Chapter 12

The Jedi Council and most of the population of Naboo were in attendance for the day's extravagant event. Today, was the wedding day of Senator Padme Amidala and Master Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

Obi-Wan gently led Padme down the staircase. She gazed into the audience, searching for the only person that her eyes wanted to see. She smiled softly as her gaze set on Anakin, the love of her life. She watched his eyes light up with love and awe as she continued her walk towards him. Padme closed her eyes momentarily, thanking God for her happiness.

Anakin watched Padme walk toward him. The feelings surging through him were indescribable. A million thoughts passed through his head from how radiant and gorgeous she looked at that moment to their future to their fast-approaching wedding night. The one thought that stood out in his mind was that he had never seen a more beautiful woman in his entire life and that he was the luckiest man on earth to have her.

As the ceremony began, Padme could not believe her good fortune. Here, standing before her was the most amazing man she had ever known and she loved him with all her heart.

The audience watched as Anakin and Padme took their vows, promising their lives to one another. Once the holy man had pronounced them husband and wife, Anakin and Padme sealed their futures with a heartfelt kiss.

******************* ********************** *******************

Over the next two years, Anakin and Padme juggled between their careers and their personal lives. Anakin worked hard as Jedi Knight and even found the time to take a padawan. Padme kept herself busy with her Senate duties. Whenever they found spare time, they flew to visit the other, often to surprise them. They managed to keep their marriage the way it had began, although it was not an easy task.

One morning, Padme learned news that would forever alter their lives. Immediately, she boarded a transport and headed to Corusant to give her husband the overwhelming news.

Anakin, who had been busy reading holo-files, was startled when Padme walked into his room.

"Padme, what are you doing here?"

"I have to tell you something, Ani."

"Tell me what?"

"Oh God, Ani, I'm not sure if I can do this!"

"Padme, you know that you can tell me anything, good or bad. Whatever it is, I can handle it."

"I don't know about this."

"Please, just do it. You know you will eventually anyway, so just get it over with."

"Ani, this is serious! I.oh forget it! I'll just tell you. You need to know! Ani, I know that you may not be ready for this, I know I'm not. I know that we weren't planning it, but it's happened anyway. Anakin, you're going to be a father."

Anakin froze, unable to speak or move. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. They were having a baby? What?

Padme watched nervously, unsure of what his reaction was going to be. She watched as his face changed from shock to disbelief and finally to absolute joy. He jumped up and twirled her around in his arms. Suddenly, he abruptly set her down.

"Oh God! Is that bad for the baby? Should I not have done that?"

Padme laughed joyously, delighted that Anakin's reaction was pure happiness.

"Anakin, it's fine. I'm only three weeks pregnant." She laughed.

Anakin looked apologetic for his actions, but quickly his emotions changed.

"Do you realize what this means? We're going to have a little you and little me! God, Padme this is the best news you've ever given me!"

"What about when I agreed to marry you?"

"Well, that was good news too, but this is even better!"

The two laughed and then they immediately turned serious once their eyes locked. Almost instantly, they were joined in a passionate, loving kiss. The kiss seemed as if it would never end, but after awhile, Anakin pulled away. He took her face tenderly in his hands.

"Padme, thank you for this wonderful gift. I love you more than anything." "I know, Ani. I know. And thank you for giving me our baby, I couldn't have done it without you."

They both smiled at her comment before she continued.

"Our baby is a wonderful gift. But the greatest gift I have ever received is your love, Ani. It saved me. You saved me. And now, look what our love has done. We've created a life, and I can't wait for what's to come. That's all because of you, you're my savior."

Anakin took her in his arms with tears glistening in his eyes. They began to kiss again, grateful for everything they had been given.

The End