Author's Note: As the synopsis says, this is a story about the forty days Ruby and Yang traveled together (well obviously I'm not going to write down every single day; that'll take forever!) after they departed from Jiu Xu and before they arrived at Bamborsa. There may be snippets of the current time such as this chapter functioning as interludes before the next main Arc arrives, and while I haven't written that far yet (Hell, I've only completed 2 chapters so far if you discount this prologue!), who knows -

Maybe you'll get to see a beloved character show up?

One last thing. I will be updating this story weekly instead of my usual style (daily revise + update) due to several reasons: One, it's a holiday. I finally got a holiday after 5 months straight working in foreign land (the only leave I ever took was sick leave, so, yeah). Two, I haven't finished writing this yet, so it's somewhat unrealistic to expect a daily update that doesn't suck. I'm not that good.

And that's all. As usual, enjoy the read and stay sharp!

Day XX:

Hello everyone, this is Yang Xiao Long speaking! Do you miss me?

So, yeah. I bet you didn't see this coming, my eternal nemesis (notebook). I didn't either. Never have I thought that I will pick up a pen again and write voluntarily, especially considering how you and thousands of your other brethren nearly drove me to suicide back at Jiu Xu, you sneaky little monster. Then again, I guess this is what adventuring does to every men and women, and in strange ways that not even the most precognitive could expect.

Regardless, filling my first diary entry with useless babbles an boring introductions really isn't my style, so I'll stop the complaints and jump straight into the meat.

So, about today! If I am to be entirely honest then… nothing much happened at all, really. As usual, our feisty little kitty is trying to off Ruby's life - hmm, looks like she's trying to snap her neck again, and considering that this is the tenth time she was forced into the same tactic I'm skeptical at her chances of success, but you go girl! - but this is pretty much routine by now and nothing out of the ordinary.

We are now halfway into the Dead Zone between Atlas and Shiva, trekking towards the north as usual but making slower progress than expected because of the high concentration of Grimm in this area. They are annoying to say the least despite being of 'a weaker breed' – which is by the way Ruby's favorite phrase to use and rile the hell out of Blake before they try to kill each other 'by accident'. Again. I suppose I'm happy that Ruby's actively trying to expand her vocabulary despite absolutely impure intentions, but seriously, why can't they just get along?

Back to the news. Just two days ago we encountered a few Atlas border patrols, and while I usually love the extra human company, for the first time ever all three of us unanimously agreed that these pesky little pricks are a serious threat to our group, and that we should avoid them as much as possible. Like sure, I was actually going to be the only dissenting vote and did try to be friendly with those guys, but then that one creepy motherfucking son of a bitch tried to grope my butt and touch my hair. My hair. Needless to say I cooked the creepy bastard real good and left him smoking on top of some random branch. He totally deserved it; justice is done! Like who cares about a bounty or two on my head when my sister's already being chased by the most dangerous organization in Remnant? Right? Right?

Ah, damn, why am I writing the highlight of the day from two days ago? Oh my, that rhymes, maybe I can make a pun somewhere out of this… time? Pine? Lime? Whatever. I suppose there is nothing else I can write for the day. Or night if you will, with the moon hanging high in the sky and crickets buzzing so loud I can't bloody. Sleep. DAMMIT!

This is a problem. I will talk to Ruby, but her nerves are stretched so thin by Blake that I doubt she will appreciate the disturbance. As for Blake… nope. That was totally expected though, like really, the day she makes idle chat is the day I write a dia… ry… aw. No luck predicting the future like a certain death note, I suppose. Not that I want to predict anyone's death, you know, but. Yep.

Haaah, what am I going to do? Can't sleep, can't train, not even a dog to chat with unless I'm willing to talk to myself. Sure, I have two travelling companions who talk less than a statue, but I am not so desperate as to cross that line! Still, what to do, what to do… Wait. I have an idea. What if I write down all our adventures starting since day one, the day after Ruby and I left Jiu Xu until now? That doesn't sound bad at all. It will be quiet, and I will be spending all that brainpower until all that's left is sleep. Maybe I'll even figure out finally what day count to put into the title!

Alright then! Let's do it!