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"That's good, um Haley we need to tell you something." Sam said.

Haley looked up at her older brother, shock settling in and tears filling her eyes.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Sam sighed quietly as he shook his head, leaving Dean to explain.

"We aren't sticking around when you're in school. Sammy has to eat back to class and I'm going to start hunting again." Dean explained. Haley felt her heart start raising as she looked at her two brothers. She couldn't help but feel as if they were abandoning her, though she knew that this wasn't the case.

"Can't I just go with you? Like we planned? I was going to start muggle school and then we could see each other..." Haley started rambling but Sam cut her off before she started hyperventilating.

"Haley, we promise you will still see us. We're not going anywhere kiddo. While we might not be in the same state, you can write us any time and we will see you on your breaks." Sam said calmly. Haley nodded and looked back at her food, which was now going cold.

"Okay." She whispered. The brothers looked at each other for a moment but soon Haley looked back up at them, eyes still watery.

"When are you leaving?" She asked them.

"I'm heading back next week and Deans staying here until you go to school in a few weeks." Sam replied. Haley nodded again before she pushed her plate away from her. She lost her appetite after that conversation. Dean looked at the plate and then at Haley. He then grabbed a fry from her plate and threw it at Sam, who looked up at him and Dean gave him an innocent expression.

"It was Haley." He said. Haley then looked up and gave him a mocked offended look.

"I would never. If anything I would put ketchup on it first." She said as she dipped a fry into ketchup and tossed it at Dean. The fry soon hit Dean's face and the three sibilings were silent for a moment, though it was broken by soft giggling from Haley. The brothers looked at each other for a moment before they glanced back at her with fond smiles on their faces.

"You going to be okay kid?" Dean asked. She nodded slightly though the thoughts were still lingering. Would she be okay on her own? Would they keep their promises? The last question would be, does she even want to go? Little did she know these questions were in the other twos minds as well.

"Yeah, I'll be okay." She finally answered, and for once she was sure of her answer.

(time jump)

Like Dean had said, Sam left a couple weeks after the event. Though her time with Sam had been an awesome one. He took her out to see some of the more historical sights of Salem. Though Haley had soon found out mos to those sights were off on their history. After Sam had found this out he began to borrow most of her school books for personal research. Luckily he didn't use sticky marks to let her know not to pass him in these books. Sadly her time with the second oldest was soon cut short when he reseived a call letting him know about an upcoming exam he had to take, thus him needing to leave a few days early.

"I'll see you soon." He whispered. Haley nodded as she pulled the tall man into a tight embrace. As, chuckled slightly as he hugged her back.

"By Sammy." She mumbled.

"By Bambie." He mumbled back before he let go. He then looked up at Dean and nodded. Dean rolled his eyes as he waved goodbye to his younger brother. After a few more seconds Sam was out the door, leaving the youngest and the oldest to their own devices. Which is why Haley had spent a few hours laying on the bed with her nose in a book, while Dean cleaned out a few guns. After years of doing this, Dean was used to the quietness of a hotel room, Haley on the other hand soon grew tired of it. So she set her book aside and watched as Dean took apart a gun and carefully cleaned it. He seemed deep in thought, though not to the point he would be startled if she started talking to him.

"So, what can you tell me about the hunt?" She asked him, bringing his focus onto her.

"What do you mean by that? Haven't you and Sammy gone over everything?" Dean asked, teasing the girl slightly. She rolled her eyes before hopping off of the bed.

"I mean, the actual hunt." She said. Dean set the gun down and watched as the short girl start wandering the room, boredom suddenly obvious.

"It's about what you would expect. It can be thrilling, though it's more about saving people you know." He said, remembering their conversations on her saving people complex. That conversation had not been fun, for anyone involved.

"Oh. Is that why you miss it so much?" She asked him. Deans eyes widdened at the question, though he soon caught himself before she noticed.

"I might miss the hunt, but that's not why I'm leaving." He said. Haley gave him a questioning look but didn't say anything. She knew he wasn't leaving because of the hunt, well not fully. Though it still stung that they were leaving her. She wasn't about to admit that to Dean though, she was barely starting to get better.

"I know Dean, you just look bored." She said. He grinned at her before pulling her onto the bed with him.

"That's because we've been in this hotel room for over three hours and all I've had to do is clean guns." He reminded her. Haley smiled before she shot back up again, for whatever reason she suddenly gained more energy.

"Maybe you can take me in a hunt." She said.

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