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"Angels only have one dream, to be human" Angeal Hewely to Zack Fair in Final Fantasy Crisis Core

"So" Issei began fixing Xenovia with a cold glare that caused her hairs to stand on ende "care to give me full explanation as to why you are here?" he asked though his tone indicated that he would be thoroughly displeased if she didn't.

Xenovia sighed she knew tat Issei was not someone she could deny easily, nor was she willing to refuse him flat to his face and hang on the consequences. "well you see" the blue haired wielder of Durundel began. "ever since I was young I was thought that the Lord was the highest and that those who served and were faithful to him were blessed." She stopped after this trying to find the words that could best describe it "I followed that belief fanatically, when they discovered that I was a natural Holy Sword user they were ecstatic and I was allowed to keep Durundel." she stopped again but this time time it was so that she could gather the strength she needed "As an Exorcist for the church I performed many tasks, may of them were questionable. I believed that what I was doing was necessary for the Lord's word to be absolute."

Issei then spoke "so I take it when you found out that the one most high is no more all the guilt that you had been feeling returned for you now as your justification proved to be false" Issei summarised.

To which Xenovia nodded. "Yes you can say I despaired at the truth?" she answered.

Issei resisted the urge to sneer at Xenovia her weakness made him sick "Why do you hide what you truly feel?" the inner voice asked amused. "After all you are an excellent actor"

"You are aware that I am far beyond that point?" Issei asked. "After all I crossed that day the moment when I came into existence"

"Stop pretending to be the tragic villain" the voice chastised.

"Don't do that to me Mr. Hero, you are far more vile and twisted than I" Issei retorted. "And don't go telling me that we are the same I know who you are and what you have done" Issei stated.

The voice made a soun akin to a snort "You re far more intelligent than I gave you credit for yet you are still mother's puppet and by extension you are my puppet" it stated.

"Keep telling yourself that 'mother' influences your actions more than you know" Issei informed him. "Everything you have done is based on her function, no matter what you say you cannot change this fact and I have yet to lose to a person who is a SHINRA rookie" he stated. "Five times. Once in Nibelhiem he killed you then. Then in seven to eight years later you lost three times in a single day, not even your 'empty puppet' has suffered such a disgrace not to mention at the hour of your ascension the fifth time two years later you jinx it by impaling him with your sword yet again." Issei added. "Didn't you pay attention to what your clone did to you when he was a regular human or do you suffer memory loss?" Issei asked.

The voice didn't reply and Issei returned to his conversation with Xenovia. "Well I don't really have anywhere to go." Xenovia answered. "I might be labelled a rogue exorcist and have people sent after me so that they can 'reclaim' Durandal" she explained.

Issei could not help but let out a laugh at her situation. "I remember something you said" he stated "that you would 'bring judgement down upon others with your own two hands in the name of God.' ow you will be hunted down by your former compatriots for that exact reason" he laughed cruelly. "You humans never once cease to amaze me" he commented.

"You are saying that you're not human" Xenovia asked.

"Am I?" Issei asked rhetorically. "Am I a human being?" He laughed again though there were traces of bitterness to it. "No such luck I am a monster" Issei stated. "I think my duel with Kokabeil already showed you that" he explained. "do you know any human capable of sprouting a single wing?" Issei asked. "Do you anything that is capable of continuing to fight even after its heart has been impaled?" After looking at Xenovia as she was unable to come up with an answer Issei answered his own question for here "I think not." he stated.

"You find my situation amusing?" Xenovia asked shocked at Issei.

"No I find the hypocrisy of your former peers to be what is amusing" Issei responded. "You see I am quite sure that some of the higher echalons in the church knew yet they still preached out lies. For me this is amusing as I believe that nyone who found out may have either been excommunicated and publicly disgraced or just disappeared under mysterious circumstances. That is what I find amusing. It may be somewhat cruel but really is it uncalled for people like your Pope who have known the truth condemn others for discovering it when they too share the same sin" he explained.

"It is saddening" Xenovia admitted. "To think that those who claim to be the closest to the Lord are so corrupt."

"So you are smart, maybe you do understand why they do but given the nature of gods The Biblical God is a rare one" Issei said.

"What do you mean Xenovia?" asked.

"While some people keep Christianity running as a whole for profit unlike most other deities the Biblical god is one that deserves worship" Issei answered. Seeing Xenovia's confused expression he decided to elaborate. "You see most Deities are beings that while powerful and worshipped are only truly concerned about themselves and obsessed with their own divinity that is why they are so detestable and despicable. You could say that there was no God that was truly benevolent. Now you see this is where the Biblical God differs to the rest. I am unaware if the Biblical God even has a gender so I will refer to him or her as 'The Lord' so you don't get confused. As I was saying The Lord has actually shown more interest in the affairs of us mere mortals than any other and if you have followed his teachings instead of following orders maybe you would understand. I suspect that The Lords death was not so much as being slain but more an act of Sacrifice. While I personally don't condone the Arch Angel Michael's actions as pretending to play God there must be reason that his creator had him take the position possibly temporarily." Issei explained. "Most of this is just guess work but I do believe there is something larger at play here" he admitted. "After all I have a Sadist with a messiah complex stuck inside my mind" he thought.

Xenovia took a few minutes to take all of this in. "I think I understand" she said.

"Issei looked at her and shrugged. "You needed guidance, I was happy to oblige" he answered.

"Thank you" Xenovia said. "When we first met you quoted something to me and Irina called it LOVELESS, can you explain it to me? She asked.

"No, don't answer you're as bad as he is. Once you get started you never stop" The inner voice said with some irritation

Issei smiled warmly "You desire the gift?" he asked delighted. Before Xenovia could respond Issei spoke again. You see LOVELESS is a poem with five acts. The fifth of which is lost leaving us to decide what it is. Now it is about three friends the hero, the wanderer, and the prisoner. Issei smiled genuinely though some of his smile was due to the agitated groans he could here in the back of his head. He began to explain and recite LOVELESS to Xenovia.

About three hours later a very mentally tired and exhausted Xenovia left. "I take it back you are worse than Genesis" the inner voice commented.

"Are you sure?" Issei asked. "After all I do not use it as an answer as often as he does"

"You have still used it as an explanation" The voice commented dryly.

"Sometimes it is safer as well as overall better to let them guess than to tell them upfront" Issei replied.

"Which one is the real you?" the voice asked.

"Sometimes even I don't know maybe both maybe none" Issei replied. "Though I am sure you do" Issei added.

"Perhaps" the voice answered. "Perhaps."

Issei closed is eyes and breathed in deeply. His body ached he could feel it throbbing. "I don't much time left" he commented. "The degradation is in its final stages."

"Yes soon, it will be time" the voice stated. "I wonder what form your body will take as it finishes?"

"Hopefully nothing like your ultimate form" Issei replied. "There is too many wings only one arm and no legs not to mention it make you look like you have a messiah complex."

"I do" The voice answered. Before it quoted itself. "I have been chosen to rule this world."

Issei happily destroyed its delusions "This is not your world" he reminded it. "The only place you exist is inside my head."

The inner voice snorted at this "That is more than sufficient" it stated. "I only need one person. A single puppet is that is required"

"Beings like ourselves are not considered people" Issei reminded him "remember we are monsters. Also just so you know one of your puppets a particularly empty one defeated you."

"Only humans call us that, they fear what they do not understand and cannot accept it" The voice stated.

"Your actions gave them every reason to fear and hate you" Issei replied.

"This discussion is going nowhere we both have our own agendas thankfully they coincide with each other, let us agree on there" It said with finality.

"Fine I guess so" Issei replied shrugging before he decided to get up and walk out. "I will do so for now." he added as he left letting the voice know in no uncertain terms that he is not one to be used.

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Date of Birth: Unknown, There are no records, suspected of being fifteen to fourteen years ago

Place of Birth: Unknown, There are no records given his appearance he is suspected of being of Japanese

Parent or guardians: None recently deceased.

Noticeable traits: Used to have Brown hair, it now is silver, His eyes are like that of of a reptilian green and slitted. They also glow. He has average build. Is capable of sprouting a single black wing that has a sickly appearance.

Race: Appears at first to be human but might be something else entirely. He said that his is the clone of two beings that where made with the cells of an Alien being that has attempted to wipe out all life on the planet at least two thousand years ago, He has also claimed that being's pure strain of cells were injected into his bloodstream before he had fully formed in the artificial womb.

Skills: Has apparently mastered swordsmanship and has demonstrated this several occasions, Is suspected of being an expert manipulator and a charismatic leader. He has also demonstrated his ability to be a skilled actor and is excellent at deceiving people if he so desires.

Powers: Is capable of free flight when he sprouts a singular twisted black wing, Has immense strength as well as incredible endurance, resilient enough to survive his heart being stabbed through by excalibur and then defeat a powerful foe with not much to little effort. Is capable of negating the powers and magic of others. He seems to be able to manifest a blade out of thin are, an overly long Nodachi that he has called on occasion masamune. Is able to distance himself emotionally in an out of combat. He is also highly perceptive and to date he has been able to notice almost everything to a frightening degree even the most minuscule of details don't escape him.

Weaknesses: None that have been found useful so far. He does seem to care for those who are discriminated against. Examples being Kenoko Tojou and Asia Argento. He has also displayed some loyalty towards childhood friends example when he save Irina Shidou taking the blow meant for her. None of these are able to exploit as it is possible that he would discard them if they became a hindrance. He has a lack of empathy or he pretends to, sometimes he does not know who he is. It has also been discovered that he is suffering from an illness called degradation that id killing him slowly. Despite this he seems to have only gotten stronger or is only starting to reveal his strength. He has also demonstrated that he finds it hard to trust others and that once the trust is lost it is extremely difficult if not near impossible for you to regain it.

Hobbies: He seems to enjoy cooking gardening and practicing slicing (people). Issei Hyoudou also seems to enjoy reading literature. military classics seem to be his favourite. He has also shown a love of cats as well as dogs and seems to enjoy their company to others, though he has yet to own one himself. He also has shown a sense of humour that can be varied from regular to sadistic and cruel. He also has a large dislike for Yaoi fan fictions and gets extremely violent when he see's himself in one.

Notes: He is an enigma that cannot be controlled he has admitted to others that he has a plan which sound bizarre as well as confusing. He refers to something as mother though we are unsure what he is referring to though it is possible that he was acting for that part. Issei Hyouou has no respect for any from of authority and will rebel against it because he dislikes that someone may be influencing him directly or indirectly. It is still possible that he has a secret agenda but that is still unknown. His personality is a contradiction and we suspect that he is not mentally stable. On that it is suspected that some outside force is driving him or that his bitterness about his condition is responsible but currently it is unknown. Overall though is nature is to be unpredictable whoever manages to have them on their side will have a definite advantage this is if they can curb the worst of his rebellious nature. while he is capable of being polite Issei Hyoudou will no hesitate to tell you what he thinks of your character. In sort Issei Hyoudou is a mass of contradictions which need to be sorted out before it is to late. He has also demonstrated sociopathic tendencies but is capable of feeling regret and empathy towards others on a small level.

Michael sighed as he read the report. While he was able to understand that from his meeting Issei he could not help but feel that there was more to the boy. He did not know what it was a spark of nobility or a hint of goodness but the boy was not well at least at his core he was not the person with sociopathic tendencies he pretended to be. "I guess we will only find out what his plan is once he has already begun or it is too late to stop it" Michael said to himself. "But I hope that whatever it is, his plan or his goal isn't something the world as a whole will regret." Sighing and filing away the updated report on Hyoudo Arch-Angel Michael returned to his duties and responsibilities as the head of Heaven.

Issei looked down at the ruins of his favourite coffee table and sighed. "So which one of you here is going to volunteer to pay for this?" he asked looking from Xenovia to Koneko. Two said girls had a combination between guilty, terrified and indignant looks on their faces. "When I said pay I didn't mean I was going to beat you within an inch of your life though that would be amusing it wouldn't bring back my table." He explained. "By 'pay' I meant cover the cost for the repairs."

"Uh Issei-kun?" Irina asked from behind him "Why are you well not upset over this?"

"Who says I am not upset?" Issei answered his childhood friend. "Of course I am perhaps I should be more physical in my emotions is that what you are suggesting?" he asked.

Irina Shidou put both of her hands in front of her waving them while she answered. "No, no not at all. In fact I am quite happy that you well you know haven't."

Issei sighed at her there were very few ways to press his buttons and while he was possessive let none say that Issei Hyoudou is unreasonable. "heh people" he snorted before walking out. As he left the apartment he called out to them "I still expect one of you to fix it."

As he walked out Irina an Asia let out a sigh of relief. "That was too close" Irina stated.

"I was worried that since he was so possessive he might actually hurt someone" Asia admitted. "But I am glad that he isn't."

Issei then comically popped his head through the door. "Oh there is no need to worry if someone doesn't fix that there will be hell to pay". Beforee they could respond he added "Oh and by the way I do enjoy contradicting people." And with that he had once again left.

"What a strange guy" Xenovia said. She was confused as to his mood swings. That is to say she was also confused about his personality as well.

Issei had been out for half an hour when he say a dark silver haired boy with blue eyes that were lined ultramarine who seemed familiar. The late teen walked up to him and said "we meet again one winged angel."

Issei smiled as he recognised who the voice belonged to "touché butt dragon emperor"

The 'butt' Dragon emperor seemed to be taken aback Issei's remark. "How did you know about that?" he asked confused.

"Well you did name yourself to me when we last met so I did a little research on the embarrassing title of yours" Issei explained. "Though one does wonder why are you called it?"

Vali sighed "Truth is I have no idea" he admitted.

"I take it finding out your eternal rival was a girl and a pervert at that was not good?" Issei asked knowing what Aika Kiryuu would most likely have done.

Vali shuddered almost imperceptibly. "yes my declaration to her was well 'interrupted' per say" he answered.

"I don't want to know" Issei stated "though" he said looking at the chain on Vali's side "I take it that is more than a fashion statement?" he asked curious.

"Vali was confused at first then he realised that Issei was mentioning his silver chain. "Oh this its just a fashion statement though it does have some practical use" he admitted.

"You want something?" Issei asked finally not really interested in the idle chatter.

"As always you prefer to be straight and to the point" the voice noted "you remind me of some one I know really well" it sated.

"Sometimes I wonder if you have anything better to do?" Issei asked it.

"There are only two minds that I know of that I can enter yours is the only one that doesn't loathe me" it answered.

"Whatever" Issei replied as he paid attention to Vali's answer.

"I take it that you met the Kaos brigade recently?" Vali asked.

"Yeah" Issei answered giving a cruel grin. "One could say I got to know them real well." he stated with a laugh.

Vali had seen the state that his associates had been when Ophis had extracted them and couldn't help but laugh as well "yeah you really did a number on those five" he agreed. "That Cao Cao for all his scheming he didn't really take into account that you aren't the type of person who would serve anyone but himself."

Issei smirk turned into a sneer "Don't talk to me about that after all I am not a slave to my desires."

"The is correct you are a slave to mine" the inner voice stated.

"Keep dreaming though I have no desire to see what you dram" Issei mentally replied.

"Hey now that was uncalled for" Vali stated in mock offence.

"Well at least you don't deny it" Issei replied. "Unlike some others" he thought.

"I heard that" the voice stated it didn't sound impressed.

"You were meant to" Issei replied. "What is the point of taunting someone if they cannot here you?" he asked.

"You never cease to amaze me brother" The voice said. "The fact that you can hold two conversations without one party being aware of the other is makes you very a skilled manipulator and excellent at multitasking."

"So what do you want?" Issei asked. "last I checked you worked for the fallen" he stated. "Did you switch loyalties?"

"In a sense yes" Vali answered. "Though can you not refer to them like that you make the Grigori sound too ominous"

"They aren't?" Issei asked playfully in mock surprise though in truth he was disappointed. "I thought that those who fell from the lords grace would be, I not sure but bitter at it." he stated. "on the other hand that reminds me of something I read. That one of those fallen when he was caste out to found himself all alone in the world of mortals. To ensure that he would not be alone the fallen Angel tore himself in two" Issei finished. "I rather hoped that he was real" Issei admitted. "The world would be far more interesting then."

Vali looked shocked and somewhat horrified at what he had been told "That's totally fucked up on so many levels" he stated. "Just what kind of books to you read?" he asked.

"I usually read classic literature though I do enjoy the good horror story or thriller when the mood strikes me" Issei answered.

"That is messed up" Vali agreed his mind still reeling room what he had been told. "You think that the world would be more interesting if the guy existed? Who would want anything like that in this world?" he asked.

"For someone who only cares about fighting wouldn't you want to fight him?" Issei responded.

"Like hell I would" Vali responded "I wouldn't step within a hundred square kilometres of such a being."

"Well that is too bad" Issei answered. "you see the more 'fucked up' part as to put it in your language was killed by his other half" Issei explained.

"What how does one kill themselves?" Vali asked. "And more importantly why?"

"To answer your first question I know someone who is an expert in being defeated by himself" Issei answered.

"That was uncalled for" the voice answered.

"It's the truth" Issei reminded it "and to your second question its complicated" he answered. "To explain it I would have to say it was a combination of may things amnesia and love being the most prominent two" Issei explained.

"I am not touching any book that you recommend to me" Vali stated flatly.

Issei smiled evilly "Even when the book is titled the 'the Meaning of Revenge'?" he asked magically waving said book in front of Vali for the White dragon emperor to see. "Ah well I guess you really don't want to put that bastard in his place" Issei stated before beginning to put the book back into his pocket.

"Wait?" Vali asked. "How do you know about that?"

"I did my research" Issei answered all the playfulness gone from his voice even his posture and facial features had turned blank. Relaxed but reserved it set Vali on edge.

"So what will I have to do for you to give me that book?" Vali asked from what he had heard of it that book was his once chance at beating his biological grandfather.

"Well its not what you have to do its what you don't have to do" Issei answered.

"Ah" Vali stated realising. "You don't want me to betray the Grigori."

"Oh betraying them is fine" Issei stated. "More like your allegiance to Kaos brigade is more like it" Issei replied.

"Is that an offer?" Vali asked. "Are you telling me that you intend to start your own faction?"

"Perhaps" Issei answered not giving Vali a clear answer perhaps. "If you want this" He gestured at the book the one he had written and published under the name of Lazard Deusericus.

"I'll think about it" Vali answered. Before teleporting away.

"Good" Issei said to himself.

"You have planted the seeds of destruction" The voice said. "You are the type of person ho would set the world alight just so that you could watch it burn" It noted "This will be interesting."

Issei nodded in agreement "That it will be."

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