By Shadows Mirror

The day was bright and clear. The Great Demon Lord of the West had gone off to speak with a demon slayer about a human child's haircut, the human child concerned was making flower chains in a forest clearing and Jaken was sitting on an old log within sight of her, looking sore and sorry for himself.

Jaken looked up as a shadow fell over him. He scowed at the annoying female demon as best he could with his face a mass of lumps and brushes. "What do you want?" He suddenly looked worried. "I will stop you from taking Rin!"

Kagura whistled softly and looked impressed. "Well. He really doesn't like you rolling around on his fur, does he?"

At the startled demon's squawk, she waved one hand. "Don't worry, I'm not here to take the girl. I'm also not here to blackmail you or anything. Maybe another time. Right now, I'm here to ask you a very serious question." Her smirk was now gone and her eyes narrowed as she looked at the small green demon.

Jaken blinked. "I don't know what surprises me more. That you know what happened here last night, that you want to ask me a question or that you expect me to answer it. Why would I help you with anything?"

"Oh, I think you will help with this. After all, you do have your pride. As a servant, if not a demon." She waited until he was done spluttering with indignation and then hunkered down to ask her question. It wasn't a sign of respect, she just didn't want to get a crink in her neck from looking down at the little demon who was now eyeing her very suspiciously.

"What I want to know is… how do you keep Sesshoumaru's clothes so bright and white?" She sighed, ignoring the loud thump as she explained her problem. "No matter what I do, I just can't keep Hakudoushi and Kanna's clothes from going a weird shade of not-white. If it's not slightly green, then it's slightly brown. Hakudoushi keeps having to use his magic to make them white again as the budget won't stretch to more sets of clothes for both of them, and every time he does, I get told off for making him do the laundry." She winces.

Jaken crawled out from behind the log he'd fallen off in shock and blinked at her. "You were right. That is a serious question. I could refuse to answer you… but you were right about that, too. My pride as a servant won't allow it. Here's what you need to do…"

As the small green clothes-cleaning demon machine revealed the secrets of keeping whites white when washing, Kagura not only listened, but took notes.

Hakudoushi would never scold her for not doing the laundry properly again.

The End