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I felt as if my feet hadn't touched the ground since Sam had announced us as "Mr. and Mrs..."

I was riding what seemed to be an everlasting high. The cheers faded off in the distance as we ran down the beach. Jacob had wasted no time in beginning the celebration. He had scooped me up, dress and all, with the happiest grin on his face I had ever seen. He truly beamed with joy as he carried me further down the beach with all of our many guests following fast behind. Music suddenly filled the air around us and I gasped in awe at the huge white tent that was all lit up and glowing with the many strings of clear lights and candles placed within it... looking like something straight out of a fairytale. I laughed with joy as Jacobs lips sought mine. His whole face damn near glowing now.

"Bella Marie Black... Spend forever with me, honey."

"It would be my pleasure Jacob Ephraim. I have your last name now." I replied, as he set me on my feet and gazed out toward the ocean.

"I love you more than life itself, Bella." He sighed, before kissing me with such passion that my knees went weak. He lifted me off the ground, as the cat calls began from Paul and Leah who caught up with us first.

"Hey now! We still have the reception to get through before all that!" Leah giggled, just as Paul picked her up and ran for the ocean with her. She screamed as he hit the water, splashing up to his knees, while she practically shimmied up his body to avoid touching the water below them.

They had earned several cheers from the guests as Jacob and I watched on with laughter of our own. Paul had gained enough sense not to get her dress wet and quickly moved them out of the water with a sly grin on his face. She playfully slapped at him and he chased her down the beach like they were kids again.

By the time we reached the tent, the party was in full swing. All of our guests had their glasses full and cheered loudly for us as Jacob eagerly carried me in through the tents opening. We were surrounded by our friends and family and I was passed from one set of arms to another, hearing the many "Congratulations," while we greeted everyone.

My mother and Charlie were a few of the first to hug me tight, handing me our sweet Sarah and I beamed with joy as I cradled her to me. I soon saw the tears from them both when Jacob reached over for Renee's hand, his words making my mother nearly sob.

"I promise to take care of her, Renee. All the days of my life."

Jacob knew what a nervous nelly my mother could be and it truly touched me that he took a moment to reassure her when she needed it. Charlie shook Jake's hand in response to his promise and gave us both a wink as we headed to the dance floor for our first dance.

My eyes never left his as he waltzed us around like a true pro. I followed his lead with ease, seeing his handsome smile and never wanting it to fade from him.

"You're so damn beautiful, Bells. That dress..." He whispered in my ear, his warm breath caressing my neck as he spoke this.

"... wait till you see what's underneath it." I breathed to him in reply, thinking of the skimpy lace lingerie that Emily had gifted to me in a Victoria Secret bag this morning. I felt him still our dance and meet my gaze in response to my teasing words, his lips inching ever closer to mine.

"Are you trying to drive me crazy?"

I nodded, keeping his heated gaze as our song drew to an end.

"... Maybe... Is it working?"

"You tell me." He sighed, whirling us around and pressing me tightly up against him, allowing me to feel the affect I was having on him.

"Soon." I replied, biting down on my bottom lip as a new song began and the crowd cheered.

Many drinks were passed around throughout much of the reception and by the time I had finished my fourth glass of champagne, I was certainly starting to feel the buzz from them.

I had danced with nearly everyone who came, including my dad, who teared up more than once during our father-daughter dance. I even got the chance to dance with Billy in his chair, seeing him skillfully whirl himself around on two wheels with a beaming grin in place for me, and giving me a kiss on my cheek when the song ended. He was sure to tell me that he couldn't have hand picked anyone better for his boy than I, and it truly touched me. Thankfully, my mother had been right beside me and was able to hand me tissues before my mascara could run. Charlie had seen us dancing and had become choked up a bit himself. I mouthed "I love you," to him and he blew me a kiss in response, his eyes glossy with emotion while he watched on.

When the time came for the best man speech, Paul delivered without fail and his words were sincerely heartfelt to us.

"Jacob and Bella, I wish you two nothing but happiness. You both mean the world to me and have taught me so much. Bella, you've become like a sister to me already and I can't wait to see you and Jacob build many more memories together over the years. Your kind of love story sets the mark and it inspires those around you. I wish you all the blessings and happiness that this life has to offer."

"Here, Here!" Sam then yelled, raising his glass with a wide grin as everyone else followed suit.

Emily's speech soon followed and was just as meaningful, her words touching us all when she delivered it. "Jacob and Bella,it's no secret that I've been rooting for you two since- well... a long, long time! And I can't tell you how happy Sam and I are to see you finally get your happily ever after. I can think of no one more deserving than you two. I love you both so much! Bella, you have truly become my sister and one of my best friends and it thrills me to see you this happy today. Sam and I wish you lots of love, joy and an abundance of blessings as the years go by!"

After raising another glass, with tears streaming down my face, we all toasted to her loving speech and the party soon got under way once again, lasting well into the early hours of the next day. We danced until we couldn't dance anymore and we laughed until our faces hurt, reminiscing over all the old memories and stories with the pack and Billy. It could not have gone any better and my heart felt as full as it could possibly be.

Leah had been wrapped around Paul most of the night, her hands always reaching for him and his arm drawing her near as they mingled with their champagne. I caught her eye as Paul ducked away to refill his glass, seeing hers untouched, and she knew by the look I wore what silent question I was asking her. She shook her head to me with a small shrug in response and I offered her a warm encouraging smile.

When the music eventually died down and the night began to come to an end, I handed off my champagne glass to Jacob and told him I'd be right back, stealing a kiss before making my way over to Leah, who was sitting in Paul's lap with his suit Jacket wrapped around her. I took her by the hands and led her over to the corner of the tent where no one could hear us.

"I can't tell him, Bella. I'm afraid-"

"He loves you, Leah... and if I've learned anything from all we've faced recently... it's to always live every day to the fullest and never let words go unspoken."

She glanced back to Paul, seeing him laughing with Seth and Jacob and her hands began to shake in mine.

"You're right, Bella. He needs to know. I have to tell him."

She released my hands then with a nervous grin and marched back over to Paul, who abruptly put his glass down when she whispered in his ear. I watched as he took her by the hand and led her swiftly out of the tent.

I hoped beyond all hope that Paul would be happy when she told him.

I mingled and waited for her to return, seeing Seth and his new love share a dance with proud grins on both their faces. Seth looking as happy as he'd ever been and my heart warmed at the thought of him becoming an uncle. He'd make a damn good one.

Jacob took my hand and pulled me close to him as I anxiously continued to wait for Leah to come back.

"Bells..." He whispered in my ear. "What had Leah so nervous just now?"

I bit my tongue, not wanting to share something that wasn't mine to share.

"She- Well...-"

"Is she-" Jacob asked, his knowing gaze meeting mine.

"Wait... you know?"

He slowly nodded, glancing toward the opening of the tent with me.

"She hasn't taken a single sip of champagne all night...- and I've been sensing something different with her for the past week. Took her off patrol for the last two shifts." He noted.

I smiled up at him, seeing his matching grin in place.

"She's so nervous." I sighed.

"She shouldn't be. Paul will be thrilled. Trust me." Jacob chuckled, kissing me softly on the lips. "I've heard his thoughts. I would know."

As we soon said our many goodbye's and thanked everyone for attending, I kept an eye out for Leah or Paul, not seeing either of them as the guests slowly left the tent.

"Still no sign of them?" Jacob asked, wrapping his arms around me and gazing up at the stars above us as we exited.

"Nothing yet. Think they're ok?" I nervously replied.

"Paul's probably celebrating with her in his own way. He's gonna be elated, honey." Jacob chuckled.

"True,I hope so."

"Do something for me?"

"Anything." I replied, still feeling light on my feet from the many glasses of champagne.

"Open this." He asked, placing an envelope in my hands. I eagerly did as he requested, and let out a gasp as I saw the two plane tickets to Hawaii now in front of me.

"Is this real? Are these real!?" I asked him in true disbelief.

"Yes honey... they are. We leave on an 8 a.m. flight this morning and our limo is due to arrive any minute to take us to the room I reserved."

"You didn't!?" I gasped, jumping into his arms and kissing him.

"I wanted to give you a honeymoon you would never forget, sweetheart."

We said our final farewell to Billy and headed down the beach toward the awaiting limo.

Jacobs hand took mine while he stopped to peer out over the water, seeing its captivating beauty as the sun was barely beginning to rise before us.

"It's beautiful." I breathed.

"Doesn't hold a candle to you, honey. Not even close." He replied, his gaze fixed on the shimmering waves rolling in.

I stared at him in true awe, marveling at how breathtaking he was. The sun touched his face as it's rays broke free from the waters horizon, making his smile even more brilliant to me.

He was perfect and forever mine.

I was full of a happiness I could not contain. For I loved and was fiercely loved in return. I could ask for nothing more.

He was my best friend. My warmth and sun. My truest desire and I would forever hold with those who favor fire.