Another day is a Touhou series I've been working on. These are off shoots of the series. Please note that OCs are involved.

It was a very bad morning in Ripple's mind. She was dead tired from her job. Now she was to check on two of the last youkai you would want to see if you were tired. Mimic and Chicita had one thing in common. A love of fireworks. And Ripple was already over quota on explosions for the week. It happened when you fought with Marisa. It was even worse if you tried to steal books.

"Hey, Mimic you here?" Ripple asks as she enters the bunker that Mimic lives in. She calmly steps over the firework rigged in the floor. "MIMIC!"

"Hey Ripple! I have a doorbell by the way." Mimic says as she walks into the hallway. Chicita is following close behind holding a black device.

"Let me guess, you two not being around has to deal with that device?" Ripple asks.

"Yeah! It's from the outside world. I forgot the name but it has a fireworks simulator!" Chicita says. Ripple facepalms.

"Where is it from?" Ripple asks.

"We stole it from Marisa." Mimic replies. Ripple sighs before turning to leave. "What?"

"I've already been Master Sparked three times this week. I'm not getting Sparked again." Ripple says as she walks away.

"Look out for the firework it's a Grand Finale!" Mimic yells. It's too late thought. Ripple steps on it and triggers it. The resulting blast leaves cracks in the ceiling. Ripple crumples to the ground. "We should probably take her back to the mansion.