AN: Hey sorry for taking so long to update but I had a bit of writer block writing this and it took a while for it to be proofread but here it is the next new chapter! Also to answer to Opinr question Hisoka have powers over shadows and fire. I was going to put lightning but I thought that may made him overpowered since he already will be strong magical wise. Also for as close to real life built and size of an Hell fox think Fennec foxes only in black, with flames around their ankles, huge range of eye color and multiple tails depending on their power strength (Hisoka specifically having bright jade green eyes and five tails). They don't usually have any white fur but Hisoka does where his scar is at. I even drew a picture of Hisoka in fox form and I'll put it as the cover art as soon as I figure out how although be warn I'm no Leonardo da Vinci so it may not look all that good. Also I shall warn you all now that updates will be sporadic but I'll try to update once a week so please have patience with me. Another thing is that anyone want to use my idea you may but please tell me since I'll love to see what you do with it. That's all :3

It had been a couple of days since Hisoka, formally Harry, had been officially made the Arclights/Tenjos family's, but mainly Haruto's, pet. In those few days, Hisoka had fully healed and got a feel of his new owners' personalities. Cris, Faker, and Kaito were the most mature, although they did have their quirks (like say Faker was, and is still, a member of something called the Weedy club), Mihael was basically the mother of the group, partly due to his more feminine looks and partly due to the fact that he did do the more traditional, so called, 'women's work' around the house (read manor), and Thomas and Byron were both trolls to basically everyone,(Thomas often picked on his brothers and Kaito, while Byron's victims were his sons (and wasn't THAT a mind fuck to find out!) and Faker). Also, both father and son were sex deviants to boot ,making Hisoka very glad he had dark fur or he would have been blushing nonstop. Hisoka had lost count on how many innuendos both of them made on his second day with them! Orbital 7 oddly reminded him of Dobby and made the ache in Hisoka's heart lessen. Haruto was by far his favorite (and possibly sanest) person in the family. The boy made Hisoka feel protective over him. All in all the family was entertaining at least.

Hisoka had also learned, through Haruto, the family's sordid history, including a very interesting thing being that aliens are real! In hindsight ,Hisoka shouldn't have been as shocked as he was. I mean if goblins, basilisks, and dementors existed, why not aliens? Still, aliens being real and actually nearly destroying the world made Hisoka wonder three things. Firstly, why the government hadn't done anything about it, secondly, why nobody, who wasn't at Japan when it happened, knew about it, and finally, the most important one in Hisoka books, why the HELL was the fate of the world left in the hands of a bunch of preteens!? On the other hand, at least Hisoka wouldn't stick out here, since The-Boy-Who-Just-Wouldn't-Die-And-Became-A-Pet - Fox would be normal here compared to real life aliens.

Speaking of aliens, Hisoka had learn the names of those who the Arclights and Tenjos had interacted with in their daily lives. First there were Astral, Darku, Shark, Rio, Errai, Iris, Mizael, Durbe, Vector, Gilag, Alit, Alcor, Altair, Becrux, Vega, Navi, and Deneb, as well as the formerly dead but now very much alive, and human number guardians, Leo, Mach, Ponta, and Jinlong. Astral and Darku were 'twins', seeing as they do look alike even though if people wanted to get technical Astral was Darku's mom. Darku was born, so to speak, when a part of a big baddie's , named Don Thousand, soul got embedded into Astral (which sounded a lot like something call horcruxes he once read about when he was preparing for the first challenge during the Triwizard tournament). Shark, Rio, Errai, and Iris were all siblings, with Errai being the youngest. Vector and Altair were half brothers who wouldn't mind seeing the other one seriously maimed and/or killed. Gilag, Deneb, and Ponta were siblings, the same with Leo, Alit, and Vega. Mach and Durbe claim to be brothers as well as how both Mizael and Jinlong reluctantly told people they were grandparent and grandchild. Alcor, Becrux, and Navi just said they were the only child of their family, and they all lived at the Kamishiro's place because they were wards of an orphanage run by the Kamishiro's family but is currently being rebuilt after a natural disaster. At least that was their cover story for people who didn't know the truth about them being aliens or previously dead.

Hisoka had yet to meet any of them or the 'normal' humans since he regained consciousness, but that would all change today. Hisoka was falling asleep in his nice,new, warm, and ,most importantly, plush green doggy bed in Haruto's room, as owner of said room was doing homework, when a very loud and vaguely familiar voice yelled, "KAITO I DEMAND A DUEL TO PROVE WHO TRULY IS THE GALAXY EYE MASTER!". With that Hisoka woke with a start and accidently set the poor unfortunate teddy bear next to him on fire. 'Noooo! Not Carl!' Hisoka thought frantically as he tried to put out the fire and save the bear. By the time he put out the fire it was too late to save the bear. 'Poor Carl he was so young, so brave. He was a good bear. I shall never forget you my friend.' Hisoka thought as he mourned the now Kentucky fried bear.

"Sounds like Mizael is here to duel Kaito again, and if he's here then so are the others! Come on Hisoka let's go!" Haruto cheerfully remarked as he picked up the melancholic fox.

Haruto was right, since when they entered the backyard it was filled with people that Hisoka hadn't met yet with Kaito and a feminine looking blond male with red markings in a middle of a duel. "Hey Deneb! Errai! Ponta! Iris!" Haruto greeted four different kids around his age group. The group contained four children, two girls and two boys. One girl had pale skin, spiky green hair, and blue eyes, and the other had pale skin, curly white hair, and heterochromatic eyes, with the right being pink and the left being red. One boy had pale skin, spiky sky blue hair with celeste blue bangs, and indigo blue eyes with red specks, and the other boy had tan skin, spiky brown and green streaked hair, and brown eyes, who also smelled vaguely of raccoon.

"Haruto, what a cute fox you have! Can I hold it please please pretty please!" asked the green haired girl. "Sure Iris you can hold Hisoka if it wants you too." Haruto replied.

Hisoka stared up at the little girl with big hopeful blue eyes looking at him and knew he wouldn't be able to say no. What can Hisoka say? He was a sucker for little kids, especially if they used the most powerful weapon known to man. Puppy dog eyes. Those were just deadly. So when the girl, Iris, his mind supplied, looked at him with said deadly weapon he simply leaped from Haruto to Iris's arms. Iris gave a squeal of glee and happily squeezed him to her chest. "Ooh! Ooh! Can I show Hisoka to big sister Mer and big brother Naschy?" Iris asked.

"Sure thing Iris!" Haruto agreed.

"Um, a-are you sure? I-I mean maybe Sh-Shark won't want to m-meet Hi-Hisoka?" The blue haired boy asked nervously.

"Nonsense, of course big brother would love to meet Soka-chan!" Iris determinedly proclaimed.

'Soka-chan!? Merlin sweet balls! I'm not cute! I'm the bleeding Boy-Who-Just-Won't-Die! I've faced goddamn DRAGONS! AND I'm 15! 15 year olds aren't cute!' Hisoka thought with a huff as the girl ran toward a blue haired and red eyed girl, who looked like an older Iris, and was arguing with a purple haired and blue eyed boy that was obviously the older girl's twin.

'So this must be the Rio and Shark I heard about.' Hisoka guessed.

"Big sister Mer! Big brother Naschy! Look at Haruto's new pet Hisoka!" Iris chirped.

"Ooh! Well aren't you a cutie!" Rio cooed. 'Again with the cute?! And cooing as well?! Well it seems my pride has died a VERY quick and embarrassing death.' Hisoka thought with a sigh as he resigned himself to a life of being….cute.

"Isn't that the weird fox that nearly died a week ago?, questioned Shark.

"Yep, but Hisoka is all better now." Iris happily told the two.

"Is that thing even safe?" asked a tan and freckled teenage boy, with short curly red hair, with one of his gold eyes open and looking at Hisoka in a warily, yet lazy, manner.

"The lazy moocher actually has a point. How do we know that….fox won't hurt you guys?" Shark wondered.

'What the hell is with everyone thinking I'll hurt anyone? I'm completely harmless…..unless you're a snake obsessed dark lord, giant killer snake, Evil teacher, twinkling eyes old man, backstabbing redheads, betraying friends, bigot racists, giant horde of spiders...on second thought, maybe I'm not that safe, but I would never hurt a kid!' Hisoka huffed.

Before anyone could say anything on the manner though, angry yelling erupted from where Kaito and Mizael were dueling. "YOU CHEATED! THERE'S NO WAY THAT WE ENDED IN A TIE!", yelled an angry Mizael. "Are you done throwing a temper tantrum? I have better things to do than listening to your whining." Kaito calmly stated as he walked back inside.


"Maybe next week, but I actually have a little thing called work to do so goodbye Princess." chuckled Kaito.


'Wow. He's like Malfoy when he's having one of his hissy fits. I wonder if….nah!' Hisoka wondered.

"Hey big brother Miza come meet Hisoka!" Iris called out to the blond.

Mizael stopped his tantrum and looked towards them and suddenly it clicked why the blond voice was vaguely familiar when he saw his eyes. 'That's the guy I bumped into at the BBQ! He's also the one who startled me into burning Carl.' Hisoka figure out in shock.