Disclaimer- Something very traumatic happened in the wizarding world, one that the Ministry decides that the muggle world must know what had happened. They asked for one brave witch or wizard to go undercover in our world, possibly forever. That witch was J.K. Rowling. This is her tale- I am just playing with her characters.

Marry You.

Chapter One

Playing Muggle

"You would have to fight Remus then…" James said sounding slightly nauseated. "Lils already said if anything happened to me she would marry him."


With a content sigh Lily turned over onto her side in bed letting her eyes remain closed as she breathed in and out slowly. Her heart hammered gentle a steady thump, bump, thump rhythm against her ribs, a gentle lullaby. The music which had danced in her dreams continued on into her conscious mind, chasing away the last thoughts of sleep.

Outside her bedroom window, rain was falling in a steady rythmetic sound. It drummed against her window pane, some of the wet droplets entering her room through her half opened window. Grey clouds rolled lazily across the yellow sunshine which fought hard to break through the cloud cover. A brief summer storm, that had been predicted the night before, was rolling across the land. By mid-afternoon the storm would pass and the sun would be peeking out through the grey clouds. By late afternoon there would no longer be any signs of the storm.

Her heart beat, a slow, gentle pace mixed with the sound of the rain. If she allowed it, it could lead her back into dream land and let her dwell there for a little longer. Yet a nagging feeling in the back of her mind kept her awake. Musical strands that came from flutes, harps, and pianos mixed with the sounds of rain and her beating heart. It was a soothing sound that played through the air, a sound that came from outside of her dream world.

Warm and content Lily stretched lazily like a cat, reaching above her head and bending her toes down towards the foot board of her bed.

Downstairs she could hear sounds of life, her mother moving about the kitchen, her father stomping down the stairs, and her sister, still in the bathroom, hogging the hot water. Not the first time that summer, Lily was thankful she was now a fully qualified witch. She could heat the water up with a simple wave of her wand and enjoy a nice long hot shower; despite her sister hogging the shower.

A deep dong sound rang through the household pushing more fog from her brain. Groaning she pulled her legs up, kicking her feet slowly moving the blankets down her body. The sound of someone, her father, opening the door floated up the stairs. Lily could hear the mummer of voices, before the door shut and footsteps moved down the entrance hall towards the kitchen.

With the blankets fully kicked off Lily bent her knees, drawling her arms back and pushed herself up. She blinked slightly noticing the dark grey clouds outside of her window and the rain drops that splattered against the glasses window plane. Across her room her desk was shining in what little light there was between the grey storm clouds.

Yawning, Lily rolled from bed swinging her legs up and over her body as she did so. Strands of shortened red hair fell into her face as she moved and Lily impatiently shoved it back.

Gold and silver glitter had been sprinkled across the desk top. It looked as though a bunch of fairies had come dancing across its smooth wood late at night.

The soft strands of music continued to play. It came from a large merry-go-round music box that sat in the middle of all the glitter. Like a real merry-go-round the animals went up and down on their poles. Seven horses spun around and around, each one a more beautiful color then the last. Each one had been painted with a lily scripted in their manes. Each number of lilies increased with each horse, so that in total there were twenty two lilies painted.

On the front of the merry- go-round a small card rested. Smiling Lily picked it up and flipped it open.

Written in James neat scrawl in gold ink sat the words-

52 down, forty nine left to go.

A smile spread across her face and Lily giggled as the final trendies of music faded into the air.

Her mind drifted back to a cool summer day on the Hogwarts Express not even a year ago. Lily and Alice, one of her closet friends, had been board on the train. James had been up to his normal mischief and Lily had been ranting in annoyance about him. She had thought of him as childish and pig headed two attributes that Lily swore she absolutely hated. Beside her, Alice had laughed and nodded her head at the right times. For a while Alice allowed Lily to remain under the illusion that she hated James.

Lily could admit now that the only way you hate someone so passionately is because you love them passionately.

It had been Alice's idea to write a list of "Things James Potter was not allowed to do."

It had been Lily's mistake leaving the list of "Things James Potter was not allowed to do" lying about while she tried to stay hidden from sight.

What had started as a joke had ended, in something more magical the magic.

"You are not going to wear that," the voice of Lily's elder sister stated behind her. Lily turned so she was looking at the doorway of her room.

Petunia Evans was tall and all bones with a lot of neck and blond hair she had gotten form their father.

"What is wrong with my outfit?" Lily asked raising an eyebrow. "Afraid I will emberss you?" She glanced down at the faded black shorts and tank top she had chosen for the day. It was the perfect clothing for lounging around the house and writing some letters.

Petunia rolled her eyes, marched across the room and snatched what Lily was holding. "You could be dressed in the finest material from The Queen of England, and be an embarrassment," she sneered, tossing the outfit Lily had chosen onto her bed. Petunia begin sorting through her closet making mmmh noise.

"Here put this one on," her sister instructed shoving a white summer dress at her, "and these," she added, pushing a pair of white strappy sandals into Lily's arms.

"Are you going to leave so I can get dressed?" Lily asked, her sister was still standing in front of the open closet looking at the tamed mess of clothes she had made.

"Fine," Petunia said fixing her with a stern look. "And wear your hair in a ponytail as well," she instructed before spinning on her heel leaving the room. At the door she paused, looking over her shoulder, "I have a white wrap you can use with the dress...you do not want to get sunburned." The door shut with a click behind her.

Lily started at the door for a few moments.

The animosity between the two Evans girls had not lessened in the two weeks she had been home. They still bickered and fought and harped on at each other. Petunia, however, was making more of an effort to be a sister. Asking about her "freak" boyfriend, picking what Lily had to wear and sometimes dragging her along to meet with friends.

"Ooookay then," Lily muttered starting to get dressed. She had no idea what her sister was planning but it apparently had to do with spending the day in the sun.

Dressed, Lily stood in front of her full length mirror. Loath as she was to admit it, the outfit her sister had picked looked wonderful on her. The white dress was very basic and fell to her knees; a white lace covering went over the top of the white dress material and fell in a train to the top of her feet in the back.

Voices drifted up the stairs and through the hallway. A small smile played on Lily lips as she left her room. She had spent many summer mornings wandering downstairs to the lull of her parents' voices and the promise of grape juice.

This morning though a new voice joined in with the soft sounds of her parents.

Checking that she had stowed her wand in her pocket, Lily hurried down stairs curious to see who their guest was.

In years past Lily had not thought twice about leaving her room without her wand. Now, though, with all the murders happening in their world, the gentle weight of her wand pressing against her skin felt comforting. It was like a severity blanket to a young child whose world was on the verge of falling apart.

The smell of coffee floated down the hallway making Lily's mouth water. The front door opened and shut closed just as she came around the corner leading down the stairs. Glancing at the coat rack by the door, she noted her father's worn leather jacket was missing as well as her mother's light purple pea-coat.

Following the smell of coffee, Lily made her way towards the large open kitchen. Although it was chilly still outside the rain had turned into a fine drizzle, one that would taper out in another hour or so.

The smell of bacon mixed in with the smell of coffee reminded Lily that it was long passed the normal hour she would be eating breakfast. The floors and counters had been scrubbed clean until they almost shone bright. The black radio which sat on the counter was on, letting out a soft buzz that accounted for the voice that Lily had been hearing when walking towards the kitchen.

A man was sitting at the breakfast counter utterly at ease as if he belonged there. The weak sunlight that was coming in through the window made a harsh glare against his glasses. There was no mistaking the head of unruly hair that sat on top of the man's head.

"James!" Lily said her voice rising up an octave.

James Potter lifted his head, turning so that Lily was able to see the hazel color of his eyes. "Hey Lily," he said grinning. He stood up and crossed the room towards her and catching her halfway across the room, as Lily had moved towards him. He lifted her up spinning her around in a circle before pressing his forehead against Lily's, still grinning.

Without thinking that her sister was likely still in the next room peering around the corner, like she so often did; Lily rose up onto the tips of her toes pressing her lips against James's own, before he was able to say anything else. James's lips teased hers gently, peppering her own with gentle little kisses, before pressing his lips more firmly against Lily's own. His lips felt soft and gentle against hers, he moved them, his lips soft and slow, drawing his lips back and forth.

Two weeks was far too long to go without kissing James Potter. It had taken them both months of dancing around the physical attraction that they felt for each other before finally giving in. Unfortunately, the school year had ended soon after that deigning Lily the chance to kiss James and catch up on lost time.

James's arms moved from her back, one cupping her bottom and the other one shifting up into her hair. His fingers slid into the shorter strands of her hair, anchoring her head to his, to keep Lily's lips from running away from him. Not that Lily planned on moving her lips.

His tongue slipped from his mouth tracing her lips before slipping back into his own mouth. He caught Lily's bottom lip between his own sucking on it gently before releasing it and taking her top lip between his two lips and sucking on it.

A loud bang echoed through the sitting room, causing Lily and James to pull apart and Lily to laugh. Apparently her older sister had decide that they had gone on far too long, the bang that Lily had heard was the sitting room door that separated it from the kitchen slamming shut.

A smirk pulled up at the corners of James's lips as he looked over Lily's shoulder at the door. "I don't think your sister likes my intentions…" He remarked looking down at Lily's face. His smirk stretched bigger as he ran a finger over Lily's lips which were red and swollen from his kisses.

"And what are your intentions?" Lily asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Why to ravish you of course," James said grinning, he leaned forward touching the edge of Lily's noses with his own.

Lily snorted, pushing herself back from James's arms as she shoved her hair back, "Yeah, ravishing me in my parent's home is a good idea," Lily said smiling at him.

James made some kind of noise in his throat that sound like hmmph.

"Don't pout James," Lily said her lips stretching into a wide smile making her look like the cat that ate a canary. "It is only for another week," Lily reminded him.

Lily had made plans with Hestia to rent a flat in London.

"Your last letter said you would not be free for another week." Lily murmured.

Since leaving Hogwarts, their time spent together had been scarce. They had kept in contact with letters written late at night to each other.

"Sirius is keeping Moody distracted for me today," James said his eyes dancing.

Lily grinned; she could imagine the kind of trouble that Sirius would get into to keep Moody busy. Alastor Moody was a force to be reckoned with. While not handsome with his steel grey hair and beady eyes that cut you to your heart, he held an air of authority about him that made even the harshest of dark wizards pause.

When Alastor had heard the Potter's son was looking to be an Auror; he had insisted on starting his training as soon as the school term ended. Since James and Sirius were attached at the hip, Alastor had allowed Black to join in on the training sessions.

"It appears then that I am at your mercy," Lily teased. They were still standing close to each other breathing the same air. James hands kept rubbing up and down her back as if he could not get enough of touching her.

Two weeks was entered too long to go without seeing one another.

"It appears you are...at my mercy and utterly ravishable." James muttered kissing the tip of Lily's nose.

Lily stomach chose that moment to grumble causing a blush to spread across her face. James laughed, stepping back slightly but still keeping Lily in arms reach. "If I plan to ravish you, I best feed you first," James said winking. "I thought perhaps we could play at being a muggle today and enjoy wandering your home town."

Lily grinned, silently thanking her sister for insisting she wear the outfit she had chosen. "I think that sounds perfect," Lily said.

It was an interesting experience, walking through muggle London with James. Although his parents had exposed him to much of muggle culture, many common things were deemed exterminate, by James.

"There is a small cafe I like to go to sometimes just a few blocks up," Lily told James as they walked along.

To a passerby they looked like a normal couple, no hint that they had just graduated from on a Wizarding school or that they both had magical wands hidden about their persons.

Grey rain clouds had given way to bright sunlight. The summer heat beady down on the back of their necks causing sweat to break out on the back of Lily's neck. The gentle buzz of Mosquitos drifted on the wind mixing with the far off sound of traffic which sat idly on the cruse way.

The small cobbled sidewalks were empty of pedestrians; most inhabitants of the small village were still indoors or at work trying to get their work finished before the days heat really got going.

"Petunia and I use to play there when we were little," Lily said, pointing at the park as they passed it, "She would get so mad because I would jump when the swing reached its highest peak. She felt for sure I would hurt myself...but I always just drifted back down light as a feather." Lily smiled as they passed by the playground. It had been right after one of those jumps that Lily had meant Snape and he had told her what she was...a witch. The creek where they use to meet was just on the other side of the park.

"It must have been nice to have a sibling to play with," James said smiling. "My parents were always away on missions leaving me with just an old house elf for company." He sounded wistful; as if he was thinking about those lonely days he had spent by himself in a home with too many empty rooms.

Lily shrugged her shoulders; sometimes she had felt it would be nicer to be an only child. Then she would not have to walk on constant egg shells because of who she was. "I bet that got better when you met Sirius and them?" She asked turning the corner and leading the way up a short street towards the café she had been speaking about.

James snorted, "Yeah it defiantly became more interesting when I meant Sirius, Remus, and Peter." He slid his arm from her shoulder swinging open the door and allowing Lily to walk into the cool interior of the dimly light café.

The café was small, more of a converted home then a café. Right in front of the entrance door was three stairs that led downstairs into an open space. A few tables sat in front of three large windows that looked out onto well-tended gardens that were drooping and dying in the summer sunlight. Smells of home cooked gravy and sizzling bacon assaulted her sense the moment Lily stepped into the place and a smile spread across her face as she breathed in deep.

Petunia and she use to come here after playing at the playground all day. Lily could remember how grown up she had felt sitting with her sister in one of the display windows and sipping on a chocolate milk. As she and her sister drifted apart, she had begun coming here with Snape.

The smile she was wearing fell from her face as she slid into one of the chairs that sat near the window. This table had been one she and Snape had sat at so often, sharing chocolate milk because Snape did not have enough money to buy his own.

"What is the matter Lily-Love?" James asked as he settled next to her not wanting to put more distance between them then was necessary.

"I was just thinking," Lily said vaguely. She was not sure how James would react to hearing that she and Snape had sat here together in summers passed.

"I gathered as much," James said dryly, giving her a slight smile. "Gallon for your thoughts?" He asked her raising one of his eyebrows and looking a lot more like an old teacher. Lily almost snorted at that thought pushing it away the moment it crossed her mind.

Lily smiled at him before reciting the normal food she got at this places to the old waitress who had wandered over. Lily thought, as always whenever she saw the old woman that she had far too much lipstick on. The waitress still did not remember who Lily was, despite her bright red hair and vivid green eyes.

James grinned at the waitress flirting shamelessly until Lily kicked him hard under the table, making James wink at Lily. The moment she had moved away, James turned back to Lily pulling her close enough to him that Lily's nose was touching James. Lily could feel a blush rise up onto her face as she and James exchanged breaths, although their lips were not touching. The town was growing, however, the odds of someone who knew Lily walking by the window was high. She was not sure if she wanted her parents to hear she had been snogging a boy from their next door neighbors or from an untrustworthy source."

"Did you come here often during the summer holidays?" James asked reaching up and pushing a strand of Lily's hair back from her face.

"Yes, it's an old favorite of mine from when I was a child," Lily said. She did not say that she had brought Snape here but she could see from the slight crinkle of his eyes James knew that she had.

The slight clatter of plates being set on the table made James and Lily lean back from each other. The waitress had come back; instead of clearing her throat like a normal person would, she had just set the plates loudly on the table. From the corner of her eye, Lily could see the dark red blush creep up James's neck, as if he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar by his grandmother. Lily sniggered slightly at that thought, feeling a deep burning in her own cheeks. The woman set down two cups of chocolate milk before giving a curt nodded and walking away from each other.

Lily was reminded of Madam Pince, the strict librarian of Hogwarts. She had resembled a turkey vulture swooping down on unsuspecting students in her library engaged in various things like hank-panky instead of studying.

"You should not feel….upset… or guilty, you know," James said, Lily looked over at him pausing in her busy work of adding salt and pepper to her dishes.

"What?" Lily asked raising an eyebrow at him holding the salt shaker over her plate of food.

James reached over and took the salt shaker from her putting some on his own food before setting it back down on to the table, "That you came here with Sni—Snape." James corrected himself, stopping before letting his old nickname for Snape slip out.

Although Lily had never wanted to admit it and her heart burned slightly at thinking it in her mind, she had to agree with James. Snivellus was definitely a fitting nickname for Snape.

"As much as I do not like it… And I do not like it…" James said, "He is a part of your past and there are likely a whole bunch of places you two have been to in this town together." He grinned suddenly, "But," he said dropping his voice down slightly, in case the waitress was hovering nearby. "There are some things that we can do that you never did with Snape," He waggled his eyebrows causing Lily to laugh loudly. She clapped a hand to her mouth, shooting an apologetic smile at the three older gentlemen siting across the restaurant.

James grinned, leaning forward and pecking her once on the cheek before picking up his fork and stabbing into his food. Beaming, Lily picked up her own fork cutting into the flakey soft biscuits that were covered in gravy.

"Where to next?" Lily asked an hour later as they strolled out from the restaurant, still breathless and red faced from laughing.

James had, had plenty of muggle money to pay for the meal they had just consumed. He had refused to allow Lily to help at all, asking what kind of gentlemen he would be if he allowed his girlfriend to pay. While he had insisted on paying, his knowledge of muggle money had been laughable and it had taken several moments of embarrassed shifting about before James was able to come up with the proper notes to pay.

"You were no help in there," James said poking Lily in the ribs as he walked along beside her slinging an arm around her shoulders and drawling her close to his side as they walked along. The summer heat, which had become warmer while they were eating their food, made it almost uncomfortable to walk so close. It came to the choice of being separated from each other, or being comfortable away from one another, the discomfort of walking close in the heat won out.

There was just something about being in James's arms that made the whole day seem brighter. It was almost like a cliché romance book that Lily's mother read and pretended that she did not read.

"You want to keep playing at being…" Lily lowered her voice glancing around herself as if they were on some secret mission together, "Muggles?" She asked, feeling her lips tug up at the word.

James grinned tapping Lily on the tip of her nose. "Yeah," He said tugging on her hair before pulling her tighter against him.

Lily sniggered at him, following along beside him; her town was small but had been growing over the past few years. It was almost like they were a growing maze starting from the town hall and ranging out. While there was not a lot to do, there was a lot of walking and scenery to take in. Hidden gardens tucked back in secret palaces, which allowed for some private snogging with lovers, or great opportunities for photos.

"Come on then…There isn't much to do but I can show you some pretty hideaways… And there is this lovely little book store on the corner," Lily said trailing off.

James had never been a large fan of books in Hogwarts. She did not see him enjoying wandering about a dusty bookstore on a warm summer day.

James hand squeezed Lily's shoulder gentle causing her to smile, "Sounds lovely, love," He said not a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Lily glanced at him sidelong, feeling a red blush spread up into her checks as she thought about it.

James had always been the thoughtful kind of guy. Even when Lily had been claiming to hate him, he had always put others in front of himself. His wanting to please had gotten him into trouble sometimes, especially when it was mistaken for him wanting to cause mischief. In the hallways of Hogwarts it was always said that if you were right with James Potter you were someone of trust. A thought that made Lily smile, once upon a time Lily had not wanted to be right with Potter. She was right with herself. Now she would give anything to see that smile spread across his face.

"You want to go digging about a dusty book store with me?" Lily asked trying to keep the delight out of her voice.

"I want to do anything with you, anytime, anywhere…" James said.

"Okay, okay, shut-up. You're ruining the good thoughts I am having about you," Lily said feeling her lips tug up into a smile. James laughed, poking Lily in the side of her ribs as they walked along the streets.

The loud yelling of voices rose form the next block. Almost as if he did not know he was doing it, James slid his hand into his pants and Lily guessed that he had grasped his wand. Used to the noise of neighborhood kids screaming and hollering at the pool, Lily did not acknowledge the noise, instead cutting across the street and through an alleyway. "Just the locals at the pool," Lily explained as they walked into the alleyway.

In the warm light of day it was very easy to forget that they were on the verge of war. That every day there were more and more reports of deaths in the Daily Prophet. With James's arm wrapped around her, the birds singing and the shouts and laughter of those kids who lived in her neighborhood, shouting; it was just another summer day. The only difference was she had James's arm wrapped tightly about her waist, and was not walking a few inches apart from Snape, as she had in the past. Try as she might, Lily could not see the cold touches of what was happening in her town. Yet, she knew it had, she had read only a week ago about a witch and her family who had gone missing at the edge of town. They had vanished at the start of the summer and now, as summer turned into the new month, there still were no new reports from the muggles, and the Daily Prophet had stopped reporting about them. They had been placed onto the bottom of the list of what was important at that point and time.

"James?" Lily asked as they turned another corner together, Lily titling her head back to feel more of the sun on her face as they moved along.

"Yes love?" James asked looking at her his hand still in his pocket. Only the tense feel of his arm gave away the fact that he was on constant guard.

"How is training with Moody? I know when you first wrote about it you were really excited, now you hardly mention it at all," Lily said smiling and turning to look at James, narrowing her eyes slightly against the glare of the sunshine.

"It's hard," James admitted, he sighed, running his hand through his hair and letting go of Lily's waist for a moment. Lily missed the warmth of his hand as soon as it had gone from her side. "Do you remember the three days I didn't write you?" He asked slowly sounding as if he was forcing himself to speak.

"Yeah, I remember, I was worried about you as well as mad…I was being selfish…" Lily said.

"You missed me," James said and Lily nodded, "The first day I didn't write, Alastor got called out to a home in Whales, England." Lily nodded, she knew of the town although she had never had the chance to go there. "There were five of them Lils…"

"Dark wizards?" Lily asked. They were getting closer to the book store now; Lily directed them over to a bench that sat in front of a water fountain, enjoying the soft spray of water on her shoulders and neck.

"No," James said running his hands through his hair again. He still had not grabbed Lily's hand again and she could feel the warmth his touch fading from her, causing her face to fall slightly. "A father, mother, and their three children," He said messing with his hair again, Lily grabbed his hand and held it between the two of hers, "They never even got out of bed, they were just lying there. Eyes shut…" He shook his head to keep himself form walking down that memory further then he had already gone. "Being an auror stopped being fun then. Stopped being something I was doing to show off, to be 'cool.'"

Reaching up Lily rubbed gentle on the back of James neck, "It became something you had to do to keep your friends and family safe." She finished for him, feeling her mouth turn up into a small smile when James nodded his head yes in answer to her question. "You know I am very proud of who you are James," Lily said feeling herself blush. "I'm happy I'm able to say you're my boyfriend." She smiled at him softly feeling a warm feeling spread from the spot on her waist where James was resting his hand. "Your parents would be proud too… you know," Lily said after a moment. Over James's shoulder she could see a small blue bird dancing on the cobble stone peeking for bread crumbs.

James's hands tightened slightly against her waist in acknowledgement of what Lily had said. He leaned forward resting his chin on her shoulder and pressing her against his chest.

Warmth spread throughout her body from where his head was resting on her shoulder to every part of her body where James was pressing up against her.

"Promise me something?" Lily asked turning her head slightly so she could press her lips against the side of James head. It did not escape her notice that she could be seen by anyone she knew, the likely hood of it being her police officer father increased by this being his route.

"What is that?" James asked. Lily turned her head slightly noticing that his eyes were shut, his nose buried into her shoulder as if he was trying to breath her scent in.

"Always come home."

"Where is home?" James asked and Lily felt her lips tug up into a smile at that tone of teasing that entered his voice. It seemed the serious moment had passed for James at least for the moment, and the happiness at spending time together was again distracting him from any saddening thoughts.

"With me?" Lily offered raising an eyebrow, even though James was not able to see it with his face still buried in her shoulder.

"I like the sound of that," James mumbled lifting his head to press his lips against Lily's.

Lily's lips curved into a smile as she opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into James's. Her hands slid up into his hair, tangling in the strands and pressing his lips tighter against her own. His words, more than anything chilled her to the bone. The thought of a family lying in their beds, never rising again…How easily that could be her family or someone that Lily knew. How easily was it that James might become one of those who would not come home, be one of those lost, like his parents had been, at the start of this war.

Smiling, Lily moved back sitting up straighter, "Good…I would hate to have to marry Remus instead of you." She teased standing up and pulling James up to stand with her.

"That isn't funny in the slightest, Lily Evans." James said narrowing his eyes at her. Lily laughed, standing up onto her tip toes to press her lips once, twice, three times against James's before settling back onto her feet again.

"Not meant to be funny, just meant to be an incentive to bring you back," Lily said laughing at the look on James face.

James huffed, shaking his head, "Come on Evans, show me this book store you were talking about," he said linking his fingers through Lily's and tugging her close.

Shopping in a book store with James quickly became one of Lily's favorite pastimes that morning as they wandered the dusty shelves. Morning faded into the afternoon, and they kept strolling through the rows upon rows of books. Tall stacks of books sat on the floor. On the book shelves books were stacked almost as full and high as those in Flourish and Blots. It was not until near the end of the time they spent in the book store that Lily found out one of James's very dirty little secrets.

He had wandered away from her, again, searching the shelves while Lily had flipped through a favorite childhood book, before placing it back on the shelves. The silence in the book store was deafening, nothing like that in the wizarding world. There, if people were not careful and opened a book, the book would start screaming or reciting poetry until the books were asked politely to shut-up. Wandering through the silent stacks and resisting the urge to hex a few of the books to make some sort of sound, Lily had spotted James at the ended of a long row of book shelves. A large sign hung above the shelves, and Lily sniggered quietly to herself as she slipped away, back into the stacks of books and humming to herself as she went. She would have to save this tad bit of information that she had just gained for when James really annoyed her. Which, knowing James, would be sometime that day. Although he was doing very well with being charming and romantic.

Thinking, she tried to remember a time she had enjoyed just wandering her town without any destination. Her mind came up blank as she leaned back against the stacks of books and leaned her head back thinking.

Maybe it was because it was James but she could not think of a time she had enjoyed a summer day like this in a few years.

There was something to be said about a friend, not even a romantic friend, but just a friend, and spending a quiet afternoon together. It was as good for the heart as a nice hot cup of chocolate.

"Ready to go then Lily love?" James asked appearing out of nowhere.

Lily had to fight to keep the smile back from her lips, "Yeah, if you are," She said passing the small stack of books she had found to James.

James grinned taking the books from her and leading the way back to the front of the store where the counter was, a muggle sat waiting for them. She set aside a large dusty book, looking at them as they approached and popping a piece of chewing gum every few moments.

"All set then?" She asked snatching the books and scanning them before saying a total. Lily ignored whatever it was, looking at the wall behind the woman. Tucking the books under his arm James led the way out of the bookstore, his arm once again wrapped around Lily's shoulders.

"Where to now?" Lily asked snuggling deeper into the crook of James arms and enjoying the tight squeeze that he gave her pressing her even deeper into his side.

"How about some ice cream?" James asked, shooting a glare at the sun as if he took great offense to the fact that it was so bright and sunny out around them.

Having given up the hope that the day would cool off, hordes of people had emerged from their homes darting from shop to shop and shaded garden to shaded garden. No cars road across the streets here, no one was foolish enough to try it, knowing that children, animals and adults would be running here and there across the roadways.

"Sure," Lily said grinning and already tasting the strawberry and melon ice cream she would be getting. "I can…" She paused wondering if James would want to go there. "I can show you the river?" She offered trying not to blush and betray the thoughts that ran through her mind. The hope that she and James could make some new memories on that bank of the river was high, forcing a deep red blush to flash across her cheeks as they walked down the street towards the ice cream shop; James holding the small stack of books Lily had chosen.

James being James did not miss the blush spreading across Lily's face. "I like that idea…very much so," James said winking at Lily and laughing when the blush that spread across her face deepened even more.

Cool air blasted them in the face as they stepped into the ice cream store, the loud music that was popular in muggle culture blasted away from the speakers mounted to the walls. The ice cream shop's window was decorated with a hundred different flyers, all of them advertising different kinds of activities happening in and around town. The largest flyer was purple in color and spread across the front window boasting that they were the world's greatest ice cream shop. James had snorted at that saying that there was no better place than Florean Fortescues Ice Cream Parlor. It was the best place in the world. Lily had laughed at that, grinning at the pimple faced kid standing behind the counter. The girl had rather large teeth and kept glancing at James as if she was wondering if she could ever have a chance with someone who was as handsome as him. "Coffee and mint ice cream on a cone," James said raising an eyebrow at Lily who raised one back at him, "And strawberry and melon on a cone," He said and Lily could not help but grin largely at that. Lily had always gotten the same kind of ice cream whether in her world or in the muggle world.

Licking their ice cream they walked side by side towards the small playground that Lily had pointed out earlier that morning.

Lily grinned fondly at the two girls who were clearly sisters pumping their legs as they swung side by side together laughing.

What would her own children look like?

Would they be as handsome as James? Or would they look like her with her green eyes and red hair?

Or would they be a mix with James eyes and Lily's hair and James crazy adventurous hero side?

Taking a lick of her ice cream Lily stifled the snort that she had been trying not to let out and grinned over at James, who was watching the park as they walked around the half circle that framed the outside of the park.

"Something funny Lily-Dove?" James asked noticing her eyes on him.

Lily grinned even bigger, reaching out and tugging the hand that was holding his ice cream cone down to her mouth. She took a large lick of it making a loud slurping sound as she did so and grinning at the outrageous look that James gave her. "What? It looked yummy," Lily deafened. "Want a taste of mine?" She offered, "It is only fair, I did steal some of yours," She glanced to her right looking at the little girls who were fading the further around the path she walked.

The way to the river was slightly over grown this way; it was Lily's own private heaven once upon a time. When she had come there during the past few weeks, she had noticed signs that someone else had been there too. An old photograph, an old faded jacket that had lost its color and had once been so large on a pencil thin boy…Try as she might, Lily could not find it in herself to resent the fact that Snape still went there. It had been their hideaway once upon a time. The small twinge of guilt she felt at taking James places and to the river bank ignited and then faded almost at once.

She was no longer Snape's friend, she held no promises or secrets for the man he was and the man he had become now.

Lily used the thought of the man in her head loosely, what kind of venomous snake could do what Snape had done and still call himself a man? No, he was some kind of animal, whether he had been pushed that way because of bullying and hate or he had always been that way Lily was not sure. He had had plenty of opportunities to redeem himself. The chances that Snape had been given but never took where gone now and he was her past, not her future. Taking another lick of her ice cream, Lily promised herself that after that moment, she would not thinking about Snape anymore.

The past belonged in the past.

The future belonged in the future.

"Yes, I would like a taste," James said.

Lily fought back the smile that threatened to stretch across her face she lifted the ice cream cone to James mouth watching as he leaned down towards the creamy tasty treat. As soon as he came close enough Lily pressed her hand up smashing some ice cream onto James mouth, chin and nose. The look on his face was comical; Lily snorted loudly jumping back a few steps to keep out of reach of his arms.

Reaching into his pocket James brought out a white handkerchief wiping his face, and eyeing Lily as if he wanted nothing more than to smash the ice cream cone into her face and run off before she could catch him.

"Just remember my love," James said loudly, grinning, "Revenge is best served cold," he said, lifting up his ice cream and taking a long lick up the side of the ice cream. Seeing Lily watching him, he winked and Lily laughed shaking her head at him.

"Whatever you say lover boy, come on the river is right up ahead," Lily said jerking her head over her shoulder, keeping an eye on James. She lead the way towards the river bank, pushing her way through some of the tree branches that had grown around the river bank.

The river bank was cold and cool in the warm sunlight that reflected down from the sun in the sky. A small babbling stream of water ran through the river bank, a beaver's dam had been built some feet up, blocking off the biggest flow of the water.

Fresh foot prints where in the mud as though someone had just left the area. Lily glanced around seeing no one and nothing as she did so. James stepped beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist. Lily gave him a sidelong look waiting for him to do something about what she had done to him moments before.

James seemed perfectly happy just to stand there, looking at the water and chomping on the ice cream cone that he was chewing on. Smiling, Lily took his example and finished off her ice cream cone chewing on the tasty pastry and enjoying the slow melting cream.

"I can see why you enjoy this place so much," James said giving Lily's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "It's peaceful."

Lily nodded wiping her mouth with a handkerchief before shoving it away into her pocket and giving James a smile.

"Yeah it is. We—I used to have so much fun here when I was younger. The first year I got my brand new school books, I remember smuggling them out of the house and bringing them here, sitting and reading them for hours until the sun gave out and I had to go home. I would have to smuggle the books back up to my room without being caught. I still couldn't wrap my head around it, being a witch…I thought for sure someone was going to jump out at me and yell April fool's right up until I got on the train." She smiled fondly, "Then I met you."

"Oh?" James asked his mouth stretching into a smile.

"Yes, I then turned my attentions to not liking you and your band of merry men," Lily said grinning.

"Is that supposed to be a Robin Hood reference?" James asked raising an eyebrow at her. Lily giggled, nodding her head yes at James. Then he lifted her up, causing her to laugh as he spun her around. James, having expected the ground to be dry, stumbled slightly and then went down, landing in the mud with a splat, with Lily on top of him.

"Yes it is…" Lily said laughing; she pushed up so she was sitting on James stomach, her arms on either side of his head. "You sir, are now entirely at my mercy," Lily rejoiced, remembering his earlier remarks before they had left the house.

"It appears I am," James smirked at her, "What do you plan to do about it?"

"This," Lily muttered leaning forward and pressing her lips against his. She caught his bottom lip between her own, nibbling on it gently before pressing open mouth kisses against his lips. She smiled when James tried to bring his lips closer towards hers. He turned his head slightly, following Lily's lips as she trailed them down the side of his face and then back up pressing them against his lips again.

"You are getting mud in your hair," Lily mumbled against his lips, her own tracing against his as she spoke.

"Wizard," He mumbled sitting up and catching Lily about the middle pressing his lips hard against hers and kissing her. He slid his hands up into her hair, letting one fall down rubbing circles on her back before cupping her bottom.

He moved his lips from hers tracing them down the side of her face down to her neck where it meant her shoulder. There he nibbled gentle at the tender flesh that was hidden slightly by the dress that she was wearing. Lily could feel her skin and her white summer dress getting wet by the continuous kisses James was pressing against her skin. Try as she might, Lily could not bring herself to care. An unfamiliar warmth raised in the pit of her stomach and a small whimpering sound escaped her mouth merging with the sound of a snapping branch.

In the back of her mind Lily heard the loud crack that echoed about them before falling silent again.

'A child playing,' she decided when the sound did not come again.

James hand twisted in her hair pulling her head slightly and giving him better access to the tender flesh of her neck.

His lips traced over the gentle curve of white dress, dancing against the smooth skin. It almost tickled the gentle traces of his lips on hers as he moved his lips up and down the column of her neck.

"Now who's at whose mercy?" James mumbled his lips teasing her neck slightly and Lily giggled.

"I suppose we are at each other's mercy," Lily whispered, tugging on his hair until he brought his lips back up to her mouth and reclaimed his lips in a kisses. Lily bit down gently on his bottom lip. Her heart sped up at the slight moan that James let out. Her lips moved quicker against his mouth, her kisses fluttering, the almost gentle pleasure bordering on pain. Something was burning in the pit of her stomach; it had always been there whenever James kissed her. A small burning fire that was now heating up, until it spread out from her stomach up into her chest growing hotter. The thought that if she let it go it would burn her from the inside out flickered into her mind and Lily flicked it away, nothing that could feel as wonderful as kissing James could ever cause her harm.

James bit lightly on Lily's bottom lip, his teeth grazing the tender flesh.

A scream ripped from Lily's throat, her back arched as pain ripped through her body. Pain that she had only known once, for a brief time. Her body shook the comforting feel of James body left her and she swirled through the air. In the back of her mind she felt her body make contact with something solid. Something that brought the air whooshing from her lungs in a choked scream that cut off once she hit the ground the prickles of a bush hitting her.

Far off Lily could hear laughter, although, who was laughing and why she was not sure. Her mind felt foggy as if she was walking in a dense field of flowers that was growing larger and higher with each passing moment. Only a sharp pain in her arm kept her from falling completely under the control of those hypnotic flowers.


She could hear his voice, a horse yell and then utter silence around them. Even the babbling river seemed to be holding its breath. The sounds of the playground that Lily had been able to hear had faded into dull noise that was hard to pin point. The bright sunlight was muted for a moment, Lily blinked hard, clearing her vision until the sun came back in full force, glaring down at her as if it mocked her for being who she was.

The world around her spun, sunlight turned into grey clouds, before breaking out into sunlight again.

Another summer storm was on its way.

Lily pressed her face harder into the cold, muddy embankment, feeling bits of sticks and twigs pressing hard against the tender flesh of her face. Her right shoulder throbbed harshly from the impact it took when Lily had hit the ground and her teeth chattered in her head despite the warmth of the day.


James, his voice sounded wry, as if he had just aged ten years in a manner of moments. Groaning, Lily shoved herself up using her left arm and babying her right. Maybe later she could have James kisses it better, her mouth twisted slightly at that thought. Hesita would have been proud in that moment; she was keeping her priorities straight, as she would have said.

"What have I told you," Lily froze at the new voice. Her heart was jumping as she scrambled to grab her wand, ignoring the ridged flashes of pain that zapped through her right arm at the sudden movement, "about constant vigilance?" A man's voice went on, not sounding as unaffected as a few moments ago.

"It's alright Lils, up you get," Sirius Black's voice said. Lily felt the fist in her throat relax somewhat at the sounded of her friend's voice. She had never thought hearing Black's voice would be as soothing as it was to her right now.

An older man with stone grey hair and a hard set face was helping James up from where he was tossed like a bag of potatoes on the ground.

Sirius kept his arm around Lily for reassurance to himself that she was okay, and to keep her from falling back down.

"What happened?" Lily asked, still gripping her wand in her right hand, ignoring the throbbing pain that was tap dancing up and down the length of her shoulder and arm.

"You are not ready, not yet anyway," The older man said. Getting a good look at him Lily realized it was Alastor Moody. "Although, that was a bloody well placed hex, I doubt that a dark wizard would be able to get rid of those boils." Lily half wondered if he had added that last part as a way to keep James from pushing himself too hard.

Lily already knew that was a moot point. Whatever time she may have had with James that summer had vanished, just like the small quiet bubble that they had found themselves in just moments before.

"You should be a tad more careful James," Sirius said causally. "If you die I'll have to keep Evans all to myself." Sirius hugged her to him slightly.

"You would have to fight Remus then," James said sounding slightly nauseated. "Lils already said if anything happened to me she would marry him."

Alastor Moody laughed a loud gruff sounded that snapped the tension around them as if he had taken a sharp pointed needle to a balloon. Lily could not help the small smile that pulled at her mouth; even with the pain dulling her senses as her body tried to process what had just happened to her. The different array of emotions dancing through her mind were confusing,

"She would be trading up then huh?" Alastor Moody asked winking at Lily who tried to smile back at him.


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