How to transform a ditz into a perfect soldier.

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An original story, about how Serena (Usagi) Tsukino becomes a perfect soldier! I hope you all enjoy, and an explanation is at the bottom!!

Disclaimers: I do not own GW or SM, please make a note of the holidays, and have a little cheer. I mean, asking Santa to grant me the rights to GW and SM isn't so big a wish is it? Don't destroy my hopes and dreams!

Serena Tsukino ran out of her room, her eyes and brilliant cerulean blue eyes held a wild look of panic. "I'M LATE!!!!" Her shrill voice seemed to fill the air, as she skyrocketed down the stairs, her fuku flying and her empty book bag flapping desperately. A dark haired woman was standing in a neat little kitchen, her wavy hair reaching to just bellow her waist. "I know Serena, dear, I tried waking you up earlier but you wouldn't get up. You said you were getting up." Serena bolted into the Kitchen to see her mother washing some dishes, and her father reading the news. "Late again Meatball-head?" Serena's younger brother, Sammy, was also eating breakfast and had an annoying smirk glittering through his face. Serena started to yell back, but then caught sight of the clock, "A quarter till 9!! I'M REALLY, REALLY LATE!" Grabbing a piece of toast, she high tailed herself out of her house, and down the street.

Meanwhile, in a house right across the street from Serena's home, two people stood in the windows, watching the 14-year-old scamper down the street. "She's the one?" A hoarse, cold male voice ground its way to another's ears. "Yes" The old man turned to look at the younger woman, eyes narrowed, and suspicion gleaming in his eyes. "What is the catch? How is it that you would so willingly give up this child? I've seen her powers, and it is obvious that you have known about it." The young woman turned abruptly, her green hair shimmering in the sunlight that seeped through the parted curtains and blinds. "I have my reasons."

The older man stood gazing at the woman, and then turned around, "She'll be ours by this afternoon. Do not worry, we will be delighted to escort Serena Tsukino." Garnet eyes smiled into the window, as she stood silently reminiscing about times in the past when thoughts such as the ones she had now, would have appalled her. The clicking of the door, and the sight of the old man hopping down the steps and jumping into the car, served to strengthen the fact that she could no longer rethink what she was doing. 'Treason or not..' The woman turned and with a loose appearance of relief, ambled into a dark void that had appeared in front of the door.

Serena had burst into her classroom five minutes after the bell had rung. Gasping for air, she fairly collapsed in the threshold for the classroom. Her teacher in the middle of calling role didn't even turn around. "Ms. Tsukino, I will be seeing you for detention, yet again." Serena sighed from the doorway, fighting back tears of anger and hurt. 'I'm gonna miss my shopping trip with Molly, agaaaaaaiiiiin!!" Serena huffed and puffed her way to her desk, and sat down, dragging out her books.

Molly her best friend sat in the seat across the isle from her, and gave her a curious look. Math was the first subject for the day, and whiles the class did their assignments Serena took that chance to doze. Molly sitting next to her sighed, seeing that her friend once again did not get enough sleeping during the night. Unfortunately for Serena, her teacher Ms. H ((AN: I can't remember her real name.)) was walking by.

Ms. H stopped by Serena's desk, with a frown. She tapped her heeled shoe noisily on the floor, growing more and more impatient with each passing second. Finally in a bout of anger, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "SERENA TSUKINO MARCH YOURSELF TO THE PRINCIPALS' OFFICE!! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A CIVILIZED DISCUSSION, AWAY FROM ALL YOUR CLASSMATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Serena bolted upright, a dazed expression gracing her face. "Wha? What? Huh?" Her eyes were glazed with dewy sleep, and her flushed and confused face left the class smiling. 'Serena's at it again' was racing through the minds of all 25 students in the class. Serena stumbled to her feet, and staggered out of the class, still very much disoriented.

3 hours later, Serena was at a lunch table, seated amongst her 5 very best friends. They had all left school to comfort Serena; Molly and Amy with permission from the teacher, and the others just left. Molly gave her friend a shaky smile of comfort. Serena was sobbing uncontrollably, and even her cheery bubbly blonde friend couldn't cheer her up. The blonde was holding her shoulders comfortably, allowing her to lean against her for support. A raven-haired girl sat across from the three, and was frowning. Next to her sat two other girls, one a dark haired brunette with a sweet looking face, and sitting next to her was a blue haired petite, and shy looking teen. All of them wore expressions of worry, sympathy and frustration.

The blue haired girl attempted to calm the sobbing blonde. "Honestly Serena, what do you expect when you come late to class and then sleep in it? Your lucky Ms. H didn't decide to call your parents." Her soft voice was soothing to all of the girls, giving their sore ears a little bit of peace. Molly chipped in, "She's right Serena, it isn't the end of the world, your parents' are just going to ground you and that's it."

Serena pulled away from the blonde who was holding her, "You two can say that, you're not in my shoes! The best thing I could think of doing RUN AWAY!" Serena's blue eyes were wild with panic, and unshed tears. "Hey! Now don't talk like that Serena!" The other blonde scolded her friend, and another voice quickly agreed. "Yea Serena, what about us? It's not fair if you run away, to leave us to worry about you! Your our Pri- oops, I meant, best friend!

Serena found herself surrounded by trusting and smiling faces and eyes. A yearn broke through her, she wanted to be the one for them; to be able to smile and be the charming person that no one worried about. She wanted to be able to look around and be graceful and charming like Lita. She would like to be as controlling and self-confident as Rei, and even as independent as Mina. Serena found herself yearning to be as cool as Molly, and sophisticated as Amy. 'It isn't fair! Why can't I be like them?' Serena broke into a fresh sob, with the thought that all of her friends were there for her to count on, and the only thing they could count on her for, was to bumble everything up.

Across from the girl's table, the old man from the house sat, with 2 other men. From time to time they would glance at the distraught teenager, and then turn to whisper amongst themselves. After about an hour of sitting, the men got up and left the diner. The old men, sat in a car, he had heard what Serena had said about running away, and now could easily catch her without much trouble with her family. 'She'll be dubbed a run-away, and after a while the police will stop searching for her. The only thing I have to do is keep her out of sight for a while, and that shouldn't' be too hard to do."

Serena got up; her expression of doomed grief was evident and pierced the hearts of all her friends. "Geez Serena, the least you could do is at least say thank you! It's not the end of the world; we'll all see you. Ok Meatball head? I mean, I'm here to tutor you anyways, and with Amy around I'm sure you won't be such a ditz when I'm through with you!" Serena didn't even attempt to blink back the tears that stung her eyes; her friend was being so harsh with her. "You don't have to be so mean to me Rei! I wasn't the one who asked you to be here, in fact I never even asked for you help in the first place!" Before letting Rei answer, Serena bolted out of the diner, unable to contain the anger that she felt bubble up inside of her.

Rei was startled; despite the mean words and tone she truly didn't mean to be so hard on Serena. Sure she annoyed the hell out of her, but still the two clicked, and were closer than anyone else. Rei started to go after the sobbing Serena, but was stopped when Lita placed a hand on her arm, "Let's leave her be Rei, I think it'd be better if she had time alone." Rei nodded slowly, and Amy got up, "We'll have to talk with Mrs. Tuskino, to at least let Serena come to the meetings. We can try to tutor her, and maybe we'll be able to get her to settle down."

Mina sighed, "Serena's just a little absent-minded, she doesn't mean to be a totally out of it person. She's just.irresponsible right now. But we all know that in the end she's the one who pulls through, and ends up pulling us through as well. She'll do fine. The thing we have to worry about is how to sneak our Sailor Moon out of the house." For the first time in a long while, Mina sounded mature and in control. She was a born leader, but rarely did she seem the leader type. In a time when the leader of their group was unable to lead, it was she who took over. And now that was exactly what she was doing.

Rei nodded her head, wholeheartedly agreeing with Mina. Molly who had been silent gazing at the 4 girls in confusion, finally got up, "I have a feeling that I'm not part of this session, but thank you girls for being here for Serena. It seems as though she needs us friends more than ever." Lita bounced up, a cheerful smile highlighting her face, "Hey Molly, how bout if I walk you home? That'd be cool, and we could think up ways to cheer Serena up!" Molly grinned, ever grateful for not feeling left out, and the two girls bounced out of the Diner.

Moments later the remaining three girls also parted ways outside the Diner, each heading to their own homes. Amy walked quietly along despite her outwardly calm appearance she could feel herself panicking. 'What is Serena's mother says she's not allowed to study buddy with us? We'd lose in more ways than one. What if Serena honestly decides to run away? I know she isn't really very brave when it comes to facing the world by herself, but what if she figures that running away would be the better thing to do? OH. I have to talk with Luna, maybe she could keep as eye on Serena for us."

Hours after the group had departed from the diner, Serena found herself wondering the streets. It was past nine, she was tired and hungry, but awfully frightened. Walking along the dimly lit sidewalks, she found that she jumped at every little sound, no matter how small. A cat screech almost gave her a heart attack, and her thoughts were going haywire.

Frightened stiff from being out on the roads, Serena found that she was meek as a mouse. Turning down a pathway, a longer cut to her home, Serena ran right into the old man. "OH DEAR! EXCUSE ME, SIR!" Serena started to help him up, from his pretend stupor, but a cold hand stopped her movements. She froze, eyes widening she turned around and faced three older men, each a towering 6 feet tall. Gasping she stumbled backwards, and tripped over the old man, with a cry she landed on her ass. Crawling backwards, she swallowed to terrified to cry out.

"Now, now my child, do not be frightened. We are here to help you. Just don't. run away." The old man sounded emotionally detached, and the inhuman glint in his aged eyes sent shivers down Serena's spine. "N-no.I-I'm f- fine. I c-c-can find- m-m-m-my own w-way home." Her cerulean blue eyes were so wide, that it seemed to take up her whole face. The old man gave a toothless smile, "No child, that's not on my plans." Serena gave a stifled cry as the three men lurched forward; her eyes widened and fear gave her legs powers that even she couldn't imagine. In a bound of fright she bolted upright and took off, her heart pounding send adrenaline pumping through her blood.

Without an instance hesitation the men also took off, their target was directly in view, and seemed to be an easy catch. Serena was gasping for air, and her lungs were on fire. She could feel herself slowing down, and could hear the men's footsteps catching up to her. Pain flashed through her eyes, and tears sprung into them. 'No, no, no, no, no, no!! Dearest Selena, please, don't let me be caught. I don't want to be kidnapped, I swear I'll try harder in school, and I'll listen to all my friends' advice. PLEASE!"

Serena's heart was pumping faster and faster, and her legs seemed to pick up the beat, but still the men kept up. Despite her skirt, and heeled shoes, Serena was running awfully fast. Even though she had taken the longer cut home, she could already see her block coming into view. 'Maybe hightailing over to the Chang's house would be smart, but then my mother would scold me for being out late, and then going to the Chang's house. If she finds out that I am being chased, I'll never be allowed out anymore.' Swallowing as best as she could, Serena continued her run, ignoring the pains shooting up her sides from the exertion of energy. She wasn't quite used to such prolonged running, the way the others were.

Serena looked ahead, and could finally see her house, with a burst of newfound energy; Serena found herself dashing up her steps, and just reaching the doorknob. Suddenly Serena's body jerked forward, and arms looped around her waist, she had already turned the knob and she watched to door swing open in the breeze. With a gasp of desperation, she tried to call out to her mom, but found her voice stifled under cold hands. Her door became smaller, as she receded backwards.

Mrs. Tsukino walked into the front hallway, by the main entrance. She had heard the door swing open wildly, and was positive that Serena was trying to sneak in. Her eyes were narrowed, and she walked with the steps of a woman with determination. 'My daughter is taking advantage of my generosity! First she fails school, and doesn't tell me about it! And now she's sneaking into the house, at 9:30 at night! THE NERVE OF THIS CHILD! AND TO MAKE HER CRIMES EVEN WORST SHE HAS THE NERVE TO LEAVE THE DOOR WIDE OPEN!"

Entering the main entrance hall, Mrs. Tsukino noted the fact that Serena hadn't left her shoes in the doorway, as was customary in the house. Frowning, she looked outside; her mother's instinct was on high alert. 'Something's not right.'


~Author's Note~

Well hello readers. I know I'm being bad, starting a new story without even thinking of all the other stories that I have to update, but it occurred to me yesterday, that everyone makes Usagi a perfect soldier. No one actually thinks of the pain that one goes through to achieve this goal, and what about the reason's Usa-chan would give for allowing herself to become a perfect soldier? We all know that in order to become one, one must give up the treasure's of one's life. Give up hope that there is something better out there. Serena's not the type to. willingly do that. Being the moon-princess and all; so I created a story that explains all of these things. It's quite an original, I hope. ^^ Please read and enjoy. Do Read/Review as well!


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