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Chapter Twelve

There's never been a more adorable pirate in all of history this is John's opinion and anyone who doesn't agree can take a flying jump. Purple is diffinitely his little-one's colour with his pale skin and dark curls he looks like a picture. As cute as can be. The costume has a deep purple waist-coat and matching trousers, a stripy black and purple shirt, black belt with a large silver buckle, black pirate's hat with a skull and crossbones in the centre and of course a black eyepatch covering his right eye.

Mrs Hudson had snapped countless photos of Sherlock who preened under the attention and cooes of adorment.

After a last mintue text from Greg the night before stating that the adults are to dress-up too. John routed round in his wardrobe trying to think of what could possibility be passed off as some sort of costume. John's hand had landed onto something he hasn't warn in an age.

John is dressed in his army gear.

Greg lives not that far from Baker Street just a short taxi ride away. The small town house had clearly been built in the victorian era. This area is up and coming but no-way rich. Plenty of open areas of green. A lovely place for raising a family.

After a few sharp raps on the wooden door Greg answers it with a sunny smile and a cheary "John! I'm so happy you could make it!" He's kitted out in a batman costume.

"Hi, thanks for inviting us. Sherlock couldn't wait to put on his pirate outfit."

At the utterance of the winged-boy's name Greg's eyes flutter down to the forementioned pirate grasping John's hand.

"Hi there. Don't you look the part?"

Shyness suddenly overcoming him Sherlock hides his sweet face behind John's leg, peaking his uncovered eye out up at Greg.

"He'll warm up to you soon enough," chuckles John "Then you'll won't be able to get him to shout up."

"I'll take that into account... come in. We've got all kinds of Halloween goodies. Oh, by the way you look awsome. You look right at home in that," Greg states as they walk through the doorway and along the corrider towards the main living area. An open-plan living-room/kitchen that's covered in paper Halloween decorations of ghosts, cobwebs and pumpkins.

"Well, I did wear this for most of my adult life."

"Oh? You've been in the army? Thought you said you're a doctor."

"Yeah, was an army-doctor before I got shot and was returned to England."

"Sorry mate."

"Nah, it's all fine. That fate brought be to Sherlock. Wouldn't change that for the world."

"Daddy!" a high-pitched squeal breaks through the air like crystal ringing true. A pink blur speeds towards Greg. Once said blur spies who else are in toe it haults. Revealing Molly dressed as a pink glittering fairy-princess. She's wearing a long bright pink dress embedded with silver glitter, her tiny wings are covered in some kind of spray on pale pink glitter, a pink crown nestled atop her head and a silver wand with a pink glass gem on the end held tightly in her right hand.

"There's my pretty princess. Do you remember John and Sherlock?" Greg directs to Molly.

In reply she blinks up at John then stares at Sherlock with what you could only describe as enchantment.

"Hi. You're looking very pretty Molly," John says in gentle tones.

"Hi," whispers Sherlock looking non to pleased to Molly's reaction to him.

"Why don't you show Sherlock all the games and treats," Greg suggests.

Molly nods eagerly then skips towards Sherlock stopping a little in front of him holding out her free hand awaiting him to slip his hand into her grasp. Sherlock eyes the appendage before shooting a questioning look up towards John.

"Go ahead sweetness. Go play with Molly, if you get bored come find me okay?"

Sherlock thinks this over for a moment then replies "Kay," letting go of John's hand although he doesn't take Molly's only standing next to her with his hands behind his back. Molly drops her hand once it's clear Sherlock won't hold her's with that she skips away with a reluctant Sherlock trailing in her wake.

John is sipping a lime green fizzy drink tasting like apples, nonalcoholic of cause watching the children playing in the back garden. Smiling at Sherlock who's sitting cross-legged on the grass his wee hands pressed together in a pray like fashion his fingertips resting against his bottom lip, whilst Molly is skipping round him in circles. He's so focused he doesn't notice a woman step up to him. A femine voice pulls John from his musings "Hey soldier." Stunned John's head snaps to attendion his eyes landing onto an attractive woman a few years younger then himself dressed as a witch. Her costume consits of an ankle length jet black dress that showcases her lovely figure without being slutty, an undersized witch's hat pinned in her long brown hair off centre and a tiny broom hanging from her fingertips of her right hand. She has very little make-up on but she does have a tiny hand-drawn black cat on her left cheek. Very fetching.

"Hello," John says after he had swallowed the lump which had formed in his throat.

"I'm Sarah. Sarah Sawyer... oh dear. That awfully sounded like something from a James Bond film," the lady giggles delightfully "Anyway. I'm old friends with the Lestrades, and you are?"

"John Watson," John answers shaking hands with this lovely woman smiling his boyish grin.

"I haven't seen you around before how's that?"

"Well I only just met Greg. We meet at the zoo when I took my boy Sherlock and we ran into each other, got to talking."

"Oh. You have a son?"

"A winged-boy. I'm a Chosen."

"So, you married?" Sarah askes looking downheartened.

"So no. I'm not married, I'm a single parent."

"Oh?" Sarah's face brightens and a flirtatous smile paints across her pretty face.



"No. I'm single."

They talk for a few more minutes where John learns she's a doctor running a GP surgery in town and very much single with the added bonus of having a soft spot for military men. As they are exchanging numbers Sherlock's voice cuts through their conversion "Jawn I'm bored."

"Hi sweetness," John says tearing his eyes from Sarah's gaze.

Sherlock scowls "I'm bored Jawn. Been a good boy. Go home now."

"So this is your son? He's precious," Sarah says going all gooey.

"Yeah, this is Sherlock. Sherlock say hello."

Sherlock runs his eyes over Sarah's form and whatever he see sours his mood even further "Hi," he spits grimacing as if the word itself tasted rotten.

"So. I'll call sometime this weekend see if I can get a babysitter. Best take this one home. I think he's tired after all the excitement," John tells Sarah.

"Of course. Call anytime John."

They linger a few more moments just gazing at one another.

"Jawwwwwn," whines Sherlock tugging at John's dessert uniform.

"Alright Sherlock, we're heading home now," John says grasping Sherlock's hand.

"See you soon," Sarah breathes pressing a kiss to John's cheek leaving behind a light dusting of peach lipglass. Turning to Sherlock she says "Nice meeting you Sherlock. You're such a cute pirate."

Sherlock pulls a face at her comment and spits "Pirates not cute," following it up with a pout.

Giggling Sarah replies "Of course not dear."

Sencing a mega sulk John finally leaves Sarah's company to say his goodbyes to Greg and to call a cab.

"Did you have fun Sherlock?" John akes as they wait for a taxi.

"No! People stupid. Don't like."

"Are they? How so?"

"Tiny brains."

"Sherlock, that's not nice."

"It's true. They all goldfish."

"Sherlock," warns John.

"Jawn says no lie. Am not. Telling true."

"That's right Sherlock. Lies are bad but you can't say bad things about people."


"It's not right."

"Just telling true. People stupid. Like lady."


"Yep. Lady talk to Jawn. She stupid."

Sighing John rubs a hand across his forehead.

"Sherlock Sarah is a very nice lady."

"Stupid doc..t..or," is Sherlock's sulky reply.

John's eyes bug out of his head.

"Sherlock? How did you know Sarah's a doctor? Were you spying? Because I've told you that's naughty?"

Sherlock shakes his head "Nope. I see."


Nodding Sherlock says "She like Jawn. Doc..t..or. I see."

"That's... amazing."

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