Title: Trust

Author:  Gypsy

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Nick frowned as he leaned over the patient in the bed.  When he'd been called for a surgical consult, he assumed that the patient truly would need surgery.  But, in further exam, surgery was only an option, not a necessity.  His forehead wrinkled in a frown, his eyebrows drawing together as he looked over the chart once more.

"Who's the patient's doctor?" he asked the nurse.

"Dr. Cori.  She's on her way.  I'll let you know when she gets here Doctor."

Why?  Nick looked up at the nurse as she smiled and left the room.  Why would he need to know when the physician is arriving?  "Not necessary.  I'll sign off on my consult and let it go.  This one doesn't need surgery as of yet.  It's an option and only that.  If Doctor Cori needs to talk to me, she can page me like everyone else."

A hissing sound of disapproval came from the doorway where Dr. Slingerland had been passing by.

"Something you disagree with Slingerland?"

"Yeah."  He came in with a mysterious smile on his face.  "If you think that Dr. Cori is going to treat you like every other physician does, then you're in for a rude awakening."

"Why is that?"  Nick was completely curious now.  He looked down at the patient, who was fast asleep again and oblivious.  He motioned Slingerland out to the nurse's station to continue their conversation.  In the short time since he'd arrived at Presidio, the Englishman had become a friend and sort of guide through the waters.

"Cori doesn't exactly like surgeons."

"So how should that affect the way she'll treat me.  I'm going on the assumption that she's a professional like the rest of us."

The doctor in question, Coriandra Eleszara, stopped at the nurse's station as she listened to the two doctors.  She'd heard her name mentioned by the English sounding one and knew that it was Slingerland.  The damned man had been after her for months for a date and since she turned him down in front of his colleagues, he'd been backbiting her ever since.  He was no one to talk about being 'professional'.  However, the other one he was talking to, the one with the definite Mediterranean accent, was definitely worth looking at.  With a smile, she busied herself in reading the chart of her patient while they talked amongst themselves.

"Hmm, you still haven't grasped the concept here Nick.  Cori hates surgeons with a bloody passion.  She'll go out of her way to make sure none of her patients require surgery."

"Not true."  Cori said quietly.  She would have laughed if it wouldn't have ruined the priceless image of seeing Slingerland jump a foot off of the floor and whirl around like he'd had a cattle prod shoved up between his cheeks.

"Doctor Cori!" he stuttered.  "Wha-wha-…"

"Sounds like 'what'.  As in, what am I doing here?  I have a patient.  You know those Slingerland, right?  The people who pay us money to get better?  Now close your mouth, you're embarrassing yourself.  You must be the surgeon."  She pushed past a still stuttering Slingerland and offered her hand towards the other doctor.  "Doctor Coriandra Eleszara.  Most people call me Doctor Cori."

"Doctor Nick Kokoris."

"Gezhundheit." She deadpanned as she picked up the chart and breezed past them into her patient's room.

Behind her, Nick and Slingerland both stared at her as she closed the door behind her.

"Is she always that way?" Nick finally asked.

"Yeah, she is.  Don't' get cross-wise of her.  If you do, you'll find out why she's got the nickname of 'Viperous Bitch'.  See you around Nick."

Nick nodded as Slingerland headed off on his own direction.  For a moment he stood and watched the odd Dr. Cori.  She looked to be about 6'0" with three-inch heels on.  She had curly hair, dark brown with some blonde streaks in it.  It looked like it was partially curly and somewhat frizzy.  If she owned a convertible, then that would explain it in his mind.  But, as short as she kept it, just barely curling over the collar of her blueberry colored suit, it framed her face and looked perfectly wild and carefree.  'Viperous Bitch' is what Slingerland had said she was nicknamed around the hospital.  He had to wonder why.  She certainly didn't come off as such.  A bit cold to Slingerland he noticed.  Had to be a past between them, he surmised.  However, she'd been pleasant and professional with him.  "Oh," he said to the still closed door.  "You're welcome for the consult."