Training Oolong

By Mindblade16

Dragonball Z is the work of Akira Toriyama, and I take no ownership of anything related to his work. This is a work of fanfiction, and as such, I reserve the right to publish my own spin on his stories on this site.

On another note, this tale takes place just before the Buu saga, and the wizard Babadi had not even appeared yet. These were days of peace. Goku was still dead, and had a halo, but was visiting for a few days thanks to the grace of King Yama and fortune teller baba.

Training Oolong

Chapter 1 – Soaking up rays

The sun shined brightly overhead. Oolong, Master Roshi, Goku, Puar, and Yamcha were lying on beach towels on Master Roshi's private island in front of Kame House. Vegeta was there too, brooding inside the house with Bulma and 10-year-old Trunks. The 3 of them were eating lunch. Vegeta, as usual, had a hearty portion of food, just like Goku's usual feast, as did little Trunks. Bulma, on the other hand, was happy with a salad. There were chunks of fried chicken in it, and various other meats, so it was hardly a salad. However, she liked to think of it as one, and at least she wasn't pigging out like the men. All of the sudden, noise started to rise in tempo and loudness from outside. Bulma looked out the window, and was not surprised. That pig, Oolong, was making trouble again.

"I dare you to say that again!" yelled Oolong.

"You heard me! Everyone pulls their weight but you!" Puar yelled back, indignant.

Oolong didn't need to hear this from Puar. She was on the same level as he was; only she had Yamcha to protect her. He had no one. Bulma had been someone he had once tried to latch onto, but now she had Vegeta and Trunks to fuss over.

This was nothing new. These arguments would come and go from time to time. Oolong was an old friend and part of the group of friends surrounding Goku, and they had all had a great deal of fun adventures together. However, things by now had become very unequal. Everyone, over the years, had grown in some way. Even though Puar was on the same level as Oolong, her powers as a shape-shifter had grown considerably. On a scouter, they both registered as less than 20 points on the power level scale. Oolong had stagnated, even as a shape-shifter, and just kind of loafed around, looking at dirty magazines with the old turtle hermit. Such was a fine life. Everyone had their hobbies. Oolong had always been, like Roshi, an open pervert, and this was almost his single most distinguishing feature, apart from his transformation ability. Vegeta, being relatively new to the group, had hardly noticed the pig, and didn't give him a second thought. As the fight escalated Vegeta soon became privy to the hidden abilities of these two small creatures.



The sounds of small explosions echoed around Kame House, along with quite a bit of smoke. Vegeta stood up from his meal, suddenly interested in what was going on outside. He noticed that Bulma and Trunks were wide eyed, and soon looked out the window as well. What he saw made him drop the turkey leg he had been munching on. On the small beach stood Cell in his perfect form, as well as Frieza! The two mind-numbing threats stood facing each other, looking ready and eager to attack. Goku was more than a little irritated, and visibly offended.

"Guys, this is taking things a little too far. We don't need to be reminded of our old enemies on such a nice day."

As Goku said this, Vegeta, dumbstruck, suddenly became aware of what his senses were telling him. These were not his feared opponents. The power levels he sensed were so small that he could barely even recognize them. Still, the mere sight of such hated foes was enough to stir his Saiyan Rage.

He flew out of the window and into the air above the subjects of his massive hatred.

Without even thinking about it, he powered up and transformed into a Super Saiyan in a screaming blind madness. Goku appeared behind him and grabbed his wrist. Vegeta looked back at him, almost horrified, the surrounding area becoming clear again. As he looked down at the island below, Puar and Oolong, who were hugging each other in shaken fear, had replaced the two figures.

Vegeta descended and landed on the beach, powering down to normal. He glared at the two little animals.

"Do you mind telling me what that was all about?" Vegeta growled.

Goku descended to the sand as well, and soon regained his composure. The small moment of terror had passed. No harm done. But, Vegeta was now acutely aware of something that had gone unnoticed. These 2 creatures had the ability to transform. This was something new, and exciting, which he needed in these times of peace.

"You. Pig. Get over here."

At this, Oolong did as he was commanded, not wanting to anger someone like Vegeta. He stood, groveling and huffing in his normal weakling fashion. The Saiyan was not pleased.

"Stand up straight when I talk to you. Look me in the eye." Vegeta scowled.

Oolong shivered horribly, but did as he was told. After a long while, he caught his breath and regained his confident stance that he had taken with Puar, to what end he dared not venture even a guess.

"Hmph. That's better. You seem to have forgotten your smugness. I saw something very important in you just a moment ago."

"W-what was that S-sir?" Oolong sputtered.

"Pride." said Vegeta in a solemn tone.

The Saiyan's demeanor almost changed to one of misplaced respect. But this was not misplaced in Vegeta's mind. He had detected a spark, and in his boredom, had started to turn the gears in his head to devise a way to harvest it.

This was more than Oolong could take, and he noticed that Puar was now hiding behind Yamcha. To his amazement, Vegeta did not even seem interested in her. The confident monster loomed over the shaken pig, who was on the verge of tears.

Bulma returned to her salad and urged he son to continue eating. But the tension outside could be felt without the need for sharpened senses.

Vegeta and Oolong stood there for a whole minute, staring each other down, but Vegeta still had the upper hand even in this small event. He closed his eyes and turned around.

Oolong felt his heart leave his throat and fall back into place. He let out a hard sigh.

Vegeta had found a new challenge. The dead clown could wait. He was sick of looking at the other Saiyan anyway. No, this was different.