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Tauriel held her head high as she approached Dale's tall, stone gate. She had no time to contemplate her options; no time to consider the possibility that this was the end for her. Thranduil had no doubt come to throw her into the deepest dungeon his kingdom had to offer. Tauriel did not think of the mountain, Thorin, or even Kili. She did not think of her child, that she knew still remained a secret to the Woodland Realm. Perhaps it was better this way. Kili and his brother were not there to put up a fight in her defense; to cause a scene their uncle would no doubt object to. She would not have to hear Kili beg for her freedom and nor plead with his uncle, who had already made it quite clear he would not protect her.

Tauriel would simply just disappear into the night.

Passing by Bard's guards and rounding the stone wall, she then realized it was not Thranduil that she had to fear.

Next to a black mare, bow on his back and staring directly at her, was Legolas. A wave of delight overcame her. This was the longest amount of time she had gone without seeing her companion and it made her heart ache to finally see him before her. As always, his face a was a hard mask; concealing whatever thoughts were racing through his mind. Their last conversation came to mind and Tauriel knew he was not pleased.

"Nae saian luume." He said nothing. She waited patiently, allowing him to begin. It was only fair, after what she had put him through, that Tauriel let him start whatever argument was about to begin. Still nothing. "Has your father sent you to bring me back?"

"He does not know I came." The familiarity of his voice pained her. He stepped closer, eyeing her carefully and Tauriel flushed. She didn't know how, but he knew. "Are you with child?"

The sharp breath she took in betrayed her. His eyes narrowed, anger now evident on his features. Standing sharply, Tauriel did her best to look unabashed. "That is hardly your concern, Legolas."

"So it's true," he spat. "How long have you known?"

"I do not see why-."

"Did you know when you left? When you asked me help you leave? Did you know you were with child all that time?"

It was no use lying to him. Before, Tauriel had never been able to keep a secret from him. It was apparent nothing had changed. "I did. I found out that morning. You'll forgive me for not telling you, but you have a habit of counseling with your father over such matters. I felt as though this was not something he needed to know about," she replied coolly.

"Tauriel, had you confided in me before I could have helped you! Instead you ran here and made everything worse."

Her brows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Legolas stepped dangerously close to her. "He knows. He knows everything. My father plans to bring you home to answer for your treason. Not only have you laid with a dwarf, you chose the nephew of the one he hates most! You ran away from your duties; defied him again! What did you think would come from this? That he would choose to ignore this atrocity you created?"

"Atrocity?" Her fist balled and the heat grew in her chest. "I do not doubt my faults, but I will not have anyone speak of this child in such a way! His father recognizes him as well as the future king of Erebor!"

"What about the current king?" Legolas practically sneered the words. "Do not tell me Thorin Oakenshield welcomed your surprise visit."

"It is not his opinion that matters," Tauriel heatedly argued. She wondered silently if the guards at the gate could hear her yell. "All that is of importance is Kili. I do not need anyone's approval."

"If he is so important to you, where is he now? Where will he be when my father comes barging through Erebor's gates to take you? You can lie if you wish but I know his kin will not help you. You are not one of them, Tauriel. Perhaps if you give up the child-"

"Give up the child!" she nearly screamed the words, frustration and anger dripping off every word. "Do you mean-do you mean to kill it? If I kill my child perhaps I could come home? Have you lost your mind?" He did not answer. Legolas, turned, watching the horizon while she continued. "Is this really the reason you came all this way? To insult me and try to convince me to kill my child? Just to have a chance to go back to a place I do not belong?"

"I came to try and convince you to kill that thing that you've made!"

She saw fire. "How dare you! I, nor his father, will stand for such a thing!"

"Then I suppose it's a good thing he is not here."

Then, from down the mountain road. She saw them. Astride a white stag, guards with bows and banners on either side, the Elvin King was heading towards the gates of Dale; straight to Tauriel. Suddenly, it all made sense. They'd managed to get away from the mountain, loudly confess to her crime, and confirm Kili was nowhere close to help her. This really was the end.

"You snake," she hissed to the blonde, whose anger had faded. He watched the approaching stag, features softening. Tauriel did not care. For the first time, she realized imprisonment wasn't her only fear. "What is he going to do to me?"

"It's for your own good, Mellon."

The late afternoon air was growing chilled as the shadows among the pines grew longer. The trees were growing thicker and taller and Kili pulled his hood over his dark hair, watching the darkening shadows with suspicion. Fili had done the same. The brothers had left the scattered villages and farms behind, entering terrain that was more dangerous and risky with every step. Just the morning before the brothers had stumbled upon a small wagon, cracked and empty, with familiar red stains.

"We can't keep on overnight," Fili called to him. Kili nodded in response. "Won't be able to see two feet in front us. We'll just have to wait until morning to reach the others."

"Agreed." Over the trees, a screech rang out across the sunset. Soon, another answered. The ponies whinnied, stomping in place. For the past two weeks, he and his brother hadn't crossed paths with any unsavory characters. Kili had a feeling they wouldn't be so lucky that night. "Set up camp. I'll take a look around."

It wasn't long before Fili had a dim fire, with two plump rabbits laid on top courtesy of Kili's bow. The prospect of seeing their family, their mother, in the morning was enough to keep their spirits high in the dark forest. His thoughts went to Tauriel, wondering what she was doing to keep busy inside of the mountain. With any luck, by the time he returned, his kin would be more welcoming to her.

"It's odd to think about the mountain being full," Fili pondered out loud, letting out a breath of smoke from his pipe. "To have a real kingdom to live in."

"Aye. No more adventures, big brother. We'll have to be boring, settled dwarves of royalty." Kili laughed, earning a smile from his brother. "I'll have my days busy chasing a wee bearing down the halls while you become King Under the Mountain." He paused a moment, picturing Fili years ahead sitting on Thorin's throne, with an extravagant crown on his head and a faceless queen by his side. "Does that bother you at all you?"

"Becoming king? Nah." His brother shrugged at the word. "It's not becoming king that upsets me. I accepted that was my future long ago. It's everything that will become before it that worries me." His kin retuning home. Azog. The birth of his nephew. Kili knew the list went on and on of what was yet to come and neither of them new was going to happen. "What about you? Do you worry about being a father?"

For a second time, his thoughts went to Tauriel's swollen belly. The realization that he would have to confess his doing to his kin was looming over him. He'd hardly thought about what would happen after Tauriel was pregnant. "I don't know."

Suddenly, the noise in the forest stopped. The leaves stopped whistling, the birds quit their chirping, and the scurrying of creatures ceased. Kili's bones shivered and the hairs on his arms raised. There was nothing but silence for a spilt second, before the ponies whinnied and began yanking at their ropes. Kili locked eyes with his brother and then they were both in their element. Fili yanked both his swords out, stomping out the fire while Kili drew his bow, searching the tress around them. Screeches and howls were now louder than ever and growing closer, but he couldn't tell from which direction.

"Fili," he called harshly. He could already tell there would be too many of them. "We need a place to go. Now."


His brother brought down his sword, breaking the ropes constraining the ponies and they sprinted off into the night. With any luck, the orcs would chase after the animals and not them. Swinging onto the branches, Kili grabbed his brothers hand and together they began to climb. It wasn't until they were near the top, concealed by the foliage, that the first orc burst through the tree line. Snarling and smelling of death, it was not long before it was followed by others. One by one, they barreled by their tree, chasing the smell of the brothers from the ponies.

Kili knew when the orcs had caught up to the ponies. It wasn't hard to tell when orcs got excited about a kill. With the enemy now distracted, Fili motioned for Kili to climb down the tree. He did as he was told and together the brothers plopped onto the ground.

Fili brandished his swords, watching the direction the orcs had left in. "Maybe we should try to find them tonight after all."


Sigrid's panicked breaths came out in short gasps. Her father's words echoed in her mind, repeating and repeating to where she thought they might drive her to insanity. No one was walking the stone paths of Dale this late. Loud shouts and girlish giggles could be heard from the tavern, but Sigrid saw no one else. She knew Tauriel had left to see a visitor and hoped she was not far from the gates. Sigrid needed her.

A shout made her stop. Edging closer to the gate, ignoring the guards standing there, Sigrid peered around the stone. A fiery headed figure stood in front of a blonde elf, one she recognized from the night of Smaug's attack months ago. Sigrid suddenly realized it was Tauriel who was shouting.

"To insult me and try to convince me to kill my child? Just to have a chance to go back to a place I do not belong?"

Sigrid made to run, to go to own her friends aid, but froze when she saw a grand figure approaching over the hill. Her own problems forgotten, she thought hastily of what to do. If they truly intended to hurt Tauriel, there was nothing her father could do. This was not his quarrel. However, she thought she knew where she could find someone.

Turning the way she came, Sigrid sprinted up the stone, skirts billowing around her, wondering where she could find a raven.

Dun dun duuun

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