This will start out slow. I intend to make it very lengthy, there will be 5x6, do not fret if it seems like it's not going fast enough.

The world had finally gone quiet. There seemed to be a never ending haze of dust over the sphere that was the Earth. The stitchpunks lived in a snow globe that- when shook- sprinkled fallout and dirt upon their uncaring heads. Plants could not grow. Fauna could not live. Was it like that everywhere in the world? The stitchpunks would never know, being too small to ever have a chance to travel the entire planet unscathed.

Long before the discovery of the mostly intact cathedral, the small group took shelter elsewhere. It had been right before the death of the final humans and the destruction of machines that they hid in a house far, far from their origin. Before they settled there, the group was limited to One, Two, Eight, and Five. Along the way and in haste to find new spots to stay safe, as the humans and machines still fought, they came across Seven, Three, and Four. Two of the stitchpunks remained missing.

With an intact knowledge of how numbers worked, the dolls understood that Six, the number between five and seven, was not there. They did not actually consider a ninth for some time. One presumed Six, if there was one, dead. This annoyed the others, mostly Two and Seven, to no end. They moved on anyways in order to survive. Five lost his eye.

But now it was quiet. There was no more need to fear the world. Occasionally they came out to scavenge or check the status of their newly inherited planet. They could then come and go as they pleased. Only if One permitted, though.

One was hard of heart and commanded great authority. He used his newly acquired staff more for glory than for any sort of handicap. Seven, Two, and Five were the only ones to leave the confines of the mostly destroyed building they called home at the time. One berated them each time they left, though Seven always stood up to him so that they could go as they wished.

It must have been about two weeks since they'd hunkered down in the house. The house itself had two walls knocked down and part of the roof was destroyed. There were rooms with giant holes stabbed into the walls. There was no front door, and all but one window was shattered. Inside the house were stairs to the second story, which led to a hall. The rooms down the hall consisted of a shut away bathroom which was unable to be entered, a bedroom with half a wall gone, and a completely empty room, save for a few old boxes.

The bottom floor was were the stitchpunks stayed. The kitchen was useless to them, as well as the living room. The space under the couch and chairs were not tall enough for them. The bedroom on the floor, however, was perfect. The door had been left flung open, and even if it were to close there was a gap underneath to crawl through. They did not use the unmade bed nor the dresser for anything by scrap cloth at the time. Against one wall was a shattered mirror, glass littering the ground around it. The window was one of those broken open. The room had all its walls, if only for a mouse hole that led into them. One had had Eight widen the hole, so that they could feel safe by hiding in the wall of the room.

It was a scavenging day. Only Five and Two had gone into the Emptiness, Seven staying behind with the others. They hadn't a wagon yet, using sacks of cloth as knapsacks instead. The mentor and apprentice made them together easily. They could tighten and close them by pulling their strings.

"This could be useful." mumbled Five to himself, eying a shining metal circle in hand.

Two walked over, a smile on his face as usual. He looked over what Five had picked up and gave a nod. "Yes, that's a watch battery. We could certainly use batteries. Perhaps we could make some lights!" he cheered.

Five nodded back and stuffed it into his knapsack, which he wore like a backpack. "Yeah, it's so dark in the wall. Especially at night. The one window and holes in the wall don't help much, huh?"

Two chuckled and walked on, as they still had plenty of space in their bags to fill. "Maybe we ought to search for some light bulbs. Though I doubt we could fit them into our knapsacks, unless they just happen to be small."

Five walked slightly behind his mentor. In the time he had known Two, he had already become highly attached to him. Five was mostly spineless. He was weak willed and easily swayed by a threat. When he told Two he himself was a coward, Two shook his head and squeezed his shoulder, saying 'nonsense. Courage isn't being unafraid, it is being afraid and pushing on in spite of it.' He recalled after that, Two had gave a loving pat to Five's new eye patch.

A sound drove Five from his thoughts. A little clink had sounded in the silence, his foot had made contact with something. Five stopped walking and glanced down. A squat jar lay tipped on its side, the glass totally stained a dark black. He tilted his head and uprighted the jar. Two noticed he had stopped walking and turned back to him.

"I didn't notice that- you found ink, it looks like." said Two, examining the label on the little jar. It wasn't even half the height of either Five or Two. "Rather empty, isn't it?"

"Can we use it?" asked Five, looking at his worn mentor.

He tapped his chin with a sharp metal finger. "Well, more writing material couldn't hurt." he hummed. "Oh, but this won't do. It can't fit in our bags. We'll have to get it on the way back, lad."

"Alright." Five replied.

So they went on.

Hey. I haven't wrote for 9 in a long, looong time. But when I saw how few long and/or completed 5x6 fics there were I felt obligated to begin this. I have 3 and a half chapters done already. I hope there are those still alive or new to the aging fandom to read this. Please, do not be scared to point out mistakes.

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