Author's Note: This chapter will include some more Sebastian plotting and some dress shopping. Next chapter will probably finally be the dance.


I run into the lunch room with my hair in a messy bun and my forgotten apron splattered in multi colored paints. I had just finished my term project for art and the art teacher requested I paint signs and decorations for the dance.

Seeing my group of friends, I groan upon seeing Izzy's god forsaken dress catalogs. Sinking down next to Jace, he smiles down at me before placing a light kiss on my cheek.

"How'd your project go?" he whispers to me, handing half his sandwich and offering his iced tea. I gratefully accept.

"Good, now that tweettle dee and tweettle dum aren't distracting me every class," I laugh, throwing a glance to my brother that is currently sticking apple slices in his ears.

"I call tweetle dee," he laughs back. Once annoying me every day got old, Jace and Jonathan transferred out of art and into extra football training. Sebastian just doesn't come to the class, thank goodness.

"AHH! CLARY! GOOD, I have a few dresses already picked out, so look through these," she dumps a rather thick pile of magazines, "and decide which ones you like," she commands.

I sigh and begin thumbing through them, Jace resting his chin on my shoulder, giving his yay or nay on each one. Suddenly, I see a hand in my vision, fully palming Jace's face and pushing him away.

"No looking," Izzy shakes her finger at us, and goes back to her own magazines.

After school…

I'm standing outside a local boutique, paint splattered jeans still in place. Izzy said she would meet me here after picking a few things up from her house. I see her car swerve around the corner just as the store clock reads 4pm. She parks swiftly and exits her car with a bag as well as her handbag.

"What's in there?" I ask as a greeting.

"Bras," she says, pushing the door open with a cheery jingle.

"Bras?" I say in question.

"Yes, even the best dress will look like crap without the right bra on," she explains, handing me the bag. Peaking inside, I see a tangle of structures cups and straps of all shapes, color, and material.

"I'm not even going to question it," I reply, handing the bag back.

"She's finally learning," I hear Izzy mutter as she goes to work pawing through the racks for the perfect dress. I just look around, trailing behind her as she looks and declines all the dresses in sight.

I feel my pocket buzz, and I pull out my phone.

Can you escape? I smile, seeing Jace's text.

Not alive I reply. Immediately after my phone buzzes again. It's rather loud, so I'm relieved to find Izzy too engrossed in the hundreds of pounds of material to notice.

Meet me outside My head snaps up to look out the glass windows to find Jace standing just by the front door.

"Izzy, I'm going to go look over there and just pull everything in my size," I tell her.

"Good, we have a lot of ground to cover," she agrees, returning her gaze to the abundant racks. I try not to walk to eager to the other side of the shop and when I get to the door, I remember the bell.

Do you have your car? I text Jace. Within seconds I see him pull out his phone and read the text before turning around to see me. I point up and he sees the bell. He nods his head, pointing to his car parked right behind Izzy's. I shrug and motion for him to get in. with a final glance back at Isabelle; I burst through the door and jump into the passenger seat.

"DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE," I yell at Jace as I see Izzy's head snap up and her eyes turn murderous.

Jace laughs maniacally as he shoots onto the sluggish road and I watch Iz in the rearview mirror, looking pissed until she smirks and I know she intends to torture me the night of the dance.

I collapse back into the leather seats and sigh, "Thank you,"

"No problem, so, Taki's?" he asks, already on the course for our favorite dinner. I feel my phone buzzing in my pocket, rather insistently. I look down to see Izzy already filling my in box with threatening texts and missed phone calls.

I will flat iron your hair

I will buy you twenty dresses!
I'll drag you to fashion week!

I'll enter you in a beauty pageant!

Whatever, you're still getting a dress.

Actually, this may be better without your objections.


Needless to say, I turned off my phone.


I got home after my last day of community service to take a hot shower. My parents were out, as always and the house was cold and quiet. I trudged up to my room, my back aching with each step.

As the boiling water ran down my back, turning my ivory skin pink, I thought of the perfect plan. It will all happen at the dance. It will end with golden boy a broken rag doll and Clary finally being mine. And Kaelie would help, she would play a rather important role actually, she just doesn't know it yet.

Lying on my bed, I think back to the days before Jace came, and there are few, He made his crash landing into my life when we were on our way into kindergarten. Of course we'd been friends, because there was no reason not to be.

Then, Clary with her red pigtails came along and I was smitten. It only got worse as we got older. Jace got more arrogant and I became more, well me, but Clary was always her fiery sweet self. But of course, even if she didn't realize it, she was taken by Jace. I thought I had a shot, considering he never noticed the way she looked at him. She was purely our best friends little sister.

It all changed with this stupid bet. What was meant to make Clary let go only made Jace latch on. I could blame myself, but it wasn't my fault, it was Jace's. Perfect little Jace that ruined everything.

But not anymore. He was going down and I'd be the one to take him there.