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About As I Am: I had completely forgotten about this ficlet idea until I began digging through my files. At this point, I have only a vague idea of what I meant for this story, though I have no idea why I named it "As I Am". I'm going to let it be up to you to decide what happened. If there's any ambitious writer out there that wants to finish the story themselves, they're welcome to it.

As I Am

Cye raced down the hospital halls and practically crashed into the information desk at the end. His face was urgent as he slammed his palms on the counter top. He had done this once before a few years ago and he did not like the sick feeling of deja vu it was currently giving him. Last time, it had been the middle of the night and a tired Ryo had wandered after him. Now, it was later in the afternoon and he had Kento on his heels, looking about as urgent as he did.

"I'm Cye Mouri, I need to know where Robyn McCarthy is!" Cye barked at the receptionist before she could even ask how she could help him. "She was brought in about an hour ago. I was told she was hit by a car."

The receptionist eyed him calmly, unaffected by the force in his voice. His companion, however, may have looked less frantic, but the expression on his face was a bit more intimidating and she thought it best to not give them any attitude about their greeting.

After typing a bit on her computer, she looked back up at the pair.

"Looks like she should be getting out of X-Ray soon. You'll find her-"

"Do you know of her condition?" Cye pressed.

The receptionist, a bit perturbed at being interrupted, peered at him over her glasses with fading tolerance. "When Ms McCarthy gets out of X-Ray I'm sure the doctor can give you a better diagnosis that I can. The most I can tell you is that she is able to walk under her own power. If you want any further information you'll have to wait with the others. It's the 3rd floor, room 3115."

Cye seemed to want to ask more questions even though it was obvious the slightly annoyed woman did not have his answers. Kento was quick to finish the conversation by grabbing Cye's collar with a "Come on, buddy" and drag him toward the elevator. Though it hardly took more than a minute to get to their floor and find the right room, it still felt too long to Cye. Though he had been assured nothing was serious, the phone call Cye had received from one of his fellow Ronins from the hospital was vague and his heart was pounding from mere lack of information.

Kento, who had been over at Cye's at the time of the phone call had said nothing. But his silence meant it was bothering him, too.

The pair had no trouble finding the room once they made it to the correct floor. It was hard to miss Ryo, Sage, and Rowen standing around outside it. They had been milling about, leaning against the walls, idly staring at paintings until Cye had run up to them. The second his presence was noticed, all three stood at stiff attention.

"Where's Robyn? Is she okay?" Cye demanded.

The three of them were quiet for a moment. Even Kento noticed the hint of guilt that wafted in the air.

"She'll be fine. It was nothing serious," Sage finally spoke.

"A bump on the head and a fractured wrist is the worst of it," Rowen continued. "They're wrapping it now. Then she should be able to go home."

"She was lucky," Ryo put in. "The driver wasn't going that fast at all."

"I don't care how FAST he was going!" Cye snapped at them. "I want to know what the hell you guys were doing! How did this happen?"

The three looked at each other, but none had an answer for him.

Cye gave a sound of disgust and marched off into the room, shutting the door behind him. The doctor and Robyn both looked up when he walked in and Cye's expression instantly changed from anger to gentle worry.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" he asked with a small smile.

"Mm...not too bad," Robyn replied. She had a few visible scrapes on her face and arms, but indeed, nothing looked too serious. The doctor was finishing the last few wraps on her arm.

"It's a small hairline fracture, but she will be fine. She just needs to keep that on for at least three weeks. I'll send you home with a prescription for the pain."

"Thank you doctor," Robyn smiled politely.

Cye thought Robyn's behavior was a bit odd. The last time he came to the hospital to get her, she had shrunk back, afraid he would yell at her. Of course, her fears had been valid. But this time, she just sat there calmly, almost blankly as he stood before her.

Not that Cye wanted to argue his suspicion. He was suddenly very tired and just wanted to get back home before his mother got back from work and wondered where everyone was.

"Okay Robyn, as soon as you're ready, I'll have Kento drive us home."

Robyn blinked at him before letting out a hesitant "Oh...kay..."

Cye turned to the door to go ask for release papers when Robyn spoke again.

"Can I ask you one thing?"

Cye paused and looked at her. "Yes?"

Her face and voice were as sincere as she ever could be.

"Who are you?

Seconds later, Cye was livid in the hall.

"She hit her head that hard? She has amnesia!? And you didn't think this was important to tell me before I went in?"

The trio took the verbal lashing in silence. They knew they deserved it.

" much did she forget?" Kento ventured. He had half a mind to clobber his three friends himself. But maybe later. Right now he had to stay calm for Cye's sake.

"Most of it," Rowen admitted. "Her name, her address. She doesn't remember any of that. She probably doesn't even know what country she's in right now. She definitely doesn't remember any of us. Our names, our faces, none of it."

Cye turned from them, taking a moment to school his frustration. Finally, he turned and pointed an accusing finger at them.

"You three are idiots!" he declared.

Little did he realize, he just caused a certain memory to stir up in the trio simultaneously.

Robyn stood with her back to them, clenching her fists in frustration. When she turned around, it was hard not to notice the hurt in her eyes. She jabbed a finger at them accusingly.

"You three are idiots!" she informed them before running off. Her obvious anger and frustration distracted her from noticing the oncoming traffic before she ran for the road.