Author's Note:

Oh wow... I haven't updated this story in a year. Did you all know that? I let it sit on and didn't really care about it, until the urge to read a few works hit me. I logged in this morning and... low and behold! An array of reviews from people who wanted me to continue this horrible story; honestly, this is the first story that I worked on from when I was 14 yrs old. The writing styles have improved changed... grown up so-to-speak over the years; I'm thinking that it will be necessary to go through the story and edit it to perfection. Make the chapters easier to read, easier to understand and best of all... fit! I know there are some parts about the Outer sailor scouts that need some desperate improving on; I need to get more involved in Serena's training requirements and her feelings and emotions. And I think it's time I brought Quatre back into the picture... what do you all say?

I make this promise to all of you who have so faithfully awaited my story: I will have the next chapter out... by.... Saturday the 27th. That's the LATEST it will be out... I SWEAR!! !!

I'm so HAPPY!! Omg... you all have made my week! I promise that I will work hard and overly diligent on this story and maybe even come out with two more chapters as well as revised editions of the previous... what 24 chapters? I swear that it will all make sense by chapter 30 at which point... I think I will end the first book and start on the second. LOL this story is getting a little toooooo long so I might just end up cutting chapters and joining chapters... the chapters that lead the story no where will be cut out, the chapters that are too short will be mixed together.

How's that for a plan? Ok... this author's note is getting a bit long; I just wanted to thank you all for being such dedicated readers! I hope that you're all there to read the rest of my story by the time the next chapters come out! THANK YOU ALL AND I LOVE YOU!