A/N: I'm so excited about this fic! I don't know how long it's going to be that really depends but I plan to keep it going as long as I have inspiration for it. Also there will be lots of Jassandra throughout the whole story and hints of other ships as well. ;)

Cassandra paced around the small empty room tapping her hands together. "I am in so much trouble," she muttered. It had been really stupid of her to think she could get the upper hand on the enemy. Now she had been captured by the Serpent Brotherhood and awaited her fate. Stupid so stupid! She closed her eyes, trying to figure out exactly where she was in the large building. It wasn't the same location in London. She was sure, even though they had blindfolded her again. She calculated the distant they had traveled, but so many sounds and smells overwhelmed her. Come on I can do this. She willed it to work but it all became too much. She wished Jake was here. He always seemed to set her mind straight. The bang of the door being opened yanked her out of the vision so violently she stumbled, falling to the floor. Cassandra shook her head and opened her eyes to see Lamia standing over her.

"Are you alright?" Lamia asked crossing her arms. Cassandra nodded and stood up, still a little wobbly. She looked down, suddenly remembering their last encounter.

"I am sorry about what I did to you. " Cassandra mumbled, "It was the apple. I was my worst self. I'm sorry." Lamia's eyes widen at her words. It seemed she was taken aback by her apology.

"No problem, love." Lamia flashed a quick smile. Cassandra smiled too, almost forgetting she was a captive. "I need you to come with me." Lamia gestured toward the door. Cassandra peered out but only saw and empty hallway.

"What? No blindfold this time?" Cassandra asked.

"Oh, Cassie, I didn't realize you were into that sort of thing." Lamia smirked as she turned and left the room. Cassandra quickly followed puzzled by Lamia's strange behavior. Lamia led her through the long white hallway. Cassandra took note of every step and tried to look into the various rooms but Lamia was walking too fast. She could turn and run but she didn't really see the point. They were obviously in a huge complex she didn't know the way out of. She was just going to have to wait this one out. Plus Lamia didn't seem like someone who would be leading her to her death or anything.

The two finally arrived at their destination, which was a room full of an assortment of books and random objects. It reminded Cassandra of Jenkins's room in the Annex. Lamia walked in and glanced around.

"Emerson!" She shouted into nothing. Cassandra looked around the dark room wondering who Lamia was talking to. She didn't recognize the name. "Where the bloody hell is he?" Lamia muttered, just before a man walked around a large pile of books.

"I'm right here, Lamia." The stranger said, his eyes glued to the large scroll he was holding as he expertly navigated the cluttered room. Cassandra gawked at the man. He seemed so strange, but she didn't quite know why. He was tall, his long, dark coat swirling around him as he walked. There was a grand air about him. His dark hair and green eyes were striking, but, for some reason, she couldn't make a guess at his age. The man glanced at Cassandra and frowned. "Who is this?"

"This is Cassandra, one of the Librarians." Lamia shrugged. "Dulaque needs me somewhere else can you keep an eye on her?" He looked Cassandra over quickly.

"I'm sure it won't be that hard." He said looking back at Lamia, giving her a smirk.

Cassandra shook her head. What did he think? That she was helpless?

"Don't underestimate her wizard. She's tougher than she looks." Lamia said, looking slightly at Cassandra, a hint of fear in her eyes. Cassandra blinked as Lamia's words sunk in. Wizard? He's a wizard?! "Don't forget Dulaque expects some real results from you soon." Lamia said as she stalked through the doorway. There was a click of a key in the lock. Cassandra jumped up and down, clapping her hands.

"You're a wizard. She said you're a wizard! Please tell me you're a wizard." She exclaimed. The Wizard almost dropped his scroll, startled by her excitement.

"Calm down. Yes, I guess I could be classified as a wizard of sorts." He said, raising his hand in a soothing gesture.

Cassandra gave a triumphant fist pump. "Yes!" She wilted a little as she realized he was staring at her like she was an overwrought child. Taking a breath, she tried to reign in her enthusiasm. "So um…what's your name? Emerson? Is that what Lamia called you?" He nodded and she continued. "So, Emerson, why do you work for the Serpent Brotherhood anyway? I mean, I understand why you would want to. They have convincing ideals, but they are totally the bad guys." She paled as Emerson glanced up from his scroll, a grim look in his eyes. "Unless you are a bad guy, in which case, I will stop talking."

"You are quite spirited, Cassandra. I can see why you are a Librarian. Are there really more than one now?" He said, obviously avoiding her question. She sighed and crossed her arms, glaring at him.

"Yes. We are Librarians in Training." Emerson put the scroll he had been holding down on the table. He didn't seem to have heard what she said. He looked down at the table covered in a mess of papers.

"What are you working on anyway?" She asked. Maybe she could get some information on what the Brotherhood was up to.

"It doesn't matter if I can't get it to work." Emerson huffed, placing both his fists on the table. Cassandra waited to see if he would say anything more. There was a moment of silence before he glanced back up at her. "The theory of it is sound. There are just some calculations that I can't quite fit in. Magic is easy; it's all emotion, combining it with technology, that's where it gets tricky." Cassandra couldn't help herself. She picked up the scroll. "Careful. It's ancient parchment." He warned, but she was already lost in calculations and variables. It seemed to be a very simple concept; you just channel magical energy into certain entities to give more power. Objects? No, that didn't make sense. Animals? No. People? Wait, yes people. Put magic into people?! "Are you okay Cassandra?" Emerson snapped her out of her own mind.

"I'm not helping you do this!" She said firmly. "Wait, why would they need to do this? You have magic, right?"

Emerson nodded. "Yes, I do, but that is because of my lineage." Emerson lifted his hand and the scroll floated out of Cassandra's hand and floated toward him. Cassandra was momentarily shocked to see a person use magic. Her mouth fell open. Once the parchment was in his hands he continued. "Not everyone can wield magic. No one could gain that power before the Brotherhood released it into the world. Now, I am stronger and the Brotherhood wants more people to have magic."

She shook her head. "People having magic isn't the problem. The Brotherhood having it is the problem. They are bad people. I thought they wanted to help the world by releasing the magic but I was just being selfish and-"

"You are right. They shouldn't have magic." His eyes were hard.

"What?" She was really not expecting him to agree with her. "Then why are you helping them?"

"It's complicated." He looked down at the scroll his brow furrowed as he shook his head. Cassandra didn't know what to think of this wizard. He' didn't seem all that evil to her.

Cassandra jumped as a loud banging sounded at the door. Emerson waved his hand and the doors flew open. Two men with snake tattoos stumbled into the room.

"What are you doing? Are you trying to break my door down?!" Emerson shouted, throwing the scroll onto the table. He glared at the men, making his way over to stand beside Cassandra. "What is so urgent that you feel the need to break in here like a pair of vandals?" The anger in Emerson's voice shook Cassandra to the bone. There was something other worldly to it. Like magic. The two men paled, backing up as they mumbled incoherent apologies.

"Sorry to disturb you, sir. But we need this one back." The taller of the thugs mustered, pointing toward Cassandra. Emerson glanced at her quickly then back at the two men.

"What for?" He asked, his voice sounding human again.

"Dulaque didn't say, uh…" The man fidgeted, looking from Cassandra to the Wizard. Cassandra waited silently. She was getting nervous. She had been biding her time, hoping to get rescued. Now, it looked like her time had run out. Emerson seemed safe enough but she really didn't want to leave with these two scary looking guys.

"Dulaque is here?" Emerson asked, crossing his arms.

"Yes, sir. He just returned from dealing with the Librarians." The other thug said softly, looking pointedly at Cassandra. She held her breath. What did "dealing with" mean? Were all her friends dead? No. She couldn't think like that. Stop it.

"What happened?" Emerson questioned, glancing back to the scroll as if indifferent to the answer. The man just shrugged. "What does he want with the girl? Surely he's not trying to ransom her back to the Librarians?"

"He said he needed to make an example. Show the librarians they can't get away with, and I quote, 'their shenanigans and what not.'" The taller man replied matter of fact. Cassandra felt her stomach squirm. This meant at least some of her friends were still alive, but this was not good for her at all. "We can't keep Dulaque waiting much longer."

Cassandra tensed. This was it. She had to do something. They were blocking the door and she didn't think there was any other way out of this room. Emerson nodded solemnly, waving them away. The taller of the men grabbed Cassandra's arm. "Come along now."

Cassandra desperately tried to shove his hand away but she wasn't strong enough.

"Emerson, please!" She yelped as she was being dragged away. "Don't let them take me!" She locked eyes with Emerson. There was a depth of sadness there that was heartbreaking. For a moment she thought he was going to do something to help her, but he only sighed and turned away.