Clary POV:

We pulled up to a huge warehouse area, almost looked like those Hollywood places, sure felt like it too. I mean I don't even know how many security gates we went through.

I looked out my window at the now dark sky and the almost abandoned looking warehouse area.

Geez this would be a perfect place for the vampire to suck out my blood.

I must have been lost in thought, there was a light knock on my window. I looked out to see the vampire smiling at me, "Coming?"

I nodded a little embarrassed of my space out moment.

I opened the door to the sexy black Lamborghini and got out into the cool night.

"So vampire, what are we here for?" I asked as he walked towards a door with the number 3 written in bold white letters shined brightly.

I wonder what kind of paint they used.

"You'll see" he smiled opening the door for me.

"You know this whole thing is kind of sketchy, you know that right vampire?" I laughed lightly as I walked through the door.

"Oh yeah, I know that" he laughed closing the door behind me.

It was pitch black, "Remember if you get any ideas I have had three years of boxing" I said standing in who knows where.

"Yeah yeah, I know you've mentioned it only like a million times" he said as he opened another door.

To my surprise it was brightly lit and had swarms of people scurrying all around.

I walked in after Jace taking in the whole scene.

Jesus, it was like a huge warehouse with millions of people inside walking around, somewhere wheeling around carts of clothes on hangers, others were talking into walkie talkies, others were dressed up in interesting outfits.

There were even huge vanity mirrors where people were sitting down and doing their hair and make-up.

"What is this?" I asked walking forward a bit taking a 360.

There were cameras everywhere too, and those sound things that you see behind the scenes of movies and the lighting was crazy.

"Welcome to Institute Warehouse" he said with a smile doing a 360 turn with his hands held out showing how vast this place was.

"No shit? Like the places where the actors film and stuff?" I asked my jaw dropping.

"The very same place" he smiled standing next to me.

"Well damn" I said shocked.

I really don't know Jace at all.

"Wayland! There you are! Hurry to hair and make-up! You're on in 10 minutes!" a woman with a clipboard and headset yelled.

"Come on Clarissa" he smiled as he pulled me along with him to where ever hair and make-up was.

"What are you, an actor or something?" I asked bewildered.

"You could say that" he smiled as we reached hair and make-up.

"There you are Jace! Geez, Miranda is gonna have your head soon!" a beautiful girl said with a roll of her dark brown eyes.

"Yeah yeah" Jace laughed lightly as he let my hand go and sat into a chair that had WAYLAND written on it.

He wasn't lying. The vampire is an actor.

"Anyways, this is Clarissa, Yoga instructor by day and professional boxer by night" he laughed as the girl got to work on his hair.

"Nice to meet you Clarissa, My name's Izzy. I'm Jace's hairstylist and sister" she smiled as she began to style his hair.

"Nice to meet you" I smiled as I took a seat to Jace's left.

"So, you're really an actor?" I asked looking at Jace in the mirror.

No wonder, he had an expensive car, he was chiseled like a god, and he had that air about him.

"Yup, I haven't done much in the US yet, but I've done quite a bit in the UK" he said as Izzy finished his hair.

"I'm actually surprised that you haven't recognized me from my many movies" he said with a smirk, clearly he was trying to show off.

Izzy was the first to burst into laughter, "Jace you are so not as famous as you think you are if she didn't even know who you are".

He rolled his eyes, "Shut up, that's why I'm here now. You won't be saying that anymore when the new series comes out" he said with a roll of his eyes.

"Ah, TV. That's probably why I don't know you. I don't have a TV" I said examining my nails.

It was time to cut these claws soon.

Silence is all I was met with.

I looked up to see Jace and Izzy with furrowed eyebrows, with the looks they gave me I must have said that I was a freaking unicorn who puked rainbows and galloped into sunshine.

"What?" I asked with a small laugh.

"Who doesn't have a TV?" Izzy said shaking her head continuing with Jace's hair.

"It's a long story" I said with a smile.

Jace shook his head, "You get more and more interesting every time I come in contact with you Clarissa" he chuckled.

I shrugged while winking at him.

He only laughed.

"Anyway, where's Magnus? He wanted to do something with my face right?" Jace asked as Izzy finished his hair.

"Right here darling!" a voice purred out.

Out behind the mirrors popped out a beautiful sparkly man.

Man what was it with beautiful people walking around here.

"Oh and who might you be, you little cute firecracker" he smiled.

"Clarissa" I smiled back.

"Beautiful name honey" he winked as he got down to do whatever he was going to do to Jace's face.

"My name's Magnus Bane, but you can call me anytime" he winked.

I giggled.

"Whoa mags, never saw you hit on a girl before" Jace chuckled.

"Oh I'm not hitting on her! I'm just getting her used to my ways and plus I want to do her make-up for her. She's so adorable and cute as a button! Am I right Izzy?" he purred out.

"So right, I would love to curl her hair and dress her!" Izzy smiled walking over to me and playing with my hair.

"Hey hey, don't scare her away" Jace laughed meeting my eyes in the mirror.

"Don't worry, I'm a professional boxer remember" I winked.

"Oooh, feisty, I like this one! Where did you find this bundle of joy?" Magnus asked finishing Jace's face.

"The grocery store, the library, and the movie theatre" Jace laughed as he stood up.

"To the dressing rooms hot stuff" Magnus said as he pulled Jace.

"I'll take you home right after this! I promise!" Jace yelled out as Magnus pulled him away.

I only nodded.

"So Clary, can I call you Clary?" Izzy asked as she turned on a curling wand.

"Sure, that's actually what everyone calls me" I smiled.

"Awesome! So can I please do your gorgeous hair?" she asked already pinning it up in some sections.

"Sure why not" I laughed as she got down to work.

Izzy only squealed as she got to work.

"Ooh, and I'll do your make-up too!" she giggled.

I let out a sigh and smiled "Go for it".

*20 minutes later*

"Come on, let's go watch behind the scenes!" Izzy squealed as she pulled me up and towards where ever behind the scenes were.

Before she pulled me past the mirrors I looked at my reflections.

She made my hair into really beautiful curls, they almost looked natural. They even kept their long length, usually if I curled it it tends to get short, but this time it was long red locks.

She was a freaking magician.

She even managed to hide the bruise that started to for on my face and the cut lip was barely there.

She made me have a smoky sultry eye look with a bright red lip. It was freaking beautiful. If Maia could see me now she would flip.

"Izzy you're a master!" I said as she pulled me through masses of rooms and people.

"Why thank you" she smiled looking back at me still continuing to run forward.

I smiled and followed her still.

We finally stopped running when we neared a set that had a huge castle.

Izzy held a single finger to her lip signaling me to stay quiet.

I nodded and followed her.

We walked up to a trio of people.

The lady from earlier Miranda was standing next to a man with curly brown hair and glasses sitting in a chair. There was also another man next to him with dark black, like midnight black hair.

Izzy pulled me to the trio as we looked towards the screen that showed the castle.

"How's it going?" Izzy asked as she leaned on the chair the curly brown haired boy sat in.

"Good, he's just about to go on" he whispered as he stared at the screen.

I stood closer to Izzy looking at the screen.

It looked beautiful, on the screen there was a fantasy looking realm with the castle. It was so magical looking.

Man, the wonders of green screen.

The brown curly haired man spoke into a small microphone, "Enter in the prince".

I looked up towards the castle to see a man step out with mask over his eyes.

"Sapphira" a voice called out from behind the mask.

OMG, that was totally Jace.

"I'm here my prince" a beautiful girl called out walking towards her knight in shining armor.

Jace took off his mask and met the girl half way, "Finally" he said bringing her into a tight embrace.

Geez they were such good actors, they tugged on my heart strings and I don't even know what's happening to them.

"Oh my god, this is so good" I whispered.

"Right" Izzy whispered back.

"And cut! Great job guys!" the curly brown haired man said as he stood up and clapped his hands.

He must be the director or something.

"Angeline great job, you too Jace. Great job today guys, that's a wrap" the man said.

I looked to Jace, he looked like a golden warrior prince.

No wonder he had that air about him, he was a golden prince.

I hadn't realized how long I was staring at him but I must have caught his attention.

He smiled his genuine smile and threw me a wink.

I only laughed and rolled my eyes.

Izzy say it all and laughed along with me, "Come on, let's go meet the boys back at the vanity mirrors" she smiled.

"Okay" I smiled as she took my hand and ran with me threw institute studios.

Who would have thought that me, a yoga instructor would be at a set like the institute studios? I never thought I'd ever see this day. Shoot it never even crossed my mind.

Geez, what and interesting turn my life seemed to be taking.

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