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Clary POV:

"That will conclude our session today. Thanks everyone. See you on Wednesday" I spoke as I stood up rolling my black mat up at the head of the studio.

Thank yous where mumbled as my students left.

Finally after the last one walked out the double door I put my mat into the locker next to the door and grabbed my black satchel.

I turned off the light to the studio and locked the front door.

As I walked into the busy New York streets I pulled out my phone and checked for messages.

Pick up some chocolate for the house! I mean it! You can be Miss Healthy all you want but I will not put up with this any longer! I NEED my junk food! Please for the love of god! Buy SOME JUNK FOOD! I beg of you! – Love Maia

I laughed as I stuffed my phone back into my satchel.

My roommate Maia is too funny.

We've been living together for the past 5 years in a small two bedroom apartment complex.

We graduated college together two years ago and now we've got our lives settled. She is a chef at a fancy restaurant somewhere in New York. A name that I can never remember. And me, I run my own yoga studio. As you can tell from the text I am all about eating heathy and keeping clean while Maia on the other hand is a different story.

I find it strange how she engulfs junk food like no one's business and somehow manages to stay in great shape. Like seriously. But she swears that it's because of her high metabolism or whatever. You'd think because she was a chef that she would only eat healthy food, food that she cooked. But nope. That girl loves her junk food.

It cracks me up every time.

Me and Maia we are complete opposites but it doesn't matter. We are the best of friends.

By opposite I mean totally opposite in physical traits and personalities. She's a tall brown haired beauty with big brown eyes and tan skin. Her hair is wavy and stops at her shoulders. She's the definition of a good girl. She's pleasant to everyone she meets, she's likeable, nice, trustworthy, and she's somewhat of a nerd. But I love her anyway.

Then there's me, I've got long red choppy hair, pale almost porcelain skin and I'm short as can be. I have huge apparently doe like green eyes. I also have multiple piercing's on my ears. Also my nose and my belly button. Of course with piercings comes tattoos so I've got a few on my arms and my lower back along with my shoulder and behind my ear. Unlike Maia, who has none.

She also likes to wear bright girly dresses all the time unlike me, I like to wear ripped jeans, t-shirts, beanies and leather jackets. And my yoga clothes. God, how I love my loose cut t-shirts, tights, and baggy sweats. I occasionally wear dresses but I do love black skater skirts. But I usually only dress up if Maia and I go out or something. I let her dress me since she thinks I'm incapable of looking like a sophisticated young women.

But it's whatever.

Usually when people see a girl like me they think I would be in a rock band or something but they are blown away every time after hearing that I'm actually a yoga instructor.

I find it hilarious. I guess it has to do with the type of clothing I wear. Black everything. But I find that black matches with anything and its true what they say. Black is sliming.

Today I'm wearing my favorite pair of loose fitted grey sweats. It looks like those pants that those hip hop dancer's wear but for me it's easy to do yoga moves in it so I find it extremely useful. I paired that with a loose cropped white t-shirt and some black vans.

For me it doesn't matter what you look like. You don't have to dress up for anyone. And in yoga you surely don't want super super tight clothing or else you can't stretch. So the looser the better.

After walking for a few minutes from my yoga studio I finally reached the grocery store.

I picked up a basket at the door and walked to find junk food for the girl waiting for me at home.

I've never really bought junk food from here so I'll more than likely need some help from someone.

I found the nearest worker and asked.

The man pointed me to aisle 7, I thanked him and walked on to find the junk food.

"Aisle 7" I whispered as I turned into the aisle.

Chips, chocolate, ice cream, marshmallows galore.

"This would be a dream for Maia" I giggled as I began to place random junk into my basket.

I heard a ding as I fit the last chip bag into my basket.

I reached into my satchel and pulled out my phone.

Oh! Don't forget Oreo's and peanut butter! I want to try it! –Love Maia

I shook my head and sent a reply back.

Watching parent trap? – Clare

Another ding went off immediately after.

Maybe ;) – Maia

I let out a laugh. Gosh this girl was something else.

I quickly fit a pack of Oreos into my overflowing basket of junk food and set off to find the peanut butter.

I checked the next aisle and there it was.

And of course it was out of my reach.

"God dammit" I mumbled as I set my basket down.

I began jumping trying to reach the peanut butter. But of course I still couldn't reach it.

Emergency! Can't reach the peanut butter! – Clare

I don't care if you have to climb the shelves! I NEED it Clare! PLEASE! – Love Maia

Is it really necessary? – Clare

YES – Maia

" Dammit" I whispered shoving the phone back into my satchel.

"The things I do for you" I grumbled as I stepped forward placing my foot on the first shelf.

Two shelves later and I was nearly there. My fingertips grazed the peanut butter jar.

"Almost…There…" I spoke as I stretched my arm out.

"HEY!" a voice yelled causing me to lose my balance and tumble to the ground.

I groaned and sat up.

"What the hell!" I yelled looking toward the voice that shouted at me.

There was a tall figure with blond hair in front of me. Their back facing me. It was a guy, I could tell by the way he was dressed. Seemed like he was dressed in a suit or something. Who wears a suit to a grocery store?

"No, I didn't want to do that!... Well then tell her….. What….. Fine you know what we'll deal with this later okay?... See you later Hodge…." The man mumbled.

It was then that I realized that he was talking on the phone and not shouting at me.

Awkward life…

Before I knew what to do the man turned around quickly tripping over my basket.

He landed flat on his face right beside me.

"Fucking great" he mumbled laying his head on the ground.

I couldn't help but laugh.

He seemed to have not noticed me because he sat up with confusion written all over his face.

"Bad day huh?" I laughed as I stood up dusting off my sweats.

I offered him a hand and he took it.

"You can say that" he chuckled.

As he stood straight up I noticed how tall and lean he was.

He towered over me and the suit clung to every muscular part of his body.

This dude must be ripped.

I scanned him up and down then stopped at his face.

He had a face of a movie star. Flawless. Even his jaw line was shaped to perfection. What I find the most intriguing about this man was his eyes. They were literally gold. I shit you not, like Rumpelstiltskin turning straw into gold gold.

They either must be contacts or he's a vampire.

I pursed my lips and squinted my eyes taking a step closer to him touching his hands.

They were icy cold.

Oh man, I need to stop watching twilight.

He's got golden eyes and icy skin.

He's Edward.

"By any chance… Is your name Edward Cullen?" I asked.

He looked at me with wide eyes, " The vampire?"

"Yes" I replied.

He smiled showing an almost perfect set of teeth. The only thing making it not perfect was the little chip he had. No fangs.

"You see, your eyes are golden and your skin is icy cold. The only possibility is you're a vampire" I giggled.

God sometimes I'm such a child. But it seems like this dude is having a bad day, might as well try to cheer him up.

Before he could say anything I spoke again, "Wait… Are you wearing contacts?"

He shrugged.

I nodded my head with a smile, " I knew it, and they're probably contacts protecting people from seeing your blood red eyes."

He laughed again, " Or… they could be natural. And I could not be a vampire."

I nodded my head, " Then why is your skin cold huh?" I said crossing my arms in front of my chest.

"Maybe because I just got some ice cream from the freezer section" he said motioning towards his wagon filled with various items and ice cream.

I rolled my eyes as I smirked, " You sir are no fun"

"And why is that? Do you like vampires or something?" he laughed running a hand through his golden blond hair.

"I like what they have under their clothes. Glistening six packs" I smiled motioning towards my stomach that definitely had no abs. But hey, there was an outline so it wasn't that bad.

He laughed, " Well maybe not only vampires have glistening six packs. Maybe humans, like me have something better"

I smirked, " And what could be better than Edward Cullen's six pack?"

"Maybe my eight pack" he said unbuttoning his suit.

I marveled at his eight pack. They were sculpted to perfection. Probably hours and hours of working out.

I wanted so much to take a picture and send it to Maia. But I'm sure I would look like a total weirdo.

He buttoned his suit back up and smiled at me mischievously.

I shook my head and pretended that I had seen better.

"Yawn. I still prefer Edward" I smiled.

He rolled his eyes, " Sure you do"

I laughed.

"Since you're here. And you are pretty tall. Can you help a sister out and reach the peanut butter jar" I said pointing to the top shelf.

"Can't reach it shorty?" he joked as he handed me the peanut butter.

"No, I'm super tall. I just wanted you to do it for me because I am a princess." I spoke sarcastically as I picked up my basket placing the peanut butter in the overflowing basket.

He chuckled as he grabbed his wagon pushing it alongside of me.

We reached the cashier year, he paid for his stuff first while I went behind him.

We both walked out of the grocery store with bags in our hands.

"So, it was nice meeting you uh…." He said.

"Clarissa" I smiled.

"Nice meeting you Clarissa" he nodded.

"You too…"

"Jonathan, but you can call me Jace"

"You too Jace" I smiled.

"See ya around" he said as he walked towards the parking lot.

"Yea" I smiled as I watched him put his stuff into a black sleek Lamborghini.

Damn, he must be rich or something.

I shook my head, " Jace huh…." I mumbled as I turned around heading towards my apartment.

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