Barry Allen walked down the halls of S.T.A.R. Labs with Dr. Wells' wheelchair rolling along beside him, he had one hand rested on the back of the wheelchair as he spoke, hoping that Dr. Wells could help him. "It's just...I told her how I felt and she just didn't say anything. Then at the party she was all cuddled up with Eddie and barely said a word to me and I don't know what to do," he said, looking down at the older man.

Harrison Wells regarded the young metahuman with a thoughtful look, "Barry, I am a colleague of yours. I am not your boss, I am not your therapist and I am most certainly," he stopped and raised an eyebrow at Barry. "Not unproffesional, and this conversation is unproffesional.

Barry sighed and nodded. "You're right. I'm-"

He was interrupted. "However," Dr. Wells continued. "That being said, I think you're being impatient. Iris is a woman who is currently involved in a relationship with another man. For you to spring this on her and expect to her to just fall at your feet, it's unfair. You need to give her time to think, you certainly gave her a lot to think about. I mean, for years, you've been a brother to her."

The younger man clenched his teeth. "I didn't expect her to fall at my feet, and I know she's seen me like a brother, but it's more unfair for her to just ignore me and be all...hands on with Eddie at the party."

Dr. Wells pulled his glasses off and set them in his lap, he rubbed his forehead. "I'm not saying what Iris did was justified, but she is bound to Eddie. I mean he just asked her to move in, it'd be unfair to Eddie for her to not give all of her attention to him. Put yourself in her position."

Barry scrunched up his nose. "Eh, I don't think I'm comfortable with that."

"Not her exact position, with Eddie. But in her situation, if someone like...Caitlin suddenly told you she loved you, how would you react? Would you break up with the girl that you were probably planning to marry to be with Caitlin, just because of her feelings for you? What if you didn't return them?"

The click of heels approaching them made them suspect it was the aforementioned woman herself, but the cleared throat and sharp tone confirmed it. "What if she didn't have them in the first place?" she said, slightly confused.

Barry blushed and scratched the back of his head. "Oh, h-hi. Dr. Wells was just...helping me. With the Iris situation. The whole...botched confession," he said, chewing on his lip.

"I see," Caitlin surveyed them both, her usual sternness softening slightly. "Well, I'm glad you two are bonding, but we've got a situation."

"W-we weren't bonding," Barry stammered quietly.

However, Dr. Wells spoke up. "What kind of situation?"

"You hear of an organization called Hydra?" She caught Dr. Wells' face and shook her head. "Me neither. Well this Hydra turned up on the search monitor that Felicity installed last time she was here, it monitors all search systems, police, domestic, etcetera, for any keywords or phrases you specify it to. Cisco had it tuned to words like 'metahuman' and 'superhuman'. We thought it'd be a long shot, but this was pinged," she held out the paper that she'd been holding, which Barry only just now noticed.

Dr. Wells slipped his glasses back on and took the paper from Caitlin. His eyes scanned the page, a touch of alarm appearing on his face. "Are you sure about this?" he asked, looking up to meet Caitlin's wary gaze.

She nodded as Barry took the paper from Wells. The paper was transcript of a news report from Puerto Rico, the translation read: The collapse of Ponce De Leon theater came as a shock to everyone. The cause of the collapse can't be found, but a man - who prefers to remain anonymous - came out of the rubble claiming that it was caused by superhumans. He said a woman named Raina is involved and that she works for an organization named Hydra. He also mentioned a Daniel Whitehall, claiming he too was involved.

Barry frowned. "I don't understand, a superhuman caused the building to collapse, what does that mean?" he asked, looking at Dr. Wells, who was frowning.

"It means that we have a situation," he said, his wheelchair accelerating forwards, down the hall towards the main lab area.

The three continued in silence till they reached the lab where Cisco sat at the computer, scrolling through search results. He looked up as they entered and he spun his chair around to face them. "I've been reading up on this Hydra, they're into some pretty shady stuff. They're a group of mostly Nazi's, that is, were. Back during World War II, they were a group of Nazi's who believed they were the subjects of a higher power, and I'm not taking sweet baby Jesus or Santa Claus. More like Yggdrasil and Odin."

"What does the Tree of Life have to do with this?" Barry asked, taking a seat.

"Their leader, Johann Schmidt, believed that Yggdrasil's power was in this cube thing, called a Tesseract. They practically worshipped this thing, believing that they were going to ascend or something. Well they were fighting America's super soldier back during World War II and he killed their leader, but as Hydra's motto went-"

Dr. Wells cut in, saying. "Cut off one head, two more shall take it's place?"

Cisco stopped and looked at him shocked, Caitlin's face mirroring his expression. "How did you know that?" Cisco asked, baffled.

"My college professor used to say that, he talked about the myth of the Hydra quite often, used to think it was the most intriguing creature in history," Dr. Wells seemed to almost be in a different time as he spoke, his eyes had a light to them and the ghost of a smile danced across his face.

"And?" Caitlin prompted.

He seemed to snap out of it. "And he was locked away after trying to decapitate himself, saying 'I am Hydra'. That's what really stuck with me, he didn't say he was 'a Hydra', he said 'am Hydra. It's peculiar."

Caitlin put one hand on the back of Barry's chair and leaned into it, biting her lip thoughtfully. "It could be like a mental state, he believes that he is Hydra. Like if you believe that you're, say a mouse, you'd say 'I am a mouse'. But if you believe that you're more than one mouse - or in this case, have more than one head - you'd say 'I am mice'." She looked up at Cisco, who was who she usually proposed ideas to. He was giving her a disbelieving look.

Barry sighed and glanced at Dr. Wells, slightly disturbed by his story. "So, even if this guy truly believed he was some mythical creature, how does this solve our problem of a...superhuman?"

Cisco spun his chair so he was facing his desk again. "Well, Felicity - the computer goddess - gave us the ability to do this," he keyed in a few bits of code and a video feed popped up onto one of the screens to his left. He waved at theatrically, a grin on his lips.

"What are we seeing here?" Dr. Wells asked, leaning forwards in his wheelchair. He rubbed a hand over his face and it caught Caitlin's attention, she could read just how tired he was.

She wanted to send him home to get some rest, and a glass of brandy, but she wouldn't have been able to do that anymore. Maybe if it was before the accident, before he lost his legs, she would have gotten away with much more when it came to taking care of him. As much as Cisco and her took care of him now, he did the same for them, and then some.

Watching him now she had a flood of old memories, of him before. The way he was constantly smiling, the way he'd tap his foot when he was thinking, the annual S.T.A.R. Labs Christmas party, when he'd dance with everyone, even his favourite partner Ronnie. He'd seemed more alive back then, now he was just void of joy most of the time.

It broke her heart to see him, and to think of what he must have been like with his wife. If he'd been broken when she first met him, then he must have been an absolute joy with Tess, it made Caitlin hurt, seeing that the light in his eye was gone. When she first met him, he'd been almost how he was now, but the more he grew to know - and love - Caitlin, Cisco and...Ronnie. The more he'd learned to become a loving, joyful man, which he was not now.

She pulled herself out of the daze and looked at Cisco as he was excitingly motioning at the screen. "This is a video feed of just outside of the Ponce De Leon, I recovered it from broken satellite footage, which was also a gift from Felicity," he was grinning wildly.

Barry chuckled slightly, as Cisco rambled on, he focused on the screen, which displayed an alcove that was crumbling down, the rest of the building that was visible, it didn't look like it would stay standing for long. They all watched as two men came out, one holding the other up, they were followed by a young woman being carried by another man, who were then followed by another young man and woman, who were being accompanied by two older women.

A frown passed on Dr. Wells' face. "A whole team of people?" He asked. "What on earth were they doing?"

"Being suspicious?" Barry offered, leaning back. He didn't say another word after Caitlin and Wells gave him the same look, disapproval.

"Well, I know one thing for sure," said Caitlin, grabbing a chair from behind her and sitting down. "We don't have time for this, on top of dealing with the other metahuman, Opposite-Barry or whatever."

"Reverse-Flash!" Cisco piped in.

Barry and Caitlin gave him a look and Barry said. "That's pretty dumb."

"Actually, I kind of like it," Wells said, glancing at Cisco approvingly. It didn't seem like too strange behavior coming from him, but he also couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face. He'd never dreamed that Cisco's only good nickname would be for him.

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