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In this story Liv and Tyler have been dating since 6x03 where they did kiss.

The Child of a Witch and a Werewolf

Chapter 1

Liv woke up to the feeling of discomfort. A sudden dizziness, and feeling of nausea came over her all at once. She nearly jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom. Tyler groaned hearing the sound of movement in the room. Recently Tyler and Liv had been sleeping together, they had felt this connection not too long ago and had been together ever since. He could hear her in the bathroom, he got out of bed and moved to stood by the door, knocking on it.

"Liv are you alright in there?" He asked. Liv finally finished emptying her system, flushing the toilet and taking a look at herself in the mirror. It had not been the first time that she had gotten sick these past two weeks. Perhaps she was getting ill? She thought to herself. But another thought came to mind. Perhaps it wasn't a sickness?

"Ty I'm fine, but I think I will go see the doctor today. Maybe I am coming down with something. The flu has been going around lately anyway." She opened the door with a smile. "No worries," She promised. He looked unconvinced but nodded. "I better take a shower and then head out." He nodded and began to turned away to gather his things. "Join me?" She asked. He turned to find her with a mischievous grin on her face. Removing his shirt that she had been wearing, she gave him a wink. Even though he was a werewolf now, he seemed to move pretty fast. He was there in a second wrapping his arms around her waist and shutting the door behind them to finish what they had started last night.

Liv sits in the waiting room nervously. She had this gut feeling that was telling her that it wasn't an illness. The door to the office opened and an older looking man stands there with a folder in his hand. He looks down at the name before reading it out loud.

"Olivia Parker," Liv stands the instant he calls her name with a determined look on her face.

"That's me," She muttered in an impatient and snarky tone. She follows the doctor inside the office and sits down.

"So Miss Parker what seems to be the problem?" He asked getting right to the point. She takes a deep breath and begins to tell him the problem.

"Well for the past two weeks, I have been feeling ill. I have been feeling nauseous, and sick to my stomach. As well as not being able to keep my food down. And on top of that my doctor's appointment was supposed to start 30mins ago so". He frowns before standing up.

"Let me ask you some questions." He said as he begins to check her vitals, seeing if there are any signs of it being a case of the stomach flu. There weren't any signs of her being ill. It made him ponder his thoughts for a moment. Before asking his question. "Miss Parker are you sexually active by any chance?" He asked. She swallowed hard, knowing where he was going with this.

"Yes," She answered honestly.

"Do you use protection?"

"Yes," She had been taking a certain herb that a witch from her coven had given her. And it had never failed. Then again in her past she had been with only two others. And they were human. Tyler was a werewolf, and she had never really taken the time to ask whether it worked with another supernatural.

"If you don't mind but I would like to do some blood work." She raised an eyebrow confused.

"What for?" The doctor sighed.

"To see if we can detect a reason to why you are having these symptoms." She bit her lip before nodding. After taking blood from arm, the doctor had left the room to do some tests. She was fiddling with her fingers nervously. The doctor entered the room, with the news on the tests.

"Ah congratulations Miss Parker, you're pregnant." Liv froze in shock. She was speechless to say the least, she swallowed hard. She was pregnant.

Now Liv found herself at the Skull Bar, wiping down the counters. She was still thinking about the doctor's appointment today. And was still trying to process it. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed her brother Luke entered the bar and had made his way over to her.

"Hey sis you, I got your text. So what's up? "Liv jumps when she hears his voice. But is all the more relived to see her brother. Her jaw clenches slightly. She isn't sure how to begin. "Liv," She takes a deep breath and turns to him.

"I went to the doctors this morning," He looks at her confused, but let's her continue. "Lately I haven't been feeling so well. I have been feeling rather dizzy and I'm not able to keep food down." She shook her head. "I'm pregnant." She confessed. Luke stares at her for a moment in shock and surprise. Out of all the things that he thought she would say, that had been far from it. He was still processing and Liv took his silence as a sign that he could turn his back on her. He took his time to pick his words out carefully. He had no right to judge his sister, but the thought of her having a child at this age made him question if she was ready to take on that responsibility. At the same time he did like the idea of becoming an uncle. He had always wanted his own children one day.

"Well that's great. I mean I'm sure that Tyler will be thrilled." Liv seemed to hesitate. She wasn't really sure what Tyler would think. She was somewhat afraid of telling him. That is why she chose to tell Luke first. Luke and Liv had always been close.

"I am not sure really. And I am not sure how I feel about the whole situation either." She glances at him with sadness in her eyes. "When I think about having a child…" She placed her hand on her stomach as she spoke. "It makes me happy. But I fear the coven. Luke, you and I both know how they feel about werewolves. What do you think they will think when they learn that I carry one's child within me? I am afraid to even think about what they might do when they learn of this." Liv murmurs with a few tears streaming down her cheeks. Luke looks at her with love in his eyes.

"I understand. But don't forget. You have Tyler, Jo, and me. You know that I won't ever let anything happen to you. I promise you Liv, that we will do everything in our power to protect you and the child." Liv smiles at her brother feeling some hope begin to bloom inside of her. He was right, she would not let the witches take away her child.

"I should go, it's time I told Tyler." Grabbing her coat and car keys she makes her way to her car. With new found courage to tell Tyler the news.

Meanwhile in Portland, Liv and Luke's father is performing a ritual. As he begins to chant, he hears movement behind him.

"Sir, the coven wishes to speak with you." The fellow warlock informs him. He huffs, closing his grimoire and turns to follow the warlock to the coven of witches. He finds the members standing there waiting for him. He folds his arms across his chest.

"What is this about?" He demands. They glance at each other before speaking.

"It appears that witch has informed us of something. She has had the help of the spirits confirm this." One said.

"Something to do with your daughter." Another spoke. "Something seems to be stirring in the supernatural."

"The spell has confirmed that your daughter is with child." The first continued. "But that is not your daughter's wrong. It is that she is carrying the child of a werewolf's-

"No!" He yells in anger. "My daughter! Pregnant with a werewolf's child." He shook his head. "This coven has always feared such things. Merging two species into one, is a true abomination. We all know the price of this. The Original Witch proved this with her past indiscretions with a werewolf. And look at what that created. Klaus Michelson, was the result and the evidence of an abomination." The members of the coven nod in agreement.

"We agree. The child can't be allowed to live it must die. Therefore Olivia must die, either you do what is necessary or we will release Malakai from the Prison World and he WILL carry out this task. And if he does, he will become our leader and if you fail, you will be punished for your daughter's crimes." Joshua jaw clenches and his fill with sadness before he composes himself. He nods in agreement to the terms.