Chapter 1- First Mission

Anakin Skywalker walked confidently into the Temple for his meeting with the Jedi Council. He was about to receive his first assignment without Obi- Wan breathing down his neck. The Force was especially strong with him today, he could it feel it running through his veins. Yes, he was going to get the assignment of a lifetime, he could feel it.

The Council sat calmly inside the Temple, waiting for the young Skywalker. When the padawan entered, Yoda spoke. "Come, young Skywalker. Much to discuss, we have." Anakin took his seat, nervous with anticipation. "Your first mission will be to protect a Senator who is in desperate need of our services."

With those words said, Anakin felt his heart sink to his stomach. This was his first mission, to baby-sit a boring old Senator?

"You will leave immediately for Naboo," Yoda continued. " to protect Senator Padme Amidala."

Anakin's heart skipped a beat, and now thumped wildly in his chest. Padme? He couldn't have asked for a greater gift. Now he would finally be able to be reunited with his best friend after so long! After his initial shock and happiness, a wave of worry swept through him. What had happened to Padme? Why did she need the Council's help? He couldn't seem to think straight now, he needed to know what was wrong.

"What has happened to the Senator to need our help?" Anakin asked, hoping he didn't sound too concerned.

"There has been a number of attempts on her life. The most recent was a few days ago, when the Senator was landing on Corusant. A bomb exploded and luckily only a few were killed." Mace Windu explained.

This left Anakin in an even greater state of worry for Padme. He was now in a extremely anxious to get to Naboo and see for himself that Padme was alright.

After the Council had been dismissed, Yoda instructed Anakin to stay. " Feel your emotions, I can. Bury your feelings, you must. Interfere with your training, they will. Now go to the Senator. May the force be with you, young Skywalker."