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Kabuto looked down at the girl. She looked frail, too frail for her age, but he knew that she was much more stronger than she looked. After all, she had been created through the DNA of some of Orochimaru's strongest followers. She had been originally from Konoha, but he doubted anyone would recognize her now, as she had been kidnapped just a few weeks after she was born and it had been five years since. The girl didn't know of her Konoha past, as no one had told her about it. She had never been outside his lab and though Kabuto had taken his time to teach her about the outside world and the Hidden Villages, he didn't think she really understood it.

Truth to be told, he had grown quite a soft spot for her.

Kabuto remembered the days and nights he had spent researching Kimimaro's DNA and unusual bone structure. Thanks to that, though the girl couldn't restructure her bones like those of the Kaguya clan, she could harden her bones under her skin at her will.

And so, Kabuto still didn't understand why Orochimaru was sending the girl away.

Said Sannin came through the door, back form his journey to Suna. "Get her ready." He ordered. "The deal's been made."

Kabuto bowed and Orochimaru left. He nudged the girl forwards. She complied without protest and the next few hours went by like a blur, where he straightened her hair, wiped her dirt covered skin and made her change.

Then Orochimaru was back, taking in the girl through narrowed eyes. "You are to take her to Suna as early as possible." He said. "And deliver her to the Kazekage."

Kabuto nodded.

"You are dismissed."

Kabuto grabbed the girl by her arm and led her out of the room.

The Kazekage inspected the girl. With her pale skin, green eyes and pink hair, she looked almost doll like. Even her emotionless eyes matched those of a doll. He beckoned her over, so that she stood beside him. He called over his assistant. "Call Gaara." He ordered.

A few minutes later, the door to his office opened. Yashamaru held the door as Gaara stepped hesitantly into the room.

"Gaara." The Kazekage called.

Gaara cringed.

"Come here."

The five year old boy did as told, stopping in front of the desk.

The Kazekage nudged the girl forwards, so that Gaara could see her. The boy flinched away from her, as if expecting some sort of rude rebut. The girl didn't look up at him, let alone open her mouth.

Gaara stared at the girl for a few more moments, before cautiously looking up at his father.

"This girl is going to stay here from now on." He said. "She is now yours."

Gaara blinked. "Mine?" He asked.

The Kazekage nodded. "From now on, she will stay with you. You may do as you please."

Gaara's eyes brightened and he turned to the girl.

"Now, take her to your room."

Gaara reached out slowly. The sand didn't react. He grasped the girl's wrist. The girl didn't flinch, or make any signs of movement. Gaara slowly pulled her towards the door. Soon, they were out of the room.

"Is it safe for her to stay with Gaara?" Yashamaru asked.

The Kazekage nodded. "I'm told she is much more than she looks. Besides, she is now Gaara's responsibility; killing her, leaving her alive, the choice is his."

Yashamaru shot another uneasy glance at the Kazekage but didn't say anymore. He turned and made his way after Gaara and the girl.

Gaara sat the girl down onto the ground. "I-I'm Gaara." He muttered. "I'm the Kazekage's son."

The girl didn't reply. "I have two siblings. Temari is my sister, and she's the oldest. Kankuro is my brother and he's the second. You can meet them next time."

Still nothing.

"I-I don't have a mother, and I don't know why, but everyone say's it's my fault.

Still not a sound. Gaara began to panic, though he didn't know why. "I-I don't have f-friends, cause children run away when they see me. The parents chase me away." He took a deep breath. "They say I'm a monster."

Yashamaru had slipped into the room and now he was watching the scene unfold with worried eyes.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Gaara asked. "Do you think I'm a monster too?"

The girl slowly shook her head.

"Then why aren't you saying anything?" Gaara repeated, something akin to desperation in his voice.

"Am I allowed to, Gaara-sama?" The girl asked quietly.

Gaara paused.

"Am I given permission to?"

Yashamaru came over and crouched next to Gaara.

"Of course." He murmured softly.

"What would you like me to say?"

Yashamaru nudged Gaara, slowly getting what the girl was trying to say.

"Wh-why are you here?" Gaara blurted out.

"I am here to serve you, Gaara-sama."

"I-I mean, where are your...parents?" Gaara stammered.

"I believe I do not have parents. If I do, I do not remember them. My apologies."

Gaara looked like he was going to panic. "Then...then...what's your name?"


Gaara nodded.

The girl looked up carefully, taking care as to not look at him directly in the eyes.

"Sakura, Gaara-sama. My name is Sakura."

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