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Aurora and her godmother sat on the same hill as so many months ago, and in such a manner the faerie brought a golden brush down on the princess's hair. Both enjoyed the simple action, it was domestic, soothing in the simple manner that they had family there.

"Godmother?" Aurora turned to face her, her face still as innocent as before. "Is this the end of our story?"

"I do not think so, a person's story starts the day they're born and it ends the day they die."

"What of 'Happily Ever After' that is certainly where we are now, in our own happily ever after and there's never more words on the page after it. So isn't this just Happily Ever After?"

"That term, is put into books for if they told the whole story it would be as large as a table. There is still so much to tell, dozens of chapters left. Even if they do not go into the story books."

Aurora smiled, satisfied by the answer given.

"Oh Godmother, I can just imagine what more our story could hold. Phillip will come one afternoon, and we should go on a proper courtship and then have a meal with you and Diaval, and Diaval and I will skate, we'll both learn to skate on the lake in the wintertime!"

"And your aunties will visit, and be an utter nuisance but pleasant all the same." Aurora giggled, matching Maleficent's bright grin. "And you can go on and on about the blossoming trees every springtime if you wish. You'll be safe till you take your last breath and every day you'll wake up and know it's time for another chapter in the story."

"How wonderful a life, Godmother. Thank you, for everything."

"No Beastie, thank you. For pulling the darkness away from my heart, for taking the rage and hatred and turning it to love."

"You were never evil Godmother." Aurora declared while twirling a golden lock around her finger. "I think it's a common misconception, evil versus tortured. Because no matter how bad it got, you never let harm come to me. Even the curse, I'd only would've fallen asleep."

"So that's your take on it?" Maleficent asked, yielding in her task for a moment.

"Of course. And look at the Moors, you've protected it all this time."

"Before I took it by force, it was a free land. Which had never known a ruler, and I stole that."

"Yes but you didn't hurt those who lived here either, you just demanded loyalty and went on protecting it. In my opinion it was foolish that just because you wore a new title they feared you."

"You are quite something, aren't you Beastie."

"It's in my nature." Aurora grinned back, returning to her original position, allowing Maleficent to brush through the rest of her hair. Sensing that the task was finished Aurora moved to hop up and run off, only to be disappointingly pulled back down.

"Oh no, your hair is going into a braid. You will tangle all my hard work before midday if it is not." Maleficent declared, sitting Aurora down in front of her.

Aurora dared not retaliate, though she pouted silently as she waited for her freedom.

"Why is it I must wear my hair up, when you fly and never tangle yours."

"It does tangle Aurora, I'm just patient enough to deal with it." Sighed Maleficent, looking around the princess's shoulder.

"Then why must I wear mine up?" Aurora shot back, a triumphant grin on her face.

"Because you do not deal with it Aurora, you let it become an utter mess, and then it is I who has to deal with it."

Aurora's mouth opened, then closed, then opened again, before she relented and accepted that she had no argument.

"Vanities never concerned me, thank you very much." Aurora finally declared, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Speaking of vanities, where has Diaval gone now?" Maleficent wondered, ignoring Aurora's jab.

"Probably taking another flight." Aurora supplied, but Maleficent knew he was in his human form somewhere.

"He's a man right now Aurora."

"Oh! You can feel that? That's amazing!" Aurora immediately became excited, bouncing in a way that made it hard for Maleficent to control her hair.

"Don't get too fascinated, I just know because I can't see his boastful self circling the Moors."

"I resent that Mistress." Came a voice from behind her, making the faerie jump.

"You startled me Birdie." She mumbled, still not moving to look at him.

"That was my intent. So, is Aurora giving you a hard time or vice versa?"

"She's giving me a hard time." Both the queen and the princess I replied at the same time. Both looked at each other, arched an eyebrow, before giving a small shake of their head and turning around.

"Remarkable, you are so very much like your godmother." Diaval commented, sitting with his knees up beside Maleficent.

"I highly doubt that Diaval." Maleficent replied, smirking slightly.

"No, really. One doesn't have to live with someone their lives to take after them."

"Is that so?" Maleficent continued the banter, her eyes glinting with amusement.

"It's possible, she's lived with us for nine months now, and she'd visited us for five months before that daily."

"That's only a year and a bit Diaval."

"I think it's enough." Diaval snuffed, tipping his chin up.

"Well of course you do, otherwise this conversation is pointless."

"Is this another declaration of war, Mistress?"

"War against whom Darling? Certainly not you."

"And I would not be a suitable adversary? I can gather forces, I can put up a proper fight."

"You? I'd like to see you try." Maleficent shot back, her gaze skeptic. Her whole stance screamed 'taunting.'

"Alright, I'll do it then. You aren't going to know what hit you, Mistress." Diaval taunted back, cocking his head towards her face. The Queen of the Moor did not back down.

"Fine, but when someone ends their threat with 'Mistress' it kind of takes the bite out of it. Don't you think? Birdie." She got even more in her face, swishing her hair behind her.

In one swift movement, he wrapped his hand around her neck and pulled her into a most intoxicating kiss.

Aurora who'd watched the whole thing with a smirk on her face quickly turned away, her mouth falling open. It never wasn't weird.

Maleficent was the one to pull back first, she stared into her lover's eyes. Leaning in again, only to push him backwards and down the hill.

Both she and Aurora laughed as he tumbled. Diaval stood again with an irritated look upon his face, before he started racing back towards the two.

Aurora shrieked and got up, running away from him, into the path she knew so well. Maleficent on the other hand, taunted the raven even more.

Both kept to the ground, Maleficent always just a step ahead of Diaval. He'd lunge for her and she would nimbly sidestep. Eventually he grabbed hold of her waist, and the two fell, laughing uncontrollably.

"You would of been able to catch me much sooner if you'd let me train you, all those years ago." Maleficent mumbled into his ear. She rolled herself onto her stomach, her wings feeling restricted and cramped.

"So, are we still at war Mistress?"

"I don't recall actually starting." She replied, laying her head onto his chest.

"Good, because I'd never be able to convince anyone to throw mud at you." Diaval smirked, remembering the horrified looks on the poor creatures' faces when they'd struck Maleficent with mud.

"Yes you'd be entirely outnumbered."

He smiled softly, placing a kiss to the top of her hair.

"What of Stefan? He is alive."

"He won't bother us for a long while, Aurora is safe. And should he try again, I'll kill him."

She felt his head nodding solemnly against her hair, as they sat and embraced each other. They thought of the years that had gone by, how Aurora had grown.

Maleficent couldn't shake the wave of sadness of the knowledge that was the information of Aurora's bareness in regards to children. She would gladly accept grandchildren with open arms and was hoping for it in the future. As a faerie should would not be having children, and Aurora seemed to be the only chance at a child she would have. She knew that internally, Diaval was just as sad as Aurora with the information.

"I want to stay here, in this position for the rest of my life." Maleficent mumbled, letting the sun warm her skin and soothe her down.

"That would be nice wouldn't it?" Diaval also whispered, feeling her head move each time he drew breath.

"But unrealistic, we should go." She mumbled, pushing herself away from his chest.

"Hey, there's no need for that." Diaval said with a glint in his eye, playfully pulling her down by her waist again. "What could they possibly need you for?"

"I have to do my rounds." She let out a hearty laugh, struggling to wiggle out of his grasp. "Diaval! You insufferable creature, would you have me neglect my realm?"

"As a matter of fact Your Majesty, I would. The Moors will be fine for a few hours more."

"Selfish birdie, keeping me to yourself."

"You don't seem to be trying to stop me anymore, Mistress."

"Should I be?"

"I certainly wouldn't advise it."

"Well of course you wouldn't." She laughed, finally wiggling free and spreading her wings. "If you want more you're going to have to catch me." She winked suggestively, and launched herself into the sky.

Diaval didn't waste a second in following her in his raven form.


"There you are Aurora." Maleficent said, landing gracefully beside her goddaughter.

"Oh, hello Godmother. I would've thought you with Diaval."

"Mm, he's surely coming but despite his best efforts I am simply the better flyer."

"Really now Mistress?" Diaval said, quirking up his brow.

"Why yes I would of thought that was common knowledge by now." She replied, smirking as he huffed looking taken aback.

"Aw, look at you two. Such cute banter."

"Cute?" The pair repeated in horror.

"We are not cute." Maleficent finished, her nose crinkling at the idea.

"Domesticity is cute in its own way." Supplied Aurora, plopping down next to Maleficent.

Maleficent merely hummed, letting her wings flutter beside her.

What does one do once they've earned their happiness? Well you see, they relish it. They relish, protect, and fight for it till their last breath. Maleficent had done the fighting, taken the pain that had come with it with her chin held high, and protected it with all she had. She was ready to flip the page in her book to the part where she gets to relish this wonderful happiness that she has now.

"I say Aurora, that in honour of this joyous time, a grand celebration shall be held."

Aurora's gaze flew towards her godmother, excitement and surprise in her eyes.

"Like a party Godmother?" She asked, her breath releasing in a shocked exhale.

"I suppose, yes, like a party. Anything you want." Maleficent promised, smiling as Aurora embraced her and Diaval squeezed her shoulders.

"Do you think...? Do you think Phillip would be able to attend?" Aurora oh so innocently asked, looking at her Godmother with her round eyes. She was not blind to Diaval stiffening his hold on the faerie's shoulders.

Maleficent glanced back at Diaval, and then back to Aurora's waiting face before relenting.

"I can never deny you, Beastie."

Aurora's smile could of brightened the very world. And Diaval thought, maybe if it made her so happy he could accommodate the prince. Even if he did have wandering hands.


It started with a raven tapping upon his window in his chambers at King Stefan's castle. Reluctantly, he had let it in, not knowing what to expect. And not so much to his surprise, that raven had turned into Aurora's godfather.

He relayed a message from his queen and princess he had said, a formal invitation had been extended to him. The Queen of the Moor he knew to be Maleficent, Aurora's godmother.

In a fortnights' time there was to be a party, hosted by the royal family of the Moors. Aurora had hoped he would be in attendance, it was meant to celebrate the happiness of a land restored.

How could he say no? He was a prince after all, being formally invited to a function by the very queen of the land. And of course, Aurora.

The man known as Diaval had given him a warning look, whispering that the King wasn't to know of any of this. That he would surely damn them all if the information that the Moors would be weakened for a nights' time were to find its way to Stefan. Diaval had left assured of the princes' loyalty.

Phillip had left the conversation with a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, before he started counting the days until he would saddle a horse and await Aurora to bring him into her home.

Then finally, the day came.


Diaval was waiting outside the canopy of leaves his mistress had drawn to maintain privacy while she and Aurora dressed for the party.

"Decency Diaval," She had said, "I assume this will take longer than usual to... prepare." He smiled at the very thought of her fussing over her outfit, or helping Aurora with hers.

With a nervous reluctance he saw Aurora's hands slowly draw the canopy back, he could see Maleficent in the background for a brief moment, tears shining in her eyes.

Diaval could feel his own mist over, looking at this little girl whom he had cherished for so long. She stood unaware of her own beauty, her arms crossed over her waist. Aurora was in white, which she was rarely allowed to wear, and the dress itself was simple but so very elegant.

It hung off her shoulders with two thin straps, before clinging to her waist until it fanned out into small folds all the way down to the ground.

"Well?" She meekly inquired, looking up at him.

"Oh Aurora," he breathed, wiping away the mist. "You're absolutely gorgeous."

And then she smiled, and he had never felt so overwhelmingly proud.

"Yeah?" She asked, taking a few steps towards him. "Godmother picked the dress out and she did my hair." She did a quick turn for him, relaxing herself. Without realizing it, he was embracing her.

And her hair, her hair was magnificent also. Golden curls pulled into a loose bun on top of her head, perfectly falling over each other.

"You're missing something." Diaval whispered into her ear, pulling a peach rose out of his pocket. He'd snipped the base down till it was very short. Aurora smiled as he gently pushed into the base of her hair. It compliment her very well.

"Thank you, Diaval."

Diaval himself had done his best to look presentable, wearing his best black shirt and pants. They both fit him well, both he had only worn on few occasions.

"Diaval," the girl whispered, and for some reason he could detect nervousness coming from her, "the party starts soon, and I was wondering if, if you would walk me in?"

He was struck speechless. The words unable to make it past his throat, before he realized the girl was going on.

"I mean, Godmother said we enter together and that she thought it would be a good idea if you lead me in but I knew you'd probably want to enter with her..."

"No, no Aurora." Diaval quickly said, realizing she was taking his silence as rejection. "Your godmother is beautiful and I love her very much, but nothing would make me happier this evening than to walk you down and into that party."

And then suddenly they were embracing again.

Diaval had hoped that Maleficent would also make an appearance before they were to enter, but she was seemingly keeping herself a mystery.

Aurora had gone back under the canopy for a moment's time, and had returned with a large smile plastered upon her face. It made Diaval also smile as he took his little fledgling's arm when they say the lights of the party awaken.

They'd spent many hours getting the clearing just right. The party would extend from the throne all the way to the orchards, all the people of the land were to attend. With their one special guest who would enter before either the princess or the queen.

Lilting music filled the air, and he could feel Aurora tense. The boy was on her mind again, he could tell. His name was announced, but he would be the only one for the people of the Moors knew who the hosts were.

Leaning into Aurora, Diaval whispered into the princess' ear.

"Don't you ever forget how special you are. How wonderful, and beautiful. Those butterflies in your stomach, he has them too. Just the thought of seeing you, and he should, because you are you. The one and only and trust me, it's more than enough."

Aurora nodded, wiping away the few tears she had shed. She stared straight ahead, tipping her chin up high and pictured her godmother doing the same thing. She could do this, this was her moment.

So gripping Diaval's arm they set off, walking through the thick brush into the heart of the party. The lights and the sounds hit her like a brick and for a moment she faltered, but Diaval with a knowing smile had given her a reassuring look and kept going. Down the aisle made by all of the subjects of the Moors, bowing their heads in respect.

There was music everywhere, coming from no instrument simply being there, and lights floated above them, gleaming like stars in the night.

At the end of the aisle the prince awaited, bowing his head with a large grin on his face.

The irony of the situation was not lost to Diaval, this largely resembled the human tradition of a father walking the bride down the aisle, and giving her away. And he knew that that's exactly why Maleficent had suggested it to Aurora, for the girl was not planning on marrying, not with the knowledge that Phillip was to destined to be wed to a girl who could rule beside him and give him an heir.

There may be other parties, but none like this one, none that would mean so much to Aurora and Diaval.

So when they reached the end of the line, Diaval knew what to do. He clasped Aurora's hand, kissed it, and handed it to Phillip.

He smiled at Phillip, Phillip nodded to him, and smiled at Aurora with such devotion Diaval knew his word was true. And Aurora, she smiled the brightest at the both of them, the situation also not lost on her.

And now that Diaval had no arm to hold he could only wait for Maleficent to make her entrance. It wasn't long after the pair reached the end when he say the masses begin to bow, signalling the approach of the queen.

But when Diaval first saw her, he felt the very breath in his lungs leave him.

She was not in any odd colours for Maleficent, but he had never seen her in such a dress. It was light brown, of course, but the design was wonderfully bright. A strapless dress she wore, and it hugged her form the same way Aurora's had. It frilled out though, leaving a small trail behind her, it could be easily described as a ballroom gown, but it was so much more.

It was not like Maleficent to wear something so attention grabbing, and Diaval knew at once that is why Aurora had been so excited for her godmother before.

Her hair was long and hanging loose on her shoulders, and her wings matched the dress perfectly. While all eyes were on her, her eyes only saw the Beastie and her raven, and she stared adoringly back at them.

When she met them, Phillip and Diaval bowed while Aurora curtsied. Maleficent's hand rose to clasp into Diaval's offered one.

"And let this joyous occasion begin!" She said, and the party picked up immediately.

The lilting manner of the music changed into a faced pace folk dance, one which everyone thought it to be fun to join in on.

"Your Highness." Phillip said while bowing to Aurora, "Would you care to join me in this dance?"

Casting a large smile towards her godparents Aurora nodded, excitedly following Phillip into the crowd of dancers.

"Your Majesty, would you like to join me for a dance?" Diaval repeated, bowing down and kissing her hand.

Smiling, she nodded. Diaval swept her up right there, his hand on her waist the other still clasped with her own. They circled each other, moving like water. They stared at their partner's eyes, their gaze never leaving.

They didn't need to check on Aurora, they could trust her alone with herself. And after seventeen years together they'd developed a sense on when something was wrong.

When the music turned into slower dances, Diaval pulled Maleficent close to him. Like he was afraid that if he let go they'd never do this again.

"I'm not going anywhere." Maleficent whispered into his ear, kissing his mouth tenderly.

"I love you." He whispered back, capturing her mouth in a more passionate kiss. They pulled back and she smiled at him, before reaching towards the floating platters of elegant drinks, with tastes unlike that of humans.

Offering him a glass the faerie faced the party and the music dimmed, and the sounds stopped. Diaval smiled from behind her, as she rose her glass in a toast.

"A toast," She announced, "To new friends, the people of this wonderful land, and most importantly for all of our happiness. May it ever stay!"

She raised her glass even higher, and everyone followed chanting, "For our happiness! Long live the Queen!"

She could see Aurora brightly saying the same, before being spun back into Phillip.

The party drank to that, and when she returned to Diaval he raised his glass to her, a dopey smile on his face.

"For your happiness."

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