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Finally making his decision and trying to convince himself that it was for the best, Timmy floated and paced around, feeling uneasy for some reason. The choice was obvious, and an easy one at that. His fairies had been with them since he was a child. They helped him, went on many misadventures with him, cleaned up his messes, granted his wishes, made him complete. He couldn't picture life without them. He wouldn't. There was no choice to make when it came to them. So many times he came close to losing them, and when he thought he could live with them being gone due to him being of age and falling in love, deep down, he knew it would be hard…Even though Tootie made it bearable…But the exception clause that allowed him to keep his fairies around made things all the better.

But now, there would be no compromise…

And he couldn't take that. So of course he chose to live his life forever as a fairy.

He'd suffer the wounds of losing Tootie. The pesky, spontaneous, creepy, obsessive, little girl that grew into a beautiful, selfless, intelligent, young woman that had everything going for her…including his ever beating heart.

His wounds would heal in time. Surely, there were other fish in the sea…

But none of those fish would ever be Tootie…The creepy little girl known as Icky Vicky's sister who had always believed in the average kid that no one understood…

As he continued to think about Tootie, his chest tightened and second thoughts started creeping in…

Frustrated, he used his wand and called on someone who he knew would take the time to listen to him.

"Hello?" A soft yet professional voice greeted.

"Hey…is this a bad time?" Timmy hesitated.

The voice chuckled lightly. "For you? Never. It's been a while Timmy Turner…"

"That it has Chloe..." He smiled wistfully, but then sighed. "Can I talk to you about something crazy?"

"Go on ahead. I'm all ears." The woman known as Chloe Carmichael replied.

Timmy began to explain the situation.

"So yeah, that's what's happening…I'm just stuck Chloe…I feel so helpless…" Timmy sighed with depression as he floated and held his wand in front of his face, watching as it reflected an image of the woman with long, white hair frown with sympathy as she looked back at him.

"I'm sorry Timmy, but I think deep down…you know what you have to do right?" Chloe replied.

"I don't actually. That's why I was hoping you would know…You were always the over achiever after all."

Chloe smirked and gave him a dry look. "Yeah, you're saying it nicely now, but I think what you really mean is I'm the-"

"-Goody-two shoes that overdoes it all and makes everything a perfect world of chaos…" They said in unison and chuckled, reflecting at all the times they shared, wreaking havoc after having to share Cosmo and Wanda. Timmy smiled brighter, glad that Jorgen was gracious and eager enough to let Chloe keep her memories and stay in touch despite her growing up into an adult.

"But in all seriousness Tim, I hope things work out for the both of you…for all of you really. I mean I'm sure you'll come up with something to fix all of this. You always do." She smiled with reassurance.

"Psh, yeah AFTER I screw things up in the first place…" He scoffed bitterly.

"Well from what you told me, sounds like you did a good enough job with that already! I mean…seriously? Being irresponsible enough to let the most powerful source of all fairy magic out of your sight and into Foop and Crocker's hands, trying to save it and your friends by jumping into lava, absorbing its power, turning into a kid version of a fairy, trying to work out a compromise to stay with your fairy family and the woman you're FINALLY in love with and expecting everything to be all hunky-dory as if the realistic world of magical beings, humans, and hormones never existed? Really?" She deadpanned.

"Okay! I get it! I fu**ed up royally!" Timmy relented with a glare. "You know, I thought the whole purpose of calling my so called BFF and partner in fairy crime was to be comforted and reassured!"

"And as your BFF you can count on me doing that, but also as your BFF I have to give you a dose of reality…You know I always have your back Tim, but Wanda's right with this one. This is a choice that you're going to have to make on your own." Chloe said softly.

"But that's just it…I don't know what choice to make…" Timmy said sadly.

"If you want my advice…the best thing I can tell you is just…follow your heart. Let it lead you in this case. I mean take it from me, sure it's important to think things through, but sometimes, the heart knows what's best and what it really wants. It's not gonna come easy, and might even come with a cost, but you just gotta know if it's gonna be worth it in the end." Chloe explained.

Timmy looked at her with admiration and shook his head in wonder. "How did you turn out to be so independent and intelligent while I turned out to be so…so…?"

"…So you?" She giggled. "Well unlike a certain person I know, I actually learned from my mistakes of making reckless wishes and in turn did not repeat them nor filled an island wish unwished wishes." She smirked jokingly.

"Oh don't be cute! I'm sure you have your own island somewhere! I…just haven't found it yet!" He retorted lamely.

"Well, again. All jokes aside…Deep down, you have the answer already Timmy. You just have to make it all happen. I know you will. Your determination to set things right even after you mess them up in the first place is a quality I always respected and admired in you." Chloe smiled.

"Back at cha, Clo." He smiled back.

"Well, hope it all works out Timmy. Sorry to cut this short, but I gotta run. The president's latest bill isn't going to magically read itself you know!"

"Yeah about that…I know you said you wanted to get into something to make the world a better place…but Congress? Really?" Timmy grimaced.

"Hey! You know me! I was always out to make things better for everyone and exceed my full potential! What better way to make this country a better place and be tolerated for overdoing it and occasionally screwing things up than to get into Politics?" She shrugged.

"Well understand this. If you ever run for President, I'm running for the hills…He** maybe I'll even go back to the center of the earth…I'd be safer with the freakish moles…" He deadpanned.

"Haha, you're funny. Well, later Timmy. Good luck with everything and remember what I said. Just know that whatever you decide…I'll always have your back." She smiled softly.

Timmy returned the sentiment and nodded, watching her image fade from his wand. He took a moment to reflect on everything that was said to him…

"Life's full of choices and whichever you choose, you're always going to wonder what could have happened if you picked the alternative. But the fact is that you can't always have your cake and eat it too because life just doesn't work that way sometimes; even with magic…The best thing that you can do is weigh out the benefits and go with what feels right. Take chances, and hope it's all for the best..."

"If you want my advice…the best thing I can tell you is just…follow your heart. Let it lead you in this case. I mean take it from me, sure it's important to think things through, but sometimes, the heart knows what's best and what it really wants. It's not gonna come easy, and might even come with a cost, but you just gotta know if it's gonna be worth it in the end..."

He then cursed silently under his breath and steeled himself for what he knew he had to do…

Moments later, he found himself in front of Cosmo and Wanda's house, knocking softly until he was greeted with the happy yet concerned faces of his godparents.

"TIMMY!" They exclaimed in greeting, floating aside as they welcomed him into their home.

"What are you doing here Sport?" Wanda asked with a smile.

"Yeah! I thought you told us earlier that you were going back to earth to say goodbye to Tootie! That was rather quick! Did she slam the door in your face or something?" Cosmo asked aloud, not noticing the stunned looks of his wife and godchildren as they blinked at his somewhat inquisitive and insightful question that actually made sense.


Wanda glared at her husband as she poofed his lips zipped with yet another zipper and heavy duty lock.

"Ignoring Cosmo's rant, I have to say he has a point Sport. We didn't expect to see you here after you told us you made your decision. I take it she didn't want to hear it after all?" Wanda frowned with concern.

Timmy remained silent, not looking up as he mumbled. "It's not that…"

"Then what brings you by Timmy? You should be taking the opportunity to be giving her a huge smooch goodbye! I mean you being a fairy forever and never getting to see her again or remember her is a pretty big deal! It's even more tragic than me running out of bones to bury! I wouldn't wish such he** on my worst enemy! Not even Mr. Whiskers the mystical cat form next door!" Sparky exclaimed.

"Poof, poof?" Poof looked at his god brother's expression as he continued to look down.

"Timmy? What is it Sweetie? What's the matter?" Wanda asked softly as she put a hand on his shoulder that seemed to be shaking softly.

She was caught off guard as she, Cosmo, and Poof were taken into a strong yet warm embrace by the pink cladded fairy. "I just…I just wanted to come by…To say thank you. Thanks for everything…For always being there when I needed you and…to tell you all that…I love you. I love you all so much…I always will…Always…" The boy whispered as he managed to look up and into his godmother's eyes, not noticing that tears were threatening to spill down his cheeks.

Wanda's pink colored eyes widened with realization and she hugged the boy tighter as a result, closing her eyes tightly, savoring every moment as tears rolled down her face.

Cosmo blinked in obvious confusion. "I don't get it, why are you getting so mushy all of a sudden, you said earlier that after you said goodbye to Tootie you would come back to the house for movie night...with snacks! I don't see any pizza in your hands buddy! Where are the goods?! If we're going to suffer through another one of Wanda's torturous chick-flicks without dying and questioning our purpose in life, we need comfort food! And-"

"COSMO SHUT UP AND HUG HIM BACK!" She snapped, but continued to hug her godson tightly, desperately, letting her resolve break as she sobbed. "H-HUG H-HIM B-BACK FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN! Hug him and don't let go…" She whispered tearfully as she rocked Timmy back and forth, cherishing the warmth as her godson returned the embrace whole-heartedly, letting his own tears run down freely.

Once Cosmo took in his wife's expression as she cried and hugged Timmy even tighter and looked down to see his round shaped son cuddle closer to Timmy, as well as Sparky whimpering as he hugged him from behind, the green haired fairy who was never really bright, finally understood what was happening and as a result, he silently brought Timmy and his family closer in the embrace, letting a lone tear run down his face.

A few hours later, Timmy reached the higher realm where the fairy council's ostentatious headquarters floated on the fluffy clouds. Ignoring the secretary and security as they failed to detain him from storming into their sacred meeting room, he fearlessly stood before the multicolored hooded fairies as they looked down at him in astonishment, Cupid and Jorgen included.

"Your honors, I need to speak to you all regarding the arrangement that was made in the Timmy Turner clause with Tootie." He stated in all seriousness.

"TURNER! You have some nerve barging here unannounced! Who do you think you are?! PREPARE TO PERISH!" Jorgen outraged, pointing his massive wand in Timmy's face.

The pink hatted fair simply turned his head towards Jorgen's direction and gave him a serious, sharp, yet haunting glare that rendered the camouflaged dressed, muscled bound fairy silent as he lowered his wand.

"Timmy…we talked about this already. I'm sorry, but nothing can be done to stop the wish. There's just too much power backing up the request to hinder it."

"Which is why I'm taking your advice. I have a better offer, and I'd like to use it to counter Tootie's request." Timmy replied, not missing a beat.

"And what makes you think that you have the power and authority to make such demands puny Turner?! Whatever your petty offering is, it cannot be any more powerful than what the human girl has brought to the table!"

"Wanna bet?" Timmy challenged, unhindered.

"What did you have in mind Timmy?" Cupid asked. Timmy beckoned him to come over and whispered his plans in his ear, making Cupid's eyes widen with shock. "Oh…my…well…Th-that's c-certainly…umm…unexpected…"

"What is it? TELL ME NOW!" Jorgen demanded impatiently.

"You're gonna' want to sit down for this one…" Cupid warned, but whispered into Jorgen's ear, making the giant fairy's eyes widen in disbelief and then roll back into his head as he fainted from the shock.

"I warned you…" Cupid shrugged as he tried to drag the huge now unconscious fairy away from the main table.

The fairy Council members then huddled and murmured amongst each other.

"If whatever was said to Jorgen was enough to make him faint on the spot, then surely whatever Turner has to say must be worth hearing." One of the pink robed member's murmured.

"-Meaning that either he was told that 'All my Biceps' was being canceled…or Turner actually had the audacity to wish for something selfless on his own, of his own free will…which on normal cases would be next to impossible, but seeing Jorgen's reaction…" The light blue robed fairy added.

After a few minutes, they turned towards Timmy who remained floating, waiting patiently.

"Normally, it would be against the rules to grant a hearing once a decision and verdict has been decided." One of the members started out sternly.

"-Especially when one has the audacity to come in unannounced." Another remember added, glaring down at Timmy.

"However, due to…special circumstances..." Another fairy mentioned, looking to the side to see Cupid unsuccessfully try to wake up the huge, unconscious fairy. "You have our attention Timmy Turner so we will hear you out, and depending on what your counter offer is worth, understand that we will determine what the outcome shall be."

Timmy nodded and prepared to speak, holding something sparkly behind his back.

There was no turning back now…

Back at Dimmsdale…

Tootie dragged her feet slowly as she rounded the corner of the city sidewalk leading to the city park that was now desolate due to it being night time. She reached her destination once she saw the giant tree come into view and ran her hand over the sturdy yet weathering bark.

She'll never forget the memories that were made with that tree. Both the bad ones where she would be soaked to the brim after being pelted with water balloons from her beloved Timmy, when he wasn't throwing them from the treehouse in his backyard anyways, and the good ones where her beloved Timmy saved the tree she worked so hard to keep in Dimmsdale and where they nearly, almost shared a sweet and tender kiss.

It was truly a magical moment…Literally. Just like being with Timmy was magical…Literally.

But now, as she looked down at her watch to see the hour finally strike midnight, such mystical times have come to an end.

And such a realization made her heart hurt like he**.

She fell down to her knees and hugged the tree's trunk as if her life depended on it, trying to will herself to stop crying, but failing miserably as tears streamed down her face and her shoulders shook with uncontrollable sobs.

"Well…I-I guess that's it then. It's all over. Timmy is free…Free to be with Cosmo and Wanda and Poof and Sparky and fly around in the magical realm forever…At least now he has the chance to be at peace…" She heaved a deep sigh and whispered, "Oh Timmy, wherever you are, I hope and wish you'll be happy…"

"Well then you're going to have a big problem…Cause that wish can't be granted right now."

Startled at the young yet deep male voice she heard not too far-off from where she slumped, she whipped her head around to glare at the source, only for her eyes to widen in shock as a tall figure dressed in pink stepped out of the shadows.

"N-no…it can't be…" She thought.

The male figure walked closer to he was right in front of her and Tootie couldn't catch her breath.

"T-Timmy?" She managed to gasp.

To be continued…