Missy was confused...

Missy went up to Maya to talk about the plan, onl

y to get slapped across the face.

"Ow! What was that for!" She complained, holding her cheek.

"Humph!" Maya turned around and went back to archery, her head held high.

What had happened, Missy had no idea. It certainly didn't help that Maya had responded with a humph!

She walked away hurt, physically and mentally.

Walking down to her cabin, she noticed many people giving her dirty looks and glares.

What did I do? Missy was almost into tears, because as she walked into her cabin, Piper gave her a disappointed look.

"Nice job!" Drew applauded her.

This also signals a red flag.

"W-what?" Missy said, shaking.

"Flirting with Lucas? Mom would be SO proud!" Drew clapped.

"I never..?" What was she talking about?

"I trusted you, Missy" Piper shook her head.

"But!?" Missy pinched herself, this had to be a nightmare, right!

It wasn't. She ran out her cabin when a dark figure swept in and dragged her into hell. Literally.

Missy woke up in a beautiful garden.. filled with black orchids.

"W-here am I?" She stuttered as a figure walked towards her.

they clapped their hands twice, lighting up the place. As Missy took a closer look, what she expected to be Hades turned out to be Persephone!


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