'A woman smiled at her baby as two boys ran into the room. The younger one of the two smiled at the baby while the older smiled fondly at his brother.

'Night Bambie.' The younger boy said as he gave the small baby a kiss on the head.

'Night Haley, night Alana." The older boy said to the baby and woman.

'Good night dears.' She said. The baby giggled and closed her eyes. The two boys then left the room to say goodnight to their dad. Once they saw that he had left already, they then went to their bedroom to go to sleep.

'Night Dean.' The younger boy said.

'Night Sammy.' Dean mumbled.'

(12 years later)

Kids were running to the train while three kids walked a lot slower.

"Are you sure you don't want to just come to my house?" A ginger boy asked. The teen standing in the middle looked at him and shook her head.

"No, I don't want to get into more trouble with my aunt and uncle." She said.

"Suit yourself. Anyways what did Sirius say in the letter?" He asked. The other girl with bushy hair glared at the boy and he looked down.

"Just curious. I mean Harry tells us everything and now he isn't." The boy mumbled. The girl in the middle just glared at him.

"'Harry' is right here, and 'HE' doesn't want to tell you what 'His' godfather said." She said. Yes, you got that right her friends think she is a boy. This is one of the reasons why she is not showing them the letter; the other reason is that she just wanted to keep this to her most trusted friends. It's not that she doesn't trust them it was just that she had a feeling that they would want her to tell Dumbledore and well, that just never turned out well.

"I mean after what we just did to protect Sirius we deserve to see it as well." Ron said. Harry looked at Ron in shock with this statement.

"What 'We' did to save Sirius? No, Hermione and I saved him while you were in the hospital wing. Plus maybe I have reasons for not letting you see it." Harry said. Ron and Hermione did not say anything until they boarded the train. Once they got on Hermione and Ron slid into a compartment but Harry didn't follow them, she just continued walking down the aisle in till she reached the compartment that she was looking for.

"Hello Harry." A familiar voice said. She smiled and looked back to her trunk and Hedwig's' cage.

"You can sit here." A second voice said. She smiled and pulled her stuff in with her.

"Thank you. I just needed to get away from your git of a brother and his little girlfriend." She told them. They then gave her identical smiles and helped her move her trunk.

"Its no problem. We know how Ron can get. So what was he bothering you with now?" They asked.

"The usual, I swear Dumbldork hired him to talk to me. Oh, if you want to read this go ahead. I just didn't want them to." She told them as she handed them the letter Sirius had given her.

Dear Haley,

Before I tell you anything to important, I want you to know that; yes, I know you are a girl and that James and Lily loved you. Now that I told you that you should know that, you are not their daughter but their niece. You are the daughter of James sister Alana. Not too many people knew her because she didn't have enough magic in her core to go to Hogwarts, though James did teach her some of the first and second-year stuff when she had enough power. Alana married a man named John Winchester when she was eighteen; a year after James and Lily got married. She had you not to long after. You had two older half-brothers named Dean and Sam, man they loved you to death. They were heartbroken when they woke up one morning and found your mother dead and you gone. John looked everywhere in America but could not find you. Remus and I had looked to but I got taken to Azkaban because James and Lily had died the same night...

The twins and Haley continued reading and she could tell they wanted to kill Dumbledore as the note went on. She could not believe that he had done so much to make it how he planned. After they finished the letter, the twins had to take a few minutes to calm down enough to process what they had read.

"We need to get you to America," Fred said. George and Haley looked at him and nodded in agreement.

"How, I mean Dumbledore said that there was a blood ward on my house that needs to be renewed." She told them.

"Haley, you aren't related to them remember." Fred reminded her. Her eyes widened as she realized that she was not related to the pig, whale, and horse.

"Oh yeah, well that made my day. So where would I go?" She asked them. George looked like he was plotting for a little bit before he snapped.

"Bill works for Gringotts." He finally said.

"So?" She asked.

"So, the goblins don't like Dumbledore remember. They also like Haley allot so they would help. Plus Bill wants to meet you," George said. Fred nodded as if he was remembering something.

"Might as well write him now," Fred said as he pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill.

"Ok, so your awesome brother will help. So do I go to the Dursleys' or no?" Haley asked.

"Might as well, I mean we both don't want you to but Dumbledore would know something was up if you don't go back," Fred said. Haley nodded sadly and Fred pulled her into a hug.

"Hey, it's going to be ok. It will just be a couple of weeks and then you will be on your way to America." Fred reassured. George nodded and joined in the hug.

"Thanks, guys. So I just need an escape plan." Haley told them. Fred and George smirked and started to plan her escape. By the time the train stopped, Hedwig returned with a reply from Bill. He told them that he was going to talk to the Goblins and that Haley most likely would have to stay with the Dursleys' for three weeks at the most.

"Guys, can you take these and give them to Bill? Also, take Hedwig for a little bit. I don't want the Dursleys' to get their hands on them." Haley said as she gave them the picture of James and Lily, her fire bolt that had been shrunken, her invisibility cloak, and her wand. Fred nodded and George shrugged.

"Shouldn't be a problem," George said. Haley then hugged them and grabbed her trunk that felt a bit lighter. Once she got off the train, she walked to the muggle section of the train section to see her uncle and aunt. She held onto the letter that Sirius had given her so she could memorize the names of her siblings.

"Sam and Dean Winchester." She mumbled.


Note: Okay, my older sister helped me write this. I also wanted to do a 'Harry is a Winchester ' fic. I changed the year Harry was born so Sam would be older than her. Sam is nine years older than Haley and Dean is thirteen years older than Haley. I will also update Escape sometime soon. I got season one on DVD so I shouldn't have a problem updating that for a while.