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Tootie nearly fell back at the sight that was before her.

She knew she had to be dreaming. It was the only explanation.

It just couldn't be real. It couldn't.

But once she let out a slight yelp at the stinging sensation after she pinched herself, thinking she would be back in reality, her eyes only widened when she realized that she was in reality. And she couldn't ignore the familiar features that were before her: the striking blue eyes, the messy brown hair, the pink attire, or the signature buck teeth.

There were features that she'd recognized out of nowhere since it reminded her of the ten-year-old she used to adore and the fairy she came to cherish, but there was also a huge difference as the figure who stood before her was nothing less than a grown man, the same person she reunited with but older, more refined, muscular even, with a chiseled chin at that. Gone were the wand and wings and floaty crowny thing, along with the small height.

As much as she couldn't believe it, she couldn't deny it. Timothy Tiberius Turner was standing right in front of her. And he was 100% human again.

"Timmy? I-is t-that-r-really you?" She asked in a timid and quiet voice, still in shock.

"Well it sure as he** ain't the tooth fairy now is it?" Timmy deadpanned, clearly not amused.

"I-I can't believe…it-it can't be…" She replied in the same voice as her eyes widened behind her glasses.

Timmy wanted to roll his eyes. "Believe it Tootie. I- "

"W-what happened to you?!" Tootie blurted, still not coming to terms that Timmy Turner was standing right in front of her.

"Well, long story short, I was able to make it so that your wish was null and void by making a better offer than yours and having the fairy council, Jorgen, a very rotten and old yet still functional piece of an anniversary rule free magic muffin I was saving in case of emergencies over the years that nearly killed me, and of course the magic of the abracadabrium I absorbed, turn me into a full human again and lost all my magical abilities with no takebacks. Well…ok it was actually more complicated than what I just explained, but- "

"-No! This-this can't be happening! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TIMMY TURNER?!" Tootie exclaimed in horror as she glared once the realization hit her.

Caught off guard by her response, he tried to speak only to be cut off once more.

"IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS! WHAT THE HE** HAPPENED?! JORGEN TOLD ME SPECIFICALLY THAT THIS WISH WAS FULL PROOF! ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN EVERYTHING?!" Tootie started pacing around, shaking her head as she paused and glared angrily at the man in front of her.





"-I WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU AND ME!" Timmy replied firmly matching her expression, rendering her silent for a moment.

A pregnant silence passed between them as Tootie swallowed and sighed shakenly, before replying. "Timmy…Look, what we had was special…I-you know I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but…I can't risk your happiness with the fairies because of my feelings! You know that! Y-you shouldn't have to either! They're…They're a part of you!"

"And what? That means you're not either?" Timmy replied without missing a beat. He cut her off before she could speak again. "Look you're right. Cosmo and Wanda…they're more than my fairies. They're my family. Always have been. Poof and Sparky too. We've been through so much that I can't even begin to explain. They were there for me when no one else was since I was a kid. No matter what, they're always going to be a part of me as much as I will be of them…But it doesn't just stop there. It never did. You were always there too, Tootie. Even before I had them. You creeped and annoyed the he** out of me and I wanted nothing to do with you, yeah, but you still always believed in me and…even when I didn't like you, like at all, you were still there. And after all this time we had together after you came back and things changed between us…I wasn't able to forget it. I can't. It took what seems like a lifetime, but I now realize how important you are to me and I don't want to lose that..."

Timmy then looked down sadly, before sighing in frustration. "And…truth be told…it's not your fault. As usual…it's mine. I was living a lie again; thinking because of what happened back in Hawaii that maybe I can have the best of both worlds after all by having Cosmo and Wanda and you and not having to lose any of it. But I lost touch with reality. Not just because of the strain it left on our relationship but…my life in general. I mean my own mom and dad STILL have no idea of what happened or where I am, neither do my other family members or friends or other people I cared about back in the real world. I was never meant to be a fairy, but what choice did I have at the time? But even when I did have the choice, I didn't want to have to choose. I just wanted my way thinking that magic could solve everything but…in reality it can't. I was faced with the dilemma I had before of not wanting to give up my fairies because of growing up, but when I found out there was still a way to have my cake and eat it too, I took the easy way out. But…I guess part of growing up, I mean really growing up besides the uncomfortable body odors and itchy armpit hair, is learning to adapt to changes and being unselfish. Especially when it comes to love. Like I said before, the magic was never mine to begin with and as much as I love my fairies…it's not right to just horde them all to myself when there are other miserable kids who need them and the happiness they gave me…I now see that, just them being there for me, it didn't only help me have a better childhood, it also helped me grow up with purpose. I can't stop that…It wouldn't be fair. Even though I love them with everything in me, growing up is just part of life and something I can't stop no matter how much I tried to. But none of this fully hit me like it needed to until I was faced with the possibility of losing something-someone I really cared about…"

Timmy stepped closer and took Tootie's hand in his. "You."

Tootie blinked, still trying to process everything Timmy was saying. "M-me?"

"Don't you get it? I love you too Tootie…uhm…Tootie." Timmy replied with a smile after stuttering, not able to fully pronounce her whole name. He shrugged before continuing. "Maybe deep down, I've always known that there was…something about you that would make me sure that I'd never forget you, or maybe it was those kisses you'd always force on me against my will despite the restraining orders posted, but I digress." Timmy rushed after seeing her eyebrows furrow. "My point is, despite all of that, you stuck with me and after time, became a part of me too. Not just because you were the only female who was brave enough to put up with me through my growing pain issues or share my deepest secret besides Chloe and Molly, but just being you, how you adapted with life's changes in being a better person, you inspired me to be better too. Ever since then, I never wanted to be without you…and the truth is, even though it took me forever to realize it…I still don't. That's why I had to do this. Not just because of you and me, but because it's what's best for myself as an adult. It's time for me to embrace who I am and not hide from it through magic anymore. But I don't want to do it alone…I want you by my side Tootie. So…yeah." He ended his confession sheepishly, rubbing his neck. He didn't mean to sound like a mushy episode of "Kissy Kissy Goo Goo", but he needed his message's intent to be clear.

Tootie just continued to stare at him, not realizing the tears that were pouring from her eyes as she processed everything and confirmed the finality of his confession through the sincerity in his sparkling blue eyes.

"B-but…your fairies…" Tootie tried to whisper.

"Will always be with him no matter what."

Tootie and Timmy whipped their heads around, trying to find the source of the motherly voice that echoed throughout the atmosphere, followed by a shrill, carefree male voice.

"Yeah! We got soul ties with him baby! Like peanut butter and jelly, and permanent markers, or ooh! Ooh! I know! Like sneakers and shoe laces! They can never be removed from each other!"

"Cosmo! Shoelaces are removable you dope!"


"Poof Poof! Poof Poof!"

"Yeah Poof's right! I think Velcro shoes are a better, permanent option if he wants to go that route for comparisons. But then again, I'm just a magical dog so what do I know?"

The couple couldn't help but chuckle softly at the whimsical yet familiar voices of Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky; comforted by their presence and support on what was happening.

"Anyways, Timmy is right Tootie. We love Timmy with everything in us and even though we've always been together, it can't be like that forever. Sport's finally realized the importance of growing up and has come to terms with the fact that it's time to move on. But even though we can't be with him physically all the time, doesn't mean that it's goodbye forever! We'll always be with him in his heart."

"Gah! Why does it have to be there Wanda?! I heard there are veins and blood cells and other sticky body fluids that live there!"

"NOT THAT KIND OF HEART COSMO! YOU- Ugh…You know what…never mind. I'm not wasting my energy explaining it to you."

"Well I think it'd be better to just acknowledge how we will always be in Timmy's most treasured memories and thoughts and how we'll always be present every time he thinks of us and how we'll always be there for him no matter what and how nothing can destroy that ever."

"…Oh Cosmo! Honey! You just said something smart again!"

"Well, Lamb chop I- "



"GOOD BOY! Oh Cosmo! I never knew how intelligent and inspiring you can sound in those fleeting moments of when you're not being a total idiot!"

"Well duh! It's all because I'm married to you Pudding! Hehee I said Puh-then ding! PANDA, PANDA, PANDA! I GOT BROADS IN ATLANTA!"

"And there goes that moment...again…Anyways…Tootie. Timmy has made his choice and we support him all the way. So pelase…take care of our precious little boy…er…I mean, precious little man…"

"…I…I promise…With all my heart Wanda. I won't let any of you down. I swear." Tootie found her voice and nodded firmly with sincerity.

"Timmy, you do the same with Tootie! Make sure she's happy and content and that you guys communicate and stuff. Otherwise, YOUR LIFE WILL TURN INTO A LIVING HE** ON EARTH FOR ALL ETERNITY LIKE MINE! I MEAN, I LOVE YOU ANGEL! NO NEED TO USE THE FRYING PAN WANDA! I'LL BEHAVE! PROMISE! GAH!"

"Right…Got it Cosmo. Thanks." Timmy chuckled.

"Poof poof? Poof poof poof?"

"Uh…no Poof. I didn't get that far yet. Thanks for reminding me though." Timmy replied to his fairy brother before turning back to Tootie.

"Are you sure about all this Timmy?" Tootie asked.

"Never been more sure. And uh…there was kind of something else I wanted to ask you…" Timmy rubbed his neck sheepishly again, feeling the nerves creep on him.

"Well…Even though this whole mess was kind of my fault, I still think that it was a pretty stupid wish you made for us to be separated and wanting to make it like I never met you. You drive me crazy. You always did and like I said, you made it like I never would forget you. Only now you drive me crazy because I never want to forget you. So, even though my actions prove what I said, I want to make it stick so that we never have to be apart again. Instead of running away from you, I want to be with you for…pretty much forever. And I'm hoping you still feel the same way too…"

"O-of course I do! But…W-what are you saying Timmy?" Tootie asked, feeling that there was more to what he was trying to say. But as soon as she watched him get down on one knee, still grasping her hand in his, it took everything in her to not scream as her teary eyes grew wider.

"I'm pretty much saying the very words I never imagined myself ever saying to you ever." Timmy shrugged lightly at the irony as his smile grew wider. Something seemed to sparkle in fairy dust behind his back as he pulled out his other arm from his back pocket, revealing a stunning gold ring with 3 various colored gemstones on the side: a pink diamond, a green emerald, and a purple garnet, along with a sparkling star shaped diamond in the center.

"Tootie…Will you…please just give me an answer to the question you know I'm trying to ask and spare me the humiliation and my pride from this mushy display?" Timmy jokingly asked.

"Are you-y-you're asking w-what I-I-th-think-y-you're asking?!" Tootie asked breathless, nearly hyperventilating.

Timmy sighed as he gave her a deadpanned look before chuckling. "…Wow you're really going to make me do it huh? Well, I guess it can't be helped." He cleared his throat before continuing seriously, "Tootie…uhm…Tootie…will you marry me?"

"Oh my go-is-is this really happening?! Y-you just asked me to marry you?! OH TIMMY! TIMMY! OH TIMMY I!" Tootie's voice rose with excitement as she was ready to tackle Timmy until she paused and cleared her throat professionally. "Uhm…Excuse me…I need a moment. I won't be long promise!"

Before Timmy could reply, still positioned on one knee, Tootie already zoomed past him and hid in a faraway bush that was a little ways off from their location. Blinking as he heard her on her cell phone.

Tootie quickly whipped out her cell phone and dialed without looking until a professional voice came on the other line.

"Carmichael's office."

"Chloe! It's Tootie! You will NOT believe what's happening right now!"

"Tootie? Oh my gosh. I heard about everything that happened with…you know who…are you alright?" Chloe's concerned voice sounded from the other line, treading carefully after knowing about what happened with Timmy.

"I'm better than alright! It happened Chloe!" Tootie replied without missing a beat, unable to hold in her excitement.

"Wait…what happened?"

"The 'it' happened! You know the 'it'?!" Tootie stressed once more.

"Wait-wait-wait. It happened?! You mean the it 'it' of all its?!" Chloe's voice rose over the phone in excitement as realization hit her.


"OH MY-Hold on…Gabby? It's Chloe Carmichael. I need you to take all my calls, put the vendors on hold, and only let the President through if needed. I need to take a break for a special emergency." Tootie heard Chloe state her demands firmly to her secretary before she heard her heels click off into another room.

"Ok. I'm alone now. We are now officially able to freak out without interruptions."

Before Timmy could get up to see what was going on as he continued to blink in confusion of where Tootie ran off to, he placed both hands over his ears, nearly going deaf at the loud ongoing screaming and cheering that almost destroyed his ear drums and made all of the houses' lights nearby the park turn on along with angrily yelling and threats of calling the cops at the disturbance.

Before he could make a run for it, he saw Tootie rush back to him and grab his hand once more in a calm matter, clearing her throat professionally. "Sorry about that…Anyways, my answer is yes! Yes, Timmy Turner. Of course I will marry you!"

Forgetting the predicament that they were in, Timmy smiled and slid the sparkling ring onto her finger before grabbing her face and pulling her in for a passionate kiss that only deepened further as she kissed him back without hesitation. Before the two could get lost into the moment, Timmy opened one eye to see an angry mob with pitchforks and flame torches and cops standing in front of them.

"There they are officer! The hoodlums who have been causing a disturbance and ruining our beauty sleep!"


Timmy and Tootie yelped, quickly joined hands, and ran for their lives as the mob continued to chase after them throughout the park and down the street.

"Oh! Just look at our little man Cosmo! He's all grown up and engaged! I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF HIM!" Wanda smiled tearfully watching the sight.

"Yeah! And he's got an angry mob chasing him down as he escapes for his life, which is exactly what being married feels like! I'M SO PROUD TO BE CALLED HIS GODPARENT!" Cosmo cried, making Wanda lower her eyelids but hugged her husband and son anyways. She smiled, knowing that no matter how tough life could be, whatever awaited their former godson, he was going to be alright with or without magic.