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Maleficent urged her faithful companion on, shouting at his horse-form to go faster. She had to get to Aurora in time, she had to.

She glanced at the sun, for it was not yet setting and as long as it showed itself against the hills her Beastie wasn't safe.

"Faster Diaval, we are running out of time!" His mistress gripped his neck for all she was worth, clutching onto him for support, in more way than one, but he didn't know that. He forced himself to speed up, his hooves pounding the earth served as a rhythm to remind him why he had to keep his great speeds.

The sun was beginning to set when Maleficent jumped off Diaval's back, a quick flick of her wrist changing him to his human form. She could feel her curse's magic get stronger, luring Aurora into it's trap.

"Mistress, he is waiting for us in there. If we go in we will never come out." He said, holding onto the unconscious prince's arm.

"Then don't come. I'll get her alone." She replied, casting a small glance around her shoulder. Diaval sighed, but shook his head.

"No Mistress, I will come."

Maleficent nodded her gratitude and the pair made haste walking into the palace, knowing of the dangers that lay ahead. Diaval knew the palace by heart, having made countless trips to spy on the King, in more forms than a raven. So, for the first time in years, Diaval lead Maleficent.

"This way Mistress, Aurora's room is this way."

"How do you know?" She whispered, glancing behind her back every few seconds, paranoid she would not hear a guard come behind her.

"The King has had it prepared since she was a babe, I've seen it."

It was about the only good thing he had seen in the entire palace. The only pure thing, because even though the King didn't know his daughter Diaval did, and Aurora had been the sweetest child, she still was. Besides this room there were horrors he rather not describe, the most wretched being what the King had called 'His Trophy Room' which was housing Maleficent's wings.

She nodded and followed him, blindly almost, for she did not know where to go. She saw iron everywhere, in the walls, in the frames on the windows, felt it on every guard they had evaded, and it sickened her.

The pair stopped, and stood staring at the upcoming passageway. Massive iron thorns protruded from every angle, for nearly twenty feet ahead of them.

"I think you're right," Maleficent breathed, "Stefan has been expecting us." She walked ahead of Diaval, casting a smile behind her to tell him she was jesting. He sent her a half-hearted grin back, following her.

"I have seen his obsession grow over the years Mistress, but I never thought he would go to such lengths..."

"Yes, well obviously he can hold a grudge as well as I."

"Your humor is oddly timed Mistress." Diaval said, his body bending awkwardly in an attempt to avoid the iron thorns as well. His head whipped around when he heard Maleficent cry out, a fresh burn marking her skin.

They made it through the wall of thorns relatively safely, her faerie blood healing the offending burn. She was nearly running, and he knew she could feel her curse getting stronger, for she had told him as much earlier. He went with her, and when she hit the guard, causing him to fall over unconscious he threw open the doors to Aurora's chambers.

Aurora wasn't there.

Diaval looked to Maleficent, and watched as her shoulder's sagged in defeat. She had no idea where Aurora would be going, no idea how to get there and no longer any idea on how to stop this curse.

"We've failed Diaval, what are we to do now?" She turned her head towards him, sorrow distorting her beautiful features.

A sudden notion dawned on Diaval, Aurora had been locked inside her chambers, and that meant there was only one way for her to get out.

"Perhaps not yet Mistress, there is a servant's passage. It is the only way for Aurora to leave her chambers."

"Show me." She commanded, he gladly obliged. "Leave the boy here, he may not be needed if she is not yet sleeping."

Diaval nodded and placed the Prince down, entering the passage right behind his mistress.

"So she isn't sleeping yet?" He asked, quickening his pace as she did.

"No, but I feel my curse," she stopped, and Diaval knew she was feeling regretful again, "my curse luring her in." Maleficent finished, refusing to look at her servant.

"Then we must hurry, this way." He said, hoping to save Aurora not only for her sake, but for Maleficent's. "There is only one room I can think of that she could find a spindle."

"And where is that?"

"The only room that still holds spindles." And for the brief moment brown met green and the two locked gazes, before Maleficent turned away and hastened her pace again.

They found Aurora a short time later, but she was not sleeping. Maleficent stepped in front of the young girl before she could advance on the spindle, tears dotting her eyes. Because she hadn't failed, and Aurora was still awake, and she was safe and her heart was lightened.

Diaval sighed in relief as well, a smile on his lips, noticing the way Maleficent cried in joy.

She held onto Aurora with a tight grip, holding her until she felt her curse diminish, the blank stare left the blonde's eyes and they came back into focus.

"Godmother?" Aurora whispered, bringing her arms up to return the hug. "What are you doing here?"

"Hello Beastie," Maleficent whispered, her breath coming out in overjoyed gasps. "I had to save you."

Aurora drew back and smiled, taking in the room around her she soon realized just what had happened.

"I wasn't asleep, was I Godmother?" She asked, holding her Godmother by her arms.

"No Beastie, we got here in time."

"Is Diaval with you?" Aurora asked, glancing backwards at the smiling raven-man, or her Godmother's shadow as she so preferred to say.

"Well, that's up for debate, what with all, or lack of I should say, attention I'm getting." Diaval said, drawing Aurora into a hug. Aurora laughed, and so did Maleficent.

Maleficent had a beautiful laugh, one that was too rarely heard, and her face lit up as she did so. It only served to enhance her beauty.

"Godmother, are we going back to the Moors now?"

"If that is what you wish Beastie, but you are a princess here, and your father is here as well." Maleficent replied, looking away from Aurora.

"I still want to live in the Moors with you Godmother, Father will understand, he will see that I am still awake."

"Aurora, your Father will not understand, he will be overjoyed at your safety, but he will not understand any desire for you to live with me."

Realization dawned on Aurora, from the snippets her Godmother had given her, and the pieces of conversation she had picked up here, at the palace.

"Your wings. My father, he took them, didn't he?" Horror crossed her features, the new piece of information confirmed by her Godmother's look of hurt at the subject. "Why would he do that?"

"Aurora, I think it's time I tell you my, entire history, for you know little of me and I think you should know everything before you make a decision."

So Maleficent lead Aurora out of the room of spindles, and she proceeded to tell Aurora of everything that had happened, from the moment she met Stefan to Aurora's christening.

"Your aunts, they are faeries who vowed to take care of you. They unfortunately, didn't know how to take care of an infant, and that is when you first met Diaval. The story goes on from there." She finished, brushing away Aurora's hair.

"I always sort of presumed you had something to do with me not... well, dying before I reached three." Aurora said, her tone light and a grin on her face. "Three is when I have my first memory of you Godmother."

Maleficent nodded and looked to Diaval, who stood a few feet away leaning against a wall. There was a satisfied smile on his face, his mistress was happy, as well as what he considered his fledgling, and so he was too.

"So, now you face a choice." Maleficent said, "You could stay here, and become the princess and ruler of your people, or come back to the Moors with me."

"It is hardly a choice Godmother, I wish to go home with you." Without missing a heartbeat Aurora replied, wrapping her arms around Maleficent. "But I can visit with my aunts and father occasionally right?"

"Anything to make you happy, Beastie."

Aurora nodded happily. Outstretching her arms she rushed to Diaval, and let him spin her as he often did in the Moors.

"Aurora, Diaval, we must go, now." There were only a few times when Diaval had seen his mistress anxious, this was one of them. "The sun has set, Stefan will be looking for Aurora."

They nodded and rushed away, checking over their shoulders anxiously. With Stefan's paranoia, he had called the guards to aid him in 'defending' against Maleficent. This allowed the trio to make an easy escape.

"Into a horse." Maleficent mumbled, flicking her wrist. Diaval transformed and she placed Aurora onto his back, climbing on seconds after.

"Take us home Diaval." Maleficent instructed, a wide smile forming as he took off and she realized they had succeeded, that something had gone right.


Inside the palace walls King Stefan was in a rage.

"That witch has taken my daughter from me again!" He shouted, slamming his fist down onto the table.

"We'll get your daughter back Your Majesty." His captain promised, standing as tall and firm as possible.

"You better hope so, I want her head on my table. Tonight!"

His mind overtaken by thoughts of rage and revenge. He would have Maleficent's dead body presented to him, he should of killed her when he had the chance.

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