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I do realize Tim didn't write deep six until around season 4 and got the Porsche then but this fit for me.

"You let that son of a bitch talk to you like that?" Dean asked and Tim looked at him annoyed.

"Gibbs cares about his team, I'm part of his team. I've lied about my past and that can get me kicked out of NCIS and any other government agency job, he's just trying to stop that from happening."

"Still, he's pretty rude." Sam said.

"It's just the way he is."

"He kind of reminds me of Dad." Dean admitted. Tim stayed silent.

"So what, Tim? You leave because of dad, only to work for someone almost exactly like him?!" Dean snapped.

"I don't have to explain myself. Now would you mind following me to Gibbs house? You can go on with your lives after this. Please?" Tim asked.

"Why should we?" Sam asked annoyed.

"Because, you're my brothers. I know I disappeared but this job means a lot to me." Tim said and Dean sighed.

"Okay fine." Dean gave in.

"Thank you." All three of them headed down the building's stairs and out the front door.

"Where's your car?" Dean asked and Tim pointed at the Porsche Boxster.

"SWEET!" Dean exclaimed and Tim smiled.

"I see you got the Impala."

"Yeah, on my 16th birthday. Same as you, when you got the Camaro."

"Yeah. I was sad to find out it was totaled beyond repair."

"So your new sugar daddy bought you a Porsche?" Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No. I wrote a book and bought it myself."

"Huh. Okay let's go. Lead the way."

30 minutes later, they pulled into Gibbs' driveway. They all got out of the cars and headed for the door.

"How much do you want to tell this guy?" Sam asked.

"Everything." Tim admitted.

"if he wasn't going to kick you out of his team. He definitely will now." Dean commented seriously.

"I just have to trust that he trusts me." Tim said and opened the front door.

"He doesn't lock his door?" Sam asked and Tim shook his head.

"No, far as I know." Tim said and they headed in. He then lead them to to the stairs to the basement.

"Why the basement?"

"He's building a boat."

"What?" Dean asked confused.

"Just... Come will you?" Tim said.

"You weren't kidding." Dean whistled as he laid eyes on the half complete boat.

"Hey, buddy. You know you should've built it in the garage? How are you gonna get it out?" Dean asked Gibbs as they hit the foot of the stairs.

"That's my problem." Gibbs said.

"Okay Gibbs, I think we should sit down somewhere." Tim said slowly and Gibbs raised an eyebrow. He then walked past them and up the stairs, they followed and found his sitting on the couch.

"This is going to sound like all kinds of crazy, Boss... But it's all true, you've got to trust me."

"Alright McGee."

"November 2nd, 1983 our mother, Mary Winchester was murdered. The police said it was just a fire, but our dad knew better. He had run into Sam's nursery when our mom screamed and found her pinned on the ceiling. We managed to escape."

"How'd she get on the ceiling?" Gibbs asked.

"I was getting to that, Gibbs. The thing that killed her. Yes thing." Tim said at Gibbs' eyebrow being raised. "We later found out was not human. You see Gibbs, all the horror movies? Ghosts, werewolves, demons... They're all real. And... We hunted them."


"Okay?! Are YOU okay?" Dean asked incredulous at Gibbs response.

"Dean, shut up for a second. You believe me, Gibbs?" Tim asked stunned.

"Yes. I do." Gibbs said.

"Why?" Tim asked and Gibbs stared at him.

"Because, McGee. You think in all the years in the corps, NIS and then NCIS, I haven't seen my fair share of weird things?"

"Well I'm sure you have, Gibbs, but..."

"McGee, I believe you. So you guys hunted them, then what?"

"I realized this is no life for kids. Living in motels, always on the move, being trained to fight, etc. I was getting sick of it. Dad was treating us like soldiers, not kids."

"He was just trying to protect us, Tim." Dean muttered.

"Maybe, Dean. But it was still wrong."

"How was it wrong! We know what's out there now, we know how to keep ourselves safe from it. Instead of being as helpless as the people we save."

"Hey!" Gibbs yelled and Tim and Dean looked at him.

"So your dad, he went missing while hunting?" Dean nodded.

"Yeah, he usually goes for days on end, but not this long."

"Where was he heading?"

"Palo Alto, California."

"You check it out?" Gibbs asked.

"Not yet. Sam wanted to find Tim." Dean said with slight annoyance.

"You wanna go, McGee?" Gibbs asked and Tim shook his head.

"No, I want to find Ari." Gibbs nodded.

"Okay then. Any other problems?"

"Yeah. Who is Ari and why is he more important than dad?" Sam asked.

"Ari, is a terrorist who just shot and killed one of my team members. Just to spite Gibbs."

"This is more important to you than family?" Dean asked angrily.

"Family doesn't end in blood, Dean." Tim said.

"Whatever. Sam lets just go."

"Dean... You guys know if you need me, I'll come?" Tim said a Dean looked over at him.

"Yeah of course." Dean answered softly.

"You have my number." Tim said and Sam nodded.


"You guys call me if you need me okay? You promise?" His younger brothers nodded, and left.

"You sure you want to stay?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah... You really believe all this, boss?"

"McGee, I saw my wife and child when they were dead. I spoke to Kate tonight while she sat next to me in my truck. I've seen a Marine go rabid and bite another. At that moment, none of it made sense, I just thought I was crazy. I dealt with it."

"So... I can keep my job?" Gibbs smiled.

"Yeah, kid. Of course you do." Gibbs said patting Tim on the back.

"See you tomorrow, boss. Let's get that SOB." McGee said.

"Yeah. McGee, be careful." Gibbs said and Tim nodded before heading home.

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