up and...took off. Not even a word of thank you for the doughnuts I got them for the staff meeting." answered Principal Hick's, a bit perplexingly before then shrugging it off. "Well, at least they left one!" he then said delightfully, right before taking a bite of his doughnut.

Then Principal Hicks suddenly stopped chewing and dropped his coffee mug and doughnut, as his eyes briefly turned all black before going back to normal again. His whole body posture had went ridged and stiff on him, has he had this blank look on his face. Then he just...started to walk off towards the school's exit without saying a single word.

Benny and Ethan stood there in confusion as they watched the strange way their principal just acted after eating his doughnut. Neither one of them not knowing what to think.

"Did you just see that?" asked Ethan incredulously in shock to his best friend. Which, Benny simply nodded to without uttering a single word as he kept looking towards the door mystified by what he just witnessed. "Do you know what this means?!" Ethan asked him then, but more alarming this time. As he looked at Benny urgently.

But Benny kept staring at the door, though. "Yes!... Of course!" he said confidently as if he knew what his best friend was thinking. "Sort of. Not really. Nope." he then confessed reluctantly to him in uncertainty. Then he sighed defeatedly, closing his eyes. "Ugh. Just tell me what it all means."

"It must be the doughnuts! They're making all the adults leave town and then...turning the kids into droneos." replied Ethan, giving Benny his theory on why everybody in town seems to be acting weird lately. "I wonder what it does to teenagers?" he then asked curiously, but not wanting to find out, though.

And neither did Benny, either. As he began to freak out. "I don't want to know!" replied Benny fearfully, as he desperately then began to dig around in his bag for something. Then he started to quickly pull out box after box of Moleos and throwing them on the floor, frantically.

Ethan looked at him curiously, as he watched his best friend desperately discarding all the boxes of Moleos that he had on him. "Why did you buy..." he then began to ask his spellmaster friend, before trailing off and leaving the question unfinished.

But Benny knew what was he was getting at, before answering him. "Dude! Moment of weakness! Alright?!" declared/answered Benny a bit snappish like, as he threw his last couple of boxes of Moleos over his shoulder. Then he looked over his shoulder when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. "Speaking of weak. Here comes the hot-mess express." quipped Benny to Ethan, as he turned around to face the girls. Putting on a big smile as they got closer.

Erica and Sarah came walking up to them, but Erica then hissed at them with her fangs out. While Sarah just had her arms crossed with this sour look on his face.

"She's so hungry, she can't control her fangs! And I'm so hungry, I can't control her!" complained Sarah desperately, once they finally reached them. Erica covered her mouth with her hand to hide her fangs while looking rather ashamed about not being able to keep her fangs in check properly. She hissed again with her hand still over her mouth, but this time it was at a couple of random students just passing by behind Ethan and Benny. Then Erica insulted the random teenagers that she just hissed at, rudely. Making the teens just walk on by in a hurry now, with a look of slight fear on their faces.

Rory then came up behind the girls, asking if they wanted any of his lunch when he saw how hungry they were. He held up a brown paper bag eagerly that was moving and squeaking, as he offered to share his meal. Laughing and giggling about it. Erica and Sarah both looked at him like he was crazy, as Erica swatted the bag away. Knocking it out of Rory's hands which caused Rory to chase after it as the bag scooted away from him, across the floor while squeaking.

That's when Sarah strongly stated that they didn't want any rats to eat and that what they needed was 'real' food. Meaning, actual blood that doesn't come from an animal. Then she went on to say how the town is running on empty and how there's hardly anybody in town anymore. Benny then suggested that they could just always go to the next town over for blood, but Erica quickly shot that idea down. By saying how the Vampire Council has forbidden going to other towns just to feed on the people there and that if they did it could start a turf war.

Then Ethan asked why they couldn't just take a nibble out of a teenager or something since there's still plenty of teens around. But then he quickly redacted that by saying not out of them, though, when Erica scoffed at him. Then Erica went on to say how she doesn't like to drink from teenagers because of how much junk food and hormones they're full of. Which is apparently damaging to one's skin. In her opinion, that is. As both Ethan and Benny just looked at her cluelessly while shaking their heads no. Frustrated and starving, Erica then just walked off.

"She's a picky eater." commented Sarah sarcastically. "And my blood delivery guy just vanished. Whatever is happening here, unhappen it!" she then declared agitatedly before demanding them to fix whatever is going on in town. Then she walked away hangry.

"Ok! We need to go home and come up with a plan." stated Ethan to Benny.

"Yeah." replied Benny absentmindedly. Then he turned around to face Ethan enthusiastically. "Wait!" he exclaimed, holding his hands out in front of him. "No adults. I have been dreaming about this moment my whole life. We can do anything we want!" he pointed out happily. "Anything!" he shouted excitedly, as he did a happy dance with a big smile on his face.

Ethan smiled brightly, agreeing with the spellmaster. As the idea had grown on him, after realizing that he was right. They can do whatever they want! Both of them then took off to go do whatever it is their little hearts desired, that they weren't able to do before because of adults and their rules. They had free reign of the entire town now! With no adults in town to stop them! It was like a dream come true for the two best friends!

Ethan was walking down the street, pushing a shopping cart that had Benny riding in it. Benny was sitting there blissfully eating a slice of pizza in his hand with the box on his lap, as Ethan pushed him along.

"This is the moment you've been waiting for?" asked Ethan skeptically out of curiosity, as he pushed him along.

"Ethan. This pizza is topped with another pizza! With no manager to stop them, they just made it for me!" answered Benny, cheerfully. "Mmm! You can really taste the gumballs in the middle!" he added pleasantly, as he chewed. Enjoying his specially made pizza.

"Is that my mom?" wondered Ethan, as he looked up ahead of them to see a silver van with luggage on the roof drive by. "Where is she going?" he then asked curiously, as he stopped pushing Benny in the cart. "MOM!" he then started to yell, as he started to run after the familiar-looking silver van. Leaving Benny behind in the cart with his pizza.

After popping a bubble from the gum in his mouth, Benny then got out of the shopping cart to go after his friend. Catching up with Ethan a short while later, since he didn't go very far before the van got too far away to chase after on foot. "I dropped my pizza." said Benny sullenly, after catching up to Ethan.

Just then, a group of kids came walking around the corner and towards them, all dressed up in their Mole Scouts outfit. "Well, I guess, we've found the troop leader." stated Ethan blatantly with a slight bit of concern in his tone, as he saw the group coming towards them.

"Let me handle this." replied Benny confidently, placing a hand out in front of Ethan as if to stop him. Then he took a couple of steps forward while rubbing his hands together and preparing to speak to the approaching Mole Scout troop before them.

"Possessed! And possibly rabid. Miniature citizens of Whitechapel! I, am your new king!" declared Benny proudly. Then he snapped his fingers for show which caused them to spark with magic for a brief minute before dissipating. "Wow! That's never worked before!" he then said in amazement at the stunt he just pulled, as he looked at his hand incredulously in awe.

"Benny!" called out Ethan worriedly in a whisper, not liking this idea already. "I think we should run." he advised strongly and uneasily, as he didn't like where this was going.

"Run?! Why?! They're just little kids!" replied Benny carefree, not heeding his friend's cautious suggestion. Then he bent over slightly, as he placed his hands on his knees and spoke to the children in a baby voice. "Ok, now! Who wants to play, go make the king a sandwich?"

But the kids all just stood there looking at him creepily with their solid back eyes. None of them making a sound. Which then started to freak Ethan out a bit and cause Benny to slowly stand back up straight again with a worried expression on his face.

"Ok! I think they rather make the king into a sandwich!" stated Ethan nervously with fear, as he prepared to run the other way. "Let's go!" he said, pulling Benny in the same direction as all the little kids started to run after them while their leader just stood there looking pleased. Believing Ethan now, Benny didn't hesitate to follow his friend's advice this time, as he took off running along with him.

Unfortunately, though, it didn't take the kids long to catch up to them. As all the children then had them surrounded and pinned down in one place while hitting them with their little fists. Some of the kids were even pulling their hair, too.

"Argh! What do we do?! We can't hit kids?!" called out Ethan painfully to the spellmaster, who was being beaten next to him on the ground.

"I know! But I want to! I really want to! Aahh!" replied Benny a bit frustratingly, as he tried to fend them off of him without hurting them. Then he cried out in pain as two of the kids started to pull his ears.

Suddenly, Sarah and Erica came strolling up behind them a little further back, as they watched the hilarious scene unfold before them. Although, at the time Ethan and Benny hadn't a clue that the girls were there, as they were too busy getting beat up by a bunch of little kids. Ethan eventually, suggested to Benny that maybe they should call out for help, but Benny quickly shot that notion down. He didn't want anybody to see him being humiliated and embarrassed like this by a bunch of little kids.

That's when they heard Erica's voice suddenly speak out. "Wave to the camera, guys! You're gonna be internet stars!" yelled Erica amusingly, as she held up her phone to record their embarrassing moment. Sarah didn't say or do anything to stop her, though. Instead, she just laughed at them.

Ethan tried to get them to come and help them, but Sarah just laughed it off with a witty comment as she stood there watching them entertainingly. Ironically, Ethan then cried out that one of them was biting his ankles, right after she had called the children, ankle-biters. After that, that's when Sarah decided enough was enough and stepped in to help the two helpless teenage boys. Erica still had her camera out, but reluctantly decided to go help her bestie in saving the two pathetic teens from the said ankle biters. So, she put away her phone and helped.

After Sarah and Erica had rescued them, they all started to walk down the street together. Well...Sarah, Erica, and Benny walked down the street, whereas with Ethan it was more like a limp down the street. Regardless, the boys were now free and safe from their pint-sized tormentors, though. But the humiliation was still there, as Ethan tried to desperately defend himself to Erica (who had this smug/amused smile on her face at the geeks humiliating defeat at the hands of a bunch of little kids) with excuses as to why he had such a hard time dealing with a bunch of kids. Benny, on the other hand, just kept walking while hugging his bag tightly in his arms with this traumatic expression on his face, as he dully commented on how he thinks one of them had braces on their teeth.

Then the thought of Moleos doughnuts popped up in Benny's mind. Forgetting all about how they weren't the normal Moleo doughnuts, but instead were enchanted to make adults leave town and brainwash kids into being drones/evil minions. "I could use a Moleo myself. Maybe I have some left!" thought Benny out loud, feeling hungry again after that brutal beatdown he had to endure earlier.

He was about to start rummaging in his bag to look for some until Erica abruptly stopped him, as her stomach growled at her. "Don't talk about eating!" she groaned frustratingly, as she doubles over in pain from starvation while holding her stomach.

When Ethan tried to help her up, she hissed at him with her fangs and yellow eyes. Causing Ethan to back off. Then Erica fell to the ground feeling really weak and exhausted. Sarah then turned to Benny desperately and grabbed his shirt collar with both hands, as she looked him in the eye.

"Benny, your grandma's blood substitute! I know it tastes like shoes, but does she have any of it left?!" pleaded Sarah desperately to the spellmaster.

"Grandma is long gone. She has a pack-a-day habit during Moleos season. Last time I touched her stuff, she put a shrunken head in my lunch. The guy wouldn't SHUT UP!" replied Benny, as he recalled the memory and his grandma's Moleos addiction during Moleos season.

Not liking his answer (and to get him to shut up) Sarah then hissed at him, as Erica did earlier towards Ethan. With her fangs out and her vampire eyes taking over her usual brown ones. Benny immediately stopped talking then, as Sarah glared at him.

"I mean...Ok! Let's go!" awkwardly stated Benny with fake enthusiasm and a bit of nervousness in his tone, as well. As he changed his answer to the terrifyingly, scary (and hungry) vampire before him, to please her. Mostly because he didn't want to wind up as her next meal.

But then Ethan stopped them before they heading to Benny's place to see if his grandma still has any of her blood substitute left. "No, wait! That alpha brat is hoarding every kid in town. Now, Jane's home all alone. Except for Cammie. She's still there, but she's too sick to do anything, though." he pointed out concernedly, like the good big brother he is.

"We can't fight anyone when we're this weak!" argued Sarah back, in an obvious/desperate kinda way. "You get Jane. We'll get food." she then suggested a bit more calmly now.

"Ok!" agreed Ethan, giving a nod before reluctantly backing away with concern for the two vampires. Once he saw that Benny had this, he then quickly took off back towards his own house to get Jane.

Benny went over to Erica and help her up by placing her arm around his shoulders for support, as she stood up. "You're good." declared Benny somewhat heroically as he made this manly/serious face.

"I'm up. You can let go now." stated/panted Erica irritatingly to the spellmaster. Not liking the idea of having her arm around the magic dork, one bit. That and she probably knew what he was thinking, too.

Taking the hint in her tone, Benny removed her arm from over his shoulders and took a step back, as the vampire was able to stand on her own, again. Once he and Sarah saw that she was good, they made their way to Benny's house.

The small group of Mole Scouts was led to an area in Whitechapel that had old stone looking ruins of some kind. The teenage girl (the group's leader) then stopped marching, as her eyes turned pitch black. She then hit the ground with the base of her mole staff, which sent out this small purple wave of magic upon impact in front of her. The little ripple of magic then disappeared, as a red, large wooden door suddenly appeared in the ground. The same red door that Jane and the Tornado Twins had been obsessively drawing over and over again, the night before.

Ethan came rushing in through his front door, calling out Jane's name. When he went into the living to see if she was there, he stumbled over some papers on the floor. They were drawings. Two of them had a picture of a red door while the others were of some kind of creature's head that had two long and pointy buck teeth coming from it's mouth. Ethan paid the drawings no attention, as he saw Jane just standing there with her back turned towards him.

"You ok?" he asked her a bit concernedly.

When Jane turned around her reply to him was, "Doors in the floor, moles by the score. Val Mudrap forevermore." Then her eyes turned black as she smiled creepily at him.

Ethan was taken back by all this and was now really concerned about his little sister. "She's not ok." he commented worriedly and a little bit freaked out, too.

"I must go. Val Mudrap summons us." she then said her older brother, in a monotonous like tone. Which appears to be how everybody sounds when under whatever crazy spell they're under by this Val Mudrap person or thing.

"Val who? Can you...just snap out of it?!" questioned Ethan confusedly but when he placed on a hand on her shoulder he wound up getting a vision.

Ethan's Vision

First, he saw the mole head staff that had glowing eyes on it.


Then he saw the Tornado Twins standing there with the rest of the Mole Scouts, staring at something in front of them.


Then he saw some stone ruins in a dark and misty field area of some kind.


Then his vision showed him a door that appeared to be in the ground, opening up to reveal a purple swirling vortex of some sort. Like a portal.

End Vision

When Ethan finally came out of his vision, he was a bit disturbed by what he just saw. But when Jane tried to walk away from him, he quickly snapped out of it. "No, sis! Sorry!" he said to her nervously, as he stopped her from going anywhere. "You gotta stay put. Ok?" he then said, as he redirected her towards the dining room area. His phone then rang which caused him to let her go while he answered it. Jane just kept walking but she went into the kitchen area it seemed, instead.

Turning his back towards the direction she went in, Ethan answered his phone. "Benny, what's up?" answered Ethan curiously, after seeing the name on the call ID.

"Ethan, get over here. I think Grandma left something that may be useful." informed Benny sincerely. Then he looked over his shoulder to see two very hungry looking vampires staring at him like he's dinner. Which kinda made him a bit nervous. "Also, the girls are looking at me like I'm a burrito." he added anxiously with an uneasy look on his face, as he turned away from them.

"I have to stay and watch Jane. She's got the doughnut fever." came Ethan's voice from the other end.

"Find anything you can about the moles or Val Mudrap." instructed Ethan to Benny, totally unaware of his little sister coming up behind him with a large frying in her hand. "Anything! Ok?!"

Jane smiled wickedly at her distracted brother, as she held the skillet upright in her hand once she was close enough to him.

Meanwhile, back at Benny's place.

Sarah and Erica were busy looking around at all the strange things that were in the house. Feeling totally bored and totally hungry, too.

"Benny!" exclaimed Rory happily, as he jumped into the room. Scaring Benny almost half to death, who immediately turned around and started to scold him for doing the whole 'Benny' thing when entering a room. But Rory just heatedly blew him off with a 'says you' remark. When he looked down he saw a box of half-eaten Moleos doughnuts laying on the table, along with a couple of half-eaten doughnuts from it, too. "Whoa! Looks like grandma left in mid-snack attack." stated/pointed out Rory incredulously.

"Yes!" sighed out Benny annoyingly at the blonde for pointing out the obvious. "But she also left us this." he then said to the vampire, more seriously now, showing him a book that was open on the table.

Curious, Rory picked up the book his friend had indicated and looked at it. He closed the book's cover to read the title with his thumb acting as a bookmark, so as not to lose the page that Benny was reading from earlier. "Secret Order Of The Mole. By Val Mudrap." read Rory curiously. Then he opened it back up again. "Wow! Some of these moles look delicious!" he then commented happily with a smile to the spellmaster.

"Skim through it! Look for anything that can help us figure out what those Moles are up to!" ordered Benny urgently to the vampire.

Sarah then turned around after grabbing something off the shelf. "What about this, Benny?! It's red! Can't you make this into blood with one of your spells?!" asked Sarah desperately, as she held up a vile of something that contained a red liquid of some kind inside it. Erica came up to her and looked at the spellmaster expectantly, as well.

"That's not how it works." started Benny simply and politely to them, as he about to explain to them the reason why. But before he could say anything further, both girls hissed at him threateningly again with their vampiric forms. Not liking the answer and not wanting to hear his explanation on how the whole magic and potion making thing works. The spellmaster jumped a little in fear, quickly shutting up. "Sure! Let's...giver her a try!" he then said eagerly with a bit of nervousness in his voice, as well. Giving the girls a bit enthusiastic smile, as he decided to go along with it to make them happy. And to not wind up on the menu, either.

Seeming pleased now with his change in an answer, Sarah held up the vial of red liquid as Benny casts a spell on it. Once the spell hit the vile, Sarah immediately opened it up and drank some of it. Then she hurriedly handed it over to Erica, who also early drank it. Although, the stuff tasted terrible to the two vampire girls in the room.

"Whoa!" commented Benny subtlely in surprise with a bit of nervousness evident in his tone, as well. As he saw what the potion did to them. Which was give them rat tails.

"What?" said Sarah and Erica in unison, as they both looked at him curiously. Unaware that the potion had given them rat tails.

"Nothing!" replied Benny hastily, as he tried to act like nothing was wrong. He knew that if they did find out about the tails then they'd probably go all vampire crazy on him and give him a beatdown that would be much worse than what those kids did to him, earlier. So, for the time being, he was gonna just keep it a secret from them for as long as he can.

"Is this a clue?" asked Rory suddenly, showing Benny a certain page in the book that he told him to look through, earlier. Rory had no idea about the tail thing just yet, as he was too busy looking through the book at the time. "The mothers and fathers departed from the village. The children played for eternity. All hail Muldvaarp! Child beast, charmer, keeper of the key of the Underworld!" read Rory out loud from the book. "Looks like a clue to me." he then said to Benny.

"Muldvaarp? Nice name." stated Erica sarcastically. "No wonder it hates it's parents." she then added with a bit of attitude.

Rory then turned a page in the book and found something else. "Whoa! Clue number two!" he exclaimed astonishingly, as he looked down at what he found.

Which was a newspaper clipping that said, 'Mini Mole Club House Collapses' in big bold letters at the top. And under it in smaller print, it said, '9-year-old girl witness: "Everything got sucked into a door on the floor!"' There was a picture just below that, that showed the ruined building and a picture of a girl with braided pigtails wearing a Mole Scouts uniform, smiling.

"I'm on fire!" proclaimed Rory proudly.

When Sarah looked at the picture, she recognized the girl instantly. "It's the girl who beat you up." stated Sarah to Benny, as she pointed to the picture.

"I wouldn't say beat up. I had a...stomach full of pizza." replied Benny awkwardly in denial, as he tried to make it seem less humiliating for himself. Although, neither Erica nor Sarah was buying it, as Erica had her arms crossed giving him this sarcastic 'really?' look.

"There's that name again. Val Mudrap." recalled Sarah curiously.

Benny muttered the name silently to himself a few times, before he then pointed at her in realization, as the familiar name suddenly hit him. "It's an anagram for Muldvaarp!" he declared exuberantly.

"And it uses the same letters, too!" pointed out Rory excitedly, as he looked up at Benny while lightly hitting his arm repeatedly, too, in that attention-grabbing or seeking gesture you do when you're on to something.

Benny just gave him a weird look like he was stupid because of how obvious it was that of course, they would use the same letters. That's what anagrams are! The girls were also giving Rory the same look in their own sorta way, as well. Then the spellmaster shook his head and decided to ignore Rory's dumb observational comment for a second and focus on the matter at hand. "Ethan needs to see this!" declared Benny urgently.

Agreeing with him, Sarah and Erica walked out of the room to go tell Ethan about what they found. But as they were walking out, Rory finally noticed their tails swaying behind them.

"Wow! You guys have-" he was about to comment to the girls, before being stopped by Benny suddenly. Who immediately wrapped an arm around his male friend in a half hug, finishing Rory's statement for him.

"Beautiful...eyes." interjected Benny bluntly and convincingly on the fly, as he tried not to seem nervous or suspicious to avoid them from finding out about the tails.

Erica gave them this curious and weird look that said 'ok?' before turning back around and following Sarah out of the room, completely then.

"Race ya!" exclaimed/challenged Benny to Rory then, to distract him from mentioning the tail thing to the girls. So, that way he wouldn't bring it up again, hopefully. He knew how Rory can have a short attention span at times and can easily get distracted from things that were previously on his mind just a minute ago.

"Ok!" nodded Rory eagerly from excitement.

Then the two boys took off, racing out of the room to go to Ethan's.

Back at Ethan's house.

Cammie came downstairs for some water, as she slowly made her way towards the kitchen still feeling tired and drained of energy. Even after sleeping for most of the day, she still felt tired thanks to her cold.

"Never again, am I getting sick." she thought miserably herself, as she trudged along like a zombie. Well...a canine zombie, that is. "I really should talk to Ethan about having my bowls moved upstairs to his room, for the time being. At least, until this cold blows over, that is. Going up and down a flight of stairs while you're sick is torture. Especially, when you walk on all fours. Ugh." she then complained, while mumbling to herself out loud.

As Cammie round the corner that would've taken her to the dining room, she stopped and gasped at what she saw. Instantly, forgetting all about how she currently felt, at the moment. Laying there on the floor unconscious was Ethan with a frying pan laying next to his head.

"Oh, my gosh! Ethan! Are you alright?!" exclaimed Cammie worriedly, as she rushed over to her unconscious friend on the floor. She nudged him a couple of times with her paw to get him to wake up.

The seer then began to stir, as he slowly sat up with a horrible throbbing sensation in his head. He placed a hand on where the throbbing pain was radiating at on the back of his head.

"Ugh." groaned Ethan painfully, as he sat up. Making Cammie sigh in relief that he was ok.

That's when Rory and Benny came rushing into the room. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What happened?!" exclaimed Benny concernedly, as he saw his best friend on the floor sitting up and holding his head in pain with a frying pan laying next to him. He kneeled onto the floor to check on the injured seer.

"I don't know! I just now found him like this when I came downstairs for a drink of water!" replied Cammie a bit frantically, speaking instead of the now recovering seer on the floor.

"Where's Jane?!" asked Benny then, as Rory picked up and removed the frying pan from the floor.

This time Ethan answered him. "I turn my back on her for one second and...next thing I know she's gone and I have this killer headache." explained Ethan, reaching to the back of his head again to rub at the spot where he was hit at with the pan.

"Dude! She grilled your cheese!" informed Rory bluntly, while pointing towards the slightly dented pan in his hand as he squatted next to the spellmaster.

"Well, I'm just relieved that your ok, now. You really had me worried there for a second when I saw you like that, Ethan." stated Cammie in relief. Ethan then gave her a small smile and a small pat on the head to show he appreciated her concern for him.

"Recognize this little rugrat?" asked Benny bitterly, as he held up the book about Muldvaarp with the old newspaper article clipping in front of it while pointing at it, too. "Her name is Val Mudrap. Aka, Muldvaarp. She likes taking little kids on field trips to the UNDERWORLD!" he informed the seer, who was now looking at the newspaper article.

"I found the clue! I-It was fun!" Rory then blurted out proudly mixed with joy in his tone.

Benny helped Ethan up from the floor, while Ethan read the article out loud. After he finished reading it that's when Cammie finally realized why the name Val Mudrap had sounded so familiar to her.

"Oh, my gosh, you guys! Now, I know why that name had sounded so familiar to me, earlier! Val Mudrap is a demon who's the keeper of the key to the Underworld and loves to lure innocent children to their unsuspecting doom!" recalled Cammie worriedly. "You have to stop her! Jane and the rest of the Whitechapel children are in danger!" she exclaimed in a panic.

"Wait! How do you already know about Val Mudrap, er I mean Muldvaarp or uh...whatever it is she goes by, anyhow?" questioned Benny to Cammie curiously.

"Oh, yeah! Sometimes I sneak out when there's nobody home and I'm feeling a bit bored or lonely. So, I go over to your place to visit your grandmother for a while and she sometimes lets me read some of her books about all the different supernatural folklore and myths there are in the world. She even lets me go through some of her old spell books to learn a few new spells that might be helpful someday." explained Cammie to the now shocked spellmaster.

"Say what?! Grandma never lets me look through any of her old spell books! That's so not fair!" exclaimed Benny incredulously/offensively. He can't believe that his own grandma trusts Cammie enough to look through her collection of spell books, but not him?! Her own grandson?! It was unfathomable! He was gonna have to have a little talk with his grandma later on, after this! Once she returns, that is.

"Where is this place? I saw it in my vision." asked Ethan to Benny, as the picture of the destroyed building in the newspaper article looked an awfully like the strange place he saw in his vision from Jane.

"It was in the old part of town." answered Benny, a bit uncertainly, though.

"We need to go there. Fast!" replied Ethan.

Cammie sighed. "I wish I could go and help you guys out, but...as long I'm still sick, my magic is totally useless right now, I'm afraid." she said downheartedly to the boys while looking down with a disappointed frown.

You see, her cold didn't only affect her body, but it also affected her magic, as well. Magic takes energy to use and with her body now lacking in that department thanks to her cold, Cammie wasn't able to do any spells. If she did try, then the spell would either mess up and do something entirely different than what she wanted it to do. Or, it just wouldn't work altogether. And Cammie wasn't willing to risk her spells going awry on her and exposing her to regular humans. As well, as risking her magic not coming through for her in a pinch when facing supernatural baddies. Not only would she be putting herself in serious danger but she'd be putting her friends' lives at risk, too. So, it wasn't worth trying to use her magic, while she's sick. Including, the spells that she uses regularly. Such as her telepathy spell, telekinesis spell, the human shapeshifting spell, and the eye color spell.

"It's alright, Cam! You just stay here and focus on getting better. Ok? We'll handle this!" reassured Ethan fondly and confidently to the disappointed canine, as he gave her a couple of pats on the head with a playful/reassuring fur ruffle at the end, as well.

"Yeah, Cammie! Leave it to us! We dudes got this!" boasted Rory cheerfully with a big smile. Benny stood there also wearing a big proud smile on his face, too.

Although, the caynic just gave him this skeptical look, as if she didn't quite believe that they could handle it on their own.

"Ok! Ok! Ok! So, uh...maybe with a little assistance from Erica and Sarah, too. Assuming they have the energy to help, that is. With them not being able to feed in hours since all the adults ditched town." admitted Benny reluctantly and bashfully with a blush. "But I mean...they're just a bunch of little kids. What could go wrong? Am I right, E?" he then stated nonchalantly.

"Yeah! A bunch of little kids who totally kicked our butts just a few hours ago." commented/confessed Ethan simply and honestly with sarcasm in his voice.

Benny's face dropped to a very unamused scowl when he said that. Wanting to forget all about that very shameful moment in his life, earlier. Cammie, though, couldn't help but to snicker and chuckle at hearing how they got their butts handed to them by a bunch of little kids in Mole Scout uniforms. Rory was laughing right along with her, also.

Just then, Erica and Sarah walked into the room with tired and incredulous expressions on the faces, with a hint of frustration added in, too.

"How can you have so much meat in your freezer and none of it be human?" complained Erica frustratingly to the seer before turning around and walking back into the kitchen, after stating her point to him. With Sarah following right behind her.

"Hey! Cool tails!" complimented Ethan to them, then, when he saw their rat tails after they had turned around.

Cammie just sat there with wide eyes and a surprised/unbelievable look on her face. Having a very good idea as to who's handy work that was.

Sarah and Erica then stopped in their tracks when they heard Ethan say that and looked at the boys and Cammie with shocked expressions on their faces. "Tails?!" they both said in unison, before looking back behind them to see the tails.

"Come on! Jane's got a good head start." stated Ethan then to Benny, in a serious and determined manner. Eager and ready to go save his little sister from some evil mole, demon girl thing. He then quickly exited the room towards the front door.

Benny stood there for a second with a worried and stunned look on his face before then looking Rory up and down incredulously in surprise. Although, his surprise was anything but real, considering he already knew about the tail thing. But he decided to continue with the charade of him finding out about the tail thing, just now, also.

"Tails?!" exclaimed Benny shocking (with his voice maybe jumping an octave higher than he probably meant it to be) to Rory before then bolting out of the room, before the girls put two-and-two together and realize that this was his fault.

Rory just stood there looking rather clueless or unfazed by the whole situation, though, as the girls had horrified looks on their faces. When Benny then quickly exited the room towards the front door, Rory soon took off to follow him and to help his two best human buddies, also.

Erica let out a small eep/gasp sound from major embarrassment before covering her mouth in shock and running out of the room, back into the kitchen. Sarah still had a look of horror and shock on her face, as well, before storming off in the same direction as her best friend. Feeling the same amount of humiliation and embarrassment as she did. Leaving just Cammie in the room by herself, now.

Cammie chuckled and laughed in amusement while shaking her head at the whole thing. "They are so going to killing him after this, once the shock wears off." commented Cammie amusingly to herself with her a smile. Knowing how a certain spellmaster in training is going to be in some serious hot water later on (after they save Jane, that is) with the girls for what he's done this time.

She then got up went into the kitchen for that drink of water, she had originally come downstairs to get before finding Ethan knocked out cold on the floor with a partially dented frying pan next to his head. And while she's at it, she might as well check up on Sarah and Erica to see how they're doing, as well.

Meanwhile, at the place where the old Mole Scouts building once stood, Jane walked forward among her fellow Mole Scouts until she now stood at the front of them. Facing the evil Mole Scout troop leader (aka, Val Mudrap), who's eyes were all black.

"We've been waiting for you." said Val Mudrap to Jane, while holding her mole head staff. Then her eyes returned to normal as she held out her free hand to Jane. Jane placed her hand on top of hers, as Val Mudrap guided her to stand beside her.

Hiding off in some trees at a safe distance away from the mind-controlled children of Whitechapel and their evil demon leader was Ethan, Benny, Sarah, and Erica. As they all watched and waited for the perfect moment to make their move.

"Jane." whispered Ethan anxiously, feeling concerned about his little sister.

"Kay, guys! Drink this!" suggested Benny then, as he offered up a couple of vials with something red in it to Erica and Sarah. "It'll give you a bit of a boost." he stated to them.

They both took a vial and uncapped it. Then they drank it. "I outta kick your butt for turning us into freaks!" whispered/yelled Erica begrudgingly to him, after finishing hers.

"Yeah, because before these wickedly awesome upgrades, you guys were totally normal!" countered Benny sarcastically in a blunt and obvious sorta tone. Putting some emphasis on the last two words of that statement, since vampires aren't technically considered 'normal' to humans.

Erica then gave him this threatening/resentful look before whacking him in the face with her tail.

"Ah, ugh! It's like sandpaper!" cringed Benny in disgust and slight pain through gritted teeth at the feeling of the tail smacking his face. Turning his head towards Erica to glare at her angrily for doing that.

"Guys! Quit it!" snapped Ethan in annoyance but also quietly at the two behind him, as he continued to spy on Val Mudrap and the rest of the Mole Scout troop.

Val Mudrap then held her staff up in the air, as the glowing red eyes on it then suddenly stopped glowing. "All hail Muldvaarp!" praised Val Mudrap. Her eyes then turned their solid black color for a brief moment before return back to normal again, as she turned the staff upside down. "And now...we open the door to eternal...freedom." she declared, as she uncovered the other end of her staff. Revealing it to be the end of a key (or rather the bit part of an old fashion key, which is the end that you insert into the keyhole).

Ethan stood up, ready to make his move. "Ok! Muldvaarp is the guardian of the door. Keeper of the key. We gotta get the key away from her and she can't open that door." stated Ethan determinedly, as he went over the plan with the others. He watched as Muldvaarp approached the door on the ground. Feeling amped, Ethan then looked back behind him at Sarah and Erica real quick. "How do you two feel?" he asked them.

"Better. But I don't think I can fight." answered Sarah, a little uncertainly to the seer.

"Figure out how to get those kids outta here. I'm going after my sister." he said to her determinedly with confidence, although the short breaths he took in between his words also gave off the impression that he was also a bit nervous and scared, as well. Hoping that everything will go as plan and he's able to save his little sister and the rest of the kids in time.

Sarah, Rory, and Erica all took off at vampire speed to do their part of the plan, while Ethan and Benny stayed behind for a minute until they saw their opening to move in to join the fight to the stop Muldvaarp.

Val (aka, Muldvaarp) placed the end of the key into the keyhole that was on the door. Once the key was inserted, she turned the key to unlock the old looking door on the ground. She then removed the key and took a step back away from the door, as the door suddenly then opened up on it's own. There was a swirling purple vortex that laid just beyond the now wide-open door. It was the portal to the Underworld.

"Single file to eternal freedom." said Val happily, as she looked at the portal in glee.

When she turned around she saw Ethan and Benny coming towards them. "Get away from my sister!" demanded Ethan bravely to the demon Mole Scout leader. Val was surprised to see them and she was even more surprised to see that all the kids were missing, except for Jane.

"Where are all my little ones?" asked Val surprisingly with concern.

Erica and Sarah were both busy off in the tree line, struggling in trying to keep all the kids back from the door and Val. It was tough, but somehow they managed to hold them back.

"They're in better hands, now." commented Ethan, after looking over to where the girls were holding the rest of the Mole Scouts back at.

"Relax, you Moleo maniacs!" yelled Erica in annoyance to the group of kids behind her that she was trying to hold back. They were really starting to get on her nerves, now.

"Erica, stop yelling at them!" shouted Sarah in a scolding like tone to Erica, while also trying to hold back her cluster of kids, as well. She knew how her best friend has a bit of a short temper, nowadays, ever since she became a vampire. And she really didn't want Erica losing it and winding up biting one of the kids, either.

"Why won't they just nap?" asked/whined Erica desperately to her, then. She doesn't remember looking after little kids being this hard, back when she used to be human and babysat.

"I got this!" said Benny confidently, as he then started to recite a spell in Latin.

Val then started to look upset and worried about what was happening. As Benny raised his hand to cast the spell, Val anxiously raised her staff and fired a red blast of light at him before he could finish casting the spell. The light hit Benny and stunned him real quick, as he let out a small squeal of pain before falling to the ground.

"Ah! That stings. You guys are on your own." declared Benny in defeated and slight pain, as he laid there on his back sprawled out with his head lifted slightly up before then dropping it back to the ground again.

Ethan was all confident at first when he had his best friend there beside him, but now that he's down for the count, Ethan began to panic a little. He didn't think that she could do that! Now, he felt defenseless and scared since he was now on his own against this demon mole girl.

Seeing Ethan on his own now, Val took a step forward towards him. But was then blocked as Rory suddenly jumped out of nowhere between them.

"Benny!" exclaimed Rory exuberantly with cheer, as he held his arms out wide in a 'ta-da' like pose with a big goofy smile on his face.

"Knock it off, Rory." replied Benny, who was still conscious on the ground but still in pain, though. As she continued to lay there still in the same position, before lowering his head back down to the ground again.

Rory and Ethan both took a quick look at the downed spellmaster before looking back at Val, who didn't seem too pleased at the moment. "You're ruining my fun! Stop it!" demanded Val childishly in an upset tone.

But Rory wasn't phased by her childish and bratty little demand, though. As he stood his ground and glared at her sternly. "Why don't you make me." dared Rory in a serious and authoritative like tone to the demon.

But Val also wasn't phased by Rory's authoritative/brave gesture, either. Instead, she gave him this look that said 'alright, then! I will!' before she the head of her staff began to glow red again. Then she quickly thrust it towards Rory's direction, releasing the red glow from it and firing it at him. Just like she did before to Benny. The red light hit Rory but thanks to his durability as a vampire he was able to withstand the attack (along with the pain that came with it) and stay on his feet. But when Val saw that her attack wasn't as effected on him as it was on his little magic friend on the ground, she did it again. And again. And again.

"Ah! Ow! This...is...so painful!" cried out/stated Rory painfully between each blast that hit.

She kept doing it repeatedly which distracted her long enough for Ethan to quickly scramble on over to where his sister was standing. "Jane! Come on!" urged Ethan frantically in a hurry, as he tried to pull her along behind him to safety. But Jane wasn't going without a fight, as she struggled against his pulling.

Rory continued taking the hits from Val's staff one after the other, but this time he was close enough to grab hold of her staff, though. The two fought over it a little bit but Val was still blasting Rory with it, regardless of the struggle.

"Stop!" shouted Ethan desperately to Jane, as she continued to struggle against him.

After taking one hit from the staff, Rory was finally able to pry it from Val's grasp. Both of them fell to the ground then, although Rory was really feeling the pain from all those attacks he took. "Aaahh! Ow! My everything hurts!" cried out Rory in immense pain, as he laid there curled up in pain.

Looking up and over at the two briefly, Ethan noticed the staff laying there on the ground between them. "Rory! Grab Jane!" ordered Ethan quickly to the hurt vampire on the ground, as he rushed after the staff. Realizing that the thing must be the source of her power.

When he reached the staff and went to pick it up, Val also reached for the staff at the same time. Each one of them taking one end of the staff in their hands.

"That's mine! You're cheating!" whined/complained Val childishly like a spoiled brat, as she pulled and tugged on her end of the staff. But Ethan refused to let go of it, though. As he kept hold of his end of the staff/key.

"I must go through the door! Muldvaarp is coming!" insisted Jane, as she tried to walk towards the door with the portal in it. But Rory wouldn't let her, as she held onto her ankles with his hands to prevent her from going towards it. Regardless, of the amount of pain, he was still in after taking all those blasts. He wasn't about to let her go through that door, knowing what would happen.

That's when Ethan got an idea. "It's all yours, creep weasel!" said Ethan, as he let go of the staff suddenly which caused Val to stumble back a bit after losing her balance from him abruptly letting go of the other end. She wound up stumbling back and falling right into the doorway/portal but she was able to grab hold of the edge to prevent herself from falling completely into it, though.

"No fair! No fair!" exclaimed Val upsettingly in a bratty and childish like manner, as if she was little kid throwing a tantrum over something. Her eyes were all black, again, as she slowly began to slip further into the portal. It was almost like it was pulling her in, instead. Until she could no longer hold on and fell completely down into the portal.

Once Val was gone down the portal, Ethan immediately closed the door that led to the portal. After the door was closed all the way, it then disappeared in a small ripple of purple light. Leaving the ground looking as it did before the door was ever there, which was just grass and dirt.

"Hah! How do you like them doughnuts?!" quipped Ethan tauntingly to the now defeated demon mole girl, after the door had disappeared.

Suddenly, (now free from Val's evil mind control) Jane came running up to Ethan and gave him a big hug. "I don't know what happened. But I'm glad you guys' saved me." stated Jane in relief to her big brother, after ending the hug.

"Don't worry. You're safe." reassured Ethan back in relief to her, as he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. He was glad that it was all over with now and that all the kids are safe. "Everythings back to normal...ish." he said, removing his hand from her shoulder and taking a small look around him at the others.

The other kids had all stopped struggling and fighting against Sarah and Erica's blockade attempt, and instead stood there looking around in confusion at where they were. None of them remembering what all had happened to him over the past few days.

"Can someone finally help me?" piped in Benny groaningly, while still laying sprawled out on the ground on his back. Hearing his pathetic call for help, Ethan and Jane then went over to help him. "I think I need...someone with a vast knowledge of medical aid." he then commented lamely, as he felt a bit sore all over still.

"Ugh...Vampire down...Needs assistance." called out Rory feebly in pain, as well. Groaning from his place on the ground where he collapsed, too, after taking all those hits from the mole staff. He raised his hand in the air a little bit from his place on the ground to signal that he also needed some help, but then dropped it back down again as he felt too weak from the pain to even do that.

Once all the kids were safely returned to their homes, the gang thought it was best that they too go on home, as well. Now that the Piped Piper of kids has been dealt with and sent back to which she came from.

When Ethan and Jane got home, they saw that their mom had yet to return from wherever she wound up at, after eating the doughnuts. But Cammie was there, though, as she had been waiting for their return home.

"Oh, hey guys! You're back! I'm taking it this means you were successful in stopping Muldvaarp from dragging all of Whitechapel's kids to the Underworld, then?" greeted Cammie from the couch, as she wagged her tail happily. She was glad to see them safe and well.

"Yeah! And boy was she a little brat to deal with, too!" replied Ethan half-jokingly, as he sat down next to her on the couch as if he was exhausted.

"I don't even remember what all had happened while I was under her control, but I do know one thing, though. That I'm done with eating Moleos for a while. After that experience, it sorta turned me against them." commented Jane with a mock look of disgust on her face, as she cringed at just the thought of the doughnuts now. But then she paused for a brief second as if thinking about something real quick before speaking again. "At least...for now, anyway. Until next Moleo season comes around, that is!" she then chirped happily with a shrug and a big smile on her face. Even after all that had happened over the past couple of days, she's still a big fan of the doughnuts.

Ethan wondered if there was anything that would ever deter her from liking those things so much, but he guessed it's because she's still a little kid is why she likes them. And kids do love sugar.

"Anyway, I'm going upstairs to change and then just hang out in my room for now. Let me know when Mom gets home. Ok, Ethan?" said Jane, as she made her way towards the stairs.

"Sure, sis!" replied Ethan, as he watched her leave. Then he looked on the couch to see Cammie with her head down as if she was trying to sleep. He placed a hand on her head and started to pet her, making Cammie smile at the nice and comforting sensation it gave her. She loved being petted, as most pets do.

"I'm glad everything turned out alright for guys, even though I couldn't be there to help. And now everything is back to normal again. Well...as normal as it gets for us, that is." stated Cammie happily, as she laid there. She let out a small laugh at the end of her statement, knowing how their lives aren't as normal as they seem to be compared to everybody else's in town. But to her, it was still a pretty nice life to live, though. As long as she has her friends and family there to live it with. She smiled fondly at the thought.

"Thanks, Cam!" thanked Ethan. "So, how are you feeling? You look tired?" he then asked her.

Cammie just shrugged, still not bothering to lift her head from the couch. "Eh. Ok, I guess. I'm still sick as a dog, though. No pun intended...Ok, maybe I intend the pun just a little bit, though." replied/joked Cammie, chuckling amusingly at the end. "But Mrs. Weir's medicine has been doing the trick, though. Of course, that doesn't mean it'll make me better just like that and not be sick anymore. Colds don't work like that. So, it'll probably still be a few days before I'm back to my old self, again. But until then, the meds do help make being sick a little bit more bearable, though. So, I'm grateful for that." she said earnestly and sincerely.

"Well, that's good." said Ethan happily. "Oh! That reminds me! I still need to give you your next dose!" remembered Ethan suddenly.

Cammie rolled her eyes, feeling too lazy right now to move. "Ugh! Can it wait until later? I'm too comfy to want to move, right now." groaned Cammie tiredly, as she snuggled her head further against the couch cushion with a cozy-looking smile on her face.

Ethan smiled fondly at his canine companion. "Sure, Cam. It can wait until later. For now, just get some rest." he said sweetly to her, as he petted her on the head, again.

Cammie smiled at that and then closed her eyes to get some sleep. As she dozed off, Ethan leaned over to grab the tv remote and turned on the tv to find something good to watch while he waited for his mom to get home. He turned down the volume of the tv just a little, as not to disturb the slumbering Cammie any, while also soothingly petting her gently.

The next day, everything was back to normal as Ethan, Rory, and Benny came walking down the hallway at school. Discussing what all had happened last night once they got home.

"Grandma had no idea how she got to that single's resort in the Dominican." stated Benny lightheartedly, as he told Ethan about where his grandma had wound up at, after being brainwashed to leave town after eating those enchanted doughnuts.

"Mom ended up at Fun Fun Land. Jane was furious that she went without her." supplied Ethan lightheartedly back, as well. As he told him where his mom had wound up at herself after eating those tainted brainwashing doughnuts.

As they rounded the corner of the hallway, they met up with Sarah and Erica.

"Well, you two look better." complimented Benny a bit apprehensively to them.

"Thanks to your grandma getting rid of those tails, you escaped an epic butt-kicking." replied/informed Erica to him. Sounding a bit miffed at him for the whole thing, still.

"Hey, what was in that energy potion that you gave us? It actually worked." asked Sarah, as she changed the subject.

"A little of this. A little of that." replied Benny nonchalantly, before briefly pausing for a second with a grim expression on his face. "A lot of my blood." he then said grimly, not wanting to think about it. "Later!" he then said to them, after seeing the stunned looks on their faces at what he just admitted to them. Benny then walked off around them with Ethan and Rory awkwardly following along behind him.

"I drank Benny's blood? This is awful!" said Erica in disbelief and shock with a little bit of disgust thrown in, as well.

Benny momentarily looked back at the girls reluctantly as he kept walking down the hall with his friends. He couldn't hear them, but he had a feeling that they were probably talking about him and what he did, though. Before they could notice he was looking at them (and before he wound up accidentally bumping into someone on the way), he quickly turned back around and kept walking onward.

"Yeah! So, gross!" replied/cringed Sarah repulsively, sharing the same sentiment as her best friend. Or so she thought, anyway.

"No! You don't understand! I liked it! Sarah, it was the best! I can't stop thinking about it!" informed Erica incredulously in denial, while probably overreacting just a smidge about it, too. She hated the idea of drinking that nerd's blood and liking it as much as she did. It made her feel a bit unnerved and bothered by it.

"It's not your fault. Everything tastes good when you're hungry." replied Sarah kindly to her, as she tried to reassure her that it was ok and that she basically had nothing to be ashamed about, either. Then Sarah walked off past her and turned the corner that the boys had come from earlier. Leaving a still slightly worried and apprehensive looking Erica there alone.

Erica looked in the direction that the boys had gone in for a second before then shaking the horrid thoughts about Benny's blood out of her head. She then sighed to steel her nerves once again as she turned and walked off in the direction that Sarah had gone in.

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Sorry, for the lack of Cammie in this episode. For some reason I wanted her to be sick during this supernatural adventure with the gang. I guess, to show that even caynics get sick, too. And to show what happens when they do get sick (besides the usual symptoms one tends to have when sick), as well. Which is pretty much nothing except for the fact that they can't risk using their magic while they're sick due to it now being a bit unpredictable. Meaning, spells could do what they wanted them to do or just not do anything at all. So, it's better that they just don't use their magic while sick. But I promise you in the next episode that she'll be back and ready to assist the gang in their next supernatural adventure, though! ;D

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