Jack grunted as he was shoved into the brick alley wall. His back made contact with the rough building material and scratched him through his shirt. A hand made a grab towards his collar, he took the liberty to push the hand away and attempt to punch the offending person.

The other guy growled at Jack as the man wrestled with Jack and pinned the poor boy back against the wall, this time facing it, effectively scratching his face up.

"You are so much trouble!" The man that Jack had tried to punch, mumbled. He ran his hand through his dark hair before it came to rest against his forehead as he started walking toward the mouth of the alley, checking to see if anyone was around.

"Get off of me!" Jack tried to wiggle out of the man's grip.

The man laughed quietly, but in an intimidating way. "No, no. We've wasted all this time trying to get you. We're not letting go quite yet."

Jack's heart skipped a few beats. Thoughts of all those horror stories he's read about people being killed in alleyways held a race to see what scary thought would get to the front of his mind first. He's pretty sure it was a multi-way tie. His breathing started to pick up, adding to the panic his heart was feeling. He was pretty sure that if he wasn't being held up against that wall, he'd of fallen by now.

"What do you want?" Jack managed to get out with as little shake in his voice as he could.

The man stifled another chuckle. "Just cooperate boy,and you'll be fine. Mostly."

The dark haired man came back. "No one saw a thing. Or heard a thing."

Jack strained to see the man. All his self defense classes came to mind now, while his strength hadn't worked, he remembered to try to take in as much detail about the assailants as possible. He knew they were both slightly taller than him, maybe just under side feet; he also knew their voices and the fact that one of them had dark hair and the one holding him had some sort of medium colored hair- too dark to really tell. And that they both were male, or they had very masculine voices for females.

The dark haired male started patting Jack down, looking for something, anything. He found Jack's wallet and his cellphone in the back pocket of his jeans.

Jack tried to turn his head and watch the man. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the man go through his wallet.

"How do you not have credit cards? Or any kind of card in here?" He snapped at Jack.

When the young man didn't answer, Jack got slapped in the face.

"I asked you a question."

"I...I... I don't know, I have no need for them." Jack muttered out, the fear in his voice very prominent.

One of the men scoffed.

"You've got to have something valuable on you." The guy holding Jack said.

A shake of his head was apparently the wrong answer, and got Jack hit the some object they had.

Suddenly, he found himself turned around and slammed back into the wall.

"Some people say a life is valuable." The dark haired man said as he leaned closer to Jacks face.

If fear hadn't been seen in his eyes before, they sure shone in it now. But he still tried to push the man away from him. A last ditch effort to protect himself, he even prepared to try to run. But he could see a mile away, how badly that action would be.

The push didn't work, and instead got his hands held together in only one of the man's hands.

That's when the man saw it. Jack's engagement ring. The diamond engagement ring his boyfriend had painstakingly helped design and saved up for.

Jack's heart stopped.

"Thought you didn't have anything valuable." The lighter haired male huffed in frustration.

"No no." Jack tried in vain to pull his hands back to the protection of his body. "You can't have that."

"Shut the hell up." Dark Hair growled.

The butt of an object met with the side of Jack's head. Hard. And he dropped to the ground. He didn't even have time to try to run, he was too busy trying to see past the stars the invaded his vision. He let out a groan as he tried to sit up.

A foot to his chest pinned him down. "Don't get up." Light Hair put weight on his foot, almost crushing the boy's poor chest, and pointed at gun at him. "You will shut up. You will stay down. And you /will/ give us that ring. I will not hesitate to pull this."

The young man laying on the cold, hard ground froze, staring in the barrel of the gun.


Dark Hair watched the scene unfold with a smirk on his face. He leaned over Jack and looked at him then the ring. "You someone's bitch?" He suddenly asked, testing Jack, seeing if he'd answer or not.

An angry, defensive expression washed over the young man's face. But other than that, he did not respond.

Dark Hair chuckled. He kneeled on Jack's right arm and reached across the small body to reach his left hand. There was a little resistance when he tried to pull his arm away from his body, but the cocking of the gun immediately put that to an end. And of course, Light Hair putting more weight on Jack's chest might also have something to do with the suddenly slacked arm.

A loud snap echoed throughout the alley. Jack tied hard to stifle his cry of pain when something cracked inside him under Light Hair's boot. All the escaped his lips was a sharp intake of breath- which added to the pain that engulfed his chest.

Both men above him chuckled.

Dark Hair took his chance to slide the beautiful, one of a kind ring off its home on Jack's finger.

A small, quiet whimper left without the young man's permission when his finger was bare of the precious object that showed the world of his and his fiancé's devotion to each other.

Light Hair sent Jack a glare that told him to be quiet while Dark Hair stood up and whispered something into his accomplice's ear.

The nod in agreement sent Jack on edge even more than he was before. Something about that look that they both had on their faces worried him.

At the same time, they both stepped back, Light Hair raised the gun once more, and shot.