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Chapter 4
String of Inevitability

Cool, green eyes scanned her surroundings as their bearer made her way down the high school halls. Theo was doing her level best to keep the scowl off of her features, but it was growing more and more difficult with the stares that people, mostly the male sect, were shooting her way.

Already I'm drawing to much attention to myself.

The young woman mentally swore. Although, to be fair, she hadn't really expected to be able to slink through without being noticed. A little curse of being a witch, much like vampires, your presence was quickly noticed to be alluring and out of the ordinary.

Of course, Louis had often made obnoxious comments about her being a bombshell. So, that might also have a little something to do with it as well.

Sighing, she ran a finger through her hair before glancing down at her schedule.

English first. Excellent, something I'm good at.

Shooting a few effective glares at people who were staring to long, Theo allowed a brief smirk to flit across her face upon seeing them quickly avert their gaze before she whisked off to her homeroom. Okay, so maybe she could be a bit antisocial when it came down to most ordinary people. But in her experience, it was for the best.

The uncomfortable expression on the witch's face was there and gone in a flash. If someone had seen, which was doubtful, they probably would have attributed it to their imagination it was gone so quickly.

A few profanities were muttered underneath the young woman's breath as she shook away the momentary lapse in her steely resolve. It was just… odd stepping into this sort of world again. That's all, nothing more. Taking a quick breath, Theo stepped through the door of her homeroom. Almost immediately, she felt herself go rigid.

They were here.

It was on instinct that she bristled, for even if she currently had her gaze focused on her new teacher, she knew their eyes were on her. She could feel them… watching her, having taken immediate notice of her undoubtedly strange presence the moment she stepped through the door.

"Ah, the new student," the middle aged man acknowledged the witch's presence, his voice low amidst the chatter of the other students. "Theodore, right?" he inquired, stepping forward after glancing up at the clock. It was seven minutes until class would begin.

"Yes," Theo's smile was reflexive like an automatic response, yet never reaching her eyes.

"Alright, just give me a moment to grab your text book," the man hummed, turning around and digging through his draws.

Nodding briefly to show her understanding, the young woman closed her eyes for a split second as she took a quick breath.


Opening her eyes, she finally turned and met their gaze. Or first, more specifically…

His gaze.

Calm green clashed against intrigued gold as Theo levelly held the gaze of the first vampire she spotted in the room. Just like nearly all the creatures of his kind, he was beautiful, with curled gold hair, the body of a Greek statue, and mesmerizing golden eyes.

His face is unreadable, but his eyes are not. He doesn't know what I am, but he knows I'm not normal.

For a split second, the witch's lips twitched upward, hinting amusment.

He's curious.

Theo's eyes then made their way to the other vampire in the room. Although, the young witch found herself momentarily surprised at how hard it was to tear away from her locked gaze with the first one.


The second vampire Theo could only describe as looking like a pixie, a beautiful, real life pixie with her short, feathered out black hair and gold eyes so full of bubbling life and curiosity.

She too doesn't seem to yet realize what I am. Good. But like the other, she's curious… and confused?

Out of the entire class, it was only the two vampires that now seemed to be paying her any solid attention. Most of the room had gone back to its chattering, though still sneaking frequent glances up at the newcomer. It was only the two vampires that were still giving her their undivided attention.

Yet, neither of them feel hostile.

"Here you are, Theodore," the teacher hummed, catching the girl's attention as he handed her the textbook. "There are some empty desks, just take whichever one you wish."

"Thanks," Theo replied, her eyes quickly re-scanning her surroundings for a seat. A small smile twitched on her lips as she spotted the one she wanted.

I must be completely insane. All the same, this ought to be fun.

For it was over in the far back corner that the two vampires sat alone together, separated away from all the others in the classroom. The male was the one actually seated in the far left corner desk while the girl sat in the desk right beside them. However, all three desks surrounding them were empty.

Of course no one is sitting beside them. They may have the others mesmerized but normal people's instincts can easily tell that they're different. That they really weren't people to get close to.

It was a familiar feeling to the witch.

And a lonely one.

It was with this thought in mind that, much to the other people in the room's surprise, Theo confidently strode over and sat herself down beside the pixie looking vampire. After all, for the witch, it was people like this that were her norm in life.

Louis would definitely be laughing at me right now.

"I'm Theo," the young witch spoke up instantly, squarely facing the female vampire before her with an easy smile. "Nice to me you."

"Oh, same," she replied, still looking surprised but quickly letting the expression melt into something akin to excitement as she then happily quipped. "I'm Alice. Sorry, you just… sme- erm… look a tad bit similar to someone else here."

"Bells? As in Bella?" Theo inquired.

"Yeah," Alice's face showed another brief flicker of surprise. "How did you-"

"She's my cousin," the witch stated with a cool smile, knowing that even if he hadn't said anything, she had the other vampire's attention as well. Even if she wasn't looking at him, she could feel that his piercing gaze hadn't left her since the moment she'd first walked through the door.

It's like he's searching for something that he can't find. I wonder what their gifts are.

"Oh, my gosh!" the pixie vampire exclaimed, looking absolutely ecstatic. "The two of you are cousins!?"


"Well, that certainly explains the… similarities," she hummed, her golden eyes looking momentarily confused before they re-brightened back up. "Oh," a look a realization crossed her face, "and this is my brother."

Brother? Pfft… doubtful.

"Jasper," the other vampire spoke with a small incline of his head, a slight southern accent lacing his tone as he introduced himself.

Pulling her gaze from Alice, Theo finally once again met the other Cullen's gaze. "Theo," she repeated her name with a warm expression, seeming to take him by surprise. Already, she was beginning to feel more at ease talking with these two. As absurd as it sounded, she was back in her element, associating with those of the supernatural. Honestly, the witch knew she was just here to make sure Bella would be alright, but so far, it didn't seem like the Cullens meant harm. The presence of these two wasn't a hostile one.

All the same, one can never be too certain, and Bells is just a normal human… for the most part.

"Short for Theodore."

Theo raised a slender eyebrow at the blonde whose gaze never once had lost any of its intensity. "Excuse me?" she inquired.

A partial, crooked smile formed on his lips, while the expression in his eyes shifted into something slightly different… less… cold. "Your complete first name is Theodore," Jasper repeated.

Ah, of course he heard that. Damn.

"Oh," Theo chuckled. "Yes, it is, but it's also a mouthful. Theo is fine."

"But Theodore is so much prettier!" Alice protested, quickly joining in on the conversation.


"She's right," Jasper affirmed, smiling a bit as he sided with his sister and continued the small talk in which oddly enough, seemed to have so easily fallen upon the three oddities sitting together in the classroom corner.

"Theodore is usually a boy's name, though," the young witch countered with a chuckle, humor showing through in her eyes as broke into a small grin. "Seriously, when I was a kid I used to pretend I was President Roosevelt and would run around in the Forks woods pretending I was hunting bears."

Alice let out a giggle while her brother's lip twitched upwards, both humored by the amusing picture.

"I think I can imagine that," the female vampire laughed lightly, causing Theo to shoot her an indignant yet amused look.


And that was how the rest of the period went, though the three certainly quieted down a bit when the class actually started. They continued to converse amongst one another, ignoring the stares that other classmates often shot them. As for the witch, she found herself feeling much more at ease amongst the vampires then she did the humans. It was the world of insanity that she was used to.

I wonder how they'll react when they learn I'm a witch.

For the young woman knew such knowledge would not remain unseen much longer. Even through the pleasant conversations, Theo was quick to pick up on certain questions that were asked, certain ways things were put. They knew she was a supernatural. They were just trying to figure out what sort of supernatural she was.

Thankfully, neither of them were looking at her like she was a favorable snack. Although, Theo knew that that was the witch blood protecting her. To a vampire, a witch often smelled… intoxicating. However, it wasn't in the same way of say a meal.

Pure witch blood was different.

It was too strong, and smelled of strength. Like the beauty and alluring scent of the rose, yet the moment you attempt you pick it, your hand is sliced by the thorns. As such, vampires tended to have an instinctive knowledge about not drinking from witches whose powers were adapted to fight against all supernatural creatures and were immune to other supernatural powers, such as being turned into vampires or being affected by their gifts.

This quite often would lead vampires and witches to be drawn together in other ways, whether it be in friendship or… other things. Somehow or another, vampires and witches always ended up being drawn together, like an invisible thread that had forever bound both races into association.

"We have history together this next period."

Jasper's smooth, southern voice suddenly sounding right next to her was enough to give Theo a small start of surprise as she peeked up from her schedule to look at the vampire who was peering over her right shoulder with she dare say a pleased expression on his face.

"Cool!" the young woman quipped, genuinely happy at the fact. Feeling eyes boring into her head, she met the blonde's gaze to find him giving her an odd… almost confused look.

"Does that make you happy?" he inquired, giving the girl a genuinely inquisitive look.

Odd… question… it's like he's confused about something. Asking exactly what I'm feeling… could that be his gift? If so, that would explain the confusion. I'm a witch, so if reading, sensing people's emotions is his gift, then it won't work on me.

"Yes, it does," Theo smiled, letting the emotion reach her eyes and seemingly taking the vampire by a bit of surprise. "What about Alice?" she then inquired, glancing around. "Does she have history next period too?"

Jasper let out a chuckle at the question, his lips turning upward in his own secret amusement. "No, she does not," the humor lit his eyes. "She has mathematics."

"It's awful and so boooring!" Alice's vehement complaint gathered the attention of both vampire and witch. "Really," she huffed, rolling her eyes, "it's all just rubbish!"

Theo let out a laugh before spotting Jasper actually grin a bit.

Personally, the young witch could only imagine things like that would get boring after living as long as a vampire does.

Makes one wonder why they are even in a high school. Is it just to fit in? Vampire families tend to move around every little while to avoid suspicion. But still… I wonder if it's their own way of holding on to some of their humanity.

"Anyhow," the female vampire then quipped, bounding back quickly from her previous outburst, "enough of that. On to more important matters." Bouncing over, she then quickly took both of Theo's hands in her own, secretly taking note of how the girl didn't even flinch from the frigid touch. Yet, if you were looking extremely closely, in the moment Alice took the other girl's hand, you could see a split second flash of shock register on the female vampire's face before it vanished without a trace. "You," Alice gave the witch a mock serious look before smiling, "are going to join our table for lunch today. Okay-dokay?"

Feeling genuinely surprised, Theo let out a light laugh as a pleasant feeling washed over her.

It's been a while since I made new friends. This could be nice.

"Sure," the young witch replied with a smile.

The pixie girl gave her a look while her brother merely stood to the side looking amused. "Promise?" she pressed in all seriousness.

"Yes, yes, I promise!" Theo laughed again, more boisterous then last time as she grinned.

"Good," Alice nodded her head in satisfaction, a pleased smile on her features. "See you then!"

"Later!" the other girl called after the vampire's retreating form. Eyes amused, Theo ran a hand through her hair as she shook her head in bewilderment.

What the hell am I getting myself into?

"To class?" Jasper's cool voice again brought the young woman out of her musings as she looked up to see him peering down at her with a raised eyebrow, expression still somewhere between curiosity and a hint of caution.

Theo merely took a deep breath, chuckling as she ran her fingers through her hair one last time, "Off we go."


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