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"So in the description it's says Naruto will have vector control and the title says acceleration. Could Naruto have Accelerator's powers from To Aru Majutsu No Index?

You would be correct. Naruto will have Accelerator's powers and will even use the name for reasons that will be revealed if you read the chapter. If you don't know what Accelerator's powers are he can control vectors. If you don't know what vectors are look it up.

"Then shouldn't this be a crossover fic?"

Well yes, but other than Naruto's powers nothing from To Aru Majutsu No Index will be brought over, so it's not really a crossover. If you believe otherwise then I'm sorry; feel free to write angry review telling me about how stupid I am.

"Isn't this fic similar to you other fanfic?

Yes, but I felt that fanfic was just missing something and I think this fanfic will be a lot better. Don't worry only the initial premise is similar and I promise this fanfic we have its own story completely different from the other one.

"Are you abandoning your other fanfic?

No, that story will still go on its just going to be put on the backburner for a little bit while I work on this one.

Now that some of your questions have been answered let's jump right in.

It was over after a long battle the Kyuubi was defeated. It was not without its costs, however. The third Hokage had to give his life to seal the demon. The fourth Hokage and his wife were alive, but unconscious in the hospital and were predicted to stay unconscious for at least a week. No one could blame them however as fighting the Kyuubi and giving birth to triplets would take it out of anyone.

There was a problem though someone had to take care of the triplets while the parents were recovering. It was decided that the Sannin would each take one and keep it safe until Minato or Kushina woke up.

Jiraiya got the most important of the bunch. A little girl by the name of Naruko (Kushina had told Jiraiya the names of all her kids before she passed out) the leaf's new jinchuriki. Tsunade was given the other girl; Minima. She had the Kyuubi's leftover chakra sealed inside her: about one tails worth.

The last and only boy of the bunch Naruto was given to Orochimaru. This was a little strange because Orochimaru didn't seem like a person who would willing take care of a kid, but he seemed eager to get Naruto. Later Jiraiya and Tsunade would say he was too eager. Naruto didn't have anything from the Kyuubi or if he did get any chakra from kyuubi it was minimal.

After the Kids were given to each Sannin Orochimaru took off to his lab with an evil grin on his face. When he got to his lab he set Naruto down on a table and started packing. Today he was going to leave Konoha. It was a little earlier then planed, but he wanted to take his new test subject with him and he wouldn't have him for long. Yes he had special plans for the son of the Hokage.

When Orochimaru finished he warped Naruto in a blanket to hide him from view and quickly escaped the village. It wasn't hard everyone was still disorganized due to the Kyuubi. He escaped without anyone noticing.

Kushina eyes opened slowly still trying to adjust to the light. Once she was able to accomplish that. She looked around to see she was in a hospital room. Once she realized she was in a hospital room her mind went in to overdrive trying to remember what had happened. Then she shot up. "Minato, The kids, Where are they?" Kushina started to panic. She was going to get out of bed and leave the hospital when the door opened.

"Kushina you're awake!" Minato said as he ran into Kushina line of vision carrying two baby girls.

"Minato thank goodness you're ok and a those my babies?" Kushina said holding her hands out. "Let me hold them." Minato smiled as he gave them to Kushina who embraced them. "They're so warm, but where's Naruto?" she asked.

That's when Minato mood changed from happy to depressed. "There something I need to tell you." Minato told her how he had woken up two days earlier and how Orochimaru took Naruto. "Don't worry Kushina we'll find him. I have every anbu team under me along with Jiraiya's spy network looking everywhere. We'll catch Orochimaru."

None of Minato's words could clam Kushina, however, as she was crying and holding Naruko and Minima even closer. "But why would he take him? What is he planning on doing with my baby boy?" Kushina sobbed.

Minato hesitated for a moment. He wasn't sure if he should tell Kushina what they had found so far. It would just make her depressed, but in the end Minato figured Kushina would force him to tell her anyways. "We found a lab. It looks like it was being used for human experiments." Minato said bracing himself for Kushina reaction.

The look on Kushina's face was pure horror. "He took my son to be used for his sick experiments." Kushina said as her eyes darkened. "Minato when you find Orochimaru I want you to bring him to me so I can rip him limb from limb." She said sounding angry and sad all at the same time.

"I'll make sure of it." Minato said a little terrified. "How about we head home?"

*3 Years Later*

Kushina was sitting on the couch watching her two daughters play in the living room. They were both bundles of energy and Kushina couldn't be any more pleased. They were getting to live relatively normal lives despite being the daughters of the Hokage and Naruko being a jinchuriki.

Naruko jinchuriki's status was revealed to the village. As to be expected people were angry at first because the kyuubi wasn't killed, but after Minato explained that a jinchuriki was not the Kyuubi most people calmed down, for the ones who didn't well Kushina took care of that.

All and all things were going well expected for one thing. Orochimaru and Naruto had disappeared off the face of the earth, and while Jiraiya was still looking as hard as he could most of the villagers and ninja believed Naruto was died. Kushina of coursed believed Naruto was alive, but it made Kushina so angry thinking about what that snake bastard was doing to him. Kushina had to calm down though it wasn't good for her or the baby Kushina thought as she rubbed her extruded stomach.

Kushina was pregnant again. She knew that she might have wanted another kid to fill the void that Naruto had left, but she tried not to think about that. This kid wasn't going to be a replacement for Naruto it was going to be it an addition for when Naruto came back.

Her daughters were both thrilled to know they were going to get a younger sibling, but they argued a lot about the gender. Naruko wanted a little sister saying that they would get along more. Minima wanted a little brother saying that having too many girls would cause them to fight. Their arguments were endless amount of enjoyment for Kushina and Minato.

Speaking of sibling the girls haven't been told about Naruto. They were going to tell them about Naruto eventually, but they were too young and with another child on the way Kushina felt they should all hear about it at the same. This was of course if Naruto didn't come back before then.

*3 Years later*

Kushina and Minato watched their twin daughters trying to stick a leaf to their heads. Kushina was holding their youngest daughter, Mito by the hand. Naruko and Minima had started the academy last year and were both working really hard on chakra control. Naruko had long blonde hair and three whisker marks on each check. Her eyes are a dark blue color. Minima looked like a younger version of Kushina right down to the color of hair and eyes. Minima however in an attempted to look a little different from her mom kept her hair a little shorter and had it covering her left eye. Mito had sky blue eyes along with red hair that she kept mid-length.

Naruko and Minima had a hard time controlling their chakra. This was of course due to Naruko being a jinchuriki and Minima having some of the Kyuubi's chakra. Minato and Kushina had sat them down a few years ago and told them the story excluding Naruto. Kushina had also told Mito recently so she would understand what a jinchuriki was.

Unfortunately chakra control wasn't the only problem that was arising because of the Kyuubi. Naruko was just as hot headed as Kushina and because she was so young she would often get angry. This let the Kyuubi take control. Likely it's never became too bad and Minato has been able to stop it with only anbu knowing about it. The thing was it was happing a little too often and one day it could get out of hand, so Kushina and Minato tried to keep her happy all the time. It would probably be better when she got a little older.

The other issues was when Naruko did lose it, it cause the demonic chakra in Minima to try and take control also, so far Minima has been able to keep it at bay and keep control, but it's very painful for her to do so.

Minima finally got a leaf to stick to her forehead and looked really happy about. Naruko still couldn't do it and looked frustrated at Minima, so she just pulled the leaf off Minima's forehead. "Hey why'd you do that?!" Minima yelled.

"Because I felt like it." Naruko said sticking her tongue out. Minima pulled her arm back ready to punch Naruko, but Minato grabbed her.

"Minima don't punch you sister." Minato said harshly.

"But she pulled the leaf off my head." Minima complained.

"Even so you shouldn't hit her just because you're mad." Minato said calming down.

Minima didn't look happy, but lowered her arm. "Alright, I'm sorry."

"As long as you're sorry." Minato said as he picked her up and put her on his shoulders. "Come on girls me and Kushina have something to tell you." Minato said looking happy, but Kushina knew this was going to be the hard conversation even harder than the Kyuubi talk.

The family walked to the living room. Minato dropped Minima of the couch with Naruko and Mito then sat in another couch with Kushina. "Girls this is a story about someone very dear to us even if you never meet him." Kushina said as she clasped her hands. "It's the story on how you brother was taken away." All the girls gasped finding it hard to believe.

"We have a brother?!" Naruko said.

"How come you never told us?" Minima said.

"Big brother?" Mito said. Kushina raised her hand to silence them. Then she and Minato told them about the incident involving Orochimaru.

"We would have told you sooner, but we wanted you to be old enough. When we found out we were having Mito we decided to wait until she was old enough too, so we could tell the whole family at once. All the girls were thinking different things. Naruko was thinking what Orochimaru was doing to Naruto. Minima was thinking how to find Naruto and Mito was only thinking what her brother was like.

"Have you found out anything since Naruto was taken?" Minima asked.

Kushina was surprised to hear her daughter ask a question like that, but answered anyways. "A year ago Jiraiya heard a rumor that Orochimaru joined some group called the Akatsuki, but we haven't even been able to confirm if the Akatsuki even exist let alone if Orochimaru joined them."

The girls seemed a little disappointed in the lack of information, but knew their parents were just as frustrated as they were. "That was a lot to take in so how about we all go to bed." Minato suggested trying to lighten the mood. The girls just stood up and walked to their rooms without saying anything. They all had a lot to think about.


Thud, Bounce, Bounce, Thud, Bounce, Bounce. Was the only sound that came from a pitch black room. Although it was more like a holding cell, then an actually room. A boy was throwing a ball against a wall. He had blonde hair, but it was strange it was pale like someone had zapped all the saturation from it. A couple strands of his somewhat spikey hair fell over his dark red eyes. The boy was also very pale. He was wearing black shinobi shoes with grey pants and shirt. He also had some sort of glowing ring around his wrist.

As he was throwing his ball he heard someone walk up to his cell. "It's time Naruto." Orochimaru said as he unlocked the door. Naruto stood up and followed Orochimaru to a large stone room. Inside the room was another man who was spinning a kunai around his finger.

"So I just have to kill this brat and you'll let me go?" The man asked Orochimaru.

"Yes of course." Orochimaru hissed as he walked off to the side. As he did the glowing ring on Naruto wrist stopped glowing.

"This will be over soon." The man said as he stopped spinning his kunai and threw it at Naruto's head. Naruto didn't do anything to stop it or try to dodge. He just stood there. "What an idiot." The man said. The Kunai looked like it was going to pierce Naruto skull, but when it got close to Naruto's head it was sent back in the direction it came from stabbing the man in the shoulder. "What the hell!" The man shouted in pain.

He gave a death glare at Naruto who still hadn't moved as he removed the Kunai from his shoulder. The man was pissed. He ran around Naruto throwing kunais, but each and every one of them was sent flying back at him after a little bit the man stopped throwing them. "Fine kunais won't work on you. Then how about this!" The man screamed as he charged Naruto.

He tried to punch Naruto, but when his fist got close there was a loud snapping sound as the man's wrist broke. "Damn it!" The man screamed holding his wrist in pain. "Just what kind of monster are you?!"

"One that is growing bored." Naruto said as he started walking towards the man. The first movement he had done all fight. The man back away scared at the monster coming towards him.

"Stay away." He said trebling. In an act of desperation and stupidity he threw a kunai at Naruto forgetting that it would just come right back at him and it did. Right threw his head killing him. The fight was over and the ring around Naruto's wrist started glowing again.

"Your vector control has improved." Orochimaru said with his twisted smile as he led Naruto back to his cell.

"If you say so." Naruto said. He went back to his cell sat down and started throwing the ball again. Naruto did not like it here. The experiments were frustrating and he was bored out of his mind. The first chance he got he was escaping and he knew where he was going to his family in the leaf. Naruto knew who he was. He was the son of the fourth Hokage and his wife Kushina. He had two twin sisters Naruko and Minima and a younger sister Mito.

Naruto knew all this because he made Orochimaru tell him. If he didn't Naruto wouldn't participate in his experiments. Naruto also had knowledge on just about everything since he also forced Orochimaru to bring him books to read. He knew all about the elemental nations and ninja life as a whole. He could name and theoretically do a bunch of elemental jutsu only theoretically however since Naruto only actually used vector control. It wasn't like Naruto was a huge knowledge nerd it just seemed like a good way to kill time. Reading and throwing his ball where really the only things he ever did in his free time.

Naruto had also seen pictures of his family and he had to admit he didn't look too much like any of them. He asked Orochimaru about and it turns out his eyes were red due to Naruto getting a tiny amount of Kyuubi's chakra. It was so little that Orochimaru didn't really know what to do with it. So when Naruto was little Orochimaru placed the demonic chakra in his eyes. This was really the only thing it could be used for. It gave him prefect night vision, but a side effect was his eyes turning red.

The paleness of both his hair and body could be chalked up to his vector control. Naruto always had his body set to reflected vectors by default. This included sunlight, not like he got much of it anyways, so his body didn't have a need to created pigmentation. Orochimaru predicted his hair would turn white, but for whatever reason it didn't.

This leads us in to Naruto's ability. The ability to control vectors in Naruto's opinion he was pretty OP. Taijutsu was complete worthless against him as he could just break any part of the body that hit him. Weapons along with ninjutsu were easily reflected back at the attacker. His refection took up so little chakra that Naruto's chakra actually replenished itself faster than refection took away. It was only if he was using actually offensive moves was he in any danger of running out of chakra. His only real weakness was genjutsu and even that wasn't so much of a weakness. He can't reflected a genjutsu, but when he's caught in one he can just command the vectors in his chakra to go all over the place thus breaking any genjutsu. The only problem was that Naruto's wasn't doing this all the time like he was with his regular reflection, so if he didn't realize he was in a genjutsu then he wouldn't break out of it.

So if he was so powerful why didn't he break out now? That was because of this damned glowing ring. Orochimaru had always had planned for him to be able to control vectors so when he was still a baby he put a ring on him that had seals to cut off his chakra. When it was glowing Naruto couldn't use vector control and the only time it ever stopped glowing was during experiments. He also didn't know what kind of seals Orochimaru had on it, but for some reason he couldn't break the ring even if it wasn't' glowing.

Orochimaru had also been busy lately so there weren't as many experiments. Naruto didn't know what he was busy with. Only that it started when Orochimaru started wearing those black cloaks with red clouds on them. That wasn't anything for Naruto to really thing about however. He would just bite his time until he could escape and go home, but that seemed far away so for now he would just throw his ball. Thud, Bounce, Bounce, Thud, Bounce, Bounce, Thud.

* Konoha 2 years later*

Five year old Mito was watching her older sisters training with her mom and dad. Mito had started the academy today, but did anyone congratulate her: no. All her parents cared about was how Naruko and Minima were doing. She didn't even get to choice where they got to eat today. Naruko got to choice because she was starting a new year at the academy too and Kami forbid they eat anything but ramen.

The only good thing that came out of today was that Mito was in the same class as her two best friends. They were Hanabi Hyuga and Hitomi Uchiha. The three of them practically made up the entire shinobi born ninja of their class since it seemed that all the clans decided to have heirs the year the Kyuubi attacked.

Hanabi and Hitomi were however stronger than her since their parents actually taught them stuff before entering the academy. What did Mito parents do, focus all their attention on Naruko and Minima, and it was all because Naruko was a bitch. It turned out that Naruko didn't get better control over the Kyuubi no she got worse. Naruko thought she was entitled to everything and that everyone should worship the ground she walked on. She had to get her way and if she didn't she would throw a fit and demonic chakra would leak out. So her parents made sure she always got what she wanted. They thought that it would get better, but Mito knew that Naruko did it on purpose and would keep milking it as long as she could.

Naruko also treated Mito like trash. She would always make fun of her and call her weak. Minima wasn't as bad, but she was far from good. Because Naruko could cause her pain if she let out demonic chakra, Minima was hesitant to talk back to Naruko or tell her no. Since Naruko like to bully Mito, Minima didn't what to hang out with Mito because Naruko might get mad if she saw her twin sister hanging out with the 'weak sister' as Naruko liked to call Mito. So Minima pretended Mito didn't exist. All this lead to Mito not really caring about her sisters or her parents.

Mito grew tired of watching her family train, so she headed up to her room. There was at least one sibling that Mito cared about: Naruto. Ever since she found out she had a lost older brother she dreamed of the day he'd come back. He would be stronger then both Naruko and Minima combined and he actually care about Mito and teach her cool ninjutsu.

Mito took out her sketch book where she had a dozen drawing of what she thought Naruto would look like. There was one where he had red hair that resembled fire. There was also one where he had blonde hair that fell over his left eyes like Minima. As Mito was looking through the sketches she smelled something cooking. Her mom had probably finished dinner and forgot to call her down again. Mito went downstairs so she could at least have something to eat.

The next day at the academy Mito was eating lunch (that she had to make herself) with Hanabi and Hitomi. "So Hanabi how is your family training going?" Hitomi asked.

"Hitomi! You know shouldn't talk about that. You know Mito would kill to be able to train with her family." Hanabi said.

"No its ok I want to hear about it too." Mito said.

"Well if it's ok. It's been going well, but I don't think my sister is getting it. I mean I'm younger than her, yet I'm able to beat her in are sparing matches. That shouldn't happen she supposed to be the next clan head." Hanabi said thoughtfully.

"I'm sure it will be fine. Even my sisters had to get lots of training before they became strong." Mito said. As much as she hated to admit it her sisters were pretty strong for their age.

"I wish I had siblings they I could so them how cool I was with my sharingan." Hitomi boasted.

"You mean the sharingan that you haven't awakened yet." Mito pointed out and Hitomi seemed to deflate. Hanabi and Mito giggled at theirs friends antics.

"It's not funny!" Hitomi screamed which only made the other two girls laugh harder. "Fine forget you guys. I'm going back to class." Hitomi said as she stormed off.

"Aw come back." Mito said between laughing fits.

It was just that morning things were going so good, so how come by that night things would good so wrong. That night Itachi Uchiha murdered most of the Uchiha clan.

Mito remembered it well. That night she was woken up by her parents and told to come downstairs while they got her sisters. When they were all downstairs Minato started telling them the story that would cause Mito to become even more infuriated with her parents.

"Girls I came here to tell you that I had Itachi Uchiha kill the Uchiha clan." Minato said.

"What why?!" Minima yelled.

"They were planning a coup and all negotiations weren't working, so the only choice we had was to kill them in a single night. Itachi had the horrible job of doing it. The official announcement will be made tomorrow, but I thought I should tell you now just so you knew."

"Wait what about Hitomi?!" Mito screamed afraid that her friend was dead.

Minato looked at her strangely. "I'm sorry Mito, but who is that?"

Mito couldn't believe it. Was her father so detached from her life that he didn't even know who her friends were. "Hitomi Uchiha one of my best friends."

"Oh, she should be ok any uchiha under the age of 10 was spared because they weren't even told of the plot." Minato said like it was no big deal that Mito could have lost one of her only friends. "Anyway that's all I wanted to tell you can go back to bed."

Mito went back to her room, but she did not sleep. She kept thinking how Hitomi must be feeling right now because she was definitely not 'ok' like her dad said. Didn't he understand that he order her parents to be kill, and he was the one that always spoke of how family was the most important thing.

The next day the announcement of what Itachi did was made public and he was hailed as a hero. While the rest of the village was celebrating Mito and Hanabi went to the building where they were keeping all the uchihas that weren't kill. It was basically a glorified orphanage. They found Hitomi in her new room crying on her bed.

"Hitomi!" Both Mito and Hanabi screamed as they jumped on her bed in an attempt to comfort her.

"Are you ok?" Mito asked even though she knew that Hitomi wasn't.

"My parents are died!" Hitomi shouted even though she was also sobbing. "And the person who killed they is being treated like a god. Did you know that he and his little brother Sasuke get to still live in the uchiha clan compound while all the other were sent to live here?"

"I'm so sorry Hitomi. I can't even imagine what you must be going through." Hanabi said ready to cry herself.

"Do you know how many uchihas are left?" Mito asked.

Hitomi wiped her eyes, but more tears filled their place. "Including Itachi there are 11 left."

"Only 11 that's terrible." Hanabi said now crying. "How many of them have awakened their sharingan?"

"Only Itachi." Hitomi said. "In fact Sasuke and I are the only ones even trying to become ninja. Every other uchiha is either too young to join the academy or decided not to go."

"This is horrible." Mito said. The three girls didn't go to the academy that day they stayed their helping Hitomi who cried the entire day.

* Somewhere a few months later*

Naruto was sitting in his cell like always just waiting for the next experiment to being. He honestly didn't know what the point was. Every one Orochimaru told him to fight were easily defeated. Naruto was getting really tired of sitting here, but Naruto was hopeful that he would get out soon because Orochimaru was nervous about something. Well Orochimaru could never really be nervous about anything, but Naruto had noticed a change.

For one Orochimaru spent a lot more time at the base like he was afraid to leave. Naruto thought it had something to do with those black cloaks that Orochimaru had stopped wearing some time ago. Naruto also sometimes heard Orochimaru talking to his assistant Kabuto about moving to a new base.

Another good indicator was that the ring around Naruto wrist was weakening. When it was glowing Naruto still couldn't use his chakra, but when it wasn't Naruto noticed he could now move the ring with his vector control something that was impossible before. Although he couldn't break the ring, Naruto had high hopes that soon he would be able to and escape.

Soon came a lot earlier then expect however. As Naruto was thinking about it there was a huge explosion and someone screamed. "Orochimaru they're here. The Akatsuki." There were more explosions and the sound of metal hitting metal.

Naruto stood up to go near the cell to hear better when Orochimaru appeared in front of him. "Naruto as you can hear we're in a bit of trouble so I appreciate if you would help me." Orochimaru said as he unlocked the cell door and the ring stopped glowing. "Remember which side you're on. If you don't things could go badly for you." Orochimaru said pointing to the ring that he could activate anytime. Naruto didn't say anything and headed to the direction of the battle.

Naruto chucked to himself as he walked down the hall. There was no way he was following that snake any more. As he walked down the hall a little farther his first opponent appeared. It wasn't what he was expecting. His opponent wasn't even human it was some sort of puppet. It was holding a sword and had a blue chakra string attracted to his back. The chakra string went back down the hall and around a coroner where the puppeteer was probably fighting.

The puppet wasn't any threat to Naruto, but Naruto needed it. The puppet swung his sword at Naruto. Naruto blocked with the ring. The ring didn't take any damage, but Naruto expected that. The puppet swung again this time at Naruto's neck, but Naruto used his vector control to redirect the attack at the ring. This went on for a while no matter where the puppet attacked it would always end up hitting the ring, and slowly the ring began to crack. Once it was filled with cracks Naruto was able to use his vectors to break apart the weakened ring.

Naruto had the biggest grin on his face. He was finally free from Orochimaru. He didn't even notice the puppet taking another swing, but this time the sword shattered when it came close to Naruto. Then Naruto grabbed the puppet and it shattered too. "Well time to get out of here." Naruto looked up at the ceiling. He knew this base was underground so all he had to do was go up. He stomped the ground with his feet and was sent flying through the roof and several layers of dirt before he broke through to the surface.

Naruto was in some sort of forest. He had only been to the surface a couple times before. Orochimaru had to take him up for experiment evolving controlling the wind because the underground base wasn't well suited for it. Naruto started running as he used the vectors under his feet to push him forward. He didn't know what direction he was going in, but any direction was fine he would find out where he was later.

After an hour of running although it wasn't really running Naruto came across a small village. It wasn't much, but it would tell him where he was and he could get some basic supplies. He probably also needed to get some new clothes. His current outfit was falling apart do to being the only thing he had worn for years. Yeah he defiantly needed he clothes.

Naruto was on his way to the hidden leaf with new clothes and a map. He had kept the black shinobi shoes, but he had bought blue shinobi pants and a basic white long sleeve shirt. He got the money by going around to different stores and offering to sweep the floors for a super low price. The owner would get a huge deal, and since Naruto used his vector control to force all the dust out in a matter of seconds he got money for doing basically nothing. Naruto did this until he got enough money to buy supplies. The only problem was that he far away from the leaf. It would take some time to get there but it would be worth it in the end at least he hoped.

*1 week later*

Naruto could see the gates. It had taken him forever and a half to get here and it was passed midnight when he finally did, but he was here now. He walked up to the guard station where there were two people who looked very tried. "State your business." One of the guards said in a tone that didn't make it seem like he actually care."

"Hello I'm here because I'm the Hokage's son." Naruto said.

The two guards shot to attention instantly, but they looked pissed. "Are you trying to be funny kid?" One of the guards said seriously.

Naruto was confused. Why did they suddenly become so angry? "You think impersonating the Hokage's dead son is some kind of joke." The other guard spat.

"D-d-dead?" Naruto stuttered.

"Yes. He was taken a long time ago and no matter how much the Hokage's family wants to believe it there is no way he is still alive. So I'll ask you again where do you get off!" The guard said as he reached to grab the collar of Naruto's shirt. But since Naruto's always had his reflection active the guards hand never made it; instead his wrist broke with a loud snap.

The man screamed in pain before turning to his partner. "Did you see that this kids dangerous. He might be trying to attack the village call anbu." He said.

Naruto was freaking out they were calling anbu to get him? So Naruto did the only logical thing and ran away from Konoha. He was so scared he forgot to push himself with vectors. In the distance he heard the guard scream "Yeah you better run you monster but you won't get very far.

Naruto ran for a little bit before stopping to catch his breath. He wasn't used to running like a regular person. He was breathing heavily trying to think of a plan when he heard something land in front of him. Naruto looked up to see a leaf anbu ninja. "Well you don't look like much of a threat, but monsters come in all shapes and sizes." The anbu said before lunging at Naruto.

"Just leave me alone!" Naruto screamed. He used his vectors to create a cyclone of wind and sent it at the anbu. The anbu was quick to dodge, but was blindsided by another cyclone which torn him to shreds.

After the anbu was reduced to a bloody mess Naruto fell to his knees and for the first time in his life he started crying. What went wrong? How can the son of the Hokage be dead? He was right here. Then Naruto was hit by a horrible idea what if Orochimaru had lied to him. What if he wasn't the Hokage's son? That would make sense Orochimaru had no reason to tell him who his real family was. He could have said that he was a son of the Hokage because he knew that if Naruto ever escaped that he would head to the leaf. It all made perfect sense. Naruto was lied to and he fell for it.

Naruto wiped the tears away and stood up. He needed a new plan, but before that he needed a new name. The Hokage did have a son and his name was Naruto that much was certain. But the person standing here was not Naruto. He would need a new identity so his actions wouldn't reflect on the real Naruto. But what should his new name be. Naruto thought about it for a little bit. "Accelerator" Naruto said testing out the name. "Yes that well be it. My name is Accelerator."