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Homo Superior

Chapter 1

***Winchester, New York ***

The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning was a the first of it's kind. Unlike other places of Academia, the Xavier school offered a curriculum unmatched by any school in the world, save maybe S.H.I.E.L.D training facilities. Along with the regular studies any student would learn like Math, Science, Biology, and History, it also taught a less standard course. For it was here that mutant kind had found a safe haven, a place where they would not be feared or hated, and where they could learn to control their powers. A place to foster trust between Homo Superior and Homo Sapien.

All of these potential powerhouses under one roof, in a manner of speaking, might had been cause for concerns for many people. Not so for Charles Xavier, the world most powerful telepath. Of course he was not alone, by his side were the Uncanny X-men, mutants who had helped save the world many times over. Not many dared to cross them, and those that do often found themselves regretting it.

And so, on a bright and sunny day, it was here that Professor Charles Xavier found himself looking out of the window from his office, watching his students play a high-powered game of baseball. Logan was refereeing the match of course. Indestructible bones and a healing factor playing a large part in his lack of concern in regards to potential misfires.


"Yes, Jean?" the Founder of the School acknowledged his prized redheaded protege, Jean Grey. He knew that one day she would surpass him in terms of sheer power, if she hadn't already.

"The reports from this week budgets, and Scott had some potential changes to the danger room for you to look at. He said it would be a good way to surprise the students." Jean Grey, one of the original members of the X-men showed the paperwork for their headmaster to sign.

"Ah yes, let's see here," Xavier made a big show of looking down at the paper, and promptly signed his approval over the tweak to the extra curriculum without even taking the time to read it. If Scott wanted to change something, he would trust his pupil's judgment.

"Professor!" Jean half chided her mentor. She could swear that the older he grew, the more lax the professor seemed to have become.

"Well, I am not going to gainsay Mr. Summers," Professor Xavier smiled before looking out of the window again. "Now I do believe today is too perfect of a day to waste being cooped up inside. Perhaps the students would be inclined to let me participate in their game of baseball."

Jean rolled her eyes, but stepped aside to let the wheel chaired man pass. It was a shame to her that despite all of his power, he was unable make himself walk again. No sooner had he passed her than the com on her wrist beeped.

"Jean, Professor," Hank McCoy, aka Beast, spoke aloud over the speaker. "Cerebro just detected a power spike, it's came from an Omega level mutant."

The Professor and Jean looked at one another, alarmed. There were very few Omega level mutants in the world. Among them were the Professor himself, Magneto, and Apocalypse. There are others of course, Storm and Jean was among them, but their powers weren't on quite the same level, at least not yet. To find yet another one was alarming to say the least. He was hopeful of finding an ally, but at the same time, he was cautious should things turn out for the worse.

"Were is this Mutant located Mr. McCoy?" Professor X asked of his one time student.

"China, Professor." Hank replied before sounds of key click could be heard in the back ground. "I recommended you assembled the team right away, the power scale of this one is off the charts. There are also several other mutants signature nearby, two within the vicinity of the omega level mutant. I believe they are fighting each other."

The two Telepaths looked at one another in alarm before mentally calling for the X-men. They would get the details as they made their way over to China.

**** Hours later, Jusendo***

Ranma collapsed on his back, breathing hard. He did it. He killed Saffron, and now the little bastard has reverted into an egg. The fight itself was beyond a doubt the deadliest battle he had ever found himself in, the only thing that came close being his training in the Neko ken. Yet despite it all, what occupied his mind now was the transformation his fiancee and his rival appeared to have displayed during said battle.

'Was it magic from Jusenkyo?' he wondered. Why would Ryoga's skin turn completely into stone like that? Solid enough to be able to withstand Saffron's piercing heat no less. Then, there was the doll-like Akane that had been in his shirt. When he channeled his cold Ki, he felt the doll doing the same, and when Saffron's flames touched her, he was almost certain that the doll-like Akane had manipulated the flame somehow in his immediate vicinity to create little openings for him.

Well none of it mattered, as far as Ranma was concerned, it was par for the course. Of course Jusendo was a complete wreck, and the water that revived Akane was warm from the saturated heat in the area keeping him male. Akane herself was blinking at her hand in confusion. Not too far away from her was the still Stone-like Ryoga, staring at his own hands in fascination.

Ranma smirked a bit at that, he always knew Ryoga had rocks for brains, now it was a proven fact! He was just about to toss some insults toward his rival, when he sensed something different in the wind. Looking up he saw the odd disturbance in the air. It was as if something was cloaking itself in a poor version of the umi-sen-ken, yet the faint traces and distortion in the air already gave away it's location. Looking at Ryoga, he saw noticed the pig-curse boy was also looking up into the sky having sensed that something was off.

It was then that he felt a pressure or presence brushed itself against his mind. If he didn't know better, it was almost as if it was trying to read his thoughts, which he knew was impossible, as the only time he'd encountered something like that, there had been no sensation to warn him of the child's escapades in his mind. Yet the presence and pressure was there. By sheer force of will, he concentrated and angrily tried to rebuff the invasive presence. He felt genuine shock and surprise radiate from the invader before the thing removed itself from his mind.

"Akane, Ryoga! Watch out! Something's trying to invade our minds!" Ranma warned in real alarm, having realized that the presence might try to attack his friends next.

Akane, who had appeared slightly dazed from the Saffron battle, heard Ranma's warning and looked around in alarm. It was then another presence made itself known, this one felt softer, more feminine. That's when it spoke.

'Forgive our intrusion, the Professor just wanted to ascertain as to what happened here, we are landing, then we can meet face to face.'

Ranma, Ryoga, and Akane looked at each other wild eyed. There was no one else with them, but the voice sounded very loud and clear.

"Wh-Wha-What was that?!" Ryoga shouted in half hysterics. Just what he needed, another ghost haunting him!

Akane however, was more concerned that this female ghost might be yet another of Ranma fiancees, somehow. It was something that could happen she stubbornly believed, though given the chaos that surrounded them, this was one of her LESS crazy conclusions.

It was then the air kicked up around them and a heavy thud sound could be heard. Ranma saw that there was a deep indent in the ground not far from where they were standing. It looked as if something heavy landed in the area. A moment later, he was proven right as a black plane of some sort revealed itself.

No sooner had the black plane unveil itself that it's side opened up and a walk way extended to the ground. The first person that exited the plane was a bald headed old man in a wheelchair, followed by a pretty redheaded woman, flanked by a dangerous looking hairy man and a handsome man that was wearing some sort of visor over his eyes. They were all dressed in some sort of sleek streamline outfit. Some more colorful then others.

"My name is Charles Xavier, and I apologized for probing your minds earlier." the bald white man said in perfect Japanese before giving a formal bow.

The three Japanese teen was surprise by the gestured but acknowledge it. Ranma waved it off while Ryoga and Akane bowed back in kind.

"I see. So what brings ya out here?" Ranma asked waving at the destroyed area. Not exactly a tourist spot anymore, though even when it was it was a shitty tourist spot to begin with.

The bald man looked directly at Akane and Ryoga and seem to be communicating mentally with them if Ranma were to guess. A moment later, his guess appeared to be dead on the mark as Akane appeared to recoil in horror.

"What do you mean by I'm a mutant?!"

"What?! That can't be, I'm a martial artist is all!" Ryoga also chimed in, apparently having received the same news.

Ranma saw the bald crippled man looked sad at their reaction, he had heard of mutants on his travels. People born with special abilities that set them apart. When he was passing through the America's, the hatred for mutants appeared to be strong. He didn't particularly care, but what if he was a mutant too? Would his mother hold it against him? he worried.

"Please, it is nothing to be ashamed of," the redheaded woman explained, stepping forward with a kind expression on her face. "I myself did not want to believe I was different from others when I first learned of my ability to read minds."

Akane and Ryoga appeared to have stood closer to each other, as if for protection, but the Redhead woman continued on.

"I remember being able to hear the thoughts of everyone near me, of what they really thought about me, about each other. Hundred of voices all speaking at the same time, and I couldn't shut them out."

The Duo suddenly looked less belligerent, and instead appeared interested in the redhead's story.

"It was thanks to the Professor here that I was able to learn how to control my powers and filter out the voices. It was hard, but I wasn't alone. I had a group of friends that helped support me along the way. Friends that I found at the Xavier School for Higher Learning. A school you two can attend as well."

Akane suddenly look as if something occurred to her. "Wait two? Why not three? I mean we're all mutants, right?"

Ranma could see the bald man winced a bit at what Akane said. "Ms. Tendo, I apologize, but I did gather your name when I brushed up against your mind. Mutant is a derogatory terms for our kind. We are Homo Superior but that does not mean we are better, we are simply the next step in human evolution."

Akane blushed in embarrassment at the slight reprimanded but nodded.

"Of course that is not to say we don't use the terms ourselves, but as for two, only you and Mr. Hibiki are mutants, Mr. Saotome is not a mutant."

Ranma thought for sure he was going to be told he was a mutant, a mutant of bad luck or something if he had to guess. To find out he wasn't one was quite surprising.

"We would have to talk it over with your parents of course, but I have to say that being among hundreds of your peers that are also learning how to control their powers could be a very rewarding experience."

"There's more of you...them... us, out there?" Akane faltered a bit as she struggled to reconcile with the fact that she was a mutant.

"Oh my goodness yes, my school alone has five hundred in attendance, and more are coming into their powers everyday."

There was a moment of silence as Akane and Ryoga digested the new information.

"Now as to what brought us here, there was another mutant here, an omega level mutant that we detected here. Judging by the destruction around he or she was here. Where did that person go?"

"Omega level mutant?" Akane prompted curiously.

"Yes, Mutants are classified into types of power. You and Mr. Hibiki could be Alpha types. But Omega level mutants can cause wide spread destruction and are incredibly powerful. Some use their powers responsibly like me, Ms. Grey here, and Storm. Others... abuse it for their own ends."

Turning around in his wheelchair Professor Xavier observed the area. "Judging by the wide spread destruction, I would guess that the Omega mutant was a fire user."

"Um... Professor-san," Akane tentatively ventured. "If you were looking for the person who caused all this destruction, it was a being name Saffron... we thought he was magical in nature. I didn't think he was a mutant."

"Magic?" the Professor asked curiously.

"You don't believe in magic do you?" Akane sighed only to be surprised when the Professor nodded his head.

"We have encountered magic before, in fact one of our students mutation was of the magical nature."

"On. Well, in any case, he's over there."Akane said pointing at a little egg on the ground. The redhead, Ms. Grey. Walked over and picked up the egg staring at the pearl white shell.

"Professor! This.. this is the omega level mutant!" Jean marveled out loud. "I can sense his thoughts, they are both old and young at the same time. How is that possible? What is he?"

No sooner had Jean made her observation that the top of the eggshell cracked, revealing a humanoid figure with white locks of hair with a red little streak running down the middle. Upon closer inspection, the humanoid figure appeared to be like their other team mate, Angel, with the wings on the baby's back. However unlike Angel, this baby had sharper hand like claws.

Jean had to admit the little creature in her hand was absolutely adorable. She suppressed a coo when it's small frame tried to clear the rest of the egg shells in it's way while blinking it's eyes blearily. She couldn't help but compare it similar to a baby bird hatching. It was then the baby as if sensing her presence turn it's still closed eyes toward her.

Golden confused orbs revealed itself as the baby opened his eyes and saw the person holding him.

Jean didn't know what happened but the moment the baby eyed her, she felt a faint spike of the Phoenix entity present inside of her. Yet as quickly as she felt it, it disappeared, leaving her confused. Turning her attention back to the mutant egg in her hand she noticed that it's eyes had widened considerably, and it was now staring at her before it opened it mouth and changed her life.

"Mama?" the little winged being ventured as his eyes fixed upon the red head female before him. "Mama!"

"Wha? No... I..." Jean stuttered in denial but the little bird being simply gazed at her in adoration.

"Well well, I'll be, It looks like he imprinted on you Ms. Grey, Congratulations, it's a boy." Professor Xavier smiled at the completely flabbergasted looked on his protege's face. Behind him he could feel the mute surprise form his other two students.

"Ahaha!" Ranma laughed at what became of the former Lord of Jusendo, unknowingly drawing attention to himself.

"Ummm Professor?" Akane inquired softly to the older man as the other two men had made their way to the red head woman.

"Yes, Ms. Tendo?" Professor X responded kindly.

"You say Omega level mutants are powerful right? I mean what Saffron did, all around us, that is the power of an Omega level mutant?" Akane wave her arm as to encompass the entire area.

"That is correct," the Professor nodded sagely.

"Are you sure Ranma is not a mutant?" Akane asked seriously.

"No, Mr. Saotome does not appeared to have the X-Gene that Cerebro could detect. He is your average human," Professor X replied seriously making sure to not offend the young Mr. Saotome.

"If that's the case, then how did Ranma defeat Saffron?" Akane pointed out as she looked at her fiancee.

Ranma suddenly felt a lot more eyes on him, some speculative while other's was curious. Thankfully none of them were hostile.


AN: Days of the Future Past, saw it, and the latest X-men comic. This was the result. It simply won't leave me alone. So here it goes. I am still deciding if I should make it a Romp or Half serious. Maybe even all serious.

I am going to go with X-men not any time line in particular, Jean is still alive, but Emma and the Cuckoos are also at the school. Rouge is the young Rogue from in the movie, so is Iceman while Kitty is old enough to be a professor. Pretty much everything here and there. So I won't be bog down by any particular X-men timeframe.

Obviously Homo Superior is a play on the Mutant word by saying Superior Human. Which, Ranma is after a fashion.

Things I can see down the line is the encounter with Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Magneto, Juggernaut, Sentinels, and of course introducing Ranma to the Xavier School.

Also I am going with the mutants having secondary mutation. So Ryoga stone from is his second. Guess his first.

Not sure if I would continue this until I nail down a tone I wanna go with but I though it would be fun. As for Saffron being a mutant, why not? Apocalypse was an old ass mutant form Egypt, Saffron could be the same. One of thing I had in mind was that Saffron kept Apocalypse in check through the ages. That by the time they are done battling one another, Empires fell and both had to go back to their lair to heal respectively.

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